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Text Comments (2464)
josh mendez (17 hours ago)
Wonderful""**"trailer.. 2019..
Luis Miguel (23 hours ago)
Que hace goku en new york?!
Fioti (1 day ago)
Imitão do PS3, mais os gráficos vão ser melhores.
Luis Angel (1 day ago)
1:10 Spider-Man
Umansate8 StopMotions (2 days ago)
Huy Vainglory (2 days ago)
Ultra Instict + Kurama power + Haki = RIP FRIZZE
The LucidOreo (3 days ago)
Well, waddya know... A reason to play the Xbox One
Klairz (4 days ago)
Chill out its a fucking game let them just show the anime characters powers its simple
fuerte mente (4 days ago)
But things have changed
Duncan Curl (4 days ago)
For Light they could get Ryuk to fight for him, or make him a villain for a possible story mode.
T4Gerino (4 days ago)
this game gon be lit
Nadia Hernandez (4 days ago)
Se parece a Sonic forces
The Inkling Society (4 days ago)
Goku VS Naruto The epic battle
Cyrex (4 days ago)
I see they are going to somehow include Light and Ryuk, doesn't that mean they can add Eren from Attack on Titan in too? as Death Note and Attack on Titan were directed by the same guy, but maybe not since they were created by different people and were made by different studios.
Troll Texting (5 days ago)
Th-this grapichs... So.. Realistic.. I don't have worlds..
MasterMichael 231 (5 days ago)
It looks so realistic and dope!
Avi Krishna (5 days ago)
Is this a Xbox exclusive ??
Its Me (5 days ago)
i hope they dont forget the one and only in this Serious One Punch Man Saitama in this game. and i cant imagine what that one serious punch would look like on a 4K screen, probably shatter my whole system with my 4k monitor in one punch lol.
Rm Espi (5 days ago)
jose moncada (5 days ago)
Hasta que Bandai hace un juego de verse bueno sigue con destrucción de suelo desaparecible es lo malo como en xenoverse que al impactar se va debe quedarse al impactar con un poder se ve expectacular el juego y eso que es un demo mejoro bastante al jstars victory + de ps3 PS4 ojalá tenga más de 100 personajes muchos escenarios que sean extensos como para que la destrucción de suelo sea persistente al igual con la destrucción de escenarios haber que sale talvez lo mejoren mucho más y lo saquen antes...
FBI 51 (5 days ago)
I just crapped my pants....😮
The King of Nerds (5 days ago)
Is this a fighting game?
The King of Nerds (5 days ago)
Where's JoJo & Dandy?
Daniel Alvarez (5 days ago)
El mejor juego del mundo
John Kerns (5 days ago)
Не проявили Ичиго, зато ввели читерского Лайта. Ставь лайк если знаешь сколько секунд будет продолжается сражение.
Kasu Mina (6 days ago)
Anyone else noticed Ryuk and Light at the end of the trailer?
Kasu Mina (6 days ago)
Never mind, I see some of you have
zomber YT (6 days ago)
Haci es como freezer murio.jaaja :v
I aint gona go too much into detail about anime and all that shit but from what I can tell from the Bleach manga and the anime pretty sure Aizen is like one of the most op characters to exist in anime
wheres ash xdxd
lucas fenix (6 days ago)
este juego estara op
Mephisto Maker (6 days ago)
i hope there will be saint seiya, yu yu hakusho, hxh, jojo, gintama, myheroacademia, etc
zaher mechbouk (6 days ago)
Enrique Smith (6 days ago)
Lo que muchos esperaban!!😱❤
Kazumi wwrs (6 days ago)
Super mega hiper épico
EpiCx 237 (6 days ago)
Where‘s Saitama
James D (6 days ago)
I know this is a long shot but I'm hoping for some bleach characters!
sirwalter (6 days ago)
light yagami?
DatYoutuber (6 days ago)
is pico in the game?
1:56 omg deathnote!?
Kencomics (7 days ago)
Reminds me of that last game they made with them, it wasn't all that good...
ド太郎 (7 days ago)
If there is a saitama I don't buy this
New super smash bros is coming :v
(7 days ago)
keyan mendoza (7 days ago)
Finally another game with naruto
Perzecute (7 days ago)
Goku base form wrecks everyone
PoohnerPanda (7 days ago)
I’m now mad since it’s not for ps4😭😭🤬😡😂
mikoyyuy13 (7 days ago)
This looks shitty.
JiReN (7 days ago)
So basically J stars Victory2
Arthur Killy (7 days ago)
lets all be honest here... this gonna be shitty
Adam Roth (7 days ago)
Goku will destroy all of them OMG just stop is ultra instinct is just to much sorry it’s just the truth
samayin (7 days ago)
mientras las perras pelean, el dios observa
St4rTr3v1Ut10n (7 days ago)
This looks fucking amazeballs. Holy motherfucking shit.
