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Lost & Found | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 13

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Season 3 of Geek and Sundry Painters Guild is here! Come paint with us on Alpha, and use the code MINI for a free 60-day trial: www.projectalpha.com The Mighty Nein deal with the fallout from the night’s events, working to repair the fraying edges of the Knights of Requital and learning how to trust their own team... Thanks to D&D Beyond for sponsoring this episode of Critical Role! Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on Alpha https://projectalpha.com, YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/geekandsundry, or Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Follow the cast of Critical Role on Twitter! Ashley: https://twitter.com/TheVulcanSalute Laura: https://twitter.com/LauraBaileyVO Liam: https://twitter.com/VoiceOfOBrien Matthew: https://twitter.com/matthewmercer Marisha: https://twitter.com/Marisha_Ray Taliesin: https://twitter.com/executivegoth Travis: https://twitter.com/WillingBlam Sam: https://twitter.com/samriegel Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (2166)
Steve Cottone (56 minutes ago)
So, this made me officially hate both Beau and Molly. They want to act like their soo great, saying that Nott needs to trust them, yet Nott is correct. What has any of them has done to earn her or anyone's trust. All I see is, Molly being a know it all and Beau acting tough while being a whinny girl when something don't go her way.
level 1 Noob (17 hours ago)
Marisha is just the worst. (Player. I'm sure she's a lovely human)
The Spectre (21 hours ago)
Watching with subtitles the intro just has the caption "groovy Critical Role theme" and it is indeed groovy. The subtitles are the best.
Scobblestone (1 day ago)
Beau is a bad influence
David Sastre (1 day ago)
ShaneDeeZee (1 day ago)
At what point are the others gonna stop buying Caleb's obvious bullshit? The filthy underhanded jerk is like one of those reality show jerks. He is very dissuasive. EDIT: I just saw the pivotal stuff... and yet I can't help but feel Caleb is a jerk. Of course, this in no way is gonna stop me from continuing to watch.
jonyleo500 (1 day ago)
21:50 kage bunshin no jutsu
Anthony Dimick (3 days ago)
I know I’m 4 months behind but Molly has been kind of an asshole to Nott and Caleb, obviously they wouldn’t completely trust him specifically because he’s always talking to them about not trusting them.
Joshua Hicks (3 days ago)
Not gonna lie I was with Beau, Fjord, and Molly.
Volker Greimann (3 days ago)
What is that vest you are wearing, Matt?
Thunder Thighs (4 days ago)
Bosmer of Valenwood (4 days ago)
So I've binged watched up to this episode and when I was playing monopoly earlier today I rolled a nine and then yelled "nein!!" I got some strange looks
LangFamilyFarmsLA (4 days ago)
Pumatt Soul is Canadian John Wayne
Tracy Durgan (4 days ago)
If you want so more d&d check out nat19 a.k.a LetThemPlayGames
DethKake3D (4 days ago)
HAHA My sons name is Lucian! Glad you all like it.
Девиан Кор (4 days ago)
omg matt why these flanking rules?(
Michael Hackett (5 days ago)
So Vecna last champaign, Lolth this one?
Michael Hackett (5 days ago)
Shadow Clone Jutsu: I wanted Naurito to win!
Dylan McCollum (5 days ago)
DiploRaptor (6 days ago)
I want Beau dead so so much she is such a shitty human being and karma needs to catch up to her
Red Headed Tyrant (6 days ago)
Red Headed Tyrant (6 days ago)
The more and more fanart I see, the more Beau starts to look like a character from the last airbender. hmmm
Jason Swagborn (7 days ago)
2:38:40 Travis that entire exchange made the whole thing bearable enough to watch.
nate the ninja9 (9 days ago)
Nothing sweeter than the reactions of everyone when Pumat told them what book he was reading.
Aspiring Marauder (9 days ago)
"Who are dat?" That's 21 for deception, right there.
ScimTar (9 days ago)
I wonder what was in the Alarmed box
Aspiring Marauder (9 days ago)
Want to point out that they all have the gall to argue about trust when not two days ago they took a communal bath, and the whole party just saw Caleb whip his dick out and piss on a helmet.
ScimTar (9 days ago)
Caleb //picks up box Fjord //puts sword to his neck party "Caleb turns on party"
Alex von Seggern (10 days ago)
"You Empirical Bastards!"
P. Villa (10 days ago)
My god the way Travis plays Fjord comes out as just the most amazingly nice understanding respectful person in the world. Thank you for that, Travis. AMAZING
Briggsy (10 days ago)
Not a fan of Molly or Bo in this one.
