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Dead Island Hilarious Moments - Episode 1 with the asdfs

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Text Comments (466)
Kazuhira Miller (2 days ago)
So....... This is where it all began....... this mans point of origin....... its beautiful........
Mohammad M (3 days ago)
YouTube's most talented gamer.
don gendoz's SCP 049 (7 days ago)
Then the d boi was born...
Rico Delhumeau (12 days ago)
Rico Delhumeau (12 days ago)
Codedz (13 days ago)
It's been 7 years
Mountaineer Fan (18 days ago)
Omg air born
popcornman201 (1 month ago)
Miss this game back when it was popular
Tuchcuz (3 months ago)
You were always good at role-play huh, you glorious bastard.
Brent Guglielemencci (8 months ago)
PI’ve come to the point where I’ve watched so much shit on YouTube that I’m running out of shit to watch
theStealthiestSniper (8 months ago)
Omg after years of searching I’ve found this video once again
Lucas R-W (8 months ago)
lol the editing
oraange joonce (8 months ago)
I used to have this, but not anymore :(
MasterOfGamingM (9 months ago)
Daddy Donald (10 months ago)
Watching this shit years later is like opening a time capsule.
MasterOfGamingM (9 months ago)
Black Healthy Cat (1 year ago)
The good days of youtube
MajesticSuffer (8 months ago)
i know right!
NovaBreaker221 (1 year ago)
after years of these videos i think these are the best hands down hahahahahahah
Chadrack Mbuini (1 year ago)
The Red Panda Reich (1 year ago)
How tf do you make such amazing content for so long?
King Pepe (1 year ago)
well seeing this game again makes me wanna buy it on my PS4 now
Z3RO 1234 (1 year ago)
This day a sociopath was birn
Mr Apple Thief (1 year ago)
Z3RO 1234 *psychopath*
Fizzy (1 year ago)
This was the day the banana turned from green to yellow
Kfc Isn't indians (1 year ago)
6 years ago... holy shit
DampONion (1 year ago)
i still come back and visit this every once in a while
Vegeta (1 year ago)
9/11, every miracle starts with a disaster thanks Al-Qaeda for giving up Bed
C. Hayes (2 years ago)
Just here starting from the very beginning
Ivan Makrov (2 years ago)
And thus a god among man was formed in the most hyped game of 2011...
TigerXtm (2 years ago)
Where the journey began... where a legend was born...
icevlad148 (2 years ago)
not all chanels start with such high lvl content. 4 and a half years ago... holy shit
hellsgate700 (2 years ago)
*uploaded Sep 9, 2011* BedBananas invented 9/11 confirmed?
Destinator (9 months ago)
Wow another edgy joke how original
Victor Sullivan (2 years ago)
he's talking about it being uploaded on september 9th of 2011, making it 9/9/11
WolfeWarrior (2 years ago)
That would make it 9/9... So unless there's an inside joke...
naarmy (2 years ago)
I guess it all comes full circle
Spookydacol (2 years ago)
wow even back 4 years he still have he's cat scream.
MrWhiteFilipino (2 years ago)
I feel so OLD
Ravelord Nito (1 year ago)
Aito Yeah it was
Victor Sullivan (2 years ago)
yes it was, this is the first video he ever had uploaded, I've been here since the start of these videos.
Aito (2 years ago)
this wasn't his first video
CheesyToast (2 years ago)
fuck mang i watched this when i was in 6th grade, even though i was a huge faggot im glad that one of my interests was pretty cool . its pretty crazy to see how its all changed. its even pretty cool that we both like drive and synth music.anyways luv ya bb keep doing what you do
Connor Reed (2 years ago)
Idk if you will see this but I ran into someone with the gamer tag on PS3 playing black ops 1 several years back and I just stumbled on this channel so I was just wondering if it possibly could ha e been you lol
DetectiveCurry (2 years ago)
I ran into ChipChip
Squirtfarrt Paru (2 years ago)
What gamer tag
Parkourior (2 years ago)
oh my god kid
DJ Gizmo (2 years ago)
Best Intro and Outro, Eva
TheVeryRareGmanID (2 years ago)
I first subscribed to this guy after this video was released, I watched it and eagerly awaited more episodes to this series, wow, it feels great to come back and look upon how far he's come, it's been a crazy four years, but I know his best videos are still ahead of him, good luck out there Tanner, I sense a drive baby 3 or maybe a sequel to drive. In any case, I'm glad to be a subscriber.
