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The ending to Prototype

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oh look, an ending.
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Cayden Lightfoot (15 days ago)
I play prototype the only part I’m stuck on is when the thing needs to mine and you need to protect it from the monsters
JK D (4 months ago)
thanks. I can't beat the final boss lol.
JK D (3 months ago)
ANDRADA can't hate what i give up on :P
What have i become?Something less than human...But also something more
Alex Mercer (8 months ago)
kill theys motherfuckers alex!
Prateek Mogha (8 months ago)
5:42: those nice round ass
ANDRADA (3 months ago)
Zane Korrs homophobe
Johnny Eternal (9 months ago)
Braedon Freeze (10 months ago)
Everything besides once he got into the helicopter looked fake
Supernaturally American (7 months ago)
You realize this is a video game, right? It's all fake dude.
Jacob Bielski (11 months ago)
I awe a lot to this game. It introduced to me the concept of transhumanism.
Grace Ellaga (1 year ago)
Alex Mercer sacrifice his self to protect NEW YORK CITY⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠
Ian Colthart (1 year ago)
I have two questions: one, at what point did the supreme hunter absorb cross? or was he cross all along? Two: is it at all possible that he is Pariah?
Dave jahoer (10 months ago)
Ian Colthart the supreme hunter and captain cross are 1 being, he is son of green and had the ability to shapeshift into his human form to stay undetected for scanners and live like a human
First Name Last Name (1 year ago)
who know how to place people down safty in Prototype?
The Aristocat (1 year ago)
it would be way cooler to play as the husband of greene, in the second game, the storyline should be about him taking revenge on mercer and gentek for the suffering caused on greene and the war on blackwatch should be done in order to find pariah, this storyline for me makes way more sense than the one with heller
Jake Robby (9 months ago)
The Aristocrat i think her husband is already dead back in that whole hope incident
Black Vegeta (1 year ago)
so does rockstar sell the new york city map to other devs?
wolfoflies (2 years ago)
this video was made on 9/11
Alternate Viper (1 year ago)
tooaster gaming? Lol fag
wolfoflies (1 year ago)
Secretiv Prototype 177. lol nerd
Alternate Viper (1 year ago)
tooaster gaming? boi 9/11 was in 2001,9/11 is only the month and day it happened
Phantom Eye (2 years ago)
7:43 Crow was consume by Mercer body and bring back normal his body. While he walk away and thinking himself 8:14 What have Alex Mercer become? Something less than human. But also something more.
pommie303 (1 year ago)
Holy shit i've beaten this game so many years ago and now i finally understand that scene with the crow, I thought it was the supreme hunter coming back to life once again makes more sense now :D
kyle Robinson (2 years ago)
+jacome calmei thx but I stopped playing this game like last month now I'm on fallout 4 and almost completed it,but thanks for the help man :)
Jacome Calmei (1 year ago)
same... i've just watch my brother playing the game so yeah... ✌
Joels_Creed141 (2 years ago)
Wait if mercer consumed the general, and he said only he knew the code why couldn't mercer have just entered the code since he consumed the general
ANDRADA (1 year ago)
bajiwolf don't hate prototype
Dave jahoer (1 year ago)
iflyte pariah/cross is the same as mercer but on different spectrums in the sense that mercer is artificial and pariah the natural more organic wich the supreme Hunter displayed and actually be virus free for viral scanners and not be detected since cross is natural and shows no sings of infection but actually is an infected. those are small hints that u completly didnt get in the story, also means that ur a short thinker and Just hop on what u see and not around it
Dave jahoer (1 year ago)
iflyte pariah/supreme hunter cross has no sings of infection means that he cannot stay at age 8 and not Growing, since it would ment that he actually did show sings of infection had he stayed at the same age like green did
Dave jahoer (1 year ago)
iflyte are u dumb. cross went 1 on 1 with freaking mercer aka the killing machine and managed to survive, he killed a runner on his own, he was planning this all out so make a big escape
iflyte (1 year ago)
supreme hunter is not her son, it was created after mercer injected green in their second encounter. Mercer defeats it but it manages to survive in a liquid state like mercer did after the nuke. Cross has no superhuman showings, he's a weak boss for a reason, cause he's still human, the game has several hidden plot points to be unlocked by absorbing people, one of them is info on PARIAH, which more or less is supposed to resemble an 8 year old boy, with no exceptional abilities whatsoever other than to augment other strains of the virus, hence why in one of the memories mercer absorbs they say mercer and pariah meeting directly would be a disaster, since consuming him would make Mercer for all intents and purposes completely unstoppable.
kyle Robinson (2 years ago)
what mission is it when u get the blade and lose your powers someone plz reply
DustedFlux Gaming (1 year ago)
You'll lose your powers at the mission called "Errand Boy"
Jacome Calmei (2 years ago)
IDK but that's when you got some help of Dr. Ragnald... When General Cross inject a cancer weapon to Mercer, Mercer loose his power abilities but not disguise or sensors I guess... And you have to inject the right hunter and consume to hunter. That's the time you get all your powers with new power: Blade and Amored... That's all I know...
