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BATMAN Arkham City Gameplay Walkthrough Part 19 on PC with commentary by Igor of Gaming Awesome. Thank you so much for watching my BATMAN Arkham City Gameplay Walkthrough. This is part 18 of my full game walkthrough of Batman Arkham City. This gameplay walkthrough will include the game ending, my first time reactions, and a review of the Batman Arkham City. Thank you so much for joining me as I experience this game for the first time. Subscribe for more videos. It's free and Alfred approved: https://www.youtube.com/GamingAwesomeYT Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/GamingAwesomeYT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamingAwesome
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Text Comments (12)
Alternative Queen16 (2 years ago)
Yoda Moto (3 years ago)
Hey do the Harley Quinn DLC plz for me CX
Marco G. Verbruggen (3 years ago)
please do some of the side missions! some of them are really trippy and short, like the mad hatter one, and there's one you start next to the GCPD building (where freeze was) where you get to fight Bane
Arlind Manaj (3 years ago)
make a gta v playthrought
Aja Centaurus (3 years ago)
I loved this series
M1ckyMack (3 years ago)
The Harley Quinn DLC is awesome Mostly Crazy but Awesome you play as Robin
M1ckyMack (3 years ago)
i know man :D i hope he does 
Austin alban- conley (3 years ago)
We need to get him to play it :)
Crimson Shade (3 years ago)
Once again a great vid you never seize to amaze igor love you and love your vids everytime i have a bad day your vids always pick me back up keep up the great job 😆😂😁😀
Baconelite _MHDE (3 years ago)
DJ50ACES (3 years ago)
Juvenile Dcuo (3 years ago)

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