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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

3587 ratings | 956572 views
Batman and Robin join up with Superman and the Justice League for one of the best LEGO games to date. Head over to IGN for more LEGO Batman 2: http://www.ign.com/games/lego-batman-2-dc-super-heroes/xbox-360-124689 Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ignentertainment
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Text Comments (1304)
BrickYol Animation (10 days ago)
So amazing!
THEMAZZE (27 days ago)
O those were the days
Man this game gives me so much nostalgia
The Jewish Filmmakers (28 days ago)
I freaking love this game! I was so hyped to play it...it was amazing to me
Butter Lee (28 days ago)
The Jewish Filmmakers (1 month ago)
Omg me tooo
Carlos Tapia (1 month ago)
I hate the non stop rain .
loogi baloogi (1 month ago)
I don't know if 2 or 3 is better
thegamercalledjames (2 months ago)
It is the best LEGO game
under the red hood (3 months ago)
To bad the 3rd game wasn't as much like the second no open world gameplay
Legacy exe (1 month ago)
Man the 2 have open world
TheGoldenSkull 2.0 (5 months ago)
I really want this game to get a backwards compatible
FreddieFrekerBoi (5 months ago)
I wish this was backwards compatible
BigBirds Street (5 months ago)
It's a amazing lego game
Xeeos (7 months ago)
am i the only one that play's dis game for the Free roam and night rainingß
A Crappy Gaming Channel (8 months ago)
I'm unlucky to have the Wii version. I'm hoping to get the PS3 version of this and Lego Batman 1 soon. Only for the trophies, it'll give me longer completion time.
Batfankjb (9 months ago)
This game is amazing and still holds up today
csaj egy ember (18 days ago)
Javian Brown (9 months ago)
I wish they would tell us what platforms the games are on when they review them
Avve N (11 months ago)
I loved this game haha
Squeguin Gamer (1 year ago)
This in a nutshell is why I like Lego marvel games. Lego batman 2 is great, but Lego batman 3 is bad. There is no open world unlike Lego Marvel avengers
Dantdmfan999 (1 year ago)
i love it !!!!! :O :O :O
RedInterceptor (1 year ago)
By far the best lego game ever.
CooloLarsen (1 year ago)
Get it on PS4!
SaviorAssassin1996 (1 year ago)
The first Lego Batman was better. It had challenging puzzles, the game wasn't holding your hand, and had villain missions. I don't like IGN because they ruin great games with their reviews by complaining about the difficulty and such. They want modern games to hold your hand and not give you a chance to do things yourself such as exploring. Game critics shouldn't exist. By the way, story shouldn't matter, so voice acting shouldn't had been in Lego Batman 2. I prefer the mumbling done in previous lego games.
Grillsen (9 months ago)
i agree the first lego batman is better, in fact all of the old lego games are better than the new ones
Kadin Grayson (1 year ago)
So in summary what you're saying is story in games doesn't matter and that other people aren't allowed to have opinions different from your own. Aight
Crippled Table (1 year ago)
I loved Lego star wars 1 and 2 and Lego Batman anyone else???
Sherbert (1 year ago)
I bought lego batman 2 on launch day. And it took me three years to 100% it. but it was on the wii so no DLC
Crippled Table (1 year ago)
Sherbert Wow.. I didn't get to 50% on Wii....
Ssj .Blurr (1 year ago)
Lego batman 2 was the best lego game ever. i loved the open world city and the batman. it just doesnt comepare to the hub worlds in 3 imo
SlayerBrother (1 year ago)
the most fun game i played
Oop (1 year ago)
It's really fun
SlayerBrother (1 year ago)
Fluorescent-Brown (1 year ago)
Where is Steve Butts?
P0B GT (2 years ago)
I have lego batman 3,1 lego marvel superheroed and avengers, lego movie the videogame , star wars force awakens. GOSH I WANT THIS GAME BAD
Tensorial Peach (1 year ago)
I played 1 - 3
linda Heelan (2 years ago)
MaryuuRekkou (2 years ago)
this is definately not the first lego game to have voice acting. i recall lego star wars having it
Ghostpro5 (1 year ago)
WHITEBLOODALPHA well aren't there like 3 legit Star Wars games
connor kenway (2 years ago)
dude no...
NoFacePlays (2 years ago)
Nope lol, youre wrong lol. Unless you consider various forms of grunting to be voice acting.
ooo ooo (2 years ago)
Junior Sanchez (2 years ago)
Wud this game be good for a young child? Like 7-10yrs old?
ShadowManV3 (2 years ago)
10 is not young. 3-6 is young
Поля Элвис (2 years ago)
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Ninja X (2 years ago)
Joe Bergin • (2 years ago)
KiiNGMedia (2 years ago)
wlliamson53 (2 years ago)
YES! Voice acting made this game SO MUCH better.
