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Recording History: The Bloodbath of B-R5RB

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Follow the events that led to and triggered one of the largest battles ever to occur in online gaming. In EVE Online, there is opportunity at every turn, where each moment of action (or forgetfulness) has the potential to change the course of a universe. Make friends. Make trouble. Make history. Sign up for a free trial at http://www.trial.eveonline.com.
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Text Comments (775)
DarkErrorCode (12 days ago)
so it was basically a blinding slideshow that costed 50 thousand dollars
Rhys Robinson (19 days ago)
We lost the battle and the war
Relaxation Paradise (1 month ago)
Too bad this was a real LOSS. EVE need to stop being one sided. Rich keep getting richer. The dead, the ganked and the loser runs to rebuild only to find out it's a LIFE value of 20 more years. NTY.
lemonny3663 (1 month ago)
According to the wiki article the player states that he had auto-payment enabled but it failed to make the payment.
ComradeDante (1 month ago)
someone make EVE for PS5
Xaevryn (1 month ago)
I was there. As a part of a stealth bomber squadron for Nulli Secunda.
Rural Urban (1 month ago)
Not anymore
bulletcat139 (1 month ago)
..How does anyone PLAY this game afterward? I'm not talking about why, i'm talking about HOW. Just.. HOW, the costs alone..
Larry Bradley (1 month ago)
Man, things in this game go zero to 1000 real quick!
Dice Green (2 months ago)
Пацаны, красава в натуре, разрулили всех там!
TheShadow (2 months ago)
I hope star citizen ammounts to this level of insanity when its released
Veliki Lovac (2 months ago)
This was 4 years ago and now everything is same. No improvement at all.
Dank Buds (2 months ago)
4 hours into the engagement only 10 minutes of the engagement has really been played
Alex (2 months ago)
now the debrees need to form a Space Hulk and were set
Momocha Sharma (2 months ago)
Largest Spreadsheet party of all time
EverDream (2 months ago)
thousands of PC's blew up too..
Walter Cash (2 months ago)
My big brother and my father was in RUS faction.
Merchant Ivory (3 months ago)
While i dislike EVE's visuals during a battle (Purple squares vs Orange Squares) this video captures that appeal that i love so much, hope SC can live up to this scale, it would be a truly awesome site in FP
Groza Dallocort (3 months ago)
Thats just so people can get an overview of the battlefield intel is key after all. Sure it dosent look good but then capitals dosent really move that much
Merchant Ivory (3 months ago)
Please read comment again, i said "Visuals" of which eve has 1/10, 1 for squares...visuals EVE's combat is the most lack lust combat of any space game, that said its still great, just not for me, i have to see the battles.
Groza Dallocort (3 months ago)
Merchant Ivory Star Citizen cant live up to this, not with our current technology
Pizza Steve (3 months ago)
This event has its own page in wikipedia...
Fenzz (3 months ago)
You think that’s cool? Ha, I knew a guy who made the Kessler run in under 12 parsecs
rulogq (3 months ago)
It is funny now, because i guess eventually they removed Goons from North.
K Hitch (3 months ago)
Are there several people that controls a Titan or just one person?
Groza Dallocort (3 months ago)
K Hitch only one person, there are homever crew onboard as well acording to the lore but they dont do anything to gameplay
V Star 1300 Adventures (4 months ago)
Is salvage of any of those ships or tech part of the game play?
Veritech (4 months ago)
Welp, time to take the dummy destroyers there and hope to find some loot.
this is the so called Fountain war am i right?
Groza Dallocort (3 months ago)
João Pedro Silva Monteiro Ferreira nah this was part of the Halloween war
Pardy Gaming (4 months ago)
I guess there is no titan salvaging then
Cameron Lytle (4 months ago)
I still watch this and think “ well shit that’s just wow”
Helichopper (4 months ago)
War... War never changes.
