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NEW MEXICO - There's Something In The New Mexico Desert! - Paranormal America Episode 11

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Text Comments (758)
Rayshar Begaye (8 hours ago)
they live evey where because all of navijo lived evey were
Rayshar Begaye (8 hours ago)
it is a skin walker because niavjo people are scared of it because I seen one at my gramma and at my house in the back of the yard an it is really scary oh and they smell like pee and a they shape shiphted and they ware skin because they kill animals and I am a navijo just to tell because all my family see those at my gramma house
Marianna Gordon (1 day ago)
I live in NM, and have no doubt he saw what he described. I have many, many pictures just where I live that are pretty bizarre
video reviews (4 days ago)
Pretty normal in nm
Felicita Vigil (5 days ago)
Ive never ever heard of skinwalkers in new mexico .. What is that ? Born and raised in Albuquerque nm and the only story ive heard is about the .. Llorana..
Nick Rolando (5 days ago)
The only SKIN walker I've seen was my dad in his tighty whiteys when I was a kid # love505Abq
Straw Hat Mario (5 days ago)
Speaking as a New Mexican myself, being alone in the desert is not safe in any way. There are packs of coyotes that can kill you, and scorpions and rattle snakes. Plus this creature which is known as a skinwalker these people came across. Also, I have always gotten a creepy vibe from it whenever I traveled at night.
Zee Olmedo (6 days ago)
It's night crawler 😃🤣
Judi Christopher (11 days ago)
My Question is this... Where did he see this? What Highway was it? Find out... Believe me you'll find other people that have seen the same thing...
Ironmann 505 (12 days ago)
It’s the skin walker
james brusuelas (13 days ago)
So why didn't you show the picture of what the creature look like instead of watching you tell a story I wanted to see the creature
Jeff Salver@gmail.com (15 days ago)
F****** stupid
I live in New Mexico, so that's either a skinwalker, or some random junkie out there scaring people 😂
JR G (21 days ago)
Im very spirtly inclined and it sounds like dark energy
pila mendoza (21 days ago)
Depending on what part of New Mexico you're in I'd say yes probably was a skinwalker I've driven all over this state and I've seen some weird stuff. Especially at night. I drive at night so my kids will sleep and sometimes I question what I saw.
Wil Delapina (21 days ago)
serenidy crouch (22 days ago)
I live in the four corners area of New Mexico. Once my mom was driving home from the local collage, she was driving down some of the back roads, when she looked in her rear view mirror and saw a human like/dog like creature "crawling"/ dragging it's body. Almost like it was "chasing" after her car. And of course my mom being my mom, first thing she thought was "oh god i hit someone or something"(she didnt). It was creepy, also this happened at like 3 in the afternoon. So it's not like it was night or anything. Pretty sure my mom saw a skin walker.
dolores critandi (27 days ago)
so where is the evidence all i see is u talking for the whole thing boring
Harry Gariss (1 month ago)
Sounds like.my first exwife
Xoctiel Devasque (1 month ago)
April Jane (1 month ago)
skinwalker we got all kinds of stories about it
godzilla lover 123 (1 month ago)
I live in new mexico its either a skinwalker or a wendigo I have Navajo blood my great grandfather tells me stories about them
Leonel Melero (2 months ago)
crzyon shipofools (2 months ago)
Alan LosWolf (2 months ago)
I think the shapeshifters are skinwalkers
Alan LosWolf (2 months ago)
I'm native Navajo and I see things
Alan LosWolf (2 months ago)
David Lerma (2 months ago)
I love and live in NM and I have seen some crazy stuff I can't explain up in Taos
Bryan Dickens (2 months ago)
Not video or photo footage? Lame
Dominic fabian (2 months ago)
I live in New Mexico and idk I never believed in this stuff not sayings it's not true..its just something I don't believe in I never seen anything I have walked in 2 different Rez and never incountered anything
Babygurl Becenti (2 months ago)
Those creatures have been around for many centuries. I am a navajo from the reservation lived here all my 19 years... Those creatures are called skinwalkers. Long ago they were used as messengers used to carry messages for our medicine men and among the people. Used for the goodness of speed and shapeshifting that they are able to do. But greed and jealousy took over all the good that it was used for and began using that gift to hurt others among the tribe. Be careful but do not fear them. That is only feeding what they want.
