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Minecraft Daily (FaceCam Edition) | Ep.257 | Ft. Steven | My new mysterious Dragon :D

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Text Comments (1771)
Moosification (10 months ago)
Why can't Steven congratulate his friends for once?
Shammycoop L (1 year ago)
Connor Freeman (3 years ago)
#mewsten #scmoans
Adrian Macias (3 years ago)
Steven is such a tryhard and a jackass
Kayzel Moo (3 years ago)
and why should we care this is a game stop saying about cards if u want to say about cards just go and watch pokemon vids and comment there 
KaylaPlays 4 Life (4 years ago)
i have pokemon cards in realz today i traded my charizard for a ~Mega Lucario EX~
StrawHat Mighty (4 years ago)
Surprised James (4 years ago)
he already knows that and you're 4 months late
skylander swapforce (4 years ago)
Use rare candy on mew to fet more levels
Joshua Saleh (4 years ago)
how come i got it in the nether noob
Vetle Georg Mathisen (4 years ago)
no in the Extreme hills noob
Joshua Saleh (4 years ago)
No u can find molt refs in the nether
oosacu (4 years ago)
Steven sounds so cute when he's like "You're lying he wasnt at the jungle! Was he?" XD
GamesAreHereToday (4 years ago)
What in the hell did I just read....
katarina (5 years ago)
Facecam is so useless but so funny <3
Lance Lee (5 years ago)
He doesn't need calm to fuck a 7 year old call of duty player.
Robin Chen (5 years ago)
there i no pokemon in the nether they just entered the portal
yourdemise06 (5 years ago)
Dumb ass read my comment again, I know what an acronym is. But you obviously don't know proper Grammar.
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
lol so u didnt learn what an acronym is in school lol, so when ur reading a fictional text or a magazine u dont understand any acronyms lol u will defiantly succeed in life
yourdemise06 (5 years ago)
Sorry they don't teach my acronyms like stfu in school, I learn real English.
SavageCombo HD (5 years ago)
shut the fuck up you bitch
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
its acronyms kid, pay attention in English class
yourdemise06 (5 years ago)
What was that? I don't speak retard.
1965fastfun (5 years ago)
when i finally get a pokemon game im gonna have phycics as my pokemon cuz they seem cool
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
stfu kid go sk off ur nan
yourdemise06 (5 years ago)
You should go back to school.
mudkipman phillips (5 years ago)
moltres probably will be found in the nether
TheEnemyIsNear (5 years ago)
you know how in each family u can tell whos the fav and whos not well in my life its my sis then brother. its nit then me i know no one likes me all i wanted for anything was a sly shirt then i get some bullshit say its to much and i cant get it. if its to much then why the fuck does my sister get gymnastics lessons and 150 dollars fucking jeans. i know so far this isnt related to slys minecraftdaily but now it does. starting now when i watch sly its the only thing that keeps me going thanks sly
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
aw u seem sad want me to hug u *hugs monitor* TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Harvey Ward (5 years ago)
*sigh* you make no sense at all, I kind of feel sorry for you
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
hurt myself lol ur retarted u think fkin jack reaper is gonna come threw and stab me fkin idiot calling me a squeaker as if im actually speakng who's the five year old? retard go play with urself kid
Harvey Ward (5 years ago)
1. that's impossible (unless I got a rib surgically removed) 2. That is the best comeback of the century 3. get a life you sad, sad little boy because I would have thought that an adult would be more logical then you. Fucking five year old squeaker get off the internet before you hurt yourself
Harvey Ward (5 years ago)
fucking idiot
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
much appreciated
ZiiKiiFF (5 years ago)
Your comebacks are still great...
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
dafuk are u his grandma, go play with ur self kid
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
i'll comeback to ur moms house and give u a brother son
DigitalRadiation (5 years ago)
they actually went through the portal they don't spawn in the nether
Isaac Carter (5 years ago)
If this your victory then this is my victory 5 secs later never mind i don't want to win
Speglin (5 years ago)
i agree so much
ZiiKiiFF (5 years ago)
That is the best come back anyone has ever come up with...
Leeroy Jenkins (5 years ago)
Well, you've got a bad temper.
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
Nobody is forcing you to read my comment, therefore shut the fuck up you grammar Nazi.
GamingFreaks202 (5 years ago)
Learn how to fucking spell and use grammar please. I BEG OF YOU.
pichuman40 (5 years ago)
Steven doesn't know that when you train pokemon, they end up stronger then wild pokemon of the same level and species.
leda monster (5 years ago)
to tell you the truth minecraft daily got a whole lot better with pokémon
TheXwerecat (5 years ago)
If there was pokemon in the nether it would be in a temple and it would be groudon
Cosmic Conical (5 years ago)
Do* I really wish I weren't so damn prideful of my smarts.