Zachary Angel (7 days ago)
Where is bleach !?
Where is vegeta.? I Can't look :'(
Errortale Chara (7 days ago)
Where is Tokyo Ghoul <u<
Lil Piccolo (7 days ago)
Where the fuck is Cory from "Cory in the house"!?!?
Genicleide Rodrigues (7 days ago)
Dairev (7 days ago)
Only for xbox or also for play4?
Nate Smith (7 days ago)
Ugh...those graphics tho! Someone need to tell em to stick to cel shading. Muddy ass textures got these the characters lookin like cheap action figures.
Destiny4Dayz (7 days ago)
Two bombs wasn't enough
Paul Quigley (8 days ago)
Fuck Smash Bros. This is where it's at!
Roy Foster (8 days ago)
as long as I get pissed off gon and mureum... I'll be happy
Khem K (8 days ago)
What kind of name is jump force?
ldbboosha (8 days ago)
Look man, I LOVE Luffy, but wtf is a Red Hawk gonna do to Frieza?
Armando Montes Pérez (8 days ago)
Naruto vs friezza? Thats so funny and es win for friezza oviouslly
primo rayquaza pt (8 days ago)
1:56 OH SHIT
Cyborg Canadian (8 days ago)
Please have kenshiro, jotaro, momo, and L
Leeanne Sanks (8 days ago)
No Vegeta
SSGGSS SON-GOKU-KUN (8 days ago)
Frieza will never be resurrect after this fight
Lucas M (8 days ago)
Joshua Sullivan (8 days ago)
Cory in the house DLC?
Javycrack97 :D (8 days ago)
Volvio el dios del nuevo mundo
Blake Turgeon (8 days ago)
Cringy Content (8 days ago)
Auron Dash 421 (8 days ago)
Ligth yagami (8 days ago)
Espero tener un buen papel en el juego :v
Nick le Thug (8 days ago)
Who are the caracters at the end ? Sanji and sasuke ?
faiqal qisti (8 days ago)
light and ryuk from death note
Nick le Thug (8 days ago)
Why is there dbz
Deuce Fan (8 days ago)
Nick le Thug why even ask that it's obvious why
Nexum 00YT (8 days ago)
Nexum 00YT (8 days ago)
ima huge naruto fan and big dragon ball z fan soooo
errorproxy (8 days ago)
Who cares? SSB Ultimate is coming out December.
TheMagicPloder (8 days ago)
Narfusala (8 days ago)
Why not go with the cell-shading? Naruto just looks weird with the hear chunks
Jimmy Rodas (8 days ago)
Not buying unless Hank Hill is in the game
Anything with goku is cool to me
sandie (8 days ago)
put natsu, grey and lucy in there and i'll be happy.....get it....happy. lol
Jacob MacDonald (8 days ago)
Challenger approach: Death note🚨🚨🚨
ObieTheOrangeGuy (8 days ago)
(DRAGON BALL NARUTO CROSSOVER)??? Wtf it's a whole Shonen Jump thing! Even if you said this because of characters involved, why isn't Luffy in the title?!
Goke (8 days ago)
como berga esta kira_
K (8 days ago)
th, they crossover just to have goku and frieza fight?
Troll Luhluh (8 days ago)
Not buying until I get goku ultra instinct
Sweechie (8 days ago)
This is so stupid. Like a bad fanfic.
Roxy :v (8 days ago)
Roorsworch Gaming (8 days ago)
One Punch Man? Full Metal Alchimist?
AlexDrow (8 days ago)
Y saitama :v
Abraham Samarneh (8 days ago)
Now do me a favor guys and stop saying that there are stronger anime then dragon ball super. What you are saying is Farmer from the first episode of Dragon ball z is stronger then Mastered ultra instinct goku. watch the vids on youtube about farmer vs goku, there a kinda good.
Tania Latorre (8 days ago)
Thiago Pereira (8 days ago)
look death note!!!
Real PotatoKinq (8 days ago)
fucking weaboos
Maddie Wilson (8 days ago)
Real PotatoKinq Cmon, man, drop it. You're just being immature and ignorant now. Joke or not, you're making fun of someone's chosen lifestyle.
Real PotatoKinq (8 days ago)
Frederika Bernkastel 86 jesus fuck. Just a joke buddy, no hard feelings
Maddie Wilson (8 days ago)
Frederika Bernkastel 86 THANK YOU 🙌
This word is so stupid. Even when someone just mentions something japan related, a random person appears and uses this stupid word. There are people out there, who are interested in different cultures, languages etc. It's ridiculous to use this overused and childish term again and again, even if you don't know the person actually. There are even japanese people on youtube, believe it or not. Are they weebs/weaboos too? What does this rubbish even mean? I'm getting too old for this
Real PotatoKinq (8 days ago)
Maddie Wilson to comment.
Eggypoop99 99 (8 days ago)
oh wow

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