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Fallout 4 & The Contaminated Commonwealth

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Fallout 4, lets party like its the 2287. twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/bedbanana Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy:https://www.youtube.com/user/itsGRRAVY Kirra: http://www.twitch.tv/wewastooturnt Music SnakeEater with Autotune by Mintorment https://soundcloud.com/mintorment Ending song is Seven Circles by Statue of Cats! https://www.facebook.com/StatuesofCats/ http://statuesofcats.com/ The song isn't out yet and was provided early by them.
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Text Comments (679)
Trevor Rombold (10 days ago)
Love your vids I subbed!!!
Zajko Maniak (10 days ago)
That fucking bear in the middle of the rug.
Stefan M. (1 month ago)
Welp, I watched the Fallout 4 videos in reverse order. Oops.
Gabriel Morningstar (2 months ago)
that ending song tho
Olen Harely (2 months ago)
"Can you get that? It's probably that salesman, he *comes* for you everyday." "Looks like that milk got delivered!"
Redstone Player (2 months ago)
4:30 i was actually lucky enough to get the pie
Rafa Nieto (2 months ago)
Holy shit i wish my time playing FO4 was half as funny as this
Henrik sundqvist (4 months ago)
I am so going to get this game
Agnouse YT (4 months ago)
Wow Wow Wow
Poor cat...must avenge... get my Fat Man!!
Aidan McElwee (4 months ago)
my name is hand banana
A Channel (4 months ago)
Keiko (4 months ago)
Basketball He protec He attac But most importantly It let you stuck
Rubikx (4 months ago)
Wait....is....is the name BedBannana based of AQHF's hand banana?......This explains alot......
NSm Bo (4 months ago)
Guess i just have to out play them 'im stuck' Loving the videos dude
NSm Bo (4 months ago)
Vault Boy (4 months ago)
Drive two
Zip Zip (5 months ago)
What is the highest level in fallout 4 i am trying to get to 100 i am on 58
Stuff (5 months ago)
"Who you callin' boy? I'm hand banana." That Aqua Team Hunger Force reference had me dieing😂
Mod at 6:30
jonavan weldin (5 months ago)
lol lmao
kevin leporner (5 months ago)
The part with the cat is hilarious I can't stop laughing
GhoulGutss (6 months ago)
"pff, what a weirdo" **bunny hops to shaun's room**
AndyXD (6 months ago)
poor kitty
Sam Young (6 months ago)
Oh hai doggy
BullFrogLeg (6 months ago)
210 Year’s.
Micheal Esteves (6 months ago)
hand banana tonight you.
Zues much (6 months ago)
0:48 he should of said "plz honey my dick is hurting me from last time"
Dumbnut the Unfunny (7 months ago)
It appears Oscar the Grouch went feral!
Marcos Pazol (8 months ago)
" *I will wipe the tears away* " I'M DEAD 😂😂😂
NubGameplays (8 months ago)
Poor kitty
Sebastian Zicari (9 months ago)
i need a mod that replaces dogs barks with hand banana voice clips
veraxplus (10 months ago)
BedBananas' production values are too high for YouTube
DelugeDelta (10 months ago)
I cried.
GreenSlime (10 months ago)
Why the cat?
BufferGamings (10 months ago)
Some cringy boi (10 months ago)
Exploding cat barrel,one of my favorite pranks 2:40
Olen Harely (10 months ago)
I died at "I will wipe the tears away"
ARMA3 BOI (10 months ago)
More Tiny super mutant suiciders!
kinkybot (10 months ago)
O fuck he caught me doing my fidget thang
Slasindg123 (11 months ago)
He made earthworm jim LOL
Paul is a person (11 months ago)
The end music is greo
Paul is a person (11 months ago)
Snappl's Palace (11 months ago)
Hand banana
Not Important (11 months ago)
paladin danse is confirmed ghost
Mors Letum (11 months ago)
Too much Jet
Martin Salazar (11 months ago)
amazing videos man !!!!
The beach Bum (11 months ago)
Human stick bug
Larry Chauncey (11 months ago)
next level crazy
Walrus Onion (11 months ago)
How 2 pranks step1-kill a cat step2-beat that meat step3-place in barrel step4-rig with mine step5- throw barrel @ someone off roof step6-run away shouting "just a prank bro!"
Mr.Duck Ansyari (11 months ago)
Before the Man went Mad
Squidward_Testacles (1 year ago)
6:30 the fuck?
