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Until Dawn but I pick every bad option

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Text Comments (6418)
just_cheezzie (2 hours ago)
A Whole Flock of squirrels ~Kevin 2018
Latasha Moodley (5 hours ago)
OK but he sounds like a funnier version of pewds. Why do they have the same voice, laugh and stupid jokes
Noe Marez (12 hours ago)
Shoutout my channel pls
Itsyaboi (12 hours ago)
Definitely a squirrel lol
85geoffm (17 hours ago)
"Definitely squirrel marks." I lost my shit 😂😂😂😊
Tasanee Montemayor (19 hours ago)
Jess: “Police tape” Kevin: “Just ignore it, keep walking” 😂😂😂
"Oh look, a bird!" XD
Scott Short (1 day ago)
This guy sounds like Irish PewDiePie
ded mems (1 day ago)
GeometricalNeko (1 day ago)
Its 90% less scarier when kevin plays it :D tyyy!
Jose Villarreal (2 days ago)
Kevin you sound like pewdiepie why
The Joker (2 days ago)
I never played this game but i am watching this realizing that rami malek is in it
Hannah Call (2 days ago)
"Thes is creeapy as feck" (I love his accent)
Joshi (2 days ago)
Josh is the squirrel!
VastoLord Varun (3 days ago)
2 years later and flamethrower dude still have his flamethrower ammo full of gas
Fastro (3 days ago)
The selfie killed me lol
I feel so frustrated at this!! Haha thanks for the vid
sydneyboiii (4 days ago)
he sounds like pewdiepie.. anyone else notice that?
Emily Carta (4 days ago)
The real prank: Josh IS the squirrel
sam teh edeot (4 days ago)
hey look josh is rami malek
Alex-Senpai (4 days ago)
Caiden Thomason (5 days ago)
I about shat my pants in this
member killmonger (5 days ago)
can we have p 2
Earthzone398 (5 days ago)
Sams the only REAL character I like
Riyad Kalla (5 days ago)
ROFL (mauled deer) “oh yea squirrel marks, damn...”
keenanallen 907 (5 days ago)
Cheese Roaw/Meep (5 days ago)
Horror games but there not scary because of Kevin :D
Speec Ke3 (5 days ago)
100k likes and 2k dislikes.. How could you dislike this, it's comedy gold!
Andrea Gomez (5 days ago)
Omg😂😂😂 This guy made everything funny😂
turtleman 042404 (5 days ago)
Dudes careless whisper started on the radio when the in watchinh you part
Bubble Simulator (5 days ago)
A squigi board
Raz G (6 days ago)
luigi board are scary
Panos CHEF (6 days ago)
Is it laggy?
NovaCorp (6 days ago)
*Mr robot?*
Grimreaper57 (6 days ago)
Is it me or does josh look exactly like Rami Malek?
kashingxu (5 days ago)
Grimreaper57 he is
Stacey Lundin (6 days ago)
the extra two limbs were her tits lol
patricia G (6 days ago)
I just love your accent 😆
China Wild (6 days ago)
**Gasp** He's got an *ooyah* board! Oh I love *squigi* boards!
HBKLambofan (7 days ago)
man jessica is THICC
wildwolf :3 (7 days ago)
Oh look a bird *Bird gets snowball raped*
Lydz Electric (7 days ago)
You really did pick all the bad choices...you didn't get Jess into her undies!!!
chad cordes (7 days ago)
U should play dishonered
Mark Ouellette (7 days ago)
I remember the first time I started playing this game I managed to get all the butterfly effects to happen while just trying to make the characters feel a bit more serious towards eachother and it ended up turning out pretty good.. other than the fact that 2 of them ended up dying and the rest survive haha. Also finding all the totems is pretty interesting as well.
Chowder Boy (7 days ago)
Wait a second is this the Kevin who trolled people on Black Ops way back in the day?
La Li Lu Le Lo (8 days ago)
It's her phone! It found it's way back!
_myst!c_ (8 days ago)
NovaCorp (8 days ago)
Is that Ward from Agents of SHIELD?
Bossitronio2014 (9 days ago)
The villain of the story is actually just Kevin
Does anyone know how many times he said "what the feck" og other "fecking" words?