Kyan (2 years ago)
Same here man I watched this is in 4th grade when it first came out
Phoenix Fury (2 years ago)
This is where it all began children.
La Boricua (2 years ago)
who else is watcing this in 2015
Shame_threshold (2 years ago)
I'm watching in 2016
drylolipop99 (2 years ago)
Isaiah Cooper (3 years ago)
this game was so hyped back then
Bobble Head (3 years ago)
And so a legend was born
Monty Gamer (7 days ago)
+Monachus Bibe and you act like saying that makes any difference
Aito (2 years ago)
this wasn't his first video
Bobble Head (2 years ago)
+Monachus Bibe Y u do dis?
Monachus Bibe (2 years ago)
+Bobble Head I'm not trying to be original, I'm telling you to shut the fuck up because your comment is anything but original.
Bobble Head (2 years ago)
+Monachus Bibe Ooooooh real original
dungeonmaster16 (3 years ago)
Don't know I if you still read comments in this vid but when dead island 2 come so ur will the gang be back??
Brian F. (3 years ago)
What does asdf in reference in his videos mean?
Victor Sullivan (2 years ago)
back in 2011 and 2012 he used to play games with a group of his friends and they all called themselves the ASDFs
Brian F. (2 years ago)
Your response doesn't adequately answer my inquiry.
123nick (2 years ago)
+General Belisarius yeah... but why those 4 letters? why not qwer, or zxcv ?
Anglo Varangoi (3 years ago)
+Brian F. look at the second row of letters on your keyboard Mr Holmes.
& (3 years ago)
My friend told me to check out your channel. And I was not disappointed, you've earned yourself a sub.
Doritan Cheeto (3 years ago)
this vid is the one that got me to ur channel. it make me feel gud and not liek that alone type. these vid are extint now and i cry tear that no person can. sometiem i wartch vid more than oney time. sometime that vid before bed make me sleep nice know that friend out there who not know who am i but me know u. make more liek this so i feel that way agian. i have lost u unfortunate but wish it not be like it do. pls put mor like this. i need laff not tear of sad. i have been subbed here since this and it sad to see me friend fall. make me feel alive again like i do not right meow... revist the classic like dayz, KFC india, minecraft, etc. the days that make me happy were those most. no lose touch with me. pls donut kill ur chanel or i have nothing.
Spirium Oba (3 years ago)
im from the future!
Squirtfarrt Paru (2 years ago)
I.m from the past ooh ohh (I'm a caveman)
Nihil (3 years ago)
This guy deserves millions of views and moneyz.
R Wong (3 years ago)
it was very very funny!!!!!!!!!
NathanDark (3 years ago)
you guys are fucking amazing im sub since the first video (: you need like 1 2 mil subs
stoicalneo (4 years ago)
This channel deserves more subscribers :)
Bananaboxers25 (3 years ago)
+stoicalneo Definetly
Ash Vulpine (3 years ago)
It has 194,000.
Isaac Florian (4 years ago)
RangerFox (4 years ago)
PotatoesAreGood (3 years ago)
+Flamingskull117 its so sad dat he kill
Flamingskull117 (3 years ago)
+Burry Burrito why son? burritos are meant to be happy and tasty and nutritious!
PotatoesAreGood (3 years ago)
+Flamingskull117 I'm sad now :'(
Cake Clark (3 years ago)
Zach Patton (4 years ago)
He kinda sounds like Bam Margera when he's drunk
terrific (4 years ago)
What did you just say about my family!? ASDAHAKNAKFABIKAGBCVSAJABVAJABKANCAKLDJV!! D... dfkfnjf... That really took alot out of me... Fuck this.
