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Bloodborne - Cut You Down Trailer | The Hunt Begins | PS4

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Bloodborne is the latest Action RPG from renowned Japanese developer FromSoftware, in collaboration with SCE Japan Studio, available exclusively for the PlayStation®4 system. Game Details: Face your fears as you search for answers in the ancient city of Yharnam, now cursed with a strange endemic illness spreading through the streets like wildfire. Danger, death and madness lurk around every corner of this dark and horrific world, and you must discover its darkest secrets in order to survive. Learn more at: www.playstation.com/en-us/games/bloodborne-ps4 Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Violence
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Text Comments (1603)
lingkarusak (15 days ago)
Bloodborne 2 please...
Artyom Artymovich (1 month ago)
I love how the trailer hides all of the more Lovecraftian elements of the game
Jetro Jetro (1 month ago)
2018 Still the best PS4 exclusive
Kegan Anderson (2 months ago)
"Fear the old blood..."
Max Arellano (3 months ago)
must have game guys, just buy it
Cgv Gc (3 months ago)
Какой же ахуенный трейлер у бб самый наилучший трейлер из всех
Saitama (4 months ago)
Progamingbro P (4 months ago)
One of the rarest games that stayed true to it's trailer
Daniel González (5 months ago)
Is it weird that this video caused me tears of excitement?
javier (5 months ago)
Definitely my all time favorite game.
الشقراني (5 months ago)
we need bloodborne2
IuriAngry (6 months ago)
"Fear the old blood"
Ya Boi (6 months ago)
Games like this make me wish I got a PS4 instead of an Xbox
jérôme lebourg (6 months ago)
Imagine this plays when you fight the Moonlight presence.
Jeronim Lajqi (6 months ago)
One of the best games of all time in my opinion
ONE1__MAN_ARMY (7 months ago)
There's one enemy in this trailer that remains unslain.
AlmightyPinkSheep 782 (7 months ago)
I wonder what the developers favorite boss is
The Captain (7 months ago)
I had to make a decision over Bloodborne or The Witcher 3. I choose Bloodborne and it was one pf the best decisions i ever made.
C3N-GAMING (7 months ago)
Every Xbox fan 😥🔫
shivanshu sharma (7 months ago)
Coming free March 6 on PS+ :O
Alessandra Bastianini (7 months ago)
And here I am, still trying to finish the dlc at Ng+4...
William Nelson (7 months ago)
the thing about the console war is, like, really the only solution is to have both consoles. because xbox, is a far better console compared to the ps4 when it comes to storage,backwards compatibility, and could be argued for graphics and running too, but ps4 by far has xbox beaten when it comes to console exclusive games, bloodborne, the new god of war, and more. they cancel each others differences out.
LaBarata12 (7 months ago)
Woulda been way better with Johnny Cash
Infinity Edge (8 months ago)
The player in the trailer doesn't use the serrated saw part of the saw cleaver against cleric beast :(
Gaming Rogue09 (8 months ago)
How many people bought a ps4 to play this masterpiece?
Louie (8 months ago)
i did
Sebastião Neto (8 months ago)
1:20 mouse. PC!?!?!?!?
300-I.Q. Prower (8 months ago)
I have been a diehard fan of this game for a while now, its in my top 5 favorite games ever. ...so why WAS I ONLY YESTERDAY MADE AWARE THIS AWESOME SONG EVEN EXISTED?!
The Captain (8 months ago)
10/10 trailer for a 11/5 game.
صقر الناعبي (8 months ago)
Is this new thing ??
Anthony Groe (8 months ago)
Even though the night has ended, there will always be another... one old hunter to another. Till the end of days.
clay74able (8 months ago)
Haha the hunt began and ended there too
Free2qwertz (8 months ago)
There's a cursor in the bottom right at 1:18
Louie (8 months ago)
maybe pc port?
parasiteve (8 months ago)
This song is horrible
Napoleão Bonaparte (9 months ago)
Caraca! Impressionante!
Nathaniel Hill (9 months ago)
I wish it was for PC
Louie (8 months ago)
same man
R1 Spamer (10 months ago)
Please Bloodborne 2
unityslayer x5 (3 months ago)
Actually Amazon Italy leaked it, its coming December 2019
Pillow Pets (4 months ago)
RIP the dream is dead
Manuel Carbajal (5 months ago)
Oh got confused for some reason
MarcoStyles (5 months ago)
Manuel Carbajal he got me
Gus Gus (10 months ago)
Still in love with this game <3
sangjeong kimcho (10 months ago)
Parsa Shirali (10 months ago)
Best trailer for a video game
white_saba (10 months ago)
How to make an awesome trailer 101
Xtana Gaming (11 months ago)
0:18. admit it, if that second was the whole trailer, you'd still buy the game.
honeybadgers100 (11 months ago)
2 years and the game is still awesome
Justin Ruiz (1 year ago)
Song name????
souverrig (1 year ago)
My favorite game
1:08 someone get a forklift for that guys balls.
