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Suicide Squad Stars on their most attractive member (Exclusive interview)

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Will Smith, Joel Kinnaman, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Karen Fukuhara, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jay Hernandez & Jai Courtney on the most attractive member of the Suicide Squad! Interview: Vanessa Christin https://www.facebook.com/VanessaChristinPoehlmann Say hi on facebook https://www.facebook.com/moviemaniacsDE
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Text Comments (2034)
Human Soul (5 days ago)
OMG!!! one of my fav actress is def a tranny! those are literally men's features on her face....
Bahamin BA (5 days ago)
Caraaaaaa 😍😍😍😍
I Love Math (6 days ago)
Margot got dat ass. Joel got them abs.
sweiland75 (8 days ago)
Margot is much more attractive than Cara
Wyd did cara laugh
Ronaldo Fan (9 days ago)
Margot Robbie 😍😍😍😍❗️😘
I'm not to be expected may be the greatest quote ever.
Braquito (12 days ago)
Why Jared sound like someone who just saw their parents naked wrestling
Sancharini Kar (12 days ago)
Am I the only one who found Diablo attractive?
Less Sanic (13 days ago)
0:27 I never ship anyone but...😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 1:32 continue
Just Annel (17 days ago)
0:43 cara is literally me laughing when the teacher says the first to laugh its out(sometimes i do it on purpose)
sporadicdev (20 days ago)
eyebrows. why cant i not look away? send help please.
Fortnite Facts (20 days ago)
The girls were 100000 % drunk
NAVEES K (21 days ago)
I think harly is second one FIRST is ENCHANTRESS
eazy14 (21 days ago)
Margot of course
raja blaze (21 days ago)
Will smith is always attractive 🤗
Kabir Sokhi (22 days ago)
Lol whenever Will Smith says something, it sounds motivational😂😂
Auron 888 (25 days ago)
Joel Kinnaman, oh man ... :D:D classic
Ebony Rodriguez (26 days ago)
What are you kidding I bet hundreds of cholas love Diablo bruh.
Mr. Mcfouine (29 days ago)
I love you robbie
Hunn Aye (1 month ago)
Jared Leto is so serious.. Capricorn 🙄
dnstj (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who actually thinks that Diablo is hot? 😩😍🔥
Fun Pool (1 month ago)
Cara Delevingne is me laughing at my crush joke......
kornia Lynch (1 month ago)
I found Diablo attractive
AsgersWeb (1 month ago)
Margot Robbie is the hottest human being who has ever lived
s00shi (1 month ago)
El Diablo can burn me anytime 😂😭💦💖
Simply Daisy (1 month ago)
“Burn me”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
F3A4LESS (1 month ago)
Jared Leto weird and looks like a pedo, it just rhymes
k smith (1 month ago)
y'all both bad buy Margot on a different level
J. Payne (1 month ago)
Such great chemistry for the cast, too bad the film didn’t do anything with it that much
I dropped my phone on my lips im crying 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
I think it's cara
Alfonso Lopez (2 months ago)
0:41-0:45 When your mom says a lame joke but you need money
TheKing OfTheNorth (2 months ago)
Jared Leto looks like he’s having an epiphany 24/7
Da Bome (2 months ago)
Cara Delevingne is ugly little boy! Most overrated thing in the world!
Ziggy21 (2 months ago)
a bunch of trannies are seen as attractive nowadays?
Mrunmayee Ovhal (2 months ago)
i love diablo
Coma (2 months ago)
so much forced fake laughing in this video ! anyway, cara cast a love spell on margot for night of lost passion together. this is the clear to me !
Ðð ðr Ðïê (2 months ago)
my too dream girls😍😍🤘
Nikoleta Roukounaki (3 months ago)
We love you margot robbie
Freedom TF2 (3 months ago)
Deadshot is cool You got my respect
Scoot Yang (3 months ago)
I don't know about being attractive, but el diablo is the most powerful member in the squad.
Mgtow Boo Boo (3 months ago)
Mert Bey (3 months ago)
Killer Croc:"I' m beautifull"
9thchild (3 months ago)
Mista Echo
thecanadianwill (3 months ago)
sorry but Cara needs to fix those fucking eyebrows if she ever wants to be taken seriously in show biz
Benecya Jackson (3 months ago)
Cara looks like Michelle Carter in this thumbnail it's so funny
Extraterrestrial Horse (3 months ago)
Just to say it out loud: Jared Leto has a fucking amazing beard-hair combo.
