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Black Sun Empire & Eye-D - Brainfreeze (Neonlight Remix) V1 [Free]

1894 ratings | 158242 views
➔Free DL: https://facebook.com/blackoutmusicnl/... ✖ DnB Portal ✖ ➔Visit http://dnbportal.com ➔Like http://fb.com/DnBPortal ➔Follow http://twitter.com/DnBportalHQ ➔Follow http://instagram.com/dnbportal ✖Black Sun Empire✖ http://dnbportal.com/Black-Sun-Empire ✖Eye-D✖ http://dnbportal.com/Eye-D ✖Neonlight✖ http://dnbportal.com/Neonlight
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Text Comments (42)
Reno Janmaat (28 days ago)
Rammen met je donder
Foray Motor Group (2 months ago)
Is any of this music free for commercial use?
Ed Fire Gaming (5 months ago)
I feel I should ask, despite it being asked by previous users, but is this royalty free and available for us to use on our YouTube videos? Great track!
Akita 1353 (1 year ago)
Jordan steVen (1 year ago)
Is your music royalty free?
DnB Portal (1 year ago)
No, it is not all royalty free. The tracks with [Free] in the title are free to download from the original sources linked in description and for the rest we have contracts with labels.
Jordan steVen (1 year ago)
I want to use all different dnb tracks for my new channel to mix in as background music etc.. are all your tracks copyright free?
RoboViruz YouTube (1 year ago)
Dark intense feel, Dope bassline, and plenty but not to much change ups. Everything you need for a dope DnB track.
Daniel D'alessandro (1 year ago)
Can i use this on my videos ?
Daniel D'alessandro (1 year ago)
well, already take a flag because an one music free but i cant remember witch one. Sorry about my english its not my first language. I will use this sound is so solid.... :) ty for info.
That's what she Said (1 year ago)
it is free... what you ting ?
Mr M.A (1 year ago)
dl link
OtakuWeeb (2 years ago)
me 😉
Oleh Babiy (2 years ago)
who is gonna give 1000th like ?
Joonas Kirss (2 years ago)
i dunno who is the founder of this channel, but he/she has the same taste in dnb as me, no need for that melodic shit full of feelings, this is the good type dnb
fileerausveitsi (2 years ago)
+Joonas Kirss word!
Kimiru (3 years ago)
This is quality shit
MrSorrymyfault (2 years ago)
+jeyko666 i produce that every morning
wu tang (1 year ago)
lujST (2 years ago)
+Mathijs Verhaegh hell yeah,molly FTW
Cheeki Breeki (2 years ago)
+Псих Марковски (MDMA) dude..
David Toma (3 years ago)
Tony Stark (4 years ago)
Southwest Shindigs (4 years ago)
Tuuuune :)
Lucka Šimerová (4 years ago)
TheOnly Ukr (4 years ago)
gergő fabriczius (4 years ago)
I want to do dnb is home! is it software?
gergő fabriczius (3 years ago)
Thx :-)
Serenity (3 years ago)
Try with Fruity Loops Studio (FL Studio)
gergő fabriczius (4 years ago)
it can be hard on a party... XD I like it!!!
omfg , Sick
Rob Smith (4 years ago)
Filthy tune
Fakin Sokerovsky (4 years ago)
Luxusní drumec !
Radek Holý (2 years ago)
A Neurofunk není podžánrem Drum and Bass? ;)
Vítek Černý (4 years ago)
Jelda CZ (4 years ago)
Jo no :D
Sebastian Haselsteiner (4 years ago)
Sick Tune !!!
Tina Burns (4 years ago)
absolute slammingly phatness nuff said
Siema Sajacz (4 years ago)
cool men
skoRk (4 years ago)
that intro..... power!

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