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Monster Hunter: World - Before You Buy

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Monster Hunter: World (PS4, Xbox One, PC TBA) is the latest monster-slaying RPG - this time fully on consoles. What's the deal? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv Written, recorded, edited by Jake Baldino
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gameranx (9 months ago)
It's very good, and worth figuring out if you're a series newcomer.
C1Kada Gaming (5 days ago)
Does it have singleplayer
Tim Dinh (2 months ago)
It kinda good though but it ruin it by Annoying NPC remind u the quest every single time especially the handler the most annoying character i ever seen the design of armor are lacking even the research points and the hub are pointless
Brad Si (3 months ago)
I believe it's 11.7Gb
Koen Bruin (5 months ago)
gameranx re.
gameranx Wrong, it's for noobs
Wombat (6 hours ago)
It looks like Disney meets Jurassic Park (World) action adventure, but honestly the name of the game is the name of the game, definitely looks more interesting and entertaining than most games because its unique
Dr. VegaPunK (21 hours ago)
for NEW PEOPLE that wanna try this game there are three thing you need to like : 1. the GRIND you gotta love the grind in this game because there is an ridiculous amount of it 2. this game is no hack and slash you need to take your time 3. this game WILL not click for everybody in fact this game is for almost a very niche audience this game is not about ""get good or go home"" or it's hard, it just super tedious and you got to have patience because japanese game developer Love to make their games as grindiest as possible and it not a hack and slash either
AesproTM (2 days ago)
Only MH I played and got this one for free. Best game I have played.
N7pirate (2 days ago)
I am a big dark souls fan. I like the smooth and fair combat and environmental storytelling. I typically don’t like games that very Grindy and are based around loot (Like borderlands, Destiny, and MMOs). Also don’t like combat that is difficult only because of HUGE health bars and unfair mechanics. I also like my games to have good storytelling and characters. Will I like this game?
jaggernut -123 (2 days ago)
The beta gave me the monster hunter thrill
Old Duck (2 days ago)
As a Dragon's Dogma fan, will I like this game?
Curious Bystander (5 days ago)
If I liked dark souls. Would I enjoy this? Skill and strategy in battle, "builds", different stuff around every corner. "Wtf" moments
Justin Didderen (5 days ago)
Shall I buy it? It's on sale for £24. I enjoyed Dark Souls 3, heard that these two are similar. Would I enjoy this?
Jake Vivanco (5 days ago)
This game is 25 bucks on xbox. Worth it¿
Edgar V. Music (7 days ago)
I found the like button... But where's the love button. 😢
i just don't get this game
Jake Vivanco (5 days ago)
Did u get it.
Henry Drago (11 days ago)
I started playing this franchise from the Generations, honestly for me not to have Hunter arts or Styles is a bit strange, but understanding, but for me at least the styles They should have continued because even if 4 people use the same weapon they could fight differently and I miss prowlers ;_;
Daniel James (13 days ago)
I really want this. Do you need to have played the other games? Or does this stand on its own?
lhalls9116 (14 days ago)
Hey i chose the insect glave too!! Wouldnt mind trying the big samurai sword
Ghost Face4606 (15 days ago)
Reminds me of dark souls series
FeralStormRaptor (15 days ago)
As a fan since 3-Ult, I like World. It has a lot of "Quality of Life" improvements, and I understand that; porting, improving graphics, removing segments from areas, adding Turf Wars, mantles, pets, all the countless stuff in World that greatly adds on from the previous installments... but once you get to the endgame and past HR 49 (wish anyone new good luck), there isn't all that much to do except wait for the next monster patch or festival event. While Investigations do offer randomized quest possibilities, and Tempered monsters offer a somewhat new challenge & grind, the Monster roster's size in World becomes very evident by the endgame. World's Roster: 52 Monsters so far (both large and small) MH3U: 73 Total MH4U: 98 Total MHGen: 107 Total MHGU: 129 Total MHFrontier Z: 179 Total But I won't be an ignoramus and say "Capcom can do so much more", I understand the money and hardware limitations that goes into adding new assets to a game. So as a matter of opinion, World was more or less a test to see how well it would sell worldwide, and it greatly exceeded expectations. It's a good game, don't get me wrong. As of now, however, it's a small Monster Hunter World. I'd give it an 8/10
Random Dewd (23 days ago)
I'm so late but I'm thinking of buying it because most if my games are shooting games. Might be a weird question, but can you remove some of the things on your screen? The HUD is a bit too crazy for me.
