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Far Cry 5 Stealth Kills (Outpost,Hostage Rescue)

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Text Comments (7424)
StealthGamerBR ™ (24 days ago)
New video for Far Cry 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSfcnQ5nVdE
EbashKashu (10 days ago)
Hi mate, idk what about your content rights, but one guy stole part of your video for his channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dU2eMqZ-H8
Super Fun (17 days ago)
StealthGamerBR ™ I'd be curious to see if you can do the mile high on mw1 in a different manner than they want. I did it twice but there was no room for freestyling the way you do
沈智烽 (22 days ago)
StealthGamerBR ™ ¿l9i
hem patel (2 hours ago)
Fucking holy Moly shitt.......
u n i t y _ (11 hours ago)
Quantas hrs de treino? Saber o tempo certo onde tudo vai acontecer no posto avançado.
Dalton Hola (11 hours ago)
I stopped playing for awhile but thanks to you I got back into FC5!!!
Atx Cat (11 hours ago)
Ubi should pay this guy to do their trailers
Naveen Shiranga (12 hours ago)
how do you know where exactly they are and where they will be🤨
Jazab Chohan (14 hours ago)
Man I love you P.S. I'm not gay
TC Tarik (14 hours ago)
That was so awesome
Siddhesh Misale (15 hours ago)
When the Lord rids you of your sins forever....
Torero_ PR (15 hours ago)
How the hell are you running so fast
Dim M (23 hours ago)
Ezio ?
Ameer Haider (1 day ago)
Awesome Dude!!!!!!!
๖ۣۜYATO๖ۣۜ (1 day ago)
This guy is good
ayush kumar (1 day ago)
Awesome calculations
Smokeys (1 day ago)
6:44 :0
brunogv (1 day ago)
Looks like we got a copycat from DyingLight engine gameplay...
idiot game
John Stafford (1 day ago)
This is awesome
Usha Prasad (2 days ago)
1:38 where does he going
Gaurav Dhiman (2 days ago)
Far cry is awesome..
Sven Dix (2 days ago)
Most dissapointing game of the year! We are in 2018 i want destructable buildings, Environments and landscapes , but here you cant even shoot through material piss off with this joke of a game ! Its like they copied far cry 3 but made it worse and just changed the area
Your awesome at that it’s like you got it all planned. I wish I was that good stealth killer
Dawson Lapointe (2 days ago)
What a fuckin badass
sam fisher (2 days ago)
And here i am thinkin im really good with stealth lol.
Mohammed Anwer (2 days ago)
2:25 “Huh, weird...”
Thapelo Afrika (2 days ago)
The timing is incredible
Mil R (2 days ago)
You're good mate😂
agosh cshaji (2 days ago)
one word............just insane
Matheus Zambeli (2 days ago)
Made in Brazil
MLG Melon (2 days ago)
Which bow is better? The longbow or the other one?
Buda Dangol (3 days ago)
Achievement unlocked: subscriber earnt.
Mick Faro (3 days ago)
I played the game friday for the first time. I like the combound bow and the melee actions its so freaking cool
Rookie ODST (3 days ago)
This guy is a pro
Jonathan Martins (3 days ago)
Esse desgraça é humano que tá jogando?!? Inacreditável!
Hacker Master (3 days ago)
Mano o cara sabe os padrões dos jogos tudooo
RouZii (3 days ago)
Lol I wanna see the slingshot one I can’t find ot
King (3 days ago)
Time spent of far cry 5: 4000 hours
Vilgot From borg (3 days ago)
3:25 was my favourite
Os br dominar
Game Club House (3 days ago)
#edsecd love it 😎
Zahid Mahmood (3 days ago)
I failed about 10 times in that outpost, its the most difficult one.
Fulckkckc / (4 days ago)
The sliding in this game is so satisfying
Jordan Karl (4 days ago)
5:24 motherfu..bonk!
Alex Design (4 days ago)
thats why i dont play online games, to avoid people with your insane skills... awesome man.
