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Injustice 2 All Super Moves Includes Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles And All DLC Characters 1080p 60 FPS

3711 ratings | 463496 views
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Text Comments (308)
Gabriel LAIGO (14 hours ago)
pauvre batman entre bane, deadshot, le joker, et Robin il a du souffrir
cute animal videos (2 days ago)
in the next one I hope they add el diablo, killer frost, raven, beast boy, katana, killer croc, vixen, zatana, bumble bee, the other kids from the hive, bat girl, black lightning, and reverb/vibe
A lot of lame heroes
Cordelia Graham (3 days ago)
Green Lantern: Spawns weapons and machines with green ring Atrocitus: Animal Loving Lava Monster :3
Zone Stalker Morozov (4 days ago)
7:36 You're gonna extract him?
Mero Zeck (4 days ago)
thats a fuk#i#g game steals mkx like raiden wth he is doing here and same on subzero and no fatilty
BossCrazyRoss (4 days ago)
So raiden and subzero but no scorpion?
BossCrazyRoss (4 days ago)
Whats that wannabe antmans name?
Whats the song at the end
SPAMwd (3 days ago)
Clams Casino - I'm God
사시부리토토로 (6 days ago)
난자 거북이가 왜 여기에서 나와 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kenzi Kapture (7 days ago)
7:20 Batman
Oriru Bastard (8 days ago)
Hmm... When I was looking at those moves, it felt like there was no punch behind them.
Iolex128 (8 days ago)
2:16 Atom Man Wins FATALITY
GabyIT Cheetah (9 days ago)
Super Man?More like SUPER FUCKED
Ambili Raj (9 days ago)
If only Marvel had these kind of games . It would be awesome. Netherrealm Studios please read this comment
Mohammed Afzan (10 days ago)
Why are there characters from mortal kombat
Mathe macits (12 days ago)
the same actor that plays one of the ghostbusters and the father from the movie coneheads would be a good movie actor for apocalypse
SPADEBLADE 3685 (11 days ago)
Mathe macits lol marvel shouldn’t of copied everyone is confused 😂😂😂
Mathe macits (11 days ago)
+SPADEBLADE 3685 my bad i meant darkseid
SPADEBLADE 3685 (11 days ago)
Why are you talking about apocalypse and the guy that shoots lasers is superman
Mathe macits (12 days ago)
or whoever the guy is that be shootin lasers out his eyes
R Bintang OS (14 days ago)
Mopslayer 28 (14 days ago)
Sub zero did his spine rip fatality
Syvy Sarvida (15 days ago)
TMNT are so badass than Triborg in MKX.
Ynigo Fogata (16 days ago)
sub zero lokks epic
Magne Toftanes (16 days ago)
(ノ^∇^) me when i watch a video with scarecrow in it He is badass
Ian Mish (17 days ago)
Outro Music?
Blue bird (17 days ago)
What happen to Shazam ? Superman said he and Green Arrow were casulties...
SPADEBLADE 3685 (11 days ago)
Blue bird he killed them both
Tony Shum (19 days ago)
5:11 dick thrusted me but you never will XD
Stars.seeker6 (19 days ago)
feels like batmans super move was underwhelming and you missed one dlc character power girl
Suran Khoramdin (19 days ago)
The hilarious stupidest bs of all is batmans ending...!... he jumps for example a guy and he use a baloon for example waits hours or minutes to get that guy in the sky and shoot him with bullets... lol... !!
milan ridgley (19 days ago)
I love these DlC but I think they should make another one with Dr. Manhatten , Spawn , killer croc, zantanna , Dead man , and also Vibe I think this would make a great DLC pack
Austin Hawkins (5 days ago)
milan ridgley I didn't really think about it but that is true
milan ridgley (5 days ago)
Austin Hawkins black lighting is already in the game he is with raiden
Austin Hawkins (5 days ago)
They should also put Black Lightning
Austin Hawkins (5 days ago)
shit why not throw in beast boy
Patrick Star (14 days ago)
milan ridgley red tornado as well
Anna Koźlińska (20 days ago)
I wonder what next!?Lord of the Rings vs Mortal Kombat!?