John Allen (1 year ago)
You break every game you play that's why I love you
Henrique De Sa Souza (1 year ago)
2:26 im triggered
TypicalBadass (1 year ago)
I can't 😂😂
Best anime ending of all time i almost cry
Sebastian Zicari (1 year ago)
is the hand banana voice for dog meat a mod or did he just edit that into the video, cause if its a mod i want it NOW
MomentaryLapse (1 year ago)
3:46 had me rollin, man. You are a genius!
Big Hoss (1 year ago)
Tonight *You*
AGENT 47 (1 year ago)
fallout 4 in a nutshell... 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣
vanilla empire (1 year ago)
what is the song at the end
Divinatory Cognition (1 year ago)
you were my childhood. rest in piece, bedbananas, we'll all miss you.
Magma Manatee (11 months ago)
Divinatory Cognition what do you mean rip?
Samuel of the Brooms (1 year ago)
Micheal Esteves (6 months ago)
Ketnipz (1 year ago)
2:17 haha
Raven Moon (1 year ago)
"All I know is ball....and good. And rape." ~ Handbanna
Hernandez Gaming (1 year ago)
2:28 - could not stop laughing 😂
AceAsianGamer (1 year ago)
"Want to play basketball" "not now rookie"
Thorenic (1 year ago)
Don't know if you know this or not, but you can throw physics objects you're holding by pressing R. A lot easier than trying to hurl your camera in the vague direction of where you want to throw it!
DirtyDereck (1 year ago)
why do i find the catbarrel bomb so goddamn funny
king nonce (1 year ago)
6:20 it's me
SexCannonMusic (1 year ago)
"i guess i will just have to outplay them *bounces ball around, dribbling *" That fucking killed me hard XD
Drew Peacock (1 year ago)
5:03 vsauce- michael here.
Joe Mcilwraith (1 year ago)
animal abuse
Lil Thantoes (1 year ago)
Wats that song when he hitting the cat in the dog house
Meme_ MasterAndrew (1 year ago)
Bi wanted the food too and I didn't get it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Meme_ MasterAndrew (1 year ago)
_xBIGBOSSx_ (1 year ago)
lol really snake eater
Finn the adventurer (1 year ago)
Who was the voice for dogmeat?
Rick (1 year ago)
Hand Banana.
GoodmemeJones (1 year ago)
6:12 ayy lmao
Dankky Tree (1 year ago)
Aurelious of Phoenix (1 year ago)
1:31 voice is handbanana. from aqua teen.
Eye n' Eye (1 year ago)
I give my life not for honor but for you... Snake Eater ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gunnar Greene (1 year ago)
Please tell Me WHO voiced The dog
Lil Thantoes (1 year ago)
AgentxxCaboose The Blue.....
Diego Brando (1 year ago)
Hand banana "Tonight YOU..."-aqua teen hunger force
jaydenisameme (1 year ago)
When the cat died a small piece of me died too.
combustinghandshakes (1 year ago)
That ending was like the ending of a movie where the bad guy wins
BlueJayBlues (1 year ago)
"So, what did you do today?" "Oh, you know, played with the corpse of a dead cat, threw the corpse into a trash can along with a frag mine, threw said trash can off a roof and exploded the mine, and proceeded to get shot at by an old guy."
Oslad53 (1 year ago)
*ticking* "What am I hearing?" RUN BITCH RUNNNNN
logan levine (1 year ago)
your funny
Blizzardman1998 (1 year ago)
The cat killed my sides
Julien antoine (2 years ago)
This video reminds me the day i felt in love with Statue of Cats music ! And the day i told myself : i ain't gonna buy fallout 3. Much love <3
Michael (2 years ago)
Am just a dog
The Shadowie Man (2 years ago)
I would pay any DLC to give Dogmeat to talk like that XD -- 1:31
Chase J (2 years ago)
I love your videos bed never stop these are gold
Hounoru (2 years ago)
"I'll just have to outplay them" **Dribbles up to them like a badass** Where has this channel been?!
Typerwriter SSoh (2 years ago)
snake eater was a nice touch
Jugger Nikos (2 years ago)
remember....tonight you
Hindzy (2 years ago)
Hand Banana. I died
Dabears (2 years ago)
Techno snake eater lol
shoes (2 years ago)
haha long girl
Aidan Talmadge (2 years ago)
Boy and his dog
TheWolfcast98 (2 years ago)
2:25 DUDE THATS FUCKED UP Have some rad away for Christ sake

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