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Curve the Bullet

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Everyone liked the movie Wanted right? Yeah! Written and Directed by Cameron Covell Starring Tim Wagner and Skyler Millicano Special Thanks to Ryan Wagner and Carter Feuerhelm More awesome videos at RocketJump.com! RJ Store ➤ http://shop.rocketjump.com Follow RocketJump on Twitter ➤ http://bit.ly/RJtweet Follow RJFS on Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/rjfilmschool Join the discussion ➤ https://discuss.rocketjump.com/ For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (4733)
David S. (1 year ago)
That's what happens when you don't have trigger discipline kids
the gaming nerd (16 days ago)
David S. ,..
Sdorks Animations (30 days ago)
Or you can just turn on the safety on your gun
Peko ಥ_ಥ (1 month ago)
Alex munna Editors (1 month ago)
David S. What is your move ling plz bro
The Golden Torch (1 month ago)
David S. 5
Alo Policia? aiudaaa (14 hours ago)
*Bullet the Curve*
Jerald GamiX (1 day ago)
wanted movies be like
Copied scene...of movie wanted...
Cameron Jones (1 day ago)
LOL "Please no" that part fucking gets me
Schedzik (1 day ago)
Wallace and aimbot easy i report him to Valve...
Farhaan Callachund (1 day ago)
Haters gonna say it's fake
爽健美茶 (1 day ago)
nazeer hussain (2 days ago)
Hahaha that logic
Ajay Poling (2 days ago)
Anthony Griffiths (2 days ago)
Is this a movie
R k Nadeem R k (3 days ago)
Abu S Sohan (3 days ago)
name of this movie plz..
aaron glynn (3 days ago)
Fun video
HipLoopFee (4 days ago)
The ultimate sans battle
Pay Dough (4 days ago)
Whoever wrote and directed this literally ripped off the movie script and cinematography, looool
pawan kumar (4 days ago)
Copied from wanted
Max Dada (4 days ago)
Movie name ?
Justin J Pagan (5 days ago)
So they’re banging?
F. B . I (5 days ago)
Take Don (5 days ago)
sypo x (5 days ago)
dose this works on fortnite..?
Okorie Clinton (6 days ago)
And he was doing so well up until then 😂😂😂😂
Shahriar Kabir (6 days ago)
name of the movie plz
9Volt Productions (6 days ago)
I think I could do better *Perfectionism joined the game*
DanielRobboSon (6 days ago)
mythbusters busted this
Bogdan Constantin (6 days ago)
Mam speriat
Rugia chaN (6 days ago)
Naruto Uzumaki (6 days ago)
That is a movie
Fazal Kareem (7 days ago)
Shino Hara (7 days ago)
If only you can curve the bullet in shooting games, that would be hacking.
Aiden Proudfoot (7 days ago)
Lmfao I’m dying ☜(˚▽˚)☞
derpyVfazbearX 6 (7 days ago)
Dantè Pillon (8 days ago)
What? You think a bullet won’t go through a bucket?
Ilham Patel (8 days ago)
Which movie it is
MrHuNTeR GaMiNG (8 days ago)
That ending tho 😂😂😂
Marietta Patenio (8 days ago)
From Wanted movie curved thebullets
The Other Side (8 days ago)
*So how does the training complete then?*
paul neon (9 days ago)
The ending
Dante Reising (9 days ago)
This was ripped right out of wanted with James macavoy
Gont (9 days ago)
-S P E A R- V2 (9 days ago)
2:20 He’s breathing lmao!!!
Annoying Kid (9 days ago)
Make this a movie please
Bxl-Marocain1070 (9 days ago)
Hahahahahaha im death😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
andre falco (9 days ago)
yessss it's a stupid film
Junayd A.A (9 days ago)
Lol is this from boruto 😂😂
KevinMatic (10 days ago)
Huh. So they technically break the law of physics like, many time *(tries to curve a rock over somebody head but hits them)* huh. I guess it didn’t work.
CredibleDerek6511 (10 days ago)
So if I shoot the person Would it bounce off his insides and manage to curve the bullet
Nick LaGrasta (10 days ago)
2:13 bless you
Expert P.R.G. (10 days ago)
Faded_ Foxx (10 days ago)
ethan rogers (11 days ago)
plz no
Mr Eggs (11 days ago)
That gun had a lot of freakin ammo
**physics.exe stopped working**
pradeepa Victory (12 days ago)
I tried the same I lost 2 neighbours
F is the bomb (12 days ago)
So gay
Muhammed Atalay (12 days ago)
Kyle (13 days ago)
Me in call of duty I’m the dead guy...
MrMarquis10009 (13 days ago)
This too funny N the part with cup
Georgy Zhukov (14 days ago)
*Curb your bullethiasm*
Polarized Studios (14 days ago)
It feel gay
MiDoRi HaRu (15 days ago)
it cant be curved
Adnin _Ibrahim (16 days ago)
Unlimited bullets?
John Gonzalez (16 days ago)
When life gives you aimbot
GuyOf Manness (16 days ago)
Plot Twist: Can’t curve the bullet when he stands there
谷山健太郎 (17 days ago)
Sharkie Plays (17 days ago)
*SHOOTS* *dies*
Lovely Sans (18 days ago)
this is parody Wanted?
남형준 (18 days ago)
롯데자이언트 베리번즈닮음 ㅋㅋ
Ian Ang (18 days ago)
Lmao, entertaining hahahahaha
Ricouxx (19 days ago)
*can you dont*
Vishal Dhali (19 days ago)
what is the name of this picture
hmmm mmm (19 days ago)
so basically aimbot.
GPProdigy OSProd (20 days ago)
Training complete. You. You really nailed t. I think imma try it again. No pl please don’t. BANG BANG BANG BANG
papa Ji (20 days ago)
Over confidence
PacyfikatoR TF2 (21 days ago)
かみNexo (23 days ago)
Here's reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJTXpItCqFU
Elisha MAc (23 days ago)
but is it really possible yu can curve the bullet
tundrarunner (23 days ago)
story of my life, get good at something then the moment an opportunity comes i accidentally sneeze and shoot in the face
Marty Mcmarty (23 days ago)
Hold my beer.
Someone make a meme out of this
B4O53 (23 days ago)
He has a stand! 「 *THE EMPEROR* 」
Efe Işık (23 days ago)
From Wanted ... ;)
Emerson Santos (23 days ago)
Son Nguyen Quoc (23 days ago)
just using aim bot :))
M4sked (24 days ago)
1:39 you just killed him
Izzard Blizzard (24 days ago)
Did you see, when he sneeze the snot curved
Archer V. (24 days ago)
nice music...
Mohd Yasir (24 days ago)
Movie name???
6ssplus Le (24 days ago)
Tên phim là j vậy ad
AUDY RYAN (25 days ago)
maikirex_YT (25 days ago)
lol jajajaja
Levi Leavelle (26 days ago)
he looks like the guy from the show "Person of Interest".
Samuel B (26 days ago)
But... But... centrifugal force isn't a real thing...
KAREN CHENG (26 days ago)
Tabbi (26 days ago)
Instructions unclear: Bullet traveled in straight direction
Pampinos (26 days ago)
The scene is a plagia of a film
Tong Khanh Linh (26 days ago)
Imma die laughing😂😂😂

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