Daenerys (21 days ago)
yay raiden
ian fontanet (21 days ago)
If Capcom and netherrealm teamed up to make a megaman fighting game, the rosters would be like this: Rock/megaman Roll Blues/protoman Forte/bass Cutman Elecman Iceman Fireman Bombman Gutsman Timeman Oilman Airman Crashman Flashman Quickman Metalman Bubbleman Heatman Woodman Topman Shadowman Sparkman Magnetman Hardman Snakeman Geminiman Needleman Dustman Skullman Diveman Drillman Toadman Brightman Pharaohman Ringman Chargeman Waveman Starman Gravityman Gyroman Crystalman Napalmman Stoneman Blizzardman Plantman Tomahawkman Yamatoman Knightman Centaurman Windman Flameman Freezeman Burstman Cloudman Junkman Shademan Turboman Slashman Springman Frostman Tenguman Clownman Grenademan Aquaman Swordman Searchman or searchmen Astroman Hornetman Splashwoman Concreteman Galaxyman Jewelman Plugman Tornadoman Magmaman Nitroman Commandoman Blademan Strikeman Sheepman Pumpman Solarman And chillman With the dlc pack 1 consisting of megaman killers and the genesis units, dlc pack 2 consisting of stardroids and sunstar, and dlc pack 3 consisting of 6 robot masters from megaman and bass duo and king It would have a total of 109 characters, that is a lot of characters I know but Capcom if you hear this, please make it happen
FOOKIN HALE (22 days ago)
0:25 tyler1
L-STORM The MC (22 days ago)
black mantra my favorite and scarecrow 😆👊
Situp 321 (24 days ago)
Everything about black manta in this game is badass.
Warren Taeurda (26 days ago)
Wheres reverse flash
Shayaan Khan (26 days ago)
Who the hell is god of thunder raiden or Thor
Elementis ! (13 days ago)
Thor, Raiden is the god of lightning.
Cam Bazzzzz (27 days ago)
Yo where’s arrow?
Travislikeaboss (27 days ago)
Whos the second person
Trevone 17 (27 days ago)
20:57 the Female Captain America
Phenoix (26 days ago)
Trevone 17 nah , she aint the female of anyone. She is wonder woman
Yusuke FuryRoad (29 days ago)
Aquaman must not like Hirambe
Random Person (29 days ago)
I just have to say this. TARA STRONG DOES THE BEST HARLEY QUINN VOICE, EVER. That is all. I’ll see myself to the door.
John Connor (30 days ago)
Man, all Dc needs is a good movie and they’ll be fine.
zPrxqz (30 days ago)
0:26 me when they block a super move
instantsurgery (1 month ago)
scarecrow's was my fave, with atrocitus and aquaman
juuzousuzuya 929 (1 month ago)
Doesn't the blade of Robin's sword look kinda like the blades from the swords in attack on titan (shingeki no kyojin)
Khalil Williams (1 month ago)
Three things: 1. I stg, I thought Sub-Zero was Captain Cold. 2. Robin looks a lot like Tom Holland. 3. Why did they wait till 6:13 to announce the winners instead of doing it through the whole video?
Khalil Williams (1 month ago)
Does Ron Perlman voice Hellboy in the game?
Hamid Razavi (1 month ago)
ECKO PLAYS (1 month ago)
Raiden have cool super move
MrMegas2 (1 month ago)
who wants a dc vs marvel game like this but with a story like secret war
California Dreaming (1 month ago)
no thor is the god of thunder
Joshua Chung-Luong (1 month ago)
Raiden’s Supermove is easily the best
Lort Fupa (1 month ago)
1:30 Basically Ermac?
Jay Silva (1 month ago)
TocoModz HD (1 month ago)
What is the intro song
Drake Galicia (1 month ago)
i wanna see a power rangers dlc.
Phazum fireflame (1 month ago)
Wait Damian kills Dick Grayson ???
Phazum fireflame (1 month ago)
Phazum fireflame (1 month ago)
1:10 he had no nose
Gaming Dragon24 (1 month ago)
Was atom on brains
YouTube Rep. (1 month ago)
Ok... We have Raiden and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, and we have Hellboy. Oh, I hope they don't add those Ninja turtles! (watches the video) There goes my entire childhood.
TYJER (1 month ago)
8:28 What now pretty bird?
king toast tosterowski (1 month ago)
mortal kombat vs injustice 2?
Mitchell Mayfield (1 month ago)
imo scarecrow's would be better if the grave said the hero or villain's real name like "Selena Kyle" or "Bruce Wayne"
Leona was Here (1 month ago)
8:28 So that’s where Oliver gets his hickey!
Hassaan Haider (1 month ago)
like my comment for ATOM !!!
Razer (1 month ago)
Imo raizen has the best supermove.
