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Ninja & King Richard vs SypherPK & NICKMERCS - Game 1 - Fortnite Tournament Gameplay

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Text Comments (5234)
Ninja (27 days ago)
The Grand Finals are starting soon! Come watch! https://www.twitch.tv/ninja
Sandra Diaz Ragel (6 days ago)
Ninja is the best player of fortnite omg¡
Google Is Awesome (9 days ago)
Did you not see the snipers you missed two
Zahran Sassi (11 days ago)
Youtuber Fan542 (1 day ago)
Ummm Ninja ya ok I hear u Spam the button really hard like if ya argree
Dean Martino (2 days ago)
The Shovel Brothers (4 days ago)
PS4 is the best
Zimbo (4 days ago)
11:27 really annoying how he has a green pump and missed the blue one (look at the bottom left of the screen at 11:30)
Eefke Gerritsma (5 days ago)
David Ore (7 days ago)
DragonBOSS7235 (8 days ago)
8:27 rude much?
Ninja The Best Bro :D
Gregory Seiler (8 days ago)
Adrian Quintero (9 days ago)
Wow you didn’t post the one against cloak and Tfue damn you trash
Ninja is bad bunny Yeyeyeee 10:16 xD
Spiva Books (9 days ago)
pech axal (10 days ago)
burfeckt (10 days ago)
Can someone explain how these work don’t understand they all group together and different platforms and the whoever outlives longest wins?
pech axal (10 days ago)
hajj blub (10 days ago)
Wyatt Harkness (11 days ago)
That is offensive cause consol builds as much as pc. Just because your r good dosnt mean your able to be rude
xlority 101 (11 days ago)
ninja season 5 is going to have the ponpondance
GalaxyGirl9753 (12 days ago)
Let's just take a moment to appreciate how ninja got 4 kills in 3 minutes. 😂
Mhamad Lakkis (12 days ago)
What a haunting rifle men you're the best ninja
Andrew Avila (13 days ago)
Why is a ps4 player in the tournament?
Aktham Alloush 2 (13 days ago)
I love the sound of keyboard
najim rifi (13 days ago)
Reis Mallory (15 days ago)
Check out RTB GAMING videos he pretty good https://t.co/pKKWl2kDRU
Paul Vidal (15 days ago)
Does anybody have Xbox than if does anybody want to play bc I can carry and build godly
Paul Vidal (15 days ago)
My user name on Xbox is XboxMaster12288 and text me its you from nina
SnD _ (15 days ago)
https://youtu.be/8pxcKd9dTTI 19 Kills Duo ! Look and comment pls
James Wade (15 days ago)
Was up
-jessie pierce- (15 days ago)
10:22..watch your profanity young man😂😂👌🏽
Psycho Purple Snake (15 days ago)
What ur real name
HeX - Gaming & More (16 days ago)
“I’m the best” humble lol I whould say that tooo
HeX - Gaming & More (16 days ago)
Aren’t u guys on pc servers
HeX - Gaming & More (16 days ago)
God that’s all I half to say
ACiD AGE (16 days ago)
jeez dude, lube your keyboard 😁
aja jaj (16 days ago)
king richard is pretty bad XD
Zaza Esitashvili (16 days ago)
your keyboard annoynnggggg
yo ya (17 days ago)
Lit_FaDays (17 days ago)
eww dast nasty ninja lit
Victor Fernandez (17 days ago)
good brooo
Razvan Dobre (17 days ago)
You oatary doyng da scar da bich the4 kills
Daniel Moore (17 days ago)
If you put a scar in my hand its............. Game
Led Z (17 days ago)
How is it a tournament if there on the same team. Don't get mad just explain pls
yo ya (18 days ago)
Nathan Phifer (18 days ago)
Why did he leave the Medkit when he drank the shield?
Xavier Haynes (18 days ago)
DIRE Loky (18 days ago)
Wow this fucking PlayStation server making console players look bad, I play on Xbox and we get in huge build fights all the time
I hate how u can hear his keyboard and mouse
Yohana Moreta (19 days ago)
Ninja you are the best player In the world
Cecilia Carbonaro (19 days ago)
Randomology (19 days ago)
Ninja has so much wood he can build meh a fort.
