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Custom Zombies on Lockdown V.2 Part Finale

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https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnlyBentley
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Text Comments (144)
Ryan Wilmoth (4 years ago)
they where going for 22 rounds
Ryan Wilmoth (4 years ago)
bentley found buyable ending meatys points 19990 hahahahahahahhhahahhahahhahah
Ryan Wilmoth (4 years ago)
you traded your ray gun for a stg bentley why you knew it was a normal stg dude
Fiction of the Galaxy (4 years ago)
Buy the end
Part 3?
Abigail Duncan (4 years ago)
You look like you win all the time
Germanic Man (4 years ago)
meaty you shod upgrad mp40
Deathmetal496 (4 years ago)
Pp near pap
D Wallz (4 years ago)
Just pack a punch your weapons you have a million dollars
He din't show t
Jakob Johnson (4 years ago)
*screams at computer:PACK-A-PUNCH THE FUCKING RAYGUN!!!!!!!
Ruslans Ukrainecs (5 years ago)
cccccooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll gggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
NextInLine008 (5 years ago)
It's annoying because he didn't show the whole map
Coolstuff115 (5 years ago)
Meaty ballzed it up
GrimReaperSavage69 (5 years ago)
PPSH was in world at war original maps so they made it
Hotdog963z (5 years ago)
Fail at end meaty watch where u hit f
This just in, Meaty's a F***ing BADASS!
Andrew Vivo (5 years ago)
i dont care meatwagon is still awesome no matter what
Andrew Vivo (5 years ago)
The Challenge of it is to survive Dir *derp face*
Captain Cookie (5 years ago)
Why did they make the ppsh upgraded if it's not in zombies original maps
josé Natanael (5 years ago)
y u no pack-a-punch ray gun
Kirito_Slays (5 years ago)
Game ended from dumbness.
zackattack30102 (5 years ago)
how come you dont pack a punch the ray gun its sooo good
I Samoe I (5 years ago)
well never mind i posted the that coment in the middle of the video
I Samoe I (5 years ago)
i wonder if the zombags can get inn that room u have to crouch to get in to ?
Itami (6 years ago)
LoLkiller59 (6 years ago)
y no u buy the ammo pack??
ElateNazty (6 years ago)
you forgot max ammo
Jack Curran (6 years ago)
wrong side
IkU (6 years ago)
please make a video how to download custom zombie maps
donkor thomas (6 years ago)
u messed up man
Adam (6 years ago)
8:00 Bentley: oh end game, end game 20000 K. Meaty:nice (20000 is nothin bitches) *thinks to himself
Igatone (6 years ago)
meat, could you upgrade some different weapons you don't normally use? that would be pretty fun to see :o
Ajax2378 (6 years ago)
their probably missing 1 of those doors, because those doors opened it up, so if they find the other one it probably removes it and then zombies are able to go down there
Will McManus (6 years ago)
Hey by the way i know sometimes in the maps it has upgraded ammo but no pack-a-punch it is because it is a der reise mod so all the guns say upgraded ammo with them but sometimes no pack-a-punch.
Sc x ROLOZz (6 years ago)
the people who make theese kinds of maps should be the people who makes the maps for zombies on black ops 2!
Epic Epicness (6 years ago)
i see what you mean, for the most part i agree. because zombies is basicaly supposed to be a challenge...
BladeX Captin (6 years ago)
u make the best videos
happydragon415 (6 years ago)
U should've switched the ray gun with the PP :(
OMGaBALLOON (6 years ago)
"20 000 to end game" Hmmm, this looks like ammo. Hehe that made me laugh. Nice one meaty :)
javon3097 (6 years ago)
my buyable ending would be 1,000,000,000,000
The01swag (6 years ago)
Epic fail
computergeek4000 (6 years ago)
2oh Bros (6 years ago)
Then watch the who vid before telling him to do stuff next time sherlock.
Joseph Dodds (6 years ago)
13:23 Perfectly good browning to use.............. nahhhhhh lets use the reaper
Terraapples (6 years ago)
@DontMessWithLAKKY Well they were going to put it in moon as a special surprise but some idiot game tester leaked ascension then got fired in June/July but before that he tested moon. So he leaked it too early and black ops developers changed it around cause they still had time :(
mat kropp (6 years ago)
When bentley pointed out there was a end game for 20000 Meaty had 19990 :)
Eric Sohn (6 years ago)
your friend traid the ray gun he is a noob
Hodge0331 (6 years ago)
Whats up with the different kinds of Nades?!
