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Curve the Bullet

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Everyone liked the movie Wanted right? Yeah! Written and Directed by Cameron Covell Starring Tim Wagner and Skyler Millicano Special Thanks to Ryan Wagner and Carter Feuerhelm More awesome videos at RocketJump.com! RJ Store ➤ http://shop.rocketjump.com Follow RocketJump on Twitter ➤ http://bit.ly/RJtweet Follow RJFS on Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/rjfilmschool Join the discussion ➤ https://discuss.rocketjump.com/ For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (3957)
David S. (8 months ago)
That's what happens when you don't have trigger discipline kids
Issa Meme (2 days ago)
David S. I
Its Me (10 days ago)
It’s impossible to curve a violet
Issac Vlogs (11 days ago)
David S. ddeds
Jodie Hamilton (12 days ago)
David S. io
Giovanny Hernandez (12 days ago)
David S. .
DangMutant (52 minutes ago)
Bless you
Blue Arrow (2 hours ago)
Y can't u make a curve the bullet 2?
Noah Playz (3 hours ago)
What I’m more impressed about is his face impression when curving the bullets
Nikita Mikhlin (6 hours ago)
BlackLeón (9 hours ago)
This is good movie material
Gabriel Peña (9 hours ago)
What film it is? The name
Willybearrekker (11 hours ago)
Michael Trotskiy (11 hours ago)
it impossible to curve the bullet
Yin Yang (12 hours ago)
2:09 “I’m honored to have you part of this organization” 1 second later OOF
iiRexicone (15 hours ago)
Anyone from the Fortnite video curve the bullet?
Tucker Ottis (18 hours ago)
Dab on dem haters
LukePlayz Zyalp (22 hours ago)
Who came here after watching the Fortnite Version!
Anwarren Brown (22 hours ago)
Only_Fire (1 day ago)
This is a shameless steal from thay movie wanted Where they curved bullets and shit This is a perfect replica of one of the scenes
Only_Fire (1 day ago)
Good movie so i dont mind
ThatGuyCanman (1 day ago)
Reported for hacking
-AZØ- YT (1 day ago)
Phoenix Marvin (1 day ago)
You got this from the movie wanted(I just watched it yesterday)
Thewayofthewind 342 (1 day ago)
When you use a third party hack to get better
Jhomel Solatorio (1 day ago)
thats not real
Venom (1 day ago)
Aimbot boys, another hacker in our hands
Meremere Mitchell (1 day ago)
I hike i wanna try again
When you take advantage of you lead in a movie
rachelle ann blanco (1 day ago)
Can you even curve a bullet
rachelle ann blanco (1 day ago)
Is this reall
2:13 we both saw that coming
Doctor Hysteria (1 day ago)
Stole this from fortnite
MrAxolotl GT (1 day ago)
See that meme in fortnite??
THE Guy (1 day ago)
All The Dislikes Are People Who Can’t Curve A Bullet
HolyGuardx (1 day ago)
movie name ?
Henry Ho (2 days ago)
Rodrigo Catuna (2 days ago)
Koda Gene (2 days ago)
Who else seen this movie as a kid but didn't know the name ?
DxMovezzz (2 days ago)
He shotted 27 bullets 😉
Alteon _TV (2 days ago)
Jk i was expecting he'd shoot the guy
Benjamin Cortes (2 days ago)
Is this from wanted
MunkiBizzz (2 days ago)
oh no craig is dead what are we gonna do- *shoots gun again*
Ultra Ninja coolest (2 days ago)
Who else came here because of the Fourtnite version
Jeremy (3 days ago)
Jackie chan confirmed!
Saw_OG Youtube (3 days ago)
Vitto Matias (3 days ago)
Wew infinite ammo
High Quantum (3 days ago)
Is this a movie? Cause if it is I would like to watch it .