Raven24 (4 months ago)
I keep seeing that someone forgot to pay there rent as some people call it and this battle happened
Memealiciousboi (4 months ago)
I wanna get into EVE Online but it feels like so many events have passed as pf now I simply won’t understand literally anything in the game :p
thesuper hellminator (5 months ago)
At the time, i was there but not in the battle itself i was just a noob mining with my venture and suddenly i just see a massive fucking fleet warp in. Eventually got killed by some jackass who snuk out of battle to kill me
Hesu Crispy (5 months ago)
$300 000.... thats like 235,385 shawarmas
Anonymous Player (5 months ago)
I was there sooooo much lag
Captain Corkles (7 months ago)
Never played the game. Well, I'm installing it now, but this. This got me into the game. The fact that a huge battle could take place on a computer. This isn't League. This isn't Clash of Clans. This isn't Total War. This. Is. Eve.
spidi22245783 (7 months ago)
OMG i didnt even know the game , but i want see a documentary film about this battle (like WW2 Kursk). Waht was the sovereignty drop?
Alfirus Ahmad (7 months ago)
spidi22245783 you should join and get into organized and good empire such as Horde
Đinh Thế Anh (7 months ago)
Keepstar has fallen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amina Sicim (7 months ago)
so when these neckbeards are shitting in a bucket doing all of that regular players can go in afterwards and salvage whats left, right?
_-GS-_ (7 months ago)
CFC = Clusterfuck Coalition
Entitled Millennial (7 months ago)
Tomorrow history is being made
clement boutaric (7 months ago)
Massive space wreck. A dream for weakling like me.
Valettrix Gaming (8 months ago)
I'm actually honoured to be flying with some of the ex goons warm members who were at the battle.
BronzeJourney (8 months ago)
20 Hours of relentless battle? Even thats only says something about the game.
jack bane (9 months ago)
This big conflict had parallels to a real conflict, very small cause (someone forgetting to pay a lease) leading to someone trying to take it over.
Original American (9 months ago)
Just pay the rent!
Vekkros (9 months ago)
Meanwhile the one time I ventured into low-sec space, I got ambushed by pirate players just outside the stargate.
Alfirus Ahmad (7 months ago)
Vekkros you should consult your empire about low sec. Low sec dangerous, but worth it if you in good empire
Benny Liang (9 months ago)
Stainsteel0 (9 months ago)
Man , this game is too epic :D
Joshua Marais (9 months ago)
Was this a actually battle in game ?
Terenin (9 months ago)
Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCK-E5AopVI
Daniel G. (10 months ago)
Yeah the game is cool and all, but every time I see this it just reminds me how amazing computers are and how far we’ve come....
Matt (10 months ago)
Eve is way more fun to read about than it is to play. And that's not a bad thing. In the same way I'd rather play battlefield 1 than actually be on the western front.
Karolis (10 months ago)
omerta (11 months ago)
Sam (11 months ago)
The coolest part of the battle is that fact that both sides received massive reinforcement when the sun rose over the North American continent. Truly an awesome concept for all gamers to behold, even if we don't play the game. I kind of wish they would record automatically once a large battle begins. Say when TiDi begins the area with the most traffic starts saving the battle into secondary storage so once it is complete people can view the battle in real time. As if the battle is kind of the rendering stage. You can go back and view these battles on your game as a spectator.
Michael Collins (11 months ago)
Slick Serpent (11 months ago)
So I guess this game is just spectation because at no point in the video does he mention "The players."
The Mistocles (11 months ago)
Why werent stealth bombers used? Covert Ops ships or something?
Dakota Frerking (1 year ago)
If there are fighters or infantry that board ships sign me up for the Imperium
Warhammered (1 year ago)
I just started playing. I hope this happens again sometime and I can take part in it...
godofawesum223 (1 year ago)
All this carnage and death, because someone forgot to pay the rent.
Gohs Art (1 year ago)
Are those wrecked Titans still there?
Rostschutz (1 year ago)
as a former rzr pilot and one of the initiating force ... been there for the whole time. never forget
ReTethered (1 year ago)
Never played Eve Online but the story of this battle spread throughout online games i was playing but i still ignored it. Then i was shocked when i heard about it again but this time on the news. Now i'm at a point where i'm considering sinking time into this game. Hopefully another colossal battle takes place in where i take part.
EspressoMachine (1 year ago)
59 Titans to 16 lost? Sounds like N3 suffered a huge loss.
AcidicParadise (8 months ago)
N3 ended up winning the war though. Gaining a lot of territory.