Babygurl Becenti (2 months ago)
whatshallwedonext.... Among the Navajo it is only our elders who know the stories I was fortunate enough to hear those stories from my grandma and grandpa
whatshallwedonext (2 months ago)
Wow that's insane! I never knew! :O Thanks for telling me!
The Suicidal Albino (2 months ago)
fuck you, you putrid piece of shit quit click baiting
whatshallwedonext (2 months ago)
Hahahaha you triggered bro? Triggered over a YouTube video? Well you are called the suicidal albino so you must be a little emo faggot lmao get outta here retard, I ain't got time for triggered snowflakes. Go back to your safe space.
The Suicidal Albino (2 months ago)
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The Suicidal Albino (2 months ago)
The Suicidal Albino (2 months ago)
The Suicidal Albino (2 months ago)
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samul carter (2 months ago)
I have traveled every highway in new Mexico there's a old strech of highway here that you see shit skinwalkers hell hounds ghost riders the one thing about ledgons is sometimes there true
ram1brn (2 months ago)
Arizona lady here I live on the border of NM its a Skinwalker. We see a lot of unusual things here
derpydot tv (3 months ago)
That blue Wolf (3 months ago)
I live in New Mexico and there is only one scary thing and that’s dropping a green or red chillie burrito
Robin Rasmussen (3 months ago)
It could be a skinwalker
Ive seen one its a skinwalker
Robert Fales (3 months ago)
i may subscribe & share IF you present this topic in a sincere attitude and not jokingly
J. Rodriguez (3 months ago)
I live in Hobbs New Mexico and yes I have native friends and heard many of skinwalker stories and ghost stories and they have a medicine man cure them from bringing bad spirits into there lifes also the Mexican story of (the whepping lady) la llorona but there is plenty of crazy things you will see out in the desert especially working nights out here
Ashley Lopez (3 months ago)
Skin Walker!
Боби Янев (3 months ago)
I blame Black Mesa ! Without joke , I think that such creatures are real and people have little knowlegde of their existence ... Because more money is spent on exploring space than our own planet !
Anthony Cordova (3 months ago)
I think it is a demon sent from the devil or someone who passed by a car crash there and he came back to haunt the desert of my state New Mexico
Movile One (3 months ago)
It was probably a drunken indian
Johnny Cuaron (3 months ago)
I'm born and raised in las cruces new mexico and I've never seen shit like that its fake
Wyatt Sexton (3 months ago)
Cherry Pau (3 months ago)
It’s a skin walker
Clay y (4 months ago)
Did not see anything so can't tell
Allie L. (4 months ago)
I live in New Mexico. Born and raised. I live on a reservation in the Zuni Pueblo. I've seen it all.
There's many things that happen in New Mexico i should know since i'm born here and many people make movies here and its easy to get to few places from here but there's many haunted things and is bad at times but guess the supernatural always finds a way also its not fun to be in a desert its scary since you dont know whats hiding and i live in a place where theres also a lot of open land near my house and its just creepy sometimes to find out whats in that area.
donel lee (4 months ago)
No one wants to hear you talk nerd
whatshallwedonext (4 months ago)
Don't watch them retard
Babette Coughran (4 months ago)
I live in new mexico and the creater is a skin walker i know this i seen thrm before and the put skin on them the are very tall plz give me a shout out my name is elison vigil they are native
noobie ninja (4 months ago)
Skin walkers
Alan Yazzie (4 months ago)
Born and raised on the reservation here, yup a skinwalker alright, lot where I live ha 😕
leslie phipps (4 months ago)
boring bad editing borring
whatshallwedonext (4 months ago)
I'm sorry, would you like to take my place?
