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RUST FACTIONS PVP [Ep.8] ★ Dumb and Dumber

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Text Comments (93)
Postulgirl myers50 (2 years ago)
why he no die hacker
Richard Blankshain (2 years ago)
Lucas Desole (2 years ago)
no joke that's s
Brian Gaul (2 years ago)
he was hacking no joke man
christopher sayles (3 years ago)
I'm frustrated because you didn't go back and get your stuff your so close if you rushed him you would have got your stuff back
Robert Wright (3 years ago)
Ace Is cheating
Filip Les (3 years ago)
bailo he use medkits? he hit him in the head multiple times
Nathan Whitley (3 years ago)
I shot him to like six with a bolt
Nathan Whitley (3 years ago)
40shots on em🆘
vlogs with Sobo (3 years ago)
where are all the zombies well becase its a zombie game
Jitsuwarrior (4 years ago)
im on aces team and he dose hack i told him not to sorry meat and guns 
Fearless Reb (4 years ago)
100000 times
Marissa LCDNA (4 years ago)
And of course Meaty waits again sheesh just do something tp to him or atleast hurry up and RUN!
Sam Mundy (4 years ago)
ace is a hacker!
chuck trudeau (4 years ago)
Jenevieve Rowley (4 years ago)
They are cheating
Jenevieve Rowley (4 years ago)
Like 1578990543
Ashley Beck (4 years ago)
There playing rust
MrBlazekilo (4 years ago)
Come on reload before!
authgaroftheplains (4 years ago)
see zephr really got the drop on them not just because meaty forgot to reload, but because there is nothing to distinguish two players.  To really play factions you have to have something to tell each other apart.  A color arm band, a blue hat... Something.  Otherwise who wins is whoever just shoots everybody they see regardless of faction.  There is no skill in that.
Carwyn Gamble (4 years ago)
10:00 I call haks
MCSwearNetwork (4 years ago)
Do they still have that big house up from the Hanger?
BIG Deman (4 years ago)
Aace you fb hacker! Ban him! That had to be hacking you CAN'T take that many shots! Hackers!!!
David Lein (4 years ago)
meaty hit him 5 times
elscarface (4 years ago)
Thunderclaw130 (4 years ago)
I mean guns, not gunns
Thunderclaw130 (4 years ago)
Do you now have no weapons?
Thunderclaw130 (4 years ago)
At first I didn't like that they disbanded d and d, but now it is really fun to watch.
Thunderclaw130 (4 years ago)
Thunderclaw130 (4 years ago)
Is rust just on computer on steam!
Yvette Toledo (4 years ago)
He is a hacker
Bret schofield (4 years ago)
Does this game cost money
12heyhowsyourmom (4 years ago)
What game are they playing
Jitsuwarrior (4 years ago)
rust and stop wtf r you doing epik gamer mean but 
Epik Gamer (4 years ago)
If you do not know what game they are playing you have been under a rock or in a coma so plz GTFO!
j. (4 years ago)
David Lein (4 years ago)
Grace Duff (4 years ago)
Quote of the day 'I think we need squishier opponents' meatwagon22 30/3/14
aqdestinyv (4 years ago)
he use a cheat code
Kotou (4 years ago)
Ace didn't hack but that still doesn't mean he's not a noob.
V8Dragon (4 years ago)
You guys should upload some pixelmon
GlitchyMom (4 years ago)
Probably not going to happen. Gunns said that the interest was down and he was tired of people telling them they were playing it wrong.
Rodney Hillhouse (4 years ago)
Count the hit markers... Meaty's aim was ALL OVER the place. no pun intended ace was focus'd and kept steady hands and aimed for head shots while guns and meat looked like they were drunk and shooting horse flies.. :P
Crusader Nikolai (4 years ago)
Ace was hacking no joke meaty got killed fast with same armor
Peter Herrera (4 years ago)
Where's pixelmon play more please it's only zombies ,b team and rust
Bansal8799 (4 years ago)
Lynk Plays (4 years ago)
What can you get Rust on? Steam?
elscarface (4 years ago)
GlitchyMom (4 years ago)
Yes, Steam.