Luis Guerra (1 year ago)
Anyone still play it cuz I still do
CJo Smash Bros 4 (1 year ago)
More than 2 years later, this trailer is still the best PS4 trailer I've seen.
G. Gibson (1 year ago)
Ong Bak 2 anyone, that intro, that dude that fights thw protagonist towards the end of Ong Bak 2
mr.mufflebunns (1 year ago)
best add for the game ever
Alpolo007 (1 year ago)
My favorite PS4 game since the day I bought it.
Mr_Bohowsky (1 year ago)
224 dislikes from shitbox fanboyz :D
Gabriel Reyes (1 year ago)
whats the name of the artist who sings thid
David (1 year ago)
Still gives me a boner
Beani Birb (1 year ago)
This is the only trailer that truly sends chills down my spine every time I watch it. Out of all of From's games, this one is my favorite
Let ‘Volir (1 year ago)
All these old comments of fanboys arguing over which gaming device is superior *gives me conniptions...*
yes, good game
As a PC and PS4 gamer, I must say, bravo on the visuals, Bloodborne. I never knew a PS4 game could look that great. Unfortunately the fps is locked at 30, and the PS4 pro doesn't help much. But I can deal with that, because this game is awesome. I just wish they'd bring Demon's Souls to the North American Playstation Store :(
Searchmeister (1 year ago)
Hunt Your Nightmares! Find Your Nightmares! End Your Nightmares!
David Alistair (1 year ago)
what a game xbox owners who say stations dead a begg the differ when you say it's better an the pc owners remember where all the great exclusives are it's alright to talk the talk fact is your taking the bus when it comes to walking the walk
SilentEvil2 (1 year ago)
Now give us a sequel
they still dont sell playstation in these regions...
Aj Sanmiguel (1 year ago)
PlayStation to arms against Xbox fanboys
Bali Fly (1 year ago)
What's the main difference between bloodbourne and dark souls 3?
SL33P3R097 (1 year ago)
Bali Fly bloodborne is more fast paced with guns and no shields
KokoLoko 21557 (1 year ago)
funny, i had a 11 hour long session with this game and didn't even know that yesterday was it's 2 year anniversary.
Patrick Drum (1 year ago)
I hope we see Bloodborne 2 this e3 iam counting on you sony
Patrick Drum (1 year ago)
Andres Mejia (1 year ago)
Sequel pls. This game is pure genius.
Gustavo Cunha (1 year ago)
Bem vindos caçadores de 2k17 hahahahah welcome hunters of 2k17 hahahaha
asdf (1 year ago)
a hunter must hunt m i rite guise hue
jesse turner (1 year ago)
That epic scene where he roles in between 3 golems with the hammer
SMT (1 year ago)
Didn't regret buying the ps4 just for this game. Worth every penny.
PlatinumYuri (1 year ago)
What's the last thing you killed fellow Hoonters?
Julio Alarcón (1 year ago)
Name of the song/artist?
Eric Spenceri (1 year ago)
Hunt you down by The Hit House Feat. Ruby Friedman
robin orfali (1 year ago)
JoJoFan93 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if there is a complete version of this game? I ask because Darksouls had Prepare to die edition and DS2 had Scholarship of Sins ect.
The 5th Horseman (1 year ago)
JoJoFan93 You can buy Game of the Year on Amazon. It's not available here in the states, true, however sense PS4 is universal, it can play games from other countries no problem. I got mine through Amazon and it works perfectly with my console and I live in the States as well. Hope this helps :)
JoJoFan93 (1 year ago)
knimren I prefer my copies physically.
knimren (1 year ago)
+JoJoFan93 +JoJoFan93 Have you looked both retail and digital? I, for example obtained my version on the german Playstation Store. I also just looked it up on the english (us) playstation store and it's called Complete Edition Bundle there for some reason.
JoJoFan93 (1 year ago)
Adrian Andusiak Well it's definetely not in the U.S
Adrian Andusiak (1 year ago)
JoJoFan93 Not only. I live in Poland and Game of the Year Edition can be found in every store.