All-purpose flour (1 month ago)
Allen Powell (1 month ago)
who else saw the mortal kombat logo. ill sue injustice for plajurizing
king toast tosterowski (1 month ago)
1 mortal kombat logo has meant to be there 2 injustce has made by same development
Master Of Souls Ermac (1 month ago)
Harley Quinn’s is my favourite
DEV115thewolf (1 month ago)
4:08 Daaaam she be calling him out on his wrong doing!
Tim Valentine (1 month ago)
What was the outro tune to the video?
Tim Valentine (1 month ago)
What was the outro tune to the video?
Reverse_Sonic TR (1 month ago)
19:50 how batman v superman should have ended
Forever Aloner (1 month ago)
Why does Raiden look better in this game than in MKXL?
Haku`s Secret (1 month ago)
flash has the best super move !
gonzalo solano (1 month ago)
Haku`s Secret okie dokie
Mund y (1 month ago)
caution: T O A S T Y !!!
Night Raven (1 month ago)
Oh, Clams Casino!
gordito de gafas (1 month ago)
yo que pensaba que ningun juego de pelea iba superar a Mk o Killer instinct.
xXGrEyZXx (1 month ago)
This over MVCI any day
All-purpose flour (1 month ago)
FADER 360 (2 months ago)
Black Canary is baddass
FADER 360 (2 months ago)
Bane are tha bullies
Grail Gaming (2 months ago)
I’m not that knowledgeable in superhero things but who is the ant man dude and the demon guy?
ImJust AProficientUser (1 month ago)
Grail Gaming The Ant Man dude you're referring to is "The Atom". If you're not that into the comics, he stars as one of the main protagonists in the TV show "DC's Legends of Tomorrow". Which demon guy are you referring to btw? The one with the cut-off horns is Hellboy (DLC character). The one with the red ring is Atrocitus, a Red Lantern..
Melissa Gray (2 months ago)
TMNT... such a lame addition for a game that takes itself pretty seriously.
MASERATI ONE5 (2 months ago)
11:45 cat woman deserved it, bitch was trippin
SuperD123/Daniel Pena (2 months ago)
Tell DC that Atrocitus wants to see them about his oath.
SinCity Sinner (2 months ago)
Fucking hell I can't wait for the new Hellboy to come out! Ron Perlman was badass as Hellboy, but the overall movies were just a bit to cheesy for me. Chief Hopper looks fucking amazing as the new Hellboy and they say that it's going to be a lot darker and more serious as opposed to the silly and goofy version of the Ron Perlman movies. I have high hopes that it will be awesome, and all of the images that I've seen of David Harbours Hellboy point towards the movie looking badass. The first 2 Hellboys released before the comic book movie revolution, when movies based on comics weren't taken seriously. Of course everyone knows that since The Dark Knight and the M.C.U. changed the perception of superhero and comic book movies so that they could make realistic and gritty movies instead of goofy and kid friendly, so I have high hopes that a super gritty and realistic Hellboy could be one of the best comic book movies ever, but only time will tell.
SinCity Sinner (2 months ago)
Did anyone else notice the "Toasty" on the pizza box before he chucked it at the screen? Is that a little nod to Mortal Kombat?
Remoji Buns (2 months ago)
12:07 tho, 2 of the most feared beings in the universe fight to the death! So cool!!!
Michelle Vo (2 months ago)
Enchantress:when did you decide? Me:when your brother “killed” Diablo
Andrew Beshay (2 months ago)
Watch Bane's super move but every time he hits the opponent say "Yeet"
Pain Xan (2 months ago)
Joker is Nakamura? :p
Russia Wilks (2 months ago)
atrocitus is my boy
Mick Audio (2 months ago)
Guess they couldn't pay a little extra for Ron's voice on Hellboy
Nasser Mohammed (2 months ago)
Where's Captain America?
king toast tosterowski (1 month ago)
DC not marvel
Etto 194 (2 months ago)
1:01 a frate e Na diavola non vedi che ci sono i pezzi di di salame frateé
Vinicius Fonseca (2 months ago)
Were the TMNT modeled after THE ANNOYING ORANGE?
Jvon Robbins (2 months ago)
The video is well put together but the only thing that gets me is the audio :/ I went from using a super in game while wearing my headset to watching this video with my headset. The sound just doesn't do it justice. Its made me realize how key it is to have deep and rich audio to really immerse your audience. Still a great video, thumbs up for me, but just thought i'd point that out
Explosion Nightmare (2 months ago)
Subzero and Batman voice are the same
Hassaan Haider (1 month ago)
no sub zero has more stylish voice than batman hear again.
ravagedDust (2 months ago)
Explosion Nightmare no. Subzero and green lantern have the same voices. Same actor.

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