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(Co-op) James, Jordan & Kevin Lost in The Forest [2] "NIGHT HORDE"

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Remember to leave a like or a dislike and/or a comment down below to let me know if you liked it or what we could improve on for the future! I don't know if any of you have ever gotten lost in a forest with these guys, but I don't think I can keep living like this. I think Jordan is more likely to kill us rather than the cannibals. The Forest co-op playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoDG9vFEGQhMA_UoulweCdXUxI3Qe7jpx ps: pls help me and maybe James ====================================== Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/GoldenBlackHawk Check out my stream page! http://www.twitch.tv/goldenblackhawk Follow me on Tumblr! http://goldenblackhawk.tumblr.com/ Peek into my store! http://www.redbubble.com/people/goldenblackhawk/portfolio Love anime? Get a Crunchyroll special extended 14-day pass! http://crunchyroll.com/goldenblackhawk
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Text Comments (115)
Julienne Evidente (1 year ago)
kevin's scream was glorious
TM Salem (2 years ago)
Jordan:Is that a bunny *Cannibal hop across the screen* me:dying of laughter
Evan Jaquez (3 years ago)
BuckMarley (3 years ago)
God damn it crunchyroll
Ninja Pups (3 years ago)
Kevin's scream XD priceless
Parrade (3 years ago)
that was amazing
The Captain Crow (3 years ago)
*DATZNAWTAHBUHNY* I be afraid 'ere be a decodin' process soon if someone doesn't get what me said...
Creature Mouse (3 years ago)
Lumberjack Moose (3 years ago)
Who noticed the pokeball at 14 20?
zombieland180 (3 years ago)
Hey play pineview drive
Yahaira Maldonado (3 years ago)
Awesome plz do more plz yeah
Sketchy D (3 years ago)
u guys must go on with the forest :(
spong mongler (3 years ago)
poor kevin ;-; also you can kill a komodo dragon with a stick 1 hit? great to know I'll go try it
Aaron Cheung (3 years ago)
Haha! Loving the series so far and James' reaction to the cannibals is hilarious, lol!!
xlHorizon (3 years ago)
..was hella excited to see the second part of this >>;
Unyu Duet (3 years ago)
Gonna love Jordan's hypocrisy. 
ItsMonAlpha (3 years ago)
oh my god i got so fucking scared
Pura Veeduh (3 years ago)
6:32 xD
Tw1s7 (3 years ago)
I'm really digging this. Kinda miss the old Co-op stuff the gang use to do. This is a good reminded of how good they work together when scared shitless :D
TheTacticalcheez (3 years ago)
Hay why are all the rest of the vids in the playlist private
Connor Bruce (3 years ago)
Kevin hitting woman with axes until they are completely naked, hahaha.
Jay0253 (3 years ago)
This game is so scary ;_; 
SpaceClown404 (3 years ago)
Also 60 fps mmmm
SpaceClown404 (3 years ago)
Why wont you upload pineview im gonna cry
Taylor Ward (3 years ago)
kevin pls turn your mic down a bit, it's a lot louder than james' and jordan's
bioshock2multiplayer (3 years ago)
isnt there a bow and arrow in this game now?
RBCnetwork (3 years ago)
6:33 holy shit im crying
oldaccount (3 years ago)
I hope you continue this series Kevin, if you do you <3
Jademoon25 (3 years ago)
The cannibal night shift is fucking scary!! lol the dialogue and activities through this is reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project. 
Laci Temple (3 years ago)
Mikayla Black (3 years ago)
I can't say this enough... I freaking love you guys!!!! :D
dna456bob (3 years ago)
That scream doe lol.
petekron (3 years ago)
This series is amazing
J4m3z Wils0n (3 years ago)
So the first thing you wan to do is get a nice fire going so you can see Standing fires are nice also effigies. Second cook all your food with either a fire or a Drying Rack bunnies, lizard's, dear meat and fish can all be cooked. Third Build a base for protection with walls and traps for the cannibals. Fourth Weapons and combat: cloth+ booze makes Molotov, stick + skull makes a club, stick+ cloth makes a torch tree sap is used to combine things to certain weapons like teeth.
Wavy Waves (3 years ago)
That was like ... Not even a good time to scream/freak out like that. Like at all. It would have been great if he stopped looking in his bag and then they were in his face but he clearly already saw them.