21 Neo (9 days ago)
If I was in a don’t move situation I would die one second
Torio Oreo (9 days ago)
*rips deer head off* *deer body gets dragged back* “JESUS CHRIST THAT’S ONE BIG SQUIRREL, RUN”
Emem Hakalax (9 days ago)
Das one big sguirrel
why does josh look like that one guy who plays Freddie mercury
Ethan Gerding (6 days ago)
The Rains Down In Africa it’s the same guy
When she said all 7 limbs she meant head, arms, legs, and *boobs*
Scuffed af (9 days ago)
6:13 it’s the old Russian man that lives down the road
Antonio San Miguel (9 days ago)
This is quite much how i played it xD
I didn't know Freddy Mercury liked to go to the woods with his friends, when he was young. Nor was I aware that people would refuse to high five him.
Zachary Miller (9 days ago)
The light bald exploded because of over voltage
Arsenic Candy (9 days ago)
animal face (9 days ago)
Lmao I feel bad for the bird but the editing made if funny
Vio hazard (10 days ago)
I thought he said Luigi board😂😂
Random TV (10 days ago)
This guy sounds kinda like pewds
Magicpanda (10 days ago)
I shat as well at the start and at that window guy aaand at the second binoc part and those fucking squirrels
Mikey T. (10 days ago)
The gucci board
i believe i m in sims and jim pickens is in control, i keep ignoring signs and i think i m gonna be fired soon.
Jerson Garcia (10 days ago)
What the fuck is freddie doing here
Lagoto Bluesummers (11 days ago)
At the beginning of the game. "Just so y'all know. Y'all are gonna dye."
GSTACK57 (11 days ago)
Stop saying feck it’s annoying as FUCK
GSTACK57 (11 days ago)
This games is aids.
snipa_boi808 Games (11 days ago)
Who doesn’t play this but ur still watching it because it’s funny
Reggie the bunkler (11 days ago)
Killing Emily isn’t a bad option
J Tatom (11 days ago)
I love it when he says "jesus Christ " lol
Vincent (11 days ago)
1:14 uh default dance?? confirmed frotnite?!?! xd saveage prank rage lol
Winnipeg Is Cold (11 days ago)
Mike: Hail Hydra!! Josh: Hail Freddy Mercury!!
Jimmy Scotts (11 days ago)
he sounds like an Irish pewdiepie.
Annoya (11 days ago)
Just discovered. Excellent stuff. I love squeegee boards.
king mathers (11 days ago)
You're PewDiePie in disguise I'm calling it right now
Panda Gamer (11 days ago)
I hate scary things soooo scary games, movies, everything and you made this funny so thanks
"Ah that's a good point"
jafar alzuraijawi (12 days ago)
When she said seven limbs I realised that she meant her tits
Phoenix tv (12 days ago)
"shes so wet now shes gonna get pneumonia"
David’s Weird (12 days ago)
I love the Luigi board lol
Ben Lee (12 days ago)
You are a good narrator 👍 almost same voice as pewdiepie 🤔.
sean Reynolds (13 days ago)
ur irish like me
Grant's Gaming (13 days ago)
I’ve played this game and kept all the ladies alive through it SUCCESS
Rachel Believeth (13 days ago)
Omg this commentary got me 😂😂😂
George (13 days ago)
your a little fecking annoying
Maritia Pollard (13 days ago)
It was the squirrels
even with kevin’s tension releasing commentary, this game gives me the chills...
Andrew Mandrona (13 days ago)
a horror game that doesn't let you turn the lights on or make any other sensible decision. Why does this exist?
cameryn gomez (13 days ago)
Lol this is so funny! U sound like PewDiePie
spider venom47 (13 days ago)
I love squiji boards
Downward Spiral (13 days ago)
"We didn't come here just to tear each others heads off."
Hey It's Lily (14 days ago)
*wendigo screech* “it’s probably Matt freaking out about Emily again.” You had me wheezing, good job
SFV (14 days ago)
Why is mr robot being so social?
Genji (15 days ago)
Genji (15 days ago)
6:14 to 6:20 had me DYING
Neekerimees (15 days ago)
6:44 all "seven" of her limbs as in head, Lhand, Rhand, Lleg, Rleg, Ltit, Rtit? Talk about a bad joke
Trqpzy (15 days ago)
"And I feel something so right doing the wrong thing, and I feel something so right doing the wrong thing." - One Republic

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