Dimis Varsos (27 days ago)
Nice video, If the title was assassins creed Odyssey would you say the same? I think it has a lot of similarities.
Rasmus Jepsen (27 days ago)
This is the best series I know
Lukas Sjögren (28 days ago)
I just want this game so I can see cool creatures
Jerico Joaquin (1 month ago)
Can I play this game without having any friends?
lilfuzzballa (1 month ago)
jelly rex (1 month ago)
Sad and alone😢
Krystian Johnson (1 month ago)
Would you do a before you buy on monster Hunter generations ultimate for the switch?
Vipera217 (1 month ago)
would you guys recommend buying PC ver even if i already put 200+ hours on console? dont get me wrong, i love MH . just having a hard time to decide
Abir Faruk (1 month ago)
I am a long Warframe fan. I basically have everything you can have in Warframe. Now I am bored so I tried MHW. And ohh boy did I ever played Warframe again? NO
Can you switch to first person ???
Hayden Bottorf (1 month ago)
bysrn (1 month ago)
not a fan or play any mh games before, at 1st few hour its kinda boring and i kinda had the same feeling when playing DS = nervous, anxiety ..because the monster is just..so angry and really scary (note: DS is more scary).. yes the combat is clunky, which isnt for everyone, but i tried to give it a go, keep practicing, watch stream/vids tutorial, until i finished the main story (which is kinda a 'tutorial' for the game...yes..the main stoy is just a tutorial for u noobs, wahahaha !), then after that..oh boi...i play this for almost 8-12h/day everyday..grinding elder dragon, tempered or non tempered, tries a various of armor combination, blablabla... no life eh? nah, im work from home, and my working time is from 6am ~ 12pm or 8am ~ 2pm (if overslept XD) 5 day/a week...decent pay but more than enough time for gaming session, hell yeah...one more reason not to be sad because i still havent married XD
Trainwhrek (1 month ago)
its like dark souls if it was only bosses
Le Corny (1 month ago)
I mean im a player that loves executing moves at the right time and fighting monster that could potentially one shot you. But its the sense of accomplishment PLUS the loot that makes it worth it or motivates me, as there's a 20% discount right now, ill be getting it soom.
Drayos Stormrage (1 month ago)
First time playing this game (never played something even this close to a solo player, come from games such as Everquest 1, WOW and things) tbh I really am loving it, the only thing I could say is Ajanath (u can call me a noob) feels like a REAL Slap with difficulty, before these I didn't really upgrade armour or even reliese I was ment to and didn't have too much difficulty fighting.. but this guys made me have to look up several tutorials and things to fight I've still yet to kill him :|
Kahlio Cohler (1 month ago)
<hr49: running around the whole map for 20-30 minutes trying to kill one monster. >hr49: dodging around the whole map trying not to get hit by one monster for 20-30 minutes
Major Dev (1 month ago)
im a die hard MH player
Major Dev (28 days ago)
still am, there’s a lot of farming and grinding on this game but it’s fine.
Kristen x (29 days ago)
Major Dev do you still play?
alepiu saja (1 month ago)
Damn another GOTY! I havent finish AC origins then another sequel released. Then, comes FFXV. Then there is Zelda BoTW. All these 100+ hours games. C'mon just create a game with 10 hours gameplay games already.
Rolling Master (1 month ago)
since freedom unite sns will always be the best.