Stonkie (3 years ago)
+SubSIL3NT Podcast It's gonna be on the other channels. Jordans uploading his, james is late in uploading these kind of series.
SubSIL3NT Podcast (3 years ago)
+StephCanCookSorta there were many times when i wanted to see thier povs 
Stonkie (3 years ago)
+SubSIL3NT Podcast But it's only 3 people, they do it on the hub because it's like 5 people. 
SubSIL3NT Podcast (3 years ago)
+StephCanCookSorta same reason they do it on the hub. 
Stonkie (3 years ago)
+SubSIL3NT Podcast Why would they do that?
Cora is probably a Cat (3 years ago)
I love it when you play games that make me want to die inside... jk I love this series, keep up the great work Kevin <3
Cristian (3 years ago)
What is with Kevin's exaggerated scream..
Ibfinity (3 years ago)
Because he was surrounded by them when he exited his inventory.
insane .zebra (3 years ago)
+Dreggn0g that wasn't a troll.
G0nggerd (3 years ago)
0/10 troll, nice try m8
insane .zebra (3 years ago)
yelling= views. just look at pewdiepies channel for example
Caitlyn Boudreau (3 years ago)
I love these videos <3
K3D91 (3 years ago)
that scream just pissed me the fuck off.
Hendlton (3 years ago)
Is this Day One Gary's Incident the Sequel?Because it looks like it is.
Gilbert Wallace (3 years ago)
Fail bait, -2/10
TheEditedOne (3 years ago)
Was that a pokeball at 5:23? Looked like it. Is this a first person pokemon game?
Golden Toasters (3 years ago)
I thought it was one at first also, lol
TheEditedOne (3 years ago)
+Scott Meeker Oh yeah! Looks like a pokeball with one half kinda buried in the ground. Would've been cooler :(.
Scott Meeker (3 years ago)
God damn you need an eye test!!! It was a hard hat!!!
Nasty Daddy (3 years ago)
They should play 7 days to die
Captain Capybara (3 years ago)
When Kevin looked up and saw the people and just screamed, I cried a little. :')
Alice Knight (3 years ago)
+Kappa XD  LOLZ
SiftBlade (3 years ago)
I sucked a little dick. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Connor Bruce (3 years ago)
+Jafar Turner Na, I sharted a little.
Cathnir (3 years ago)
I super saiyaned a little
I pissed a little.
Nam3less (3 years ago)
If only these three chaps would play together CS:GO competitive...
GorillaUnicorn (3 years ago)
+extremetrollface Go fuck yourself.
Ibfinity (3 years ago)
+Vultures R Us I wouldn't dare. :P
I Am Yumps (3 years ago)
+Ibfinity Oh, my bad, I miss understood what you were saying in your previous comment. I thought you were calling Sp00n a butt face.
Ibfinity (3 years ago)
+Vultures R Us Because he told Sp00n to go F himself for no apparent reason.
I Am Yumps (3 years ago)
+Ibfinity Care to explain how or why he is?
Ciclopotis (3 years ago)
Man, Jordan's voice sounds really crappy, he cuts off at the end way too often.
JafarT Jenkins (3 years ago)
I think its something either with jordans skype or kevins. Not to bigga deal for me though. 
Magiichan (3 years ago)
oh :o
Ciclopotis (3 years ago)
No, it's not that, he cuts off sometimes mid sentence, it irks me a little. Oh well, no bigey
Magiichan (3 years ago)
Oh, nevermind 13:48 That's ingame though, he was using his walkytalky xD
Magiichan (3 years ago)
Haven't noticed :o
AngryBoy (3 years ago)
Billy Stewart (3 years ago)
I wish they'd play RUST again
Ibfinity (3 years ago)
 6:33 scared the shit out of me! xD lol
ObitoTHEwraith (3 years ago)
i really like this series.
Epicjax (3 years ago)
These are my favorite, I could rewatch them 100 times
Medemons (3 years ago)
Kevin went out like a man.
PATRICK (3 years ago)
retarded screaming
DeathBySporkTV (3 years ago)
Gosia Cegiełka (3 years ago)
Where are the pineview drive and evil within though?
SpaceClown404 (3 years ago)
I cant find anyone else that I wanna watch play pineview and most of them dont speak english
Gosia Cegiełka (3 years ago)
Yeah, I lost them in The Forest
Garrett Munoz (3 years ago)
Like if this is a comment
TheTOASTEDJoe (3 years ago)
Kevin you sexy man

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