Zoop (4 years ago)
thats yours
Lucas Does Stuff (4 years ago)
But that didn't stop me from loving this video
Lucas Does Stuff (4 years ago)
I can see the curser of the computer
Colton Barnes (5 years ago)
Said Kharboutli (5 years ago)
BedBananas Brought me here.
The Mains Daily (5 years ago)
the zombies just back-hands the survivors xD
LeperLizard (5 years ago)
My buy price was $2.50. *u*
LeperLizard (5 years ago)
Jokes on you, even though my profile pic is a fake pokemon for some reason, i am in fact, A CHOCOLATE BUNNY!!!! *Dramatic gasps from non-existing audiance* EAT MEH!!!!!!!!!
LeperLizard (5 years ago)
That coming from a chocolate bunny...
Evan W (5 years ago)
Shakespeare has 'Swag', a cancer that can be treated one way...death, or the swaggot will spread it's cancer.
Nate D (5 years ago)
64 dislikes from gay kids
jayw9140 (5 years ago)
tree scene? really
Unforgiven (5 years ago)
me 2
Trisexual Adventure (5 years ago)
wow your cool everyone cares
saltyboy (5 years ago)
No, "swag" is a derivative of the word "swagger" which was, in fact, invented by Shakespeare. XD Shakespeare was the first to have swag.
dan turner (5 years ago)
MrDemoralization (5 years ago)
0:31 did tht with the armored car
GreyDongle (5 years ago)
thats a tip...? thats more of a complement i believe
GreyDongle (5 years ago)
denotation of swag is also "An ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit, and greenery" example: "ribbon-tied swag of flowers" either way, it is very gay
Pixel Panda3D (5 years ago)
Hey asdfs you should play dead island Riptide
Magnificent Sarah (5 years ago)
realistic drunk time lol
Josh Kill (5 years ago)
super weird and gay
BlackofRose99 (5 years ago)
Quit letting Sam B drive...
rickyjohnson337 (5 years ago)
Adoge Hitler (5 years ago)
Do you have an xbox?
karl morona (5 years ago)
add me on ps3 DeAdLy_NoOb21
tinydwarf1 (5 years ago)
cant even read your coment
Joe Sully (5 years ago)
Yeah and wolfgang
MastaTutorialz (5 years ago)
Fortunately we dont have to care!
Dee Amazthi (5 years ago)
i think you sood play more u guys and for a tip u are cool a fuck u guys and i have seen evey vid
Nathan Guilherme (5 years ago)
you are crazy man
Dee Amazthi (5 years ago)
and mr cat butts u rock and bed bannas u rock YA!!!!!!! thanks
Dee Amazthi (5 years ago)
im your bigest fan plz add me in ps3 mitchelliiilo
Kretus (5 years ago)
Desertwolf724 (5 years ago)
but what if troll starves?
MastaTutorialz (5 years ago)
Dont feed the troll
MastaTutorialz (5 years ago)
Dont feed the troll
iamthomassz (5 years ago)
what happens after?
Pepolauti (5 years ago)
This is totally what I'd do in a zombie apocalypse :3
sean schmidt (5 years ago)
is it just me or does the licence plate say: Dead Island (D34D 1574ND) 3:22 lol :D
Zane Teh (5 years ago)
one more drink!!!!
ECPnation (5 years ago)
This is so ironic, because William Shakespeare wrote poetry/plays....
The Fifth World (5 years ago)
That guy is Twitter in a nutshell.
Nate Banks (5 years ago)
At 3:24 if you look at the license plate,it has a hidden logo in it
Bandit s (5 years ago)
You are a mockery to all that is drama shakespeare!
Marispider (Ze Medic) (5 years ago)
zombieslayer2525 (5 years ago)
don't yell this is a public area!

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