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7 Days to Die | Alpha 15 Ep.16 Apocalyptic Survivor

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Text Comments (60)
Nolan Survives (1 year ago)
Do you ever get the gun safes in the craters of water I never see you go for them
Joshua Loewen (1 year ago)
meaty you were getting 12 with the sledg and more with the pick it took longer with the pick but the pick got you more!!!
Elliot morris (1 year ago)
erector set sounds perverted
Clyde Sinclaire (1 year ago)
meaty. in episode 16 you said that the banks have small safes... correct except the have schematics and gun parts I've NEVER only paper in one.
maddy ritchie (1 year ago)
that was funny when the dog shacked his head no
Chris Johnson (1 year ago)
You have a keen eye for tree stumps but not for lucky blocks! Makes sense
Donhardt Empire (1 year ago)
Yo meaty, for me my engineering toy as a kid would have to be legos, hundred percent my favorite toy as a kid. I now have a job as a lego design artist in Chicago because of it:) I have never heard of the toy you were talking about
John Darker (1 year ago)
what happened with the first store with the floor being all jacked up was that a cop walked in the front door while you were searching and then you tried to kill it but... it blew up so wasted ammo, a lot like what happened with the cop at 11:00 but at considerably closer range. just in case you were wondering
David Angeletti (1 year ago)
lmao crushing that safe off the wall
CHEEKY MONKEY (1 year ago)
Caleb Melton (1 year ago)
Subscribe to me and I will subscribe to you
Lost In The Woods (1 year ago)
I play on PS4 and I get all kinds of gun parts and schematics from the small safes! I always hit the banks once I get steel tools and some good scavenging perk numbers
Bighappy (1 year ago)
We use to take the strike anywhere matches. cut the tips off. put the tips in ping pong balls or tennis balls. Tape them up with duct tape. and toss them at one another. :D take a guess what happens. ;)
bosch (1 year ago)
Lmao meaty I've been making and combining my level 600 sledge since they've given us the option to combine/repair things. That's a good strategy if you don't want to lose the quality.
Luis Patino (1 year ago)
can u go easy on the battlefield to much makes it less worth watching them I missed 5 episodes lol ;-) u upload it mostly evey day can't keep up just a tip
OhSoCali (1 year ago)
Love this game
kairyu amin (1 year ago)
man i was like it was already open meaty, n when he broke tht little safe. thinking to myself tht POS probably deserve it, most of the time it gives u craps LMAO
bpeterfeso (1 year ago)
still have my chemistry and erector set meatius
Sci-Fi Skull (1 year ago)
ok meaty I want you to get 60 scavenging and 3 quality Joe. Why it is too good to pass up. I went from a orange hunting rifle to a blue from getting it.
John Drake (1 year ago)
Shep T.V. (1 year ago)
You want to go for those treasures they usually have lots of tokens and good gun parts
Grumpy MC (1 year ago)
Wow, your an idiot to not raid the bank. I get huge amounts of good loot from the little safes. To each their own.
Momin Butt (1 year ago)
I also saw that dog and I was like "uh...he's gonna get rekt" Jaaaaam!
green (1 year ago)
they still have the erector set
Sam Donlon (1 year ago)
5 days and 1 hour till my bday
Angelo Jensen (1 year ago)
can you combine armor or clothes in the work bench too? it would seem to be possible.
Lizardman (1 year ago)
Love that beginning, great way to cheat the system!! You also get crafting points! ;3 A dog? Good high XP!!
MR Guttenberg71 (1 year ago)
hey meaty Iknow you really like the slege and i like it tout but you say you need a lot of stone, right use the pic it get you more then the slege and i know it takes more time with the pick but it gets you more in the end juste saying but like Pirate fox 420 love you man keed the vids up
Psycho Speed44 (1 year ago)
Me I almost took my head off lol
Dwane Smith (1 year ago)
Will you be still playing the game still on this episodes
Darkfable (1 year ago)
Erector set in the UK is called Meccano, and its still going as a company i think
Hipster chux (1 year ago)
Play skyrim remastered
Jacob Tuggle (1 year ago)
22 comments and by the way meaty the treasure gives you a ton of stuff you can sell to the trader its completely worth. JJJJAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM
daniel schneider (1 year ago)
its cause you shift clicked the lower engine and it replaced you current one
Wolf Marsh (1 year ago)
I had a chemistry kit. I remeber mixing sodium with water...... look it up, its awesome
I clicked on a basket in my inventory whilst parked on a steep hill. It switched baskets and everything fell out of my bike basket and rolled down the hill lost forever. Handy for better wheels and battery tho.
kairyu amin (1 year ago)
good thing u mention it, i'll keep tht in mind XD
Dominic Mendoza (1 year ago)
Ey Meaty, I play on Xbox one and I barely found this out last week. when you see those water holes in the city, jump down in them and you'll find a locked gun safe under a ledge, and I mean EVERY water hole in all the cities. I came out of the city like a bandit with all the different parts
Gaming Peter (1 year ago)
Can't Meaty combine bad parts into better parts and then combine them with the parts of his weapons?
Toby Morris (1 year ago)
He can yes but if you add very weak parts to decent parts then it may only increase by one sometimes not even that. It isn't worth his time or inventory slot.
Hoppou Clan (1 year ago)
I have an erecters kit and I'm 11
Hoppou Clan (1 year ago)
I want to build the crane
Justice Ray Thurber (1 year ago)
iv got a cumpleat Erector dont know the year but the copyright law on it ses 1954
Echo in the wind (1 year ago)
meaty they do just now its phones and consels
fav YouTuber ever meaty
Tanner Martel (1 year ago)
+crazy bloodx897 We all have our own opinions. I mean obviously ours is better than yours, but you can have your own opinion too.
Tanner Martel (1 year ago)
Foxy the Piratefox 420 same!!!
Jeremy Goebel (1 year ago)
Love the 7days to die videos
Dusan Asanovic (1 year ago)
Totally forgot about Meaty I was playing minecraft prison for 10 hours xD
Jeremy Goebel (1 year ago)
I'm new to the meat head nation
Jeremy Goebel (1 year ago)
I know right
David De Valera (1 year ago)
Me too! Thanks to Meaty, I'm obsessed with 7 Days to Die. The game has god depth and it keeps getting better with every new patch.
CallMeMikey23 (1 year ago)
Jeremy Goebel he's the goat I've been here for like five years you'll love him!
Elijah falls (1 year ago)
Yea lov u
Dustin Mitchell (1 year ago)
yes they do i have one
Victor Ramirez (1 year ago)
Nice video Meaty love the 7 days to die vids.
L3G1Tz Savage (1 year ago)
They need to have this version on Ps4.
oWubzei HD (1 year ago)
oWubzei HD (1 year ago)
Your my favorite YouTube ever
oWubzei HD (1 year ago)
I love you meaty!

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