Jellos Del Pellos (1 year ago)
Are the shipwrecks8 in the tutorial when you start bases on this fight?
Groza Dallocort (9 months ago)
Jellos Del Pellos nope
What memories at that time when I was defending a titan with my starfighter in 2014 we had a lot of waste of many euros but hey it was great to be in that moment fighting side by side with my friends
Glân von Brylân (1 year ago)
"Involved tens of thousands of players" 7,548 is not tens of thousands.
BargainBin (1 year ago)
To play the game. Get the month free trial. Join a Corp that specialises in resource and trade management or Mining Industries. Mine a lot of ISK and buy better mining/transport ships to pack a larger,spacious cargo hold. Use that in game currency to buy membership cause it is possible.
BargainBin (1 year ago)
Why this is considered a way more intense topic?! It's because of the amount of players that had partaken in the battle,cost it amounted for every ship lost,server didn't crash and the fact that everyone money invested here can be lost in an instant.
Kesaun (1 year ago)
i love stuff like this
Kids Love My Candy (1 year ago)
I actually fought in that battle. You really couldn't do much because of the lag.
RazgrizOne (10 months ago)
I've been reading about the lag thing if too many players are battling. How the hell do you keep your attention and focus in, what I would assume, a battle in slow-motion?
Josey (1 year ago)
one hell of a landlord
Bruno Iniesta (1 year ago)
If it is like it is now... Imagine EVE online with quantum computers!
Stand Tall (6 months ago)
Bruno Iniesta there is... EVE Valkarie or valkary
Bruno Iniesta (1 year ago)
and some Oculus rift experience.
Honeysmile13 (1 year ago)
all because someone forgot to pay their rent
John Smith (1 year ago)
"forever" = until the servers shuts down
TheOfficialOMMY (1 year ago)
This is soooo incredible, the fact that you can even go back to the still floating remnants of the battle is a feat for the any game
Johnny Ravenclaw (1 year ago)
Traplock (1 year ago)
1:39, PL is doing a news format? Where is that video at?!? LINK!!!
Fadi Battikhi (1 year ago)
This pushed me into playing Eve online
Mr Verixie (1 year ago)
10s of thousands of players, but only 3 thousand ships popped? What?
Itsuka Aedric (1 year ago)
Goddamn, it makes my blood pumps for some reason.
The Vanquisher (1 year ago)
Everytime a someone doesn't pay their bill does a ultimate ship battle unfold?
Talivus (1 year ago)
people always say, oh how cool would it have been for me to be in this battle. Little do they know about tidi
Lunar eclipse (1 year ago)
This is so insane... Make me wanna play this game
Rumford Chimpenstein (1 year ago)
wait do dead ships really drift forever? how is that possible?
Sergey Popov (1 year ago)
Ethernal glory to everyone who fell in this battle!
steelhammer103 (1 year ago)
I remember logging on while the battle raging,& everyone was talking about it in game all trying to get real time news on who was winning.I remember there so many people, who weren't part of either Corp coalition, just trying to get into the system to watch it first hand only to die or lag out. Jita was going fucking crazy during those first few hours. Once word got out of how large the battle was becoming alot of the market people were trying to determine when it best to sell or buy as the battle was raging. They were trying to take full advantage of the outcome of the battle to their advantage. I also heard after the battle that some corps had mobilized their own fleets just in case something were too happen and they had to get involved. The whole sandbox theory about EVE definitely held true that day.
Street Warrior Racing (1 year ago)
wait so you're telling me that if I created a profile, and went to this area, the wreckage would still be there, I heard about this game about 10 min ago and I have been watching game play... now this... fill me in??!!!
brt john (1 year ago)
Its true, some of the wrecks of those titans destroyed in the battle are still there for people to see it, together with a Memorial monument created as a tribute for those who spent 23+ hours fighting in that system that day.
edbo10 (1 year ago)
Sometimes I wonder how this battle would look like if the servers were powerful enough to not require time dilation at all...what a sight it'd be.