Patrik Öhrström (2 years ago)
Verdict: 5.1 Too much studs
jay brookes (2 years ago)
I miss this game dearly 😥
Sebastian Zieleniak (2 years ago)
So is this better than Lego Marvel Superheroes?
A Crappy Gaming Channel (8 months ago)
LMS didn't have a crappy Wii version.
Ninja X (2 years ago)
in my opinion no, the open world seemed bigger right?
Imperfect Channel (2 years ago)
+Sebastian Zieleniak None is done better than the other, it's pretty much the same. I played both and it really comes down to which universe you're more into. I personally enjoyed Lego Batman 2 more because I'm more into DC than Marvel.
DantheMan (2 years ago)
Also, what consoles do you have?
DantheMan (2 years ago)
well the only other lego games on ps4 are jurassic world,the hobbit, the lego movie, and lego avengers...sorry. Although i don't think you will regret getting lego marvel if you do, it has a far better roster, better flying mechanics, more powers, and more things to do. This is coming from someone who owns both games.
Hajile (2 years ago)
So lego batman 2 got a better score on IGN than lebo batman 3?
SLAINT (2 years ago)
lebo really
1269RedJester (2 years ago)
I might be in the minority here (please don't flame me) but I think LEGO Batman 2 is better than LEGO Batman 3. You just can't duplicate the rush you feel when your driving or flying through the open world hub of Gotham City.
Anodonum 50 (2 months ago)
I agree
Taylor Albergo (2 months ago)
I agree
Godzilla 8000 (3 months ago)
Mrenderkid (3 months ago)
Plus lego Batman 3 is probably the worst modern lego game of all time
Yassin Mokbel (3 months ago)
I agree
Glaonriel Elsinoth (2 years ago)
LEGO LOTR and Batman 2 are my favorite LEGO games. And also I think that Batman 2 is better than Marvel Super Heroes.
Kinetrixz (2 years ago)
This reviewer is way better than Lego batman the video game has......
Chandler Metcaffe (2 years ago)
The guy who plays Lex Luther in this game, is the guy who talked At the beginning of early crash bandicoot games.
Cran KaDub (2 years ago)
uka uka
I love this game
nazish arshad (3 years ago)
I wish there were lego nicktoons video game with new gameplay
Neyen (3 years ago)
Bought this and lord of the rings for 5$ . worth it but dc heroes is better than lotr
ranchdressinggg (1 year ago)
Hi there XD ew overwatch
Slam dunk (1 year ago)
dont lose hope he will probably answer after his comment was posted 2 years ago
Ssj .Blurr (1 year ago)
what system did u buy it for?
Landon Phillips (3 years ago)
the 2nd Indiana Jones lego game had voice acting 
Bonk (2 years ago)
U no it didn't
Joshua Guerrero (4 years ago)
lego batman 2 better than batman arkham origns no way I mean I love this game but its not better than origns
Teddy Gallagher (2 years ago)
nah its better
Clint Barton (3 years ago)
No it is better, just deal with it idiot fanboy
Fancy Bulbasaur (3 years ago)
We have the same name
gioni birkenfeld (4 years ago)
I think the game grats air 100000000000000000000
Jack Napier (4 years ago)
to be honest i liked the first lego batman ever because there were more levels and a villain mode that doubled the game's playtime. lego batman 2 felt too short
Heron Pirollo (3 years ago)
+Jack Napier I agree, the first one was kinda better than the second
simplemanrobertson (3 years ago)
+Jack Napier the twilight trilogy isn't three times as entertaining at Good Will Hunting just because it is three times longer haha just saying that is a bad way to prove your argument, but I do see where you are coming from I loved the first Lego Batman.
Jack Napier (4 years ago)
but the first was three times as entertaining because it was three times longer.
gioni birkenfeld (4 years ago)
Lego batman 2 is way beder I think the grats is9000000000000000000000000000000 on Lego batman2
eldermageSky (4 years ago)
One of my (if not my) favourite LEGO and normal games over all
This Is War Bitch (4 years ago)
I love this game, I'm disappointed that Green arrow isn't in it though.
Mrenderkid (3 months ago)
Every talks about the lazy hub world but never about the ridiculous story with green lantern filler in 70% of the story the best part was battling condiment and polka dat man
Teddy Gallagher (2 years ago)
luckily the next one fixed that even had a dlc for the tv show
agreed they do fix that in 3
Clint Barton (3 years ago)
+analothor yeah
Agent X (4 years ago)
I have to say, I was a little disappointed when I found out that you play as the Justice League at the end of the game, but hopefully LB3 will be much better.  also, why do they keep changing batman's suit in every game??