Ms. FACKS A Lot (4 months ago)
New Mexico just like Mexico only newer.
Quinton TV (4 months ago)
I predict this'll be another low resolution video making It hard to really see the "urban legend". These videos are always the same. Dance puppets.
Shauna Wolf (4 months ago)
It was a skinwalker aka shape ahifter
Charlie Harjo (5 months ago)
Damn stop talking & show the vid...
Asha Wilson (5 months ago)
I believe him it is a skinwalker. My bf seen one in real life.
I am from southern New Mexico and yeah...... I think this must of been up north towards like Albuquerque, because there is what is known as a shapeshifter. My husband is an Ojibwe, native american and we don't say the s*** Walker because if you say "it" then it "is." if that makes sense, i was born and raised here in the state of New Mexico and to me is one of the most beautiful States in America. I have been to so many different states and I still think New Mexico is the place I will always call home. I am from the south of N.M. and we don't hear those kinds of stories here in Las Cruces. The stories are about flashing lights in the sky! Big glowing yellow triangles and ships that fly faster than the speed of light. Now that's our story down here in the south end of N.M.
Tavaughn Francisco (5 months ago)
The navajo witch
Tavaughn Francisco (5 months ago)
You right shape shifter
Tavaughn Francisco (5 months ago)
Issa skinwalker
Kyle Nichols (5 months ago)
NM wierd One day I was just watching a video right? When I paused it I heard what sounded like a freaking demon. I'm paranoid now
Buttercup Alvarado (5 months ago)
Spanish Rice19 (5 months ago)
SkinWalker?El Chupacabra?
Raven Devine (5 months ago)
New Mexico has lots of stories and lots of unknown creatures I believe this person on what he saw. I have seen many things that some would think I nuts. But then again I am a paranormal investigator and cryptozologist. So hearing stuff like this is awesome to hear.
Kardell Morris (5 months ago)
jonespvp 575 (5 months ago)
I veleve this i sfing vlick bate and its fake
Xavier Hoover (5 months ago)
i believe you.........
Lupe Medrano (5 months ago)
I’m from New Mexico and have seen plenty of lights in the sky at night!! I work as a travel nurse up towards the los Alamos area an a lot of locals have told me a lot of stores of Dulce, NM the taos humm!! New Mexico is a lot of open land a lot of crazy things have happened!!
Issac Chase (5 months ago)
Let me guess. Sand?
Alex Begay (5 months ago)
Yeah I live in Farmington new mexico and theres a lot of crazy shit I have stories
Chris Walker (5 months ago)
Trust me New Mexico is one place God forgot about this place is hell on earth
Roxanne Jaime (5 months ago)
l am from new mexico
John Smith (6 months ago)
I'm a skin spanker....anyone..no wrong channel??
Andrew McHenry (6 months ago)
Sounds like a wendigo
Mark Daves (6 months ago)
Skinwalker very real Nature's no the truth about that, as a Comanche Nature True!! The video is Amazing and Good!!
Sherman L (6 months ago)
it's skinwalker a shapeshifter, in new mexico their everywhere it's worse on navajo reservation mostly people say they shoot at them every night even during the day sumtimes you would see them it's not just at night times, my uncle seen one before during the day when he was coming back from cuba nm he said it was running on all fours beside highway a person wearing a coyote skin with painted face. You should check out some videos on YouTube jc johnson crypto four corners videos about skinwalkers or watch the DVD it's called The revenge of coyote Jack :)
Josey Wales (6 months ago)
Fits the description of what the natives call a skinwalker..
Sean S. (6 months ago)
Is it me, or am I the only one who doesn’t see the video???
Tessie Morse (6 months ago)
You did video in my home town
Francis Ebbecke (6 months ago)
No surprise. New Mexico is full of ghosts.
null na (6 months ago)
I'm not a superstitious person at all I don't believe in ghosts demons Etc. However literally almost anyone and everyone I talk to in New Mexico believes in skinwalkers. The reason I asked people about skinwalkers is because I've seen some things way deep in the desert out here in New Mexico that I can not fucking explain to save my life no matter how much logic I use. I believe in skinwalkers they ARE real.