Nash Feiler (10 days ago)
After Laura mentioned having a dream about Pumat Sol attacking them, Matt looked down at his notes: I like to think he was crossing off a large side story where Pumat Sol actually would attack them.
Sam Wise (10 days ago)
the entire time they are squabbling about the magic item, I was thinking "Go to Pumat Sol's" edit: Holy fucking character arc batman edit 2: GO TO PUMAT SOL!!!!!! edit 3: FINALLYYYYYY!!!! edit 4: TARYYYYYYY!!!! edit 5: and I fucking love Mollymauk
Michael P (11 days ago)
0:35 oh no
Nephryel (12 days ago)
Caleb: Myyyyy Prrrrrreccccioouuuuuusssssss.
Now I'm getting back into this series, I hope people remember that the people aren't the characters! It's all for the roleplay!
crystal simmons (13 days ago)
Pissed off nott was amazeing
kickassmage (13 days ago)
Liam with the skull, wonder if that was an Illidan thing
Artrysa (13 days ago)
Get heisted!
Degly Spiderfang (13 days ago)
What the hell does Travis put up during combat?
Sophia Mathias (13 days ago)
I got CHILLS during Nott's speech about saving and protecting Caleb. Damn it Sam!!! So GOOD.
Verath (13 days ago)
I can't help it. I hated Keyleith and I hate Beauregard. I just don't like Marisha, her way of throwing out "funny" remarks that I never can laugh about, her super socially awkward characters that never are able to just be cool because of what she says (they can do cool stuff, but that's mostly thanks to the great DM), the moment where it's totally Sams/Notts Moment about his awesome relationship with Caleb and she thinks "oh well, I guess I'm busting in and try to take the talking turn", all those moments when Marisha didn't pay enough attention and does something stupid in a fight (just like when she tried to save Nott from the Manticore and because of that it got an attack of opportunity and send Nott unconscious instead of letting her get out herself on her next turn where she could have easyly disengaged as a bonus action). I wish she would not be part of critical role - which is so sad, because I love Matt Mercer (and they are married and with that there will be never the one without the other) and his abilities to create an awesome plot, great characters and just goes with all the funny and stupid stuff his players throw at him. Every one is a great, important part of critical role. Just not Marisha. That's my personal opinion, but for me she is always a reason to frown, get upset and enjoy this awesome show a little less.
Marcey Snow (14 days ago)
#let matt finish a sentence 2k18
8-bit Sarda (14 days ago)
i didn't get the joke with the book that pumat sol was reading, is that a reference to campaign 1?
Flying skywards Blue (5 days ago)
Francisco Aceves (14 days ago)
Trust in me who trust in you
Paulo Davi (15 days ago)
I'm tearing up! Damn, I love Nott and Caleb interactions. This is so good.
Alec Harding (15 days ago)
Sams accent needs some work xD
Riever 47 (15 days ago)
🎵The Richter's up where she belongs🎵 🎵By Ulog's light🎵 🎵Oh The Richter died🎵
Sebastian Smith (15 days ago)
Man I love Caleb so much he has been my favorite since episode one.
Xqual (15 days ago)
I'm a bit late rn, but everyone seems to be taking this way too seriously, I love all the characters and all their mysterious and assholish nature
alissa donatello (16 days ago)
4:10:50 you can see talisen start to panic when Matt describes the tabaxi and I find it hilarious
Andrew Golubiewski (16 days ago)
This episode made me dislike Beau and Molly more than I had. A Miss placed scroll wasn't anywhere near as threatening as they're all making it out to be while being as dickish as possible about it. Mountains out of mole hills here.
Brandon Schwass (16 days ago)
Nott is the best.
Slashcard (16 days ago)
Does anyone know the song that played during the Fan Art roll during the break? It was pretty rad.
Nathan Jeandell (16 days ago)
Beau is so annoying this whole episode. "She who questions everything, but provides no answers"
HJ theSurvivor (17 days ago)
15:30 Thats not darkness... its super advanced darkness lol
BloodRoseNinja (17 days ago)
God I hate reading the comments in this episode, people are so fucking toxic towards the players and their characters.