Future Plays (2 years ago)
Mr Rieper (2 years ago)
Interesting idea, but you could make the argument that Alex is considering his plans for the second game in the final cut scene when he says he's "something less than human, but also something more." I mean, it still doesn't make any sense that he'd do a complete 180 in his plans, but still. I used to really like Prototype 2, but looking at the story, I do see just how half-assed it is.
Mr Rieper (2 years ago)
+terry taylor Yeah, I know that. I just don't like how the game doesn't even have a hint of why he became evil. Also, I like complex villains as opposed to mustache twirling puppy-kicking villains.
terry taylor (2 years ago)
read the comics. over time, he loses faith in humanity. then the second game makes a lot more sense.
Dark Soldier (3 years ago)
Shirtlessclown (3 years ago)
ANDRADA (1 year ago)
woOt5k (3 years ago)
cyberwolfy37 (3 years ago)
this annoy the hell out of me. they alluded to elizabeth greene's child so much yet does nothing with it. what happen to pariah ? they could've continue the series with alex hunting down pariah or maybe have pariah become the new lord of the infected rather than letting alex become the new boss.
Jake Robby (9 months ago)
Dave jahoer tje supreme hunter was elizabeths vomit not pariah that is just retarded to think the supreme hunter aka cross is pariah when clearly greene had puked it up
Dave jahoer (1 year ago)
cyberwolfy37 well 1stly cross managed to go 1 on 1 with mercer. he killed a runner on his own, he couldnt get detected by viral scanners While being showed that he actually was Glowing like a infected through infected vision. cross was general randall super weapon for this kind of situations but he didnt knew that cross was waiting for the right moment to escape and since mercer gave him the opportunity, he suddenly made an entire plan to let mercer kill all people who could know about him, consume mercer, survive the nuke and be free. there is no direct article about him being pariah but its common sense, but i cannot give u wrong for not knowing Because at first i also taught that he was not pariah but after researching all the info, web of integrue clips and all others scènes i came to conclusion that he was her son. supreme hunter was using cross human form at birth, the real person cross was never alive
cyberwolfy37 (2 years ago)
+Dave jahoer  and how can you prove this ?
Dave jahoer (2 years ago)
+cyberwolfy37 the Child is captain cross aka pariah. he is the supreme Hunter since his birth
Carlmike94 (3 years ago)
I want more games like this... where you play as a badass villain as the only option (moral choice is great, makes you think... but the story has to be sacrifaced if you're gonna slice it up into 3 pieces) Yes, I do consider him a villain, he's just not the ultimate "bad guy" of the game ;)
Ravelord Nito (7 months ago)
Then you obviously don't understand the games
Carlmike94 (2 years ago)
+James Monroe Eating icecream while playing a game that requires both hands take a bit more skills. or hands,  than I possess. And I really don't feel like keeping this argument going, as It's gotten boring
Carlmike94 (2 years ago)
+James Monroe First of all, icecream is delicious and you know it. Second... how else am I supposed to hear?
Carlmike94 (2 years ago)
+James Monroe No, I just kept smashing the weird plastic thing that makes the small person in the box to stuff. Of course I paid attention to the cutscenes and the web -__-
Justus Jep (3 years ago)
 Too hard for me to play so I just watched it here. Haha. I don't understand why they had to make it so hard. I just want to chill out and have a good time not do the same thing over and over again until I become a zombie in real life. :D
JK D (4 months ago)
I also suck at it! can't beat supreme leader.
mlg360 ProShooter (1 year ago)
Just finished the game on hard mode a few days ago. Quite difficult but my tactics still work. Consume random soldiers -> Use Critical Pain Dev -> Spam whipfist :)
Duplicity (1 year ago)
Justus Jep Damn, you must suck ass at this game.
mlg360 ProShooter (1 year ago)
That last mission is actually not that hard, you just gotta spam whipfist and keep throwing stuff at the Supreme Hunter. Engaging it in close-combat is suicide tho.
Ray aub (3 years ago)
Man your so good at playing my game prototype I created prototype
ANDRADA (1 year ago)
Ray aub you lie
•Dj_M!ke• (3 years ago)
+Ray aub stop lying bitch!
