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Double Motel Battle | Hold Your Own | Survival crafting # 8

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Text Comments (20)
Mike Dodds (9 days ago)
i swear the videos are getting shorter each time.
george schaeffer (9 days ago)
nice video meaty. by the way today is my birthday jaaaaaaam!
Button_ Pusher_ (9 days ago)
the AI in the game is very bad, they really need to work on the AI pathing... and the crates flying all over the place was funny the first time, but now it just shows sloppy design, they need to weight those crates down more so they don't roll, they should just drop onto the ground and stay static to the environment
Dying light 2
OhSoCali (10 days ago)
The boats are sure a nice addition. Ahem, 7Days...
KMT MODDING (10 days ago)
Loving the series meaty Wish you would play this on the yaw channel
Lupus Venator (10 days ago)
You have a Glock 18 but it only fires in semi-auto...hmmmm
X_Troy 619 (10 days ago)
Meaty Dying Light 2 will coming soon.Are u want to play it
Luqman Butt (10 days ago)
Dying light 2 is coming
Dalton Wilms (10 days ago)
Hey Meaty Dying Light 2 is coming out! Keep up the good work!
brandon guillory (10 days ago)
great video chris
zero00 00 (10 days ago)
Yo meaty are u going to play fallout 76
Mohit Agrawal (10 days ago)
Meaty's shootin real big
Dan Mitchell (10 days ago)
Go sort out your inventory mang we all know how you like to clean out inventory.........Inventory O.C.D lol
Owen Wilkins (10 days ago)
You should play H1Z1 with your friend Gun's on p.c.
darth 329 (10 days ago)
So cool meat wagon thanks for letting me whach you and stay cool
cocopufer (10 days ago)
lovin this gameplay! meaty come play on rust with us - the server is Milk Island its got no decay and its FULL of zombies! also its very low pop so you can enjoy the PVE
Hockey dude48 (10 days ago)
Hi meaty I love your vids and have been watching for years also are you gonna play fallout 76
Rex (10 days ago)
Love the content meaty keep it up
sad man (10 days ago)
Love you meaty

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