Neox1986 (17 days ago)
The naration about Calebs dream made a tear come to my eye.. So powerfull
Gabe Ostroff (17 days ago)
I’m glad One of the npcs called out on Beau”s bs
Justin O. (18 days ago)
*Trying to lay low* *Start hitting each other with a captured Krick weapon in the tavern*
Auraya Frost (18 days ago)
The trust debate between Nott, Molly, Beau and Fjord was a mess xD Molly kept trying to push the ideas of trusting each other like an unsaid 'family unit', Beau immediately undercut him by saying she doesn't care about trust, making her part of Molly's problem - Fjord stays so reasonable and middle-ground that he doesn't really say anything but flow between both arguments - and then at the end of Nott sharing the relationship she has with Caleb, Molly immediately dismisses with 'I don't care', and 'stop asking people to earn things' which goes back on his whole claim to begin with - the other three are a mess of contradictions really not sure what they're trying to 'sell' here at all - with the right wording and thought, you COULD reasonably argue that since they're working together, they need to be able to rely on each other, and Caleb's move was irrational and almost brought harm, but they don't really SAY that in a straight forward way. The only one with a firm grasp on their intentions and standing IS Nott (Sam, as always, master of words), and she makes all the right arguments, only it comes across as her losing the conversation because the other three keep charging ahead with what they "think" is the right idea. There's a little bit of uncertainty in terms of sticking to each character, but I think the cast play it as well as they can, they're just no match for Sam/Nott and his ability to make a reasonable point xD (his emphasis on trust not being based on life on death strikes me as really important because really it's not something you usually value when it comes to trusting in someone - you value the way they treat/talk to you and the things, big or small, they do for you)
Alfadas fire (18 days ago)
Fucking hell Laura how many D20's does one person have.... wow.... Must be over a hundred D20's by now.. sjeees
Kerkor (19 days ago)
I love how you can almost see the regret on everyone's faces as Caleb's looking at the items and getting excited for the group, and who might like what, and they just got done shit talking him for like 10 mins XD I know a lot of people are complaining, but I feel that everything, especially the argument, was so in character for everyone. Like, Molly thinking he's smarter than he is, Beau being selfish confused and conflicted, Fjord being strict but fair, and Jester just well and truly being Jester. I honestly loved it, especially momma Nott, her and Caleb's relationship is so damn interesting.
imbtyler (19 days ago)
Jester: "New stone, who dis??"
Dragonslayer Artorias (19 days ago)
That argument was infuriating. Probably realistic. I may be biased in my opinions because Nott, Caleb, and Fjord are my favorite characters but nevertheless it seems pretty divided so I wanted to put my opinion out there. Molly I've developed low expectations for. I don't expect anything remotely logical out of him. I hated everything Molly said in this argument because none of it makes sense. I dont plan Talieisin for any of this but I think he should play a more passive role sometimes. Molly is supposed to be carefree. I flat out hate Beau (as a person/character.) Marisha is playing her accurately. I just dislike the character. The character makes sense, and she had some logical points. Nott was definitely ultimately right in everything she said. She deserves distrust because of her previous actions. I really appreciate the dynamic she has with Caleb and I'm very invested in their story. Caleb is my favorite character, though he does annoy me at times. I'm not sure if he is supposed to be a portrayal of social anxiety but if so it is accurate. I appreciate the mystery even if it's causing problems. I wish he had been there for the argument because I would like to hear his perspective. Ultimately, I believe there was three sides: Molly and Beau being antagonistic, Jester and Fjord looking to resolve the issue, and Nott and Caleb are getting defensive (justifiably) and perhaps stepping out of line. I am on the side of Fjord and Jester. I wish Molly and Beau didn't just shout over them. It was in character but very irritating. If thats how they want to play their game, whatever, but this is my opinion. Fjord and Jester have been kind and have been trying to gain their trust. They actually wanted to just confront the issue of mistrust rather than argue about it. Nott and Caleb are completely justified in their lack of trust, they haven't known the group for very long, but the concern of mistrust getting them killed is very real. However, them stealing the scroll case was not the largest "trace" they left. I can't even believe that they thought in character that it could have been. I understand they're not always going to make optimal choices, that would be lame, but I needed to rant that out. I almost skipped the argument. It only ended up reinforcing my opinions about the characters. Its very unfortunate that I always end up disliking Talieisin and Marisha's characters because they seem like great people. (Molly is likeable as long as he sticks to being carefree and doesnt try to be super serious.)
inndi (19 days ago)
I appreciate the insistent correction of Bryce's pronouns when someone gets them wrong. And generally just the casual presence of lgbt+ characters. It's nice, that just being a normal thing. As an lgbt person it's really nice to see. Just a generally good feeling.
Jeremy Richardson (19 days ago)
The end result of this episode is that I really think molly, beau, and fjord. Their conversation about trust with Nott was full on garbage. The definition of holier than thou characters. Hopefully things change. Interesting character development though.
Kelsenpai (19 days ago)
Leaky Nip. Totally using that name in the future now.
Kelsenpai (20 days ago)
That argument about trust and teamwork was deep.
Jeremy Richardson (20 days ago)
Best member is Caleb. #teamcaleb!
manicms (20 days ago)
Isn't the darkness concentration and thus requires a save every time he gets hit?