Chicken Wang (5 years ago)
pokemon does not spawn in the nether,they went into the nether.
Acemcbean Piff (5 years ago)
Sly.... your face is so pretty...
brynn wales (5 years ago)
if you see here every commeent from JetPr0ductions is flagged as spam so basically he lost this battle
Alona Keller (5 years ago)
actually there are! :D my brother and i read the whole list cuz we were bored! XD question: how can you be sure of someone's sextuality by only reading one comment they posted? @o@ and i do know what n00b means! i googled it! :D XD
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
u dont know what noob means... and there are not rules faggot its the internet
Fixertin (5 years ago)
some people right?
corey bunch (5 years ago)
swehs (5 years ago)
Alona Keller (5 years ago)
... 1 of the many rules of the internet: caps lock = n00b
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
Mr. Cuddlesworth (5 years ago)
Fuck you Steven!
RitzKrakerz (5 years ago)
I must say with a heavy heart, welcome to the internet. i know how you feel.
Jaxen Bendele (5 years ago)
Can u make it facecam every time
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
Calm to? and u call me 7 lol well played kid well played
Tariq Castro (5 years ago)
I think he means the homie server..
Jesse Frisbee (5 years ago)
skip to 10:10 close your eyes and let your imagination run wild till 10:21
ColdProductAisle9 (5 years ago)
I did...dick
KHkeyofdestiny (5 years ago)
It is private, so there is no way anyone but the ones who know can join.
blackphoniex9942 (5 years ago)
whats slys minecraft server??
Samuel Scott (5 years ago)
He already hash
Matilde Vidir (5 years ago)
Bring in huskymudkips
Nathan Sloan (5 years ago)
That little puppychef thing at 6:14 actually gets me to like every single one of Sly's videos, cause most of the time i just forget
Jacob Robinson (5 years ago)
Is it just me or is that a hoho
Fixertin (5 years ago)
im just pointing out the obvious not my fault you were oblivious
ShortTerror (5 years ago)
Fixertin (5 years ago)
technically he did
Riddlydiddly (5 years ago)
dont get rude sly's homienights shouldn't argue this is why he slowly loses subs because he has alot of rude homies just like everyone with alot more subs have even more chaos like pewds or raywilliamjohnson and even smosh
Thatcoolkid Lamp (5 years ago)
sly ive honestly never seen a bad thing about u payin pixelmon
Ventiro Forcystus (5 years ago)
Ventiro Forcystus (5 years ago)
mewsten we have a problem
daabeaner (5 years ago)
You past a SANDILE
Meershall The Meercat (5 years ago)
Minecraft daily is better with Pokémon
redwarrior864 (5 years ago)
Did anyone else see that sandslash committing suicide?
Carrion Hound (5 years ago)
LOL Steven loses battle
PKblaze (5 years ago)
You mean Deoxy's? Remember it like this ' deoxy'ribonucleic acid. For some reason I find the Scientific name of DNA so easy to remember.
PKblaze (5 years ago)
I need an adult, I NEED AN ADULT!
Yatos (5 years ago)
Sly On my Channel i Have a tutorial on how to get you brightness to 1,050! You Said You Needed It. Like It So SlyFox Can See!
Zerogravity (5 years ago)
there are no pokemon in the nether they just cqme tough the potal
Potato Lord (5 years ago)
i love pokemon so yea p.s. i started watching when sky was here you should bring him back
Kon Everest (5 years ago)
build a ;Pixelmon Arena
Seranthi (5 years ago)
Callum Draper (5 years ago)
When they was battling there was a dexeses legendary
PlatinumRB (5 years ago)
You cant get Pokémon in the nether. In 1.4.2 mobs can walk through portals so a couple did walk through
ZeeWee CalebWGB (5 years ago)
Lol I love dis stuff
ZeeWee CalebWGB (5 years ago)
liam clements (5 years ago)
They should add giratina in the nether
Zuniga (5 years ago)
as long as your having fun sly
Jamie Wright (5 years ago)
their the same
Kotarian (5 years ago)
steven sounds like hes outside
albert sanchez (5 years ago)
sly plz friend me on facebook or skype my name is killerpancake50 on facebook its albert sanchez
Chand HI (5 years ago)
Seamus* :) just wanted to make sure you knew not trying to be a grammar nazi

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