Nizon Magar (4 days ago)
2:39 🤙best
AJ PLACENCIA (4 days ago)
5:43 Wow just... wow
Manny Severo (4 days ago)
the punheitero (4 days ago)
Mano vc é foda
Zach Lawson (4 days ago)
Great videos! I love it when they get bit by baseball bats or shovels😂 it just sounds brutal
Marnix Bruinsma (4 days ago)
Hm i dont see improvements in physics compared to previous titels. The impact of blows just look unrealistic.
Chris Tofer (4 days ago)
so in Far Cry 5, we can choose to be a ninja or something.... looks awesome :)
Abhay jadon (5 days ago)
This game just 1 word awesome
Federico Ramirez (5 days ago)
Alan Benardi Wijaya (5 days ago)
Uneak 187 (5 days ago)
I don’t usually comment but damn you’re savage
Der Maddin (5 days ago)
What a shitty game. Welcom to 2007
Icaro Vinicius (5 days ago)
Fdp já tem far cry 5
Piotr 76 (5 days ago)
0:45 he killed Jesus
Apumo (5 days ago)
Been watching since you're Far Cry 3 days and you keep exceeding my expectations. Keep it up!
Manu Schmid (5 days ago)
It looks like Dying Light
Ip Dan (6 days ago)
How the fuck do you do that man, that's incredible
檸檬 (6 days ago)
Lil Thantoes (6 days ago)
I like how that one peggie knew who boomer was. Boomers was like “And I’ll be the last thing you ever see!”
egypt bong (6 days ago)
the game doesn't seem to be realistic in any way for exp the motion and animation are so fast plus do the bot penetrate the glass ?
Mauro Silva (6 days ago)
Karl trembath (6 days ago)
This is legit. He's must've played through that like eight times with the proximity bombs and and prefect strategy. Impressive.
Zaine (6 days ago)
:O :)
Izumi Inoue (6 days ago)
Are these for real??
Jose Gonza (6 days ago)
Si matas al piloto explota??? Arco magicoo
Άλκης Δ. (6 days ago)
2:39 - I must have watched that part 239 times 😂
Numan Can (6 days ago)
Lan girerken parkur videosu sandım o kadar gerçekmiş
HeadScott (6 days ago)
Guess you took the red pill!
fauzi fauz (6 days ago)
soo cool bro
Malidentum (7 days ago)
Karthik MV (7 days ago)
Frickersten (7 days ago)
You make a game like a short animated movie or something,KEEP ON
Cameron Bowers (7 days ago)
The thing that makes his videos so good is that it looks like he planned this and is always one step ahead of the npcs
NewHorizON (7 days ago)
UMBRA FRAME 17 (7 days ago)
Lucas OLIVEIRA (7 days ago)
Este br e foda
ByToXiMiTo _ (7 days ago)
der Kasten (7 days ago)
How often do you try this for one perfect run?
Hebert Cleiton (7 days ago)
Omg, It is not possible, it is real, I don't believe that it's real
Mrdayann (7 days ago)
Deu até orgulho de ser brasileiro agora
André Valois (8 days ago)
06:07 que tiro do caralho!
LAKEWORTHBOI (8 days ago)
When you die so much you already know what to do
Games e Coisas## (8 days ago)
Hozan Oskan (8 days ago)
5:10 wtf!
Renato Bastos (2 days ago)
When you play on easy mode
Tassos D.Everything (8 days ago)
Man youre a f..ing killing machine,!!!
Hritik Mhatre (9 days ago)
I think u r good in maths
John Do'h (9 days ago)
that..is not stealth
LeeseMedia (9 days ago)
Not very good at this game I see...
Darfilal Rachid (9 days ago)
رائع جدا this is far cry 5 willy
joessmax (9 days ago)
Oh no vegetation effects downgrade
Tripp on tha Beat (9 days ago)
Bro..... How?
Sr Coxinha (9 days ago)
Tu e foda
Pacifist NZ (9 days ago)
What have they done to Far Cry? Protagonist is like a mutant or something. I think I'll just replay Far Cry 2 instead.
JeEjUnG (9 days ago)
Suchimita Das (10 days ago)
damn goood killl

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