Extraterrestrial Horse (3 months ago)
Margot makes Cara look like a crackwhore.
atd8vii (4 months ago)
Is it coincidence that Leto is being interviewed by himself while the others are sitting with each other?
Kaguya Takumi (4 months ago)
Aoi Shania (4 months ago)
Cara delevingne
Morgan Phillips (4 months ago)
Morgan Phillips (4 months ago)
Cara falls out of her chair that's soooo something I would do on an interview XD
Rebecca Sauveur (4 months ago)
0:37 yes !Margot is the hotest
Rebecca Sauveur (4 months ago)
0:28 cara ok
Rebecca Sauveur (4 months ago)
0:21 to 0:25 aggred
Robert Lewis Auchey (4 months ago)
The chick that plays Katana is the hottest imo
Sara Wilcker (4 months ago)
Cara was the prettiest, until she shaved her head and looked like a lesbo.
Remy Lebeau (4 months ago)
I mean... Joel didn’t lie tho. 👀
Isabelle Krispin (4 months ago)
am I the only one that doest think Cara is attractive? hmm. dont get me wrong, she seems a funny and nice person. just not attractive.
Janna Tris (4 months ago)
Seriously though, Joel Kinnaman just radiates sex for me
Neal Small (4 months ago)
I feel like to this day Jared Leto is still in character as The Joker
Paul Michael (4 months ago)
cara is a munter
cristian jofre (4 months ago)
The most atractive member is match betwen el diablo and the joker, sorry for everyone else
Jim Pikoulis (5 months ago)
All we need is another wolf of wall street slutty performance and she will be right
Okurrrt baby (5 months ago)
Burn me Diablo XDDD
Francesca Cappai (5 months ago)
The hottest one is BY FARRR Harley Quinn
majmunbez gaca (5 months ago)
hahah no.
Private Joker (5 months ago)
So shut the fuck up Paul Allen and go back to London
Styx Zero (5 months ago)
Cara should shave her eyebrows and she would be beautiful. Those badboys makes her look very manly.
chantsee nation (5 months ago)
Phil Dawson (5 months ago)
Will Smith always the racist .
Kenny Boy (5 months ago)
Bitch with the forehead and eybrows
BusyBasaz (5 months ago)
Cara looks okayish, but Margot is the top of human perfection. That classical beauty that no money can buy.
Alyssa Taylor (5 months ago)
Boi I play Diablo if your talking game
Cody Sray (5 months ago)
"yeah.. yeah I'm not to be expected?" ... what does that fucking mean lol!!!
cynthia x (5 months ago)
ResidentEvil rican (5 months ago)
Margot Robbie is sexy and I love how she does a new York accent it's sexy on her Harley Quinn is my type of woman damn
Ms Jackson_12 (5 months ago)
I find Diablo attractive😍🔥🔥
Armani Nguon (5 months ago)
Omg Cara and Margot looks like they could be sisters.
Frsh Mlk (5 months ago)
It aint Jared. Fucking bug-eyed smug cunt.
rylai rylai (5 months ago)
diablo ofc
george mikal (5 months ago)
This bitch really just asked these talented actors who is the prettiest? Is this journalism ??
Margot Robbie: this red hot babe! ah, Margot letting out her Australian
jennifer skweter (6 months ago)
I find El DIablo super attractive
Oscar Corleto (6 months ago)
0:17 and this is the reason why Jared Leto is the worst Joker
john_blaze39 (6 months ago)
Margot is a solid 11 out of 10, so she wins
Malviina Palsa (6 months ago)
Malviina Palsa (6 months ago)
Jared Leto is the most attractive person I've ever seen.
that dude (6 months ago)
the Chinese is way finer
Dimitrios Desmos (6 months ago)
whats next ?? who has the biggest cock ? who do you think has the biggest boobs?....wat a stupid question
Patrick Anderson (6 months ago)
I can not help but cringe at Jared. Sorry, but god damn...
asteri 04 (6 months ago)
marc huerta (6 months ago)
Margot robbie
stoney renegade (6 months ago)
you people wouldnt know a tranny if he fucked you in the ass( Cara and Margot)
Wayne Beauford (6 months ago)
black men are never considered in this conversation
House of Zuma (6 months ago)
indeed ..but i guess its a loaded question ..blonde thumbnail bullshit question..they are all attractive...but who cares
super kal el (6 months ago)
So i have a question for the fans who do you think its hotter margot or gal ( ther isn't even a competition but i want to see if people like to youse there brain)
brocanova (6 months ago)
Cara and Margot in 1 room - paradise hot as hell.

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