Randomology (19 days ago)
Dude Ninja is amazing don’t you agree? Man
TSM Alex (19 days ago)
Wo good job ninja crack
Syed Ali (19 days ago)
ninja what is your email address
Alana Bressler (20 days ago)
Bassment (20 days ago)
They were playing keyboard on console for this, I dont know why but it seems alot less cool now.
Ève Robert (20 days ago)
Very very very very strong OMG
Mauro Schulz (20 days ago)
At 12:00 he didnt even see his opponent 😂
NIKITA offical (20 days ago)
ninja ki ara supta yle xar
Maximiliano Barriga (20 days ago)
Ninja tfue plis
Nicholas Cox (20 days ago)
When is you your next give away
Richard Compton (20 days ago)
0:00-14:37 (YAWN) 😴
Shivam Patel (20 days ago)
Ninja next time you do a tournament just cling your teammates that your facing and kill them with an rpg or some explosive
The Legendary Sofa (21 days ago)
Vid just came out but 5.1K Comments
Music Lover (21 days ago)
I dare you to go in the storm
Firethacannons (20 days ago)
I dare you to jump off a bridge
M15 gammer (21 days ago)
Ninja your the best Fortnite player I ever seen.
Firethacannons (20 days ago)
Imo Tfue is much better
OLIE& BRAD (21 days ago)
This thumbnail is somethong ceeday would use
Savage Gaming Kid (21 days ago)
Ninja u should play with your fans again
Reckless 47 (21 days ago)
AREZ GAMER (21 days ago)
Ellis Fuller (21 days ago)
Jackson Engeman (21 days ago)
Keyboard toooooooooooo loud
DragonBallFighter X (21 days ago)
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zmjq (21 days ago)
Add me up on xbox - zmjq
RafStar (21 days ago)
Wow 35 kill total that’s mad
s alhojailan (21 days ago)
الو احبك
Ashley Rueda (21 days ago)
People talk about noobs breaking floors with chests on them how bout best player in the game blowin em up with c4 😂😂😉
אליה צדוק 2 (21 days ago)
You missed a trap on the roof
Military Update (22 days ago)
Ninja don't anymore!!! starts dancing next to enemies and alredy knows he gonna win Lol
Noah Stankiewicz (16 days ago)
Military Update english????
Jake Pursley (22 days ago)
Say Nick goes down and sypher needs to get the revive, is ninja allowed to block him out so he cant get it off?
It’s Mattroll (22 days ago)
Sub to my channel plz The goat mattroll244
Joshua van Beest (22 days ago)
Ninja and hunting rifle.
Lana The killer (22 days ago)
You’re beautiful ❤️
Thomas Brown (22 days ago)
Yay ninja
NINJA Official (22 days ago)
hello guys Attention I came up with my 2-youtube channel who would like to join you and who's not the one
ArekMystic (22 days ago)
Pozdro Jacoba
Ankle Breaker 2x (22 days ago)
0:23 he said niggas
I_got Barzz (22 days ago)
I like that raven glider!👍
Wr7 Reyes (22 days ago)
Your the best can we play together
jardel vip (22 days ago)
Ninja puedes pones subtítulos en español Por favor
natalia kelley (22 days ago)
2ed vid today yay!!! 😁😁
Dorthia Wilson (22 days ago)
Ninja can I play on fortnite with u because I need duo and solo wins so can help me and can u try to give me vbucks and I will see u in your next video
Domivator G. Rex (22 days ago)
Just to be clear, they couldn't impulse or shoot down the other duo team right?
Felipe Luna (22 days ago)
Can you add me ninja please
HARRY HARPER (22 days ago)
Diamond Tacos (23 days ago)
13.23 mins bush camping
MyJ11111 (23 days ago)
وحش امريكا (23 days ago)
راكان احسن منك😈✌🇸🇦
Captain Hart (23 days ago)
Dock dock

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