Kyte Mercer (3 years ago)
Um [Prototype] is not yours bro sorry
johnrie18 (3 years ago)
So, if the Supreme Hunter was able to regenerate from a puddle of bio mass, why wouldn't it be able to regenerate from having its head cut off by Mercer?
Welath (7 months ago)
Supreme hunter is a antivirus vomit from Greene, is not black light virus
Reno Black (1 year ago)
Because Mercers attack probably infect it killing it. Also that puddle of bio mass at the end is Mercer btw not the supreme hunter.
COton Channel (2 years ago)
+Cormac Mahoney That thing is very resilient.
Cormac Mahoney (2 years ago)
It was probably annihilated by the atom bomb later
COton Channel (2 years ago)
Yeah we want him in prototype 3, pariah vs him
Captain Chitas (4 years ago)
+nbng7 you will see him in prototype 2 but he is the final boss
In2anity (4 years ago)
Did anybody else notice the glitching jet in the background?
Adam ꦸ (3 months ago)
9/11 was an epic prank
Braedon Freeze (10 months ago)
MixGeek omg your right
In2anity (4 years ago)
+Alex Taylor 5:50 I mean
In2anity (4 years ago)
At 5:54
Bloody Crow (4 years ago)
is the last music "Memory in dead" ?
Marcus Johnson (2 years ago)
Steven Stanford (4 years ago)
Thirsty Boi (4 years ago)
The problem I had with Mercer turning villain was that it dimmed his character from a potentially interesting anithero to a typical two-dimensional bad guy with a god complex. And the fact that Heller was a two-dimensional meathead didn't help either. Reducing Alex just so they could introduce a far more yawn-worthy character in a second game was the worst decision possible. They could have at least made Mercer a more complicated villain if they were going the villain role.
Krim Lord (8 months ago)
I had a theory video on that. The bad aspect was consumed, and the good aspect reforms later. It was the evil that was gotten rid of. Because in the game he still had some form of humanity left in him and was a totally different person.
Eddy Gonzalez (8 months ago)
Str8Murder but what if one of the pieces of mercer remake him and made ANOTHER Mercer that turn good?
Mr Rieper (2 years ago)
+HalfDemonInuyasha I find it extraordinarily lazy and stupid that they would have it in a different form of media without any explanation in-game. 
HalfDemonInuyasha (2 years ago)
+Doctor Bane Yeah, it really hurts a series if it *requires* people to buy other forms of media to get informed about things; comics/novels/etc., other completely separate video games, or something. MKX had the same problem with a lot of people being confused as hell over a number of things going on because it requires you to read a comic that takes place between MK9 and X in order to see how a number of things turn out the way they do those years later. Same with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and a lot of people wondering why Bumblebee was speaking through radio-speak again even though his voice was repaired at the end of the first movie. Once again, you had to read a comic that takes place between the two movies to see how his voice got damaged again. In the end, it's primarily all about more money. Similar to "DLC" that is actually just stuff already on the disc that is merely locked away and not actually brand new material.
Mr Rieper (2 years ago)
+josejalepeno63 Would have worked better if it was explained in-game, not everyone reads the comics.
Seankye89 (4 years ago)
I'd love too see at third prototype on next gen!
Moz (4 years ago)
He became a lord of infected and infected manhattan once more
TheMakuta345 (2 years ago)
+MrWaffle Spy Let's just all pretend that never happened.. Like that Shyamalan movie that also doesn't exist.
Bloody Crow (4 years ago)
yeah and he can not be killed too easy... in prototype 2 
Ulysses (4 years ago)
Fuck prototype! inFAMOUS FTW!!!
Bozai Marc Anthony (4 years ago)
Prototype 2 was so shit from a story and spirit pov, thank God they ain't making a prototype 3
Jc sensation (6 months ago)
Bozai Marc Anthony better than the first 1
ANDRADA (1 year ago)
so you like the first one
Harkey (4 years ago)
But some amazing company can buy the rights from activision and make Prototype 3, So there might be a 3rd one
RadKito 2000 (4 years ago)
hmm so thats why alex is the boss in prototype 2 cause the real alex is dead only left on him is the virus.