Matty Nikolaisen (1 month ago)
would be fun if it wass available to tame and ride on them but mehh i don't think it's mine type of game ...
BigBro 58 (2 months ago)
So its like Destiny 2 plus Evolve? I love both of those games and i'm thinking about buying MHW
Stefan P (2 months ago)
This was my first monster hunter. I was wondering what the whole whooopla was all about... and i think i get it... i'm very hooked, this is my kind of game for sure!
funky donkey (2 months ago)
this game reminds me of the anime sword art online
Wesley Larsen (2 months ago)
I asked money back. Right from the start, the game didn't click with me.
DJFlare84 (2 months ago)
2:05 - You should never say that "grind" is a thing that can be enjoyed. If you think I'm being un-necessarily picky with the wording, I'm not. I'm being overly picky, but I guarantee you it's absolutely necessary. If you tell people that a game has a "fun grind", people don't imagine a fun game, they imagine a masochist enjoying his hourly whipping. 8/ What you SHOULD say is that the game is fun, period. The word "grind" itself necessarily carries bad connotations. It conjures images of doing the same thing over and over, putting in an obscene amount of effort in performing a boring (<- keyword, pay attention) task to get very little of something you want. To this end, it would be correct to say that Monster Hunter only feels like a grind when you aren't ENJOYING it, but that's true of any game.
TheEpicPancake (2 months ago)
This series of games has intrigued me recently. It looks kinda darksoulsy, but I know there is a lot to these games that isn't shown as often. I kinda want to get generations ultimate, but I kinda want to get an opinion from someone who has played it before since I get the feeling that there is a lot I don't know much about yet.
TheEpicPancake (2 months ago)
Also, I have never played a souls game either, the combat just looks similar in nature (dodge, get damage in, watch for telegraphs, etc.)
Brave X7 (2 months ago)
I'm so late lol but I finally played the whole game and it takes a while to get used to but it is so satisfying. I started with the insect glaive and never switched weapons. Once you get late game it is amazing to have all the different tools and super challenging fight.
The Perfectionist (2 months ago)
Game is trash, bring us a new Lost Planet Capcom 😐
Kristen x (29 days ago)
The Perfectionist see you haven’t even played it yourself yet... also what kind of reviews were you reading??? This game got tons of good ratings
The Perfectionist (29 days ago)
I did not even buy the game after reading the reviews and watching the gameplay
Kristen x (29 days ago)
I’m just going to assume you’re bad at the game...
The Perfectionist (29 days ago)
Are you saying that this piece of Crap Monster Hunter is better than Lost Planet? haha
Kristen x (29 days ago)
The Perfectionist you have bad taste :/
Wuks marksman (2 months ago)
my childhood memories haha..been playing this game since i was a child in my psp... i recomend this game for players with a lot of patience to try this...if you want a game that is challenging and unique style of farming and hunting...
wednesday boi (2 months ago)
split screen?
Bacon Cheeseburger (2 months ago)
Watching while I wait for the download, lol.
Daz D (2 months ago)
Talk about the price
- M1StakeS (2 months ago)
fix the pc connection and the number of buyers will multiply
joonbuggies (2 months ago)
Do you actually run into other online players that's what usually sells me
Kealdeca (2 months ago)
Watching this before buying mhw an hour from now
NPC #549907 (2 months ago)
Boring game, I wish it had more to it.
NPC #549907 (29 days ago)
+Kristen x Yeah well at least I got my refund. I wouldn't recommend it though, and also it can be very glitchy. He was right.
Kristen x (29 days ago)
Reinert Zerker he did say it’s not for everyone...
Vanitas (2 months ago)
Is tripping other Hunters with a LS still a thing?
brandi parish (2 months ago)
This game is good but the reason I liked was because of the online mode
Rai Rai (2 months ago)
I just got it for PC and this game is a masterpiece!