Someone Relevant (6 years ago)
Meat why u point whore
Jsakadonvito123456 (6 years ago)
hyper played zombies with them way more than gunns
TJay730 (6 years ago)
lol meats title: part finale
wimpyzeus14 (6 years ago)
zombies are dumb but cool!
gameview123 (6 years ago)
guys play airport!!! ( see yots vid) its FU*KING COOL!
Jessi sakacsi (6 years ago)
PP-SH is the best gun ever
RandomNutjob (6 years ago)
Bit of a coding faux pas seeing how the Zombies can't get into the PaP room Otherwise it was an interesting map and I like the separate start points - hoping do something similar in other custom maps or even in the next Zombies game I know the likelihood is low but if ever wanna just kick back and have fun with some subs I'd be game anytime, consider the chance a privilege As ever, look forward to where you go next
Danish Khan (6 years ago)
bring the gang back spider and gunns
AnCapricornus (6 years ago)
ok the point is that i wasn't at the part where he goes to the pack room and i want'd to see if the zombiesz could get in the pack room. BRRRRROO!!!!
SetItOnFire101 (6 years ago)
Meat what kind of computer do you have?
Andreas G (6 years ago)
y u no buying double tap?
MsAamupala (6 years ago)
broughman420 (6 years ago)
of course he did you can only type that on microsoft word
Lewis Heap (6 years ago)
they sure did like putting the mags on the side of the guns in WaW
mirusse (6 years ago)
Buyable endings are shit
David Groark (6 years ago)
i have just been trolled
ChunkyBeckz (6 years ago)
Play Yotes Lair please, with yoteslaya ofcourse ^^
Oz Stephenson (6 years ago)
he isn't using nazi grammar, he's a grammar nazi o.O
NorwegianRusher (6 years ago)
Yet, he's getting the likes, not you, Nazi grammar!
BMRandoms (6 years ago)
Ben D (6 years ago)
get gunns and spider to play
charlie marlow (6 years ago)
where's all the beast vs dumber vid's
2oh Bros (6 years ago)
13:17 Bro
CAPSULECORP (6 years ago)
Ulises Gonzalez (6 years ago)
racist -_-
Joe Lucero (6 years ago)
i think he lives with a girlfriend
Derek Schibler (6 years ago)
"End game 20000." meaty has 19990 points lol
settawut leenavong (6 years ago)
you must be americans
AnCapricornus (6 years ago)
OK I was only at l2:00 and i wansnt at the ending yet so ya
AnCapricornus (6 years ago)
see if the zombies can get you in the pack room,because you have to crouch and zombies dont crouch!! TRY I DARE YOU!!!! MAKE ANOTHERONE!!! ;D
jetman0506 (6 years ago)
Nigga thats fucked up
GeorgeFPM (6 years ago)
I noticed that too.
PatchthisASAP (6 years ago)
@nick ramos you can purchase this game on steam (call of duty world at war) then download the map in the description.
tomikaze777 (6 years ago)
Meat, that whole game you seemed bored. Bentley bought almost every barrier and switch and you were relegated to the guy who said, "oops the crawler died", right after you killed him and abandoned your team mate only to "accidentally" buy the ending instead of ammo. Still fun, but you need a good challenge I think.
billy cash (6 years ago)
nukedaddy420 (6 years ago)
no there wasnt your dumb
Christian Mendoza (6 years ago)
why did u didnt buy the end when you had the money
Carl Kowproski (6 years ago)
What happened to Brocraft
culvers1000 (6 years ago)
try to get the hole crew back together on zombies
spino2000100 (6 years ago)
togood2222 (6 years ago)
lol, he is a lying little bugger huh
DaSkaterdude97 (6 years ago)
meaty you didnt need ammo, im catching on to your tricks. :) P.S. i would have done the same
halofreak3355 (6 years ago)
TheThegreatmightypoo (6 years ago)
epic end fail
blakedawg9 (6 years ago)
lol this is world at war
Dan Chauvo (6 years ago)
Meat, please try to get 4 ppl if you can't get the old Unit together. 2 is getting boring :P
nick ramos (6 years ago)
what website is this game on i really wont to play this
wertywert9999 (6 years ago)
Derpasaur (6 years ago)
this is random, but doesnt the as50 remind you of the ptr-s, or the other way around?
Nitro (6 years ago)
smdiddy (6 years ago)
lol meat always trollin

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