Dave jahoer (4 years ago)
u think that radical would make a sentance about pariah in prototype 1 and not putting him in prototype 2 and just fanish is logical?? just look the entire Web of integrue about cross and what he does in the game very observant
Dave jahoer (4 years ago)
that was the supreme hunter. the finals boss is the supreme HYBRID hunter meaning nor man nor infected but a totally different being. also the similarities between him and mercer like beign the same in a different ways. SH had 2 forms his own and the form of cross wich actually died at the birth. mercer had a default form but had the same powers as the hybrid. also small things like getting tired and block attacks is not really infected like, being the inteligents beign in the game
Dave jahoer (4 years ago)
that child is cross u fight at the end in his supreme hybrid form. also that quote led to the final boss wich gives u the answer to the question of the child
Imperial (4 years ago)
And then they made prototype 2... What a waste of a story opportunity
Dave jahoer (4 years ago)
end of the game or somehwere between...just giving a example. the storyline was wayy too easy and amateuristic. on the other hand the gameplay and graphics where great. and james heller was wayy too pissed and too humoristic the whole time, there is no balans in his characteristics
Dave jahoer (4 years ago)
completly agree with u, proto 2 story line was way too weird. i dont have problems with making the the protagonist a antagonist of the game but was way 2 one dimensional and there where no plotholes, secrets in this game. actually from the beginning of proto 2 u knew that u will go after mercer and since then u keep going after him and at the end u fight him and kill him that simply, no suprising changes nothing, it wouldve been epic if dana was the main villian but u would find that out at the
fuckoffyoutube (4 years ago)
and rockstar has been considering picking up the rights to prototype, keep hope that a great game will be picked up be a great company
Reno Black (1 year ago)
wait seriously? do you have a link about that. Because if so that would be amazing.
fuckoffyoutube (4 years ago)
face it radical dug their own graves, if your gonna replace the iconic protagonist, especially make him the antagonist, dont make some half assed story with and even more half assed protagonist, james heller had NO personality except for "FUCKIN SHIT" to have that useless fuck kill mercer, pissed alot of people off.
unbreakablegamer (4 years ago)
When did you graduate from no hope university?
nbng7 (5 years ago)
I want alex mercer of prototype 1 back
ArcRiseGen (5 years ago)
They aren't shut down completely. The downsizing was exaggerated and they're working with another company right now on another game.
ArcRiseGen (5 years ago)
Read the Dark Horse comic that takes place in between. Basically shows that he gave up on humanity and feels there needs to be a new strand of humans
Taylor Sutcliffe (5 years ago)
No your still wrong
Frederik Houmann (5 years ago)
and then he for some reason goes back and makes a new outbreak and starts making an army
CreepypastaDemon (5 years ago)
true prototype shall live on
Hugal (5 years ago)
Doesn't mean other companies can't try
Raven (5 years ago)
Same :(
Hoping for prototype 3
raphael cordeiro (5 years ago)
i love
DemonAnimation (5 years ago)
It depends on your opinion.
Ricardo de Lemos (5 years ago)
4:08 Alex should consume Randall and he would know the code
patrick j. derilus (5 years ago)
Okay, so I was wrong. Alex Mercer is evil.
Todd K (5 years ago)
I hate how you don't see how the general dies in this game. The cinematics suck so hard in this game that it's rage inducing!
Aleksandar Petrovic (5 years ago)
Alex Mercer is a bad guy in prototype 2?
Callum Buchanan (5 years ago)
what about the nuclear fallout? New York is still fucked lol
One thing I want to ask u guys, when u done with main missions, u can still roam on the island??
ANDRADA (1 year ago)
Dave jahoer (5 years ago)
he also reveals his true identity at the end, that nobody would look for him after the nuke went off, i cannot remember anybody even knew that that thing even excisted. and the thing that charged at the captain wasnt the hunter it was a regular infected, watch it over again u could recognize the small claws, and that cutscene was a hint to show u that captain was glowing white like mercer
Dave jahoer (5 years ago)
the supreme hunter u face at the hive mind is just a hunter, a supreme one. created of the hammer parasite rejected by greene. the thing u face at the end of the game is the supreme HYBRID. means that 2 diffrent ethentities (human+virus) becomes something else, nor human nor infected. the captain is the son of greene, he was never consumed by anybody, he was the hybrid all along, that also explains his superhuman strength and how he killed a runner singel handedly
The Antibeast (5 years ago)
Good thought, but no. At that part he is already the supreme hunter. See, that infected was watching him with the infected vision and he was white. When you're white in the infected vision this means you're an infected. This means the captain was already infected then, and he was giving orders to that infected to attack him on purpose to prove he is not infected to the rest of the people and deceive them. That supreme hunter was playing mind games like crazy... XD
Fudan4 (5 years ago)
sequel, they can fix everything whit a third part, if they decide.