Orangy Pteco (1 year ago)
I've explored the area. it's quite shocking. kinda like the Battle of Jakku
Ahrianna Daniels (1 year ago)
Quickly rushes to download EVE
Chenosaurio (1 year ago)
This... is a war, dude
Vector Barreiro (1 year ago)
Being on this was just... Scary and amazing I only played like 3-7 hours of it and only died like 4 to 5 times
Programming Study (1 year ago)
Why would they fight each other just for a sovereignty bill? Did the fight worth the $300,000 that was lost due to the conflict?
Oxymoron (1 year ago)
Thanks, that was a really great explanation of things ^^. Even a layman like myself who knows absolutely nothing about the game (other than it is apparantly ruled by sociopaths) understood that. :)
brt john (1 year ago)
On the N3 side: The solar system in question was the staging system for one of the alliances fighting on the side of N3, losing it like that was out of the question. N3 tried to make a stand, but they weren't expecting the CFC to use their supecapital fleet. This video is somewhat misleading, it claims that the CFC super fleet was on grid before N3, that's not actually what happened, N3 super fleet arrived in the field before the CFC. The N3 wasn't expecting and was not prepared for the CFC to jump their supers and titans into the battle, and the rest is history. and just to clarify the last point, when you commit your supers and titans into a battle you are pretty much fucked. Those things don't move very fast, so once you jump your super capital into a hostile field, you will stay until you can clear tackle of your supers/titans or until the enemy is dead, in this case, the N3 was fucked from the start, they jumped their supers into a hostile fleet, and they had no control over the grid, which means that they could not clear tackle of their supers and titans, so when the CFC jumped in, it was pretty much a "Fight until downtime" mentality. and for reference downtime is the daily maintenance for the servers, the servers are shut down and everybody gets disconnected from the game. For CFC it was way more simple, capturing the system would mean the potential removal of an enemy alliance (Pandemic Legion) out of the war in a single day, it was just too tempting of a target to not go for it. And keep in mind that the war wasn't going well for the CFC / Russian coalition, they were being pushed back by the N3 coalition and the Russians were on the brink of collapse, removing a major player in the enemy side is a fantastic way of turning things around for the war. Also nobody lost money, the "money lost" is just a representation of how much real value was destroyed (if you could actually exchange ingame items for real money) and you can't do that. It was a big loss in terms of ingame assets for those alliances, so much so that the N3 had to retreat and PL was removed from the war because of it, however it only took them a few months to get things back together, in fact it a day after the departure of the CFC coalition from the war, the Russians collapsed very quickly and the N3 not only managed to recover all of their space, but they also conquered all of the space the russians had before the war broke out.
Modern Avenue (1 year ago)
Wish they could make money a different way than having to use subscriptions. Reason why I don't want to pay for it is because you already have to spend hours on it to get somewhere. Other than that, this looks so amazing and I just keep wishing ;_;
Nadeshko (1 year ago)
It was real?
MKnight !! (1 year ago)
realistic... hmmm look good
M.r_Polla (1 year ago)
So far I know when you die, you lose everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.
MKnight !! (1 year ago)
i dont see all thr vídeo but if you die what happens?
Luna SKR (1 year ago)
Yeah, this battle turns 3 years old tomorrow.
MartínHmc (1 year ago)
I need this game.
bmoliver1 (1 year ago)
This battle reminds me of the end of Ready Player One.
HizoBall (1 year ago)
War...War never changes...
Liu Frank (1 year ago)
STFU, get your titan dooms da shit out of enemy. :)
HizoBall (1 year ago)
Not just from Fallout. It's real quote by some guy which i can't remember the name of.
SS CygnusX (1 year ago)
HizoBall lol fallout!!
Juan Ramon (1 year ago)
But soldiers do...
Anthony Trifoglio (1 year ago)
imagine a Star Citizen battle of this scale
Toxicity Game Dev (1 month ago)
Star citizen is a cash grab
Dice Green (2 months ago)
That would be amazing.
rasheedqe (2 months ago)
imagine a Star Citizen video game now that would be something.
Will never happen...because SC is either vaporware or a huge scam
Mindblitz64 (2 months ago)
Can’t. It would never happen.
Triston Lavender (1 year ago)
So players can go visit the "graveyard" aftermath of this battle?
mikrofoto (1 year ago)
Triston Lavender yes, but i think there are just some random wrecks placed there by ccp since the original wrecks disappeared after downtime

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