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Houdini FX TD Showreel - Andrew Graham (2018)

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High quality Vimeo Version here - http://vimeo.com/houdinifx/showreel I've just updated this reel with shots I worked on from Only The Brave, Star Wars: Rogue One, and Dr Strange. I am currently available for remote FX work in August. I can deliver to suit your studios needs case by case - -Can install high powered workstations onsite temporarily to extend studio fx capability and keep large data sized deliverables on site when required. These workstations can be operated remotely. -Rendered deep images for comp and vdb's for interactive lighting integration can be delivered without onsite workstations in many cases. -Can handle camera tracking/matchmove and lighting or can adapt a solution to your studios own capabilities. Music used with permission: Gravitation by Pensees http://pensees.bandcamp.com
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Text Comments (15)
MongerMeSideways! (12 days ago)
I want to be able to do the same. How much is this set up?
some tutorial fo houdini pls
HORSEWORK STUDIO (1 month ago)
incredible <3 i love it
Chinthu p.m (2 months ago)
u r awesome!
Omega Vision (2 months ago)
I just wanna mention animation facebook groups :D
Diogo Santos (3 months ago)
Gaurav Labhshetwar (3 months ago)
Awesome work bro... I'm like so much your work...
Gabriel's VFX Adventures (3 months ago)
Beautiful :)
Angad Rana (4 months ago)
Really great reel! Awesome work! :D
WeskerRezo (4 months ago)
Dude this is mindblowing work really. I love it so much. I am so impressed! I am very big fan of you really! You are one of the best FX TD! Love your showreel so much <3 Cheers :)
Andrew Graham (4 months ago)
Thankyou WeskerRezo :)
Mohammad Selahi (4 months ago)
awesome !
Paula Brindley (6 months ago)
MrPrayzeEdits (6 months ago)
Amazing reel , no words for it truly inspiring Congratulations on all the success
Strix (3 months ago)

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