Agent X (4 years ago)
+tyspyranger I guess your right
tyspyranger (4 years ago)
+Joshua Bayer Oh, you still get to play as them in the open world and that is awesome.
Agent X (4 years ago)
+tyspyranger No, I meant I thought that you got to play as them in the beginning of the game, so here I am, tasking hours to finally realizing that you only play as the JL at the end
tyspyranger (4 years ago)
Why is playing as the Justice League bad? Getting to play as Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman is fucking awesome.
Jonathan Partin (4 years ago)
I enjoyed the heck out of this game!
Paul Velasquez (4 years ago)
The one thing that is horrible is the flying in the open world
Noah Evans (4 years ago)
"For the first time ever, a LEGO game has voice-acting".... FACEPALM... Um...  No. That would be the FIRST Lego game in existence, LEGO ISLAND! Plus, the voice-acting in Batman 2... with the exception of Joker, is not really that good. 
Zan Man (4 years ago)
"Open world HICCUPS" is a 1.5 point worth con?
Thijs Rutten (4 years ago)
Is it the same on ps vita
Dead Pool (10 months ago)
Thijs Rutten no
B R (3 years ago)
+Thijs Rutten yes
Born2pwn1 (4 years ago)
J, Ludwig (4 years ago)
I know this has been said frequently but why do they give such high scores to games like call of duty who barely change and give good scores to amazing games with a lot of inovation and hours of gameplay after the campaign is done?
tedious305 (4 years ago)
this game did so much to innovate the LEGO franchise, LEGO Marvel almost learnt from the minor mistakes of this game cept for the flying mechanics, they fucked that up
calvin corniel (4 years ago)
anybody know if the 3ds version is good?
BrickNGames (4 years ago)
yes just not the best camera
nelma souza (4 years ago)
e legauuuuuuuuuuu poraaa
Fernadinho Fernado (4 years ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa vídeo chato
Giannhs Patsogiannhs (4 years ago)
lego batman, lego batman 2,lego marvel superheroes,lego the movie...can you tell me which is better from the best to the worst???
Vk (4 years ago)
superheroes batman 2 batman 1
Andrew Quintero (4 years ago)
What!!!!???? That deserves a 9!!!!!
Link (4 years ago)
is that lasercorn reviewing lego batman 2??? it literely sounds liike him
Link (4 years ago)
I'm gonna have fun playing this game. :)
elliott j-s-r (4 years ago)
Is deathstroke in the game
Luis Barahona (3 years ago)
Only on the 3ds
CVonRatz (4 years ago)
I heard him say the first batman was an original tale, well, kinda. It has too many similarities to the original movies to make me believe it was all that original itself, mainly the main two villains for the main three missions. Riddler and Two-face is batman forever. Catwoman and penguin is batman returns. And Joker and Harley is Batman, although Harley wasn't in the movie, she was put in the game due to her existence after the movie. Also the settings seem familiar to me, like the final battle against penguin and Catwoman, and the church battle with Joker and Harley. But they did put some twists in it. God I spent a lot of time saying how they aren't exactly original.
O Ryder (4 years ago)
They fixed the save issues after acquiring gold bricks
TrueGamerOpinion (4 years ago)
How about this Marvel Fanboys, Dc was the first American Comic Book company. Superman was the 30's, Captain Amerifuck was the 40's.
jproductionz 9000 (1 year ago)
TrueGamerOpinion I like marvel myself but you have a good point
Grant McGill (1 year ago)
lol remember Batman in 1966, first to make a show that bad
David Moyer (3 years ago)
Why cant marvel and dc fans get along? Don't people even know dc and marvel worked together before?
〈CHOWDERHEAD〉 (4 years ago)
+Tony Boi Why you trying to start shit?
williamsvpro (4 years ago)
P.S. ( again ) Forget my last comment.
williamsvpro (4 years ago)
P.S. What I meant was: you couldn't take anything seriously in the previous games.
williamsvpro (4 years ago)
I really like the edition if voice acting, mainly because you couldn't take anything in the previous games you couldn't take anything seriously. Not even the scene where Sirius Black dies in Lego Harry Potter 5- 7.
The Guardian origin (4 years ago)
Lol I got here by mistake but i meant in the marvel lego is he playable or not
Pillgenie (4 years ago)
Yes in Lego marvel superheroes, Magneto is a playable character 
SHALL-0 (4 years ago)
Is who playable? Batman? He's DC so no...
kfeliciano78 (4 years ago)
I'm been playing LEGO MARVEL SUPERHEROES and I like it a lot! This game is good? I want to buy it please someone tell me if is that good.
RemyAlex Johansen (4 years ago)
this got better score then arkham origins?
Luis Barahona (3 years ago)
Fredvdp (4 years ago)
I played a bit of co-op on Xbox 360. It's definitely a great game, but there are framerate issues when going splitscreen. I absolutely love the music. Having both Danny Elfman and John Williams music in one game, is incredible.