MVL GAMING (21 days ago)
You can't copy cantrips into your spellbook, the book can only contain spells of 1st level or higher. (Though I could see someone allowing you to do so, but then needing to prepare and cast them as if they were 1st level)
asdf (22 days ago)
The old layout was a lot better when the players were the main highlight and had the big screen and the map had the small corner. The cast is what I am interested in 90% of the battle, positions I can see from a small picture, there aren't enough pixels to really see their faces well when they are zoomed out so far
Kristen Pringle (22 days ago)
Can someone kill Molly off, please.
Jason Swagborn (7 days ago)
TheHenrytouchdown (17 days ago)
Kristen Pringle well...
WillfulVisions (23 days ago)
WillfulVisions (23 days ago)
That is not a Chicago accent. That's like, exaggerated northern Wisconsin maybe. Most people in Chicago sound the same as most people from California, there isn't much of an accent to do.
Erica Raab (21 days ago)
Most people in Chicago sound like they came to Chicago, not that they're from Chicago. There's a distinct hard city accent. Might be missing in newer generations.
Bailee Thompson (23 days ago)
Pyro Magni (24 days ago)
Krotoxx (24 days ago)
1:12:40 what item does Caleb have to give back?
Sam Groskopf (24 days ago)
Oh my god the nott and Caleb thing just fucked meeee upppp. I'm gonna cry for fucks sake
Infestedhobo1 (25 days ago)
Beau pulling the Jorhast dude AWAY FROM THE ENTIRE PARTY pisses me off so much and I dont know why
Zazi The Beast (25 days ago)
Molly really had no leg to stand on in the argument with Nott. Remember when he straight up encouraged her to steal from Beau? Also, saying Caleb turned on the group. Dude, what? He tried to steal a scroll after they already left evidence they were there. Fjord put a blade to his throat and threatened to leave both Caleb and Nott there in response. Bit of overreaction.
Jarrad Tait (25 days ago)
Sam I love you (you can reply to this message)
DarthTauntaun (25 days ago)
Can someone tell me what the Taryon book means? I just recently started watching Critical Role, and I’ve fallen in love with the story line. However, I never watched the first campaign, if that what the Taryon book is referencing.
TheHenrytouchdown (17 days ago)
DarthTauntaun he was a PC from campaign 1.
LadyAJ (25 days ago)
Beau and Molly were super hypocritical this episode. It honestly really upset me.
DarthTauntaun (25 days ago)
14:35 Beau vision
Tiax69 (25 days ago)
molly and beau talking about trust , nott makes it about trust , "it's not about earning each others trust" ... eh what? "we dont trust you" 2 mins later "if you dont trust us i take that platinum back right now" eh... ? so molly and beau not trusting caleb and nott is okay but the reverse isnt? am i missing something?
Beatriz de Paula (25 days ago)
I love Nott. I love Sam Riegel.
RuSosan (26 days ago)
Man, that hypocritical lecture about trust was utter bullshit. I like Beau and Fjord, and just LOVE Molly as characters but that moment was pure *ECH!*
Kaylah Fidge (26 days ago)
shit matts aussie accent is pretty alright
James Ganter (27 days ago)
Mommy Nott
Grominou (27 days ago)
So that what happens when you have a whole team of chaotic people with a distrust for authorities
Victor Almohalla (27 days ago)
This was a fucking emotionally loaded episode
DryTEK (27 days ago)
What happened to the "mark" on Beau's chest that the guy Carved?
Tay R-B (27 days ago)
“That’s how they say it in Kentucky” I feel very attacked, Sam
IceMan 99 (27 days ago)
Not sure how I feel about nott atm
Knuckolls (28 days ago)
Beau really pisses me off for some reason
seacucumberable (28 days ago)
33:10 every week, we get so see at least one player no know how their spell DCs are calculated, and once again nobody helps matt by explaining the rule. EDit; still love these kids though Edit #2: hrnnggg Liam and magic item hoarding/fuckery though.
Dustin G. (29 days ago)
The way Liam and Sam are able and willing to be emotional in front of everyone, really shows the trust and bond they all have together at the table. It's quite a beautiful sight to see and really proves how great this game is when played with close friends.
V babe (29 days ago)
Beau is really bugging me... She's not helpful and she's always slowing down the group trying to pull for information when everyone wants to just go. After that little speech by Nott she just wasn't respectful or kinder. It really burned me up when she tried to interupt and then still said she'd beat Caleb up if he got in her way... She just always has to be right and it's really getting on my nerves. To be honest, I think Sam's nerves too. I won't speak for him but...

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