Clarissa Montalban (3 days ago)
I can't stop laughing lmao...I need air😂😂
jeffrey whitehead (3 days ago)
Almost didn't get to finish writing this comment before I died laughing
Dylan Franco (3 days ago)
Tyren Campos (3 days ago)
1:39 that impossiBRU.
Im Da Real Boi (3 days ago)
You should’ve made him curve the bullet when he sneezed and scared the shit out of the guy
rUsH_Dev (3 days ago)
I can’t stop crying😂😂
SlibberyDingle (3 days ago)
He definitely had aim assist on.
Tommy Chae (3 days ago)
Is this is parody of WANTED?
Mastershotkilla # (3 days ago)
JBD gamer (3 days ago)
I honestly thought this was a movie good editing
Negrito Lara (3 days ago)
Thia reminds me of a movie
King Of Power (3 days ago)
I saw the fortnite version
lilfox gamer (3 days ago)
What is thos show
Fortnite Shop (3 days ago)
Is this a movie and if it is what is it called ?
Mustache Puppies (4 days ago)
(shoots through 2 inch bucket)
Rdogy 1000 (4 days ago)
*Curve your bullets*
Reynaldo Oliveira (4 days ago)
JackStez Savage (4 days ago)
He should've got out there when he had the chance
JackStez Savage (4 days ago)
When sneezing is your worst enemy
Harry Adriano (4 days ago)
You use the movie wanted
Fi Ts (4 days ago)
Mato Campbell (4 days ago)
*Welcome to the matrix*
Justin Y. (4 days ago)
You don't do it like that. What you need to do is curve it
Force Beatz (4 days ago)
Ariel Nicholas (4 days ago)
Just like follow the movie of WANTED.. lol.. 😂😂
l_lil_kvng_nate_l (4 days ago)
They just copied this from the movie wanted the exact same thing just without the pig
Juicy Alex (4 days ago)
I just came here from the Fortnite one
zhang yilong (4 days ago)
Imagine 1.00 he died
XxDimond wolfXx (4 days ago)
2.34 hahahah
XxDimond wolfXx (4 days ago)
That was sick
Shayan Sadiq (5 days ago)
Copy cat. Little fortnite
OBSIDIAN PLAYER (5 days ago)
Hitman gaming (5 days ago)
I was hoping this was a movie
Justin Carrera (5 days ago)
i dont lik it
Jack skates A lot (5 days ago)
Lol no one knows this is from wanted
Pogopogo 86 (5 days ago)
The prophecy tells of a trigger happy child who shoots his mentor........yeah if he’s mankind’s only hope then we’re screwed
Max Ly (5 days ago)
Honestly as long as u curve your arm faster than a bullet to rotate the momentum of inside the gun while it’s being triggered than u can do it
hector01 Gamerbeast (5 days ago)
Who came here form fortnite
Jay Vincence Seguma (5 days ago)
That is some Mistical Sh! t.
Tekashi Milonakis (6 days ago)
they got that from the movie wanted
GamingOfAllGame s (6 days ago)
2:14 DEATH
JordanGaming Cox (6 days ago)
Velociraptor GD (6 days ago)
he was still breathing
awoken god (6 days ago)
Did you know that wanted 2 is in production
Evan Virgil (6 days ago)
Based of wanted
Officially Baked (6 days ago)
Curving the bullet is from the movie WANTED
Quickly7w7 (6 days ago)
Oml I watched this video before jacksucksatlife made his vid
Nick Smith (6 days ago)
iispy (6 days ago)
saw a fortnite parody of this
It's Awesome Ethan (7 days ago)
This is like from wanted the movie
Midnight Gavin (7 days ago)
Now, split the bullet into 2 while shooting it.
Daniel Choi (7 days ago)
Rare footage of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris training for the Columbine school shooting 1999 (colorized)
Sean B (7 days ago)
Is this an actual movie
Alex Quadrider (7 days ago)
LASTEXXX (7 days ago)
What movie is this
Cal (7 days ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday I only just realised

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