The Guardian origin (4 years ago)
Is magneto a playable character
Mrenderkid (3 months ago)
Yes because taxes are trees
B R (3 years ago)
+Moe abdo no cause he is Marvel
The Guardian origin (4 years ago)
+Oscar Kirk yet ur still alive
Char Aznable (4 years ago)
Yes. Yes he is.
Savio Fernandes (4 years ago)
magneto is marvel not Dc
Andrea Victoria (4 years ago)
Tribute to tributes (4 years ago)
top 3 things 1.) THEY TALK!!!!! 2.) VEHICLES 3.) unlike OTHER lego games, this one requires an IQ above 20 top 3 BAD things 1.) After I beat the game...I got to bored 2.) After 5 missions you play as superman 3.) hard to pinpoint EVERYTHING
MDFSHARK24 (4 years ago)
Lego Marvel is definitely better but without this game lego marvel would may never have had that open world effect.
jezzupwuzzup (5 years ago)
Lego Marvel Super Heroes was undeniable a better game. More options of characters and a longer campaign. You can even be silver surfer and fly on his board. :D
Grant McGill (1 year ago)
Teddy Gallagher (2 years ago)
there would be no Lego Marvel without this
Clint Barton (3 years ago)
+Linus Strandin he is a hero
Linus Strandin (4 years ago)
i dident now that isent he a villen in the fantastic 4
Linus Strandin (4 years ago)
my dad hait silver surfer he thinks his the most stupid villan in marvels history
MrTardis11 (5 years ago)
Lego Batman 2:Dc Superheroes was a pretty solid game. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The open world hub is awesome :D It is better than the first Lego Batman game because of the amount of new characters that were playable. The story is okay but very basic and childish. Lego games are made for everyone, it felt a bit dumb for older audiences but it is not a terrible plot. The new characters don't appear towards the end(except Superman) of the story so this makes the story kind of redundant as players go through the story as Batman and Robin, along with Superman in some levels. It's not Lego's best work but it sure isn't their worst either, it's a solid game that everyone can enjoy but it will not be regarded as Lego's best
Rodrigo Cáceres (2 months ago)
Well, considering that it proved that Lego games could have an open world gameplay, had many different characters done right (some had better gameplay than games that focused on them), included voice acting and that almost every Lego game that followed and expanded this formula, specially the most popular, it's easily one of the best. Aside from the Lego Marvel games (and Lego Marvel Super heroes coud be considered to be a tie with this one) I can think of any other Lego games that are better. At least in my opinion, it has the second or third place.
MajorWest98 (5 years ago)
Since I can buy the game used for $2.... I might buy it. Get Marvel's next year if it too is $2.
Jaromir Jagr (5 years ago)
Surprise,surprise marvel got a better score. Look like we win again
Aaron Brown (4 years ago)
Of course dipshit this came out first so they obviously made the marvel one better. 
ili samsa (4 years ago)
congratulations! more pussy for you
GI Jack (5 years ago)
wow this is better than arkham origins
Swag Lord (5 years ago)
If he reviewed the Wii U version all his complaints would be gone. because the fix the standing still while loading and awful map plus co op is better on wii u because you dont have to share the tv screen
Doctor Doom (5 years ago)
lego batman 2 8.5 lego marvel heroes 9.0
GAPIntoTheGame (5 years ago)
I am buying them both
GAPIntoTheGame (5 years ago)
lego batman and lego marvel superheros look outstanding
WeedGod (5 years ago)
lego marvel super heroes is out I am going to get it on the xbox360
AstroBladez74 (5 years ago)
it will be much better
Joseph sedlacek (5 years ago)
fuck you this was a good game and you know it
Necrotron Channel (5 years ago)
Great review, thanks.
Platinumbones (5 years ago)
Imagine Spiderman... Web sliding over New York! Can't wait:3
ImTheOnly99 (5 years ago)
Yeah, me too: Why does the Scarecrow play the same as the policeman? Why did the developers blow all the money on crappy voice actors? Why does the character creator feel like it was rushed? Why does this game exist?
Flaky (5 years ago)
And then Steam triumphs over PSN and Xbox every time. Butthurt much?
R Hollister (5 years ago)
Xkage (5 years ago)
In the game do they have death stroke
Mob (5 years ago)
This game was really short for me and the story was a little boring but i can't wait Lego Marvel Superheroes! :)
Thecrazygamer2 (5 years ago)
well he said the 15 level story took 9 hours. but add in getting all minikits/gold bricks/red bricks/ characters/ vehicles that makes it like 20 hours at least
Sahil Malek (5 years ago)
i know eid is over btw eid mubaruk but you should get since i got this on eid too .

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