Fudan4 (5 years ago)
And in Prototype (spoiler) after a VERY HARD fight whit one of the main antagonists of the game, Elizabeth Greene, we consume her, and find that she was pregnant and had a child 40 years ago, and through nodos of the WOI, we find that it´s the only being that can kill Mercer. On Infamous we knew what happened, and Prototype could just be the same as Devil May Cry 4, with Alex being a good guy and Heller being something like Nero and having an epic fight with PARIAH. However it´s only the
Fudan4 (5 years ago)
dies he swears at everything he sees. It´s funny when he does this stuff but it´s VERY out of character. His wife and daughter are death (Spoiler alert, at the end of the game, we find his daughter is alive) and he acts like ``fuck the world´´. On the trailers, he seems serious and sad. What I meant to say on my first comment whit the powerful ennemies is that, on Infamous, after a VERY EPIC cutscene we know (Spoiler) that Kessler and Cole are the same person and a Beast will come.
Fudan4 (5 years ago)
cleared the rumors about (SPOILER) if the Beast was John. What did Prototype, gave a random excuse to transform the anti-hero of Prototype to a crazy and evil main villain, I mean, even his voice actor changed. And give a new protagonist with a good story and gameplay,graphics and stuff. But in the final game, I find Carl Johnson with superpowers, swearing to everything he doesn´t like and having three or four emotional and serious moments in the whole game. Even after (SPOILER) Father Guerra
Fudan4 (5 years ago)
I liked the game but the story annoyed me a litle. First becaue they just forget to put characters of Prototype, the only characters of Prototype that are on the sequel are Alex and Dana. They forgot PARIAH and Ragland, we won´t know NOTHING about them until RAD decides to continue the story or to finish. They could have done the same with Infamous 2. I mean, we knew that an EXTREMELY powerful enemy would come and would fuck everyone and everything. What did Infamous, they put the Beast and
Zac Trejo (5 years ago)
Is he in Brooklyn at the end?
drealbigdada12345 (5 years ago)
Yeah man read the prototype comics
Clint-Excalibur71 (5 years ago)
wow, so alex can regenerate from liquid to solid matter
Clint-Excalibur71 (5 years ago)
1:49, did anyone notice, "greene was pregnant when they found her at 69"
Jessica H (5 years ago)
5:48 the jet in the background is high.
Casdfsdf3r23sfd (5 years ago)
fuck my comment... i deleted anyway.
Alex Mercer (5 years ago)
Yes he seems like a good guy in P1 but in P2 the virus drove him crazy so in P2 HE aint a goo guy
I fucking love how we consumed the crow... Badass.
It's explained in the comic books. After P1 Alex began to travel in order to find a reason to believe in humanity, but he didn't find anything, and realised everyone are focused on themselves. He also lived under disguise with two people he met, a father and a daughter, and fell in love with a daughter, but after he revealed that the father was a criminal and his daughter stole his money, he consumed both and completley lost faith in being human. Since then he began to infect people.
The Chimeran Vampire (5 years ago)
He didn't consume Randall?
michael bauman (5 years ago)
michael bauman (5 years ago)
4:27 And what the hell was that? Didn't really look like a consume...
Omar Waleed (5 years ago)
yeah that was really stupid from mercer
Omar Waleed (5 years ago)
mercer should have consumed randall and get his memories... and when he gets his memories he will get the code to stop the nuke... that was really stupid of mercer!
Alex Martinez (5 years ago)
Alex mercer didnt go evil with power the virus got him it to over
michael bauman (5 years ago)
4:04 Did anyone else notice Mercer could have just stopped the nuke right there? He could have just consumed that guy and BOOM, all done.
venom061299 (5 years ago)
oh thats too bad if they make another one im not gettin it then cause it won't be the same
Dave jahoer (5 years ago)
listen u should go back and watch the flashback, u can also see greene attempting to attack randall after he took her son the captain away
Dave jahoer (5 years ago)
it wasnt pariah who infected randall but greene who bit on his arm
Dave jahoer (5 years ago)
well u just killed him at the end
TheBombayMasterTony (5 years ago)
Alex Mercer survived a nuclear explosion, and they want me to believe some random new protagonist really had the ability to kill him? They wish.
aldo gunawan (5 years ago)
well, prototype 2's Alex Mercer makes Prototype's Alex Mercer suck.
Jaden Cruise (5 years ago)
Alex Mercer became a monster..why do you hate Heller ? Alex has just infected him..Heller don't want to do anything to all people he have killed..
Sean Thompson (5 years ago)
I remember when there was a huge debate between if Prototype or Infamous was going to be a better game. It was clear that Infamous won.
aubery bowers (5 years ago)
yahh they should let u mak your own person that would be cool
amoungthefree (5 years ago)
Oi took a bobby to the bum.
Ragensu64 (5 years ago)
u wot m8?
amoungthefree (5 years ago)
wut u is nawt turs?

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