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ManvsMachine's Simon Holmedal // Houdini Connect

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An in-depth discussion with Simon Holmedal about creativity and workflow - featuring commercial work crafted for Nike. Simon is a Motion Designer, Technical Director, and 3D Artist at London's ManvsMachine.
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Esa Perkasa (1 day ago)
is 1070Ti and i7 6th gen enough to run this beast ?
Chaoyang Liu (17 days ago)
WOW, full of imagination and creativity!
Grayson Mendenhall (1 year ago)
Great video. I love hearing Simon discuss his work. Super inspiring! Thanks!!!!
Sunbok Lee (1 year ago)
This is Great artwork:)
Riverssen (1 year ago)
Got dat Archibald hair do lol
Kraphik ThreeDee (1 year ago)
outstanding! Cinema 4D + Houdini
Cozplex Gaming (2 days ago)
very very minimal Cinema 4d was used. Mostly for early modeling that was about it! Houdini was used for 90 plus % of this project!
ArgoBeats (1 year ago)
oh, and the intro is by the same dude
Gichanasa (1 year ago)
Beatiful work! Is it possible to achieve this level of quality through the GUI interface of Houdini without involving heavy coding?
Gratien Vernier (1 year ago)
A lot of coding can be substituted by VOP nodes, which are container nodes to do sub nodal graphs that expose the same functionalities provided by VEX code. However, being able to write VEXPressions code will really speed up your working velocity and understanding of the systems. There is also python language support for more advanced or pipelines stuff, but it is way slower to process.
Hey Simon, I know you are reading this!
Nape Lazam (1 year ago)
I heard houdini isn't so good for modeling as maya or modo
Quentin Dufour (1 year ago)
hi there ! nothing with houdini but still interesting, does anybody know the name of the music at the and of the video ?
GRIMMS (1 year ago)
it's just amazing... I want to learn!!!!!!!!!!
renderman.pro (1 year ago)
very cool!
Eric Green (1 year ago)
Creation is chaos !!
Shane Simpson (1 year ago)
nice office
Nic Tanghe (1 year ago)
SOmeone teach me pleaaase ! :D
KAUSTIK (5 days ago)
Houdini offer very good courses on their website (sidefx), given the complexity and accessibility it of course wont gather as many tutorials by creators on youtube as, say, blender or unity
Kasper Rubin (4 months ago)
Lynda :)
Ossama (1 year ago)
Its not so much for modelling as it is for creating visual effects or procedural elements. For example, most, if not all big name studios use Houdini to create things like explosions, particle systems and water simulations (RealFlow as well for water). For simple to almost complex shapes, you can model with the node system, and as a result, everything is procedural and duplicate elements can easily be modified or randomised to make things more dynamic and interesting in a scene.
Nape Lazam (1 year ago)
I heard houdini isn't so good for modeling as maya or modo
Thoughtyness (1 year ago)
Same. I want to learn it so badly, but I can't find any resources.
Adrian (1 year ago)
Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
anthony mcgrath (1 year ago)
superb :) Thanks for this :)

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