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Good T Rated Shooters For The Xbox360

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I show 4 good and appropriate T rated games for the xbox360.if you liked this video also check out my good T rated games for the xbox360 video episodes 1&2.subscribe!!!
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Text Comments (45)
super plush adventure (15 days ago)
Brink was the best one I liked thank you
Jay Lam (8 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestions!
Stuffed Minecrafter (1 year ago)
41 comment i like this vid to 99 like cool vid btw
Lomon 4 life (1 year ago)
Brink is the worst
TheHype __God (1 year ago)
Vaultboy 111 (1 year ago)
You should do a gameplay of mirrors edge catalyst if you have Xbox one. It's t rated
The_louis_ Project (1 year ago)
I'm not American what age is T
Jerry Ray (1 year ago)
12+ or some 15+ even though some 15+ in other countries are M in America
Isaac Playz (1 year ago)
BOI play uncharted 4 BC there is soooo much more cussing than dat car game
A-aron (1 year ago)
Which is exclusive to PlayStation, not xbox360
robo tube (1 year ago)
I subscribe
robo tube (1 year ago)
I have brink for ps3. I got it in 2016 and it was a buck. the game was epic
Anakin Skywalker Jedi (2 years ago)
I saw brink from your video. Brink is easy, I beat the campaign in one day. I also beat the Ghost Recon 2 i beat it in 2 weeks.
Ducko Playz (2 years ago)
What doesT mean
The Bosas (2 years ago)
Larry Kohut (2 years ago)
brink sucks dude.
Larry Kohut (2 years ago)
dark void, frontlines, brink, which sucks but is a teen shooter, raven squad earth defence force those r more teen rateed shooters. also theres the borne game.
ganoy 03 (2 years ago)
this guy looks like jace norman from nickolodean
A game I got for $5 used at Gamestop that SHOULD be rated T..... HALO 3...............I don't like it that much, but it's worth $5.
xinferno (2 years ago)
great selection man thanks a lot
thicc doggo (2 years ago)
Catgirjosie Parisi (3 years ago)
In the begging u said first person shooters and ghost recon is third person noob
ShelbyMagic (1 month ago)
he said shooters not third person shooters
Aarush Arora (1 year ago)
Christy Brinkley
Christy Brinkley (2 years ago)
+john parisi ur so mean
ZandZ Filmz (3 years ago)
I have all of these games besides COD 2 i got like all of these games for under 5 bucks.
MannyManuel 01 (3 years ago)
I got you MasterElite72
terry kohut (3 years ago)
sevtion 8 thats a teen rated shooter 
adamie saviadjuk (3 years ago)
I Hate these games they suck all of them!
Stuffed Minecrafter (1 year ago)
Aw Lover (3 years ago)
I have all of those games but I lost it so I went to gamestop today to get em
I got brink, it sucked
toxic Snipe24 (4 years ago)
What Adrian said
Adrian Botton (4 years ago)
Thank you dude I'm not allowed to play M games you really helped me thank you sooooooooo much
Royalty (1 year ago)
ya me to
Sachin Rama (4 years ago)
do 007 legends they dont swear and halo wars
Master Bates (4 years ago)
1000 view
Jackson King (4 years ago)
i hate brink
pistol goo (4 years ago)
How is bad company the worst for language?cod world at war cod ghosts
Thebestmanever Ever (4 years ago)
He's talking about t rated games not m
george willfred (4 years ago)
what about mercenaries 2? its like a t-rated gta 5 
TeoTheEvilHippo (4 years ago)
mercenaries 2 isn't first person but its one of the best games I own
ClassiestClown8 (5 years ago)
ClassiestClown8 (5 years ago)
I'd recommend 007 legends for online it's pretty fun and you can usually get into a match

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