Meris (1 year ago)
You can run on for a long time Run on for a long time Run on for a long time Sooner or later God'll cut you down Sooner or later God'll cut you down Go tell that long tongue liar Go and tell that midnight rider Tell the rambler, The gambler, The back biter Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down Well my goodness gracious let me tell you the news My head's been wet with the midnight dew I've been down on bended knee talkin' to the man from Galilee He spoke to me in the voice so sweet I thought I heard the shuffle of the angel's feet He called my name and my heart stood still When he said, "John go do My will!" Go tell that long tongue liar Go and tell that midnight rider Tell the rambler, The gambler, The back biter Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down You can run on for a long time Run on for a long time Run on for a long time Sooner or later God'll cut you down Sooner or later God'll cut you down Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand Workin' in the dark against your fellow man But as sure as God made black and white What's down in the dark will be brought to the light You can run on for a long time Run on for a long time Run on for a long time Sooner or later God'll cut you down Sooner or later God'll cut you down Go tell that long tongue liar Go and tell that midnight rider Tell the rambler, The gambler, The back biter Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down Tell 'em that God's gonna cut you down
Vienough (1 year ago)
If it wasn't for The Witcher 3, this game would've undoubtedly won GOTY of 2015.
Joosua Anttila (1 year ago)
+LlamaliciousGaming No problem.
Joosua Anttila (1 year ago)
LlamaliciousGaming That couldn't be possible. This game was made in 2015.
Marcin Kapusta (1 year ago)
StalkerGamerBR (1 year ago)
Owesome game!!!
SaraAliciaCaster (1 year ago)
this is the trailer my wife should of seen instead of the one where the guy is slowly pulling a weapon out of someones skull while trailing brain gunk attached to the weapon
Natsu Dragneel (1 year ago)
One of my favorite video games ever
Neil M (1 year ago)
ALL games should be built to this level of quality. It's amazing on all levels!
Robin is my OTP (1 year ago)
Is the song on Spotify?
MacysShopLifter (1 year ago)
LOVE THIS GAME, SO MUCH! I'm only problem with it is I would have liked there to have been more weapons and that's about it..... well... I liked to Chalice dungeons idea but I would have liked it if they would have gotten rid of the dungeons and instead used the unique bosses that were in the dungeons in the main story and added new areas to accompany them
Spiny Slasher (1 year ago)
did you buy the DLC? In that case theres already enough weapons in the game.
Joe the pyro (1 year ago)
what's the song?
Alex blooddrunk (1 year ago)
This game is the greatest,doesn't treat the gamer like a retarded like xbox or nintendo
Ali Vision (2 years ago)
It's the best game for PS4 2015. P.S But I'm gonna hunt you down!
Celestyal (2 years ago)
210 xbox users disliked this
meeep (2 years ago)
love that for every 500 likes there's only 1 dislike
meeep (2 years ago)
a hunter must hunt
Hunter Rigsby (6 months ago)
A hoonter must hoont
meeep (1 year ago)
good point
Moha Makka (2 years ago)
bought a ps4 just for that and just finished it and i think ima do a NG+ that is just better than all october 2016 line up tbh
JNA 14 (2 years ago)
Got this game for $20.00 i feel like I ripped fromsoftware off.
Dr. Weedington (9 months ago)
JNA 14 we both did
billy clubbe (1 year ago)
i got it for 10pounds around 15dollars on whim and feel like i should have paid 60
Shinikou Tenshi (1 year ago)
JNA 14 I got it for 17 lol
Bought the GOTY Edition a week ago.Love this game to the core ;)
Swagi Swagievich (1 year ago)
I bought recently. People still play!
wackytactics (2 years ago)
how to perfectly translate a japanese game for an american audience with one trailer
garra1766 (2 years ago)
i want this game so badly but i dont want to buy a PS4. cant it just come out for PC
garra1766 (1 year ago)
oh well, Demon's Souls and Dark Souls one, two and three haft to do.
Spiny Slasher (1 year ago)
nope it won't
Blade (1 year ago)
I bought a PS4 just for this game it's worth it this game is amazing and No it will never come to PC
Bảo Phúc (2 years ago)
Good Game + Good Music = Best Trailer.
Yuri Neves Martinuzzo (2 years ago)
Go out and kill some beasts, its for you own good
unlimited children (1 year ago)
Yuri Neves Martinuzzo how to pick up fair maidens
Vienough (1 year ago)
"A hoonter must hoont"
MaxCovington543 (1 year ago)
"It's just what hunters do..."
ItCameFromTheSkyBeLo (2 years ago)
I'm not in danger, I am the danger....
FISHY (1 year ago)
Nightmare Slain
E. K. (1 year ago)
Prey slaughtered.
Kalle (2 years ago)
ItCameFromTheSkyBeLo I am the one who knocks
Aiden Fredrick (2 years ago)
JDDJ (2 years ago)
Well, this is edgy.
Elon Musk (2 years ago)
210 casuls disliked the video
FRANKINATOR (3 months ago)
It only got 39 dislikes in a year
Raging Doge (1 year ago)
its now 212
Blade (1 year ago)
210 xbox owners*
bloodborne 2 please Japan studio
PotatoEskimos (10 months ago)
Giulyano Vinicius Sans Silva From Software developed it. And ofc Japan Studio too. But mostly From Software. Publishes by Sony Entertainment.

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