Karl Gomez (4 years ago)
This is a lot more fun to watch then before
ajhawkman (4 years ago)
How do I get rust factions
ThatGuyMarvin (4 years ago)
what do you mean? how you get the game or into a faction? :)
ajhawkman (4 years ago)
Michiel Hendrix (4 years ago)
Hè is just a fat hacker
Ajaxster (4 years ago)
ace wasnt hacking he probably had lots of health kits and just because meaty shot probably 200+ ammo doesnt mean all of them hit him.. Check the video and count all the little X's that appear, (theyre hitmarkers) altho gunns hit him too he probably used about 5 medkits if not more and meaty only used 1 or 2 during the entire fight and got hit a TON so it shows how well kev can protect you... PS. I was the guy in the compound! not zeph :P I was in there bc i didnt have access to the gate so i couldn't join the fight and i was stuck :(
Ace flyin (4 years ago)
Lets all have a counting class first fight 2 hits second fight 3 hits third fight 4 hits it takes 5 to 6 to kill dude in kev and i was healing in between all the fights :D Welp I guess im a noob
GlitchyMom (4 years ago)
No matter if you're being called a noob or hacker...Meaty and Gunns both *know* that you're good. That's why they were trying to get you & zephyr. They wanted a good battle. And they got owned! Twice! LOL! Good stuff. I pity the fools D&D come across next...the "squishier" people. LOL
Rodney Hillhouse (4 years ago)
Not a noob. Pro movement / shooting. You made regulars appear as they are. Not many noticed how you kept focused and were getting headshots while they were cleaning the fungus from your toenails. :D
Ace flyin (4 years ago)
Lololol people calling me noob for killing Meaty and Gunns AGAIN lol Medkits and Rations defintly do the trick and if meaty right before i killed him hit me once i would of died but you know getting called a noob hacker is still funny
Mr Lone Wanderer (4 years ago)
Ace is a noob
Jonathan Noa (4 years ago)
NO ok so meaty hit him twice then ace haled then he hit him twice again then ace healed then i dont know how maybe lag but meaty missed him and Gunns hit him however many times he did but i think it was that he helaed sry meaty you just missed A LOT
Sergio Cortes (4 years ago)
Noob tube (4 years ago)
Ace don't b a fa* and stop hacking
Katherine Wick (4 years ago)
ImDark (4 years ago)
Ace and zeph r hackers!!
Chandler Abelhouzen (4 years ago)
How do you play on this game
Z Willi (4 years ago)
He's a hacker
BailoFloke (4 years ago)
No he used medkits
osh llamas enrico (4 years ago)
meat,gunns plz rebuild your house and get armor,gunns when your not recording
Acc (4 years ago)
You weren't fooled meaty, something definitely was wack. I even went back to have another look at the fight myself and you two lit ace up! There's no way he should lived nearly that long. I call bullshit on ace.
02Gorillaz94 (4 years ago)
LOL haha, the m4 fail xd
02Gorillaz94 (4 years ago)
LOL haha, the m4 fail xd
New York Greaser (4 years ago)
set up a revolutionary war type fight in a field with the bolt actions
derek smith (4 years ago)
You guys should build a base with spike walls and everything
big ol' evil (4 years ago)
Mythic Gaming (4 years ago)
Where is pixelmon
noah bender (4 years ago)
Ace should have DIED
GOVHen Wong (3 years ago)
He hacking
David Lein (4 years ago)
yay he should have died
Roy Emil (4 years ago)
Call hacks on Ace!!!!!
MCJohny21 (4 years ago)
attention on chat 17:40 lol
Kx.ylx. idc. (4 years ago)
: .0
Kx.ylx. idc. (4 years ago)
:0 : .
Tullock (4 years ago)
Spray and pray noobs.
dennis courtoreille (4 years ago)
You should of survived
Dan Gomez (4 years ago)
They spawn stuff in
noname1424 (4 years ago)
2 v. 1   1 wins
Tullock (4 years ago)
You had him dead to rights?? NO YOU DIDN'T LOL. You guys couldn't stop rambling and making really REALLY dumb laughing noises, making so much noise walking around. He saw you a mile away and he was just coming to greet you guys to say hi.
dennis courtoreille (4 years ago)
Hi do attack of the b team again
Cheri Colvin (4 years ago)
yes  the 3rd sub.
lukasz 1503 (4 years ago)
patt gatt (4 years ago)
U guys are great
1BGood214 (4 years ago)
I just came to see if a new video was up! And look it's here GOODWORK YOU GUYS!

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