Suga (6 months ago)
It is most definitely a skinwalker or shapeshifter...
jayden daye (6 months ago)
It was probably some government genetic experiment that gone wrong and broke out of Area 51
Warren Lightning (6 months ago)
There are several labs on NM experimenting with genetic altering and splicing of animals and humans. I was living in NM as a traveling nurse. Worked night shift, 8pm to 8am. Was driving on Zuni Canyon Rd between Ramada and Grants NM when I thought I saw an injured Angus cow off the side of the road. I slowed down to check on it, when I got within 3 feet of it, it lifted it's head. Head was mix of human and ape with sparsely hair on face and head. It reached it's hand onto the road as if to lift itself out of the shallow trench. It had extremely long fingers and fingernails. Then it looked me straight in my eyes. It's eyes were an intense illuminating amber /red color. I slammed on the gas and sped onto work. As soon as I had phone signal I telephoned 911. Told them what I saw and approximate location. Those dumb azzes laughed at me. Next day I traveled same route home to see if it was still there. There was a troop of military people in camaflaged clothing scouring that area.
Warren Lightning (6 months ago)
whatshallwedonext -It shook me up. I ask a Navajo friend about it, he never spoke to me again. Said seeing such thing is bad luck. Well the bad luck thing is true. Haven't had anything good in my life since. Can't even find someone experienced to remove this darkness.
whatshallwedonext (6 months ago)
Wow seriously?? :O That's freakin scary as hell!
lillian gonzales (6 months ago)
thanks😁.. I'll defiantly check them out..yea!!!
lillian gonzales (6 months ago)
u should do a story or 2..3..4..; on black eyed kids..
whatshallwedonext (6 months ago)
I have actually done about 5+ stories o BEK!! :D I even have a playlist for them if you wanna check them out!
lillian gonzales (6 months ago)
it's a Indian demon
Koyubi (6 months ago)
Yup. I'm getting on the nope train.
Travis Largo (6 months ago)
they are real,shape shifters I am from NM I had my run ins with,well the way it was explained it must of been hit by a trucker and was mangled as it slowly putting itself back together just as a werewolf would which actually is a shapeshifters as well as I said I have seen skinwalkers when the moon is full as well as it is pitch black fully formed I was told they were out to kill,cause when half way way formed they go out to scare as well as to take something of yours so they can see you and watch you to see what they can hurt or destroy pure evil these skinwalkers which also take form of a big ugly looking dog or a oversize coyote
I love how he says the open plains of new mexico we have mostly mountains unless your right near Texas lol
Any how I live on a reservation in northern New Mexico and have actually seen skin walkers which is insane because around here not many have lived to tell about it . We literally have someone wait at the door of our house with a gun, if one of us has to go to the car at night for some reason. It's actually really dangerous.
A lot of people just don't know because all around the borders of our state it's flat with trains and cows when they drive thru lol Some people think that Colorado is the only place with mountains because that's what they're known for haha
whatshallwedonext (6 months ago)
LOL Stereotypes are annoying huh haha It's like when I tell people I live in New York they always assume I'm in NYC when actually I live in the mountains about 300 miles away from the city lol
staycz4ajz A (7 months ago)
New Mexico lady here. The cryer is the most spoke of to us as children to keep us from being out after dark.
Edward Saenz (7 months ago)
My friend has travelled New Mexico’s dessert a lot he’s seen a weird creature he said it looked like a rabbit but the size of a pony but when it stood up it was tall at least 5’10 to 6’0 foot
TwistedNIPZ 718 (7 months ago)
HOw do you know the guy who posted the story didn’t steal the story from someone else
Christopher Christopher (7 months ago)
You talk to much decided to not view
Clash gamer 4930 (7 months ago)
So it’s a skin walker

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