5dmc1 (2 months ago)
The engine is showing its age, I can see multiple times in the video where shadows werent rendered for monsters.
Daniel Robson (3 months ago)
It's Amazing well done Capcom I owe you hours upon hours of my life !
Aceset (3 months ago)
New hunter: Monster Hunter World is hard. Veteran hunter: Finally i dont need to search shit what are the game mechanics not like old MH franchise.
MeHaveDonut (3 months ago)
Couldn't you have mentioned that every quest has a timer at least? It's a pretty huge aspect of the game. Online it's not an issue as bigger parties make monsters go down faster ofc but playing alone/offline if you have bad internet you can reach the limit especially where you get multiple quests in one area so you have to wait until you per chance get a quest in that area again to go back to finishing one of the first quests you get. Bought this game on this video's recommendation....luckily I can still get the steam refund. Not gonna watch another gameranx vid. So disliked.
Mark Critchfield (3 months ago)
It's fun. Playing PC version. It's not balanced well IMO. The grind you go through, just to get strong enough for each monster. I feel like I kill the same monster 10 times, just to get what I need to even have a chance for the next. It's a blast, but it's no simple game. Each weapon has its own mechanics, some are pretty easy. Others are very hard. I've been soloing because I don't know anyone else playing it. But overall, it's very addictive. Now that I'm figuring out each monster and their weaknesses it is getting easier. Love the gear looks. Hate their isn't real gear sets that tier with multiple skills. Hate that you really have to jigsaw puzzle your gear to get the skills you need leaving you in not as attractive sets of gear. I'm sure that must get better though. Maybe I'm just not far enough. It's taken me a week to get to star level 6. First time playing. I'm guessing console would be easier. Again, if you don't mind the grind. You'll like it. If your expecting something like WoW. It's far from that easy starting out with way more grinding. Not sure it was worth $60. Wish I had gotten it on special. But I'm not complaining. For now, I'm hooked. The landscapes and fantasy is really awesome. And what is funner than killing half animal half dinosaur type monsters. It's pretty damn fun. I need to try multiplayer. I'd probably find it even funner. If anyone can answer these I'd appreciate it.are there any addons I should be using? And are their guilds you can join in multiplayer. Thanks for the run down. I enjoyed the overview.
Alexander Ewing (3 months ago)
Thanks, although I still look at other sources for game info, I rely on your videos for a first look and understanding of the game.
Joweswizz (3 months ago)
I got a monster hunt add on this video
afielsch (3 months ago)
0:18 challenge and complication seems to exist only bc of the in general rather bad interface and counter-intuitive (crafting, inventory, questing, multiplayer, ...) handling the game offers. maybe it works on console but on pc its just cumbersome and convoluted. I really hope they will rework this. But once you accept all the BS and fail, the hunt itself is awesome!
killua zoldyck (3 months ago)
Is the quality bad? I mean of the game?
Jiraffe (3 months ago)
Before you buy, understand this is one of the worst pc ports ever and the game *will* crash every 20-30 minutes unless you have 55 fans and a GTX 1080ti
Sam H. (3 months ago)
"monsters can be so daunting"... DAUNTLESS. its fun try it
Dc GamerBoyz (3 months ago)
Too late i buy already...
trencher7 (3 months ago)
Just started this game.  Can you make poison weapons?
AirForce1 (3 months ago)
One of the best games i have ever played and its on PC NOW GET IT!
Rising Deity (3 months ago)
This is amazing! After starting with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 9 years ago, it's truly amazing to see how much the game has grown.
CharlieGunz (3 months ago)
im not convinced
AirForce1 (3 months ago)
Trust me charlie if you got a decent pc Setup its really really really worth it especially with friends. So many different types of quest monsters armor, gear, weapons, buffs, etc. It's really a world. Im having a blast playing with my friends right now.
thejahfox (3 months ago)
I didnt wait i bought the game
Afex (3 months ago)
And after a half a year shitty PC port with shitnuvo (some buyers with older CPU even cant star the game).
Guy Rosenfeld (3 months ago)
I think one of the things that should be brought up is accessibility and learning curve. There are a lot of mechanics in the game which aren't introduced properly. How do I set up traps? How do I capture monsters? What's the use of sneaking? The game does a good job to get you hooked, but leaves you hanging mid-game.
JimmyJamyShamy (3 months ago)
Yeah the specific type of player is a player who likes giant badass monsters
Shane Maker (3 months ago)
Insect glaive for life
burp (3 months ago)
Don’t watch this video. Buy It.
No.2 Pencil Eraser (1 month ago)
Sage Naruto red dead 2 is purely a story game, so no harm in waiting for a sale
Sage Naruto (2 months ago)
ᴅᴇᴋᴜ thanks for replying! I’m torn between this and preordering red dead redemption 2
burp (2 months ago)
Sage Naruto yea they always have events and lots of content u can go after the main story
Sage Naruto (2 months ago)
ᴅᴇᴋᴜ is there still lots to do for you?
burp (2 months ago)
Sage Naruto Definitely it’s probably my fav ps4 game of all time
Deyvson Moutinho Caliman (3 months ago)
The eastern aesthetic doesn't cut for me anymore, all those "ninja" moves, big unrealistic weapons and flamboyant armors turn me down.
Haidora ハイドラ (3 months ago)
is it worth for someone completle new to the series?
AirForce1 (3 months ago)
Definitly this my first monster hunter and it's really fun. You don't need any prior knowledge it's totally friendly towards new players but make no mistake it wont hold your hand and u gotta explore and figure out things on your own, kinda like dark souls in that regard.
Joe Felony (3 months ago)
Thanks for video. Look like it can’t compare with horizon in any aspect
Robert Brimer (3 months ago)
I think it's great that Capcom let players choose which 2 aspects of the game are going to suck since they're playing on a peon console system.
Paloma Pseudoautista (3 months ago)
its ok but for that prize no thanks
GΞΛR (3 months ago)
Wouldnt it be cool if you can pvp
Claudio Wushu (3 months ago)
Is it pay to win?
Claudio Wushu (3 months ago)
and what happend when you killed all the boss and u get best gear ? i mean it as an end ?
AllenC1 (3 months ago)
Claudio Wushu nope, no monster hunter has been p2w ever, you can buy emotes and ingame stickers, but nothing that gives you power
Xeruke (3 months ago)
PC release tomorrow!!! GET HYPE!
Zormac (3 months ago)
"tracking down your prey" more like following the fireflies. It's more a boss fight simulator than an actual hunt.
Zormac (3 months ago)
AllenC1 my point is that the very existance of the fireflies takes away most of what hunting is about. I hope you can toggle that off.
AllenC1 (3 months ago)
Zormac you need to follow and check monster tracks for the fireflies to appear
T O P (3 months ago)
is the battle like dark souls? if so isnt it just dark soul but with dogs to hunt?
Aaditya Chouhan (3 months ago)
watching this after buying the deluxe version for the PC, great foresight
V IE (3 months ago)
Cabela’s Big Game Hunter meets dinosaurs... Japanese Edition. That’s what this game is. If you’re not a fan of trial and error games where making errors costs you lost of time spent “learning from your mistakes”... you won’t have patience for this series. I know I didn’t, it’s honestly meant for multiplayer and not solo runs
Mago (3 months ago)
My first MonHun game was Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. I beat the whole game solo then tried online multiplayer. The high points for me was fighting a new monster and getting the next coolest looking armor, but after I did all that I felt empty because there wasn't really anything else to do except grinding just for the sake of grinding. Some people like to do just that, but not me. The multiplayer aspect kept me playing for a while until the next big multiplayer or single player game I wanted came out. That is what Monster Hunter World is gonna be like for me. A Stopgap type of game until a game I'm really excited for comes out. It'll last me til September when those games come