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That's INSANE! You Cut The Sharks Head Off? (Raft)(Ep.7)

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Text Comments (96)
GssHoo (1 month ago)
You guys are SO clueless it's painful to watch your videos!
the boi (3 months ago)
Look up but dont stop looking up just keep going
Matt Burnette (3 months ago)
Stop yelling, or normalize your volume. Cant hear Meaty at all when I have to adjust the volume to avoid getting my ears blown out everytime Gunns screeches.
ShareWorthy (3 months ago)
Heads up! The birds nest are great! The birds will lay eggs and they are very good. I wouldn't even kill the birds. So they keep laying eggs.
Noah Jackson (3 months ago)
You guys should make torches. Also you guys should play Sea of Thieves, its a pirate game that is in beta.
rhino gaming (3 months ago)
You can where the shark head fyi
the very salty Winner (3 months ago)
u put seaweed in the fornce to make goo
Savagekllz Marcia (3 months ago)
U can wear shark heads
DoogelCraft (3 months ago)
Good to see that you DO read some of the comments, sharkbait will keep the shark from nibbling on you while you dive btw.
john brian (3 months ago)
Hey guys with urnet collectors hold x to remove them they do not break
Lovella Joanne Matig-a (3 months ago)
Wow you guys are dumb and dumber you can steer using the sail dumberrrrr
U use the smelter u put the sea weed on it and it turns it into vine goo
Dragon Reaper65 (3 months ago)
Keep up the good work yaw
Clay Davidson (3 months ago)
You can wear the shark head
OhSoCali (3 months ago)
Love that you guys are playing this game!
BuyOneGetOne (3 months ago)
Aren’t catfish freshwater fish.....ok then....a new species of salt water catfish
Ben Curry (3 months ago)
Shark bait whowho-ha
Rays (3 months ago)
This game was fun for about 10 hours. Then you run out of things to do. The fact you cant build up onto islands is annoying.
Silf69 (3 months ago)
The wet brick comment
Button_ Pusher_ (3 months ago)
Thatch roof makes for a cheap ramp, you can hold X to pickup collectors and other things to move them around, and if you have collectors all around the raft it doesn't matter what way you are facing, it will collect as wide as the raft is.. also go with the wind if you can, it tends to make the collection much faster. at day 100 now and have a raft about 25x20, working on armor platforms now, have fun guys! o/
D-Ronn (3 months ago)
25 minutes is wayyyy better :)
Ado Campos (3 months ago)
Owen Smith (3 months ago)
aw this makes me want to play this game but I have a mac lmao
Kolton Mcdevit (3 months ago)
play real fornite
thibaut Losay (3 months ago)
You can use metal hooks to climb to islands
Brandon Kong (3 months ago)
Yasss more
Solovibe (3 months ago)
Read the seaweed description, put into the forge to get good
Dave R (3 months ago)
You have to bump into an island to rotate your raft - and line your raft with nets in an 'L' shape along 2 sides of your raft that way no matter which way your boat is facing you'll collect the goods. then put flooring on the other side of the the Nets to protect them from Sharky McSharkFace
Lani (3 months ago)
Go in the water and collect things the moment the shark dies. Seems like you guys only go for a swim when he's around
Ghostkiller36 (3 months ago)
Gunn’s take the vines an put it in the smelter an u get goo
hippytreehugger 1 (3 months ago)
gunns passes up sand twice and goes for stones lol classic!!!And also if your boat gets turned just remove your nets and put them on the front facing side
Dave R (3 months ago)
Make the Upgraded Hook - itll take half the time to collect goods from underwater
Aaron Wagner (3 months ago)
You can make a more advanced water thing that uses the sun and not planks
Barik Demasi (3 months ago)
ASG2K5 gaming (3 months ago)
Why don't you guys build beds and make a bunch of nets around the boat sooo you can get materiel while you doing other stuff
Matthew Daugherty (3 months ago)
U guys can make torches lol 😂
You came pick the collectors up and move them
LuckyGaming 979 (3 months ago)
lez go im loving the series
Jeffrey Fike (3 months ago)
Shark bait HU HAHA
Beautiine (3 months ago)
David The White Wolf (3 months ago)
@YouAlwaysWin Vine goo is made when you put seaweed in the smelter...
Bryce Edwards (3 months ago)
You should do the chest dupe glitch
Donna Boles (3 months ago)
We need more zombies come on keep up the walk meaty and guns
May Wilson (3 months ago)
Ready to get tricked? Read more
Misfit (3 months ago)
Gunns, you had 3 herrings in your inventory, you could've made sharkbait....
George salinas (3 months ago)
Spawn in a lamp
Dan Mitchell (3 months ago)
I done licked the like butto.....it's tasty
The Awesome Cat Dude (3 months ago)
The Awesome Cat Dude (3 months ago)
never mind you do always win
The Awesome Cat Dude (3 months ago)
youalways do win unless the game is impossible :)
Coddude Zk (3 months ago)
Im a face
The Awesome Cat Dude (3 months ago)
Coddude Zk (3 months ago)
Dragon Knight22 (3 months ago)
The birds nest is to get birds and eggs
Iron Fang (3 months ago)
The noise was your stomach growling the.
Faris haidar (3 months ago)
720 tx view
LoLo21 (3 months ago)
The net that gunns put down on the front of the raft is sideways
Jeremy Martinez (3 months ago)
SoloLegend (3 months ago)
Hey guys lets start a keyboard warrior battle
Blake Hatton (3 months ago)
Spank my bottom with a nice fresh wet paper towel
SoloLegend (3 months ago)
Blake Hatton nasty nasty boi
SoloLegend (3 months ago)
Blake Hatton ill spank ur bottom with a paper towel
Blake Hatton (3 months ago)
No dad
SoloLegend (3 months ago)
Blake Hatton ill BURST YE
LoLo21 (3 months ago)
Make another saltwater to fresh water maker to have more fresh water to drink
NITROUS Keyes (3 months ago)
When are you going to do another PUBG strim
Z Goodrich (3 months ago)
Love the vids guys keep up the good work and would love to see more vids in the future
Shabby Life22 (3 months ago)
Hey Gunns, A little tip here. Use roofs to creates ramps. Getting on your island would be easier then.
May Wilson (3 months ago)
Shabby Life22 that's what Meaty is doing.
KeMo_DaWG56 ._. (3 months ago)
And u guys are my favorite youtuber
KeMo_DaWG56 ._. (3 months ago)
Can u guys play primal again
Filippo Boni (3 months ago)
Good morning man
Bernard Brillant (3 months ago)
Elishah Dockter (3 months ago)
Im the 12th
AmericanGrizzly (3 months ago)
Love this
Yeet Gaming (3 months ago)
Fathi Fhied (3 months ago)
You guys play so much games that it got me addicted to watching your videos and even the old ones
Alex Compton (3 months ago)
Love the Raft episodes! Thinking about buying myself, but want to make sure it is worth it. So keep the videos coming!
ORIGIN frenzy (3 months ago)
Yes im 5th to comment
Nate the gamer 456 (3 months ago)
Who first
MakisKan[YT] (3 months ago)
3rd comment love me all <3
David Credo (3 months ago)
Uganda Knuckles (3 months ago)
Love ur vids pls make more zombies
Nate the gamer 456 (3 months ago)
Kevin Brides (3 months ago)
I think this is one of my favorite series by you guys. Keep it up!
Kolton Mcdevit (3 months ago)
This or the forest is my favorite
Falcon (3 months ago)
31 Seconds Ago
joseph velasquez (3 months ago)
Love the vids guys 👌

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