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Far Cry 2 Stealth assassination 1

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Taking out a target using only silent makarov :) Very High settings
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Ferdi Gerlich (5 years ago)
He took Marty Allencar. Your'e welcome .
What character are you playing as
Erik Timmerman (6 years ago)
does the camo suit really work?
fwenzelfwenzel (7 years ago)
@AngelTheMadGamer it's a machete :P
Lewis Griffiths (7 years ago)
@MrSniperscope When you buy it you automaticly have it on but your guy looks no different :P
Peace&Love (7 years ago)
how do i use the camo suite...i bought it but how do i equipt it???
imiritu (7 years ago)
@Sunno94 Also go at night, crouch constantly, keep mobile, change positions frequently, use only silent weapons- silent shotgun(cqb only), silent 6p9(mid/long range), silent dart(long range). Only kill with head shots, play on infamous mode for extreme fun and realism.
imiritu (7 years ago)
the one thing i think is lame about the extermination missions is that the target always starts attacking, no matter how stealthy you are
TheMacSopa (7 years ago)
Pistols are snipers.....just saying.....
TheHearkenedDark (7 years ago)
@Sunno94 do you buy the camo suit from the weapon/armory place like everyting else?
Poo Meme (7 years ago)
great kill mate! i use the dart rifle and kill by night!!
Suwanchart Suwanjaroen (8 years ago)
this is on easy diff
hilariousnickname (8 years ago)
Extremely nice kill.
thorsten94vfl (8 years ago)
what are u writing in the console? and which charekter are u playing?
Nativepride991 (8 years ago)
I didnt get far enough to know they had a camo suit in this game but i kind of regret selling this game back cuz it was so fun
Rab carn (8 years ago)
i hid in green bushes making sure i had my view obscured in all directions and that helped alot. If there is the slighted gap the guards see and so do patrols from vehicles and boats etc
t Gi (8 years ago)
when i did this mission i ran in with the saw,g3, and uzi. was much more fun :) nice video tho
CrapDice (9 years ago)
for some reason everytime i use the silenced mp5, they still all get alerted. but if i use the silenced pistol and shoot a guy in the head he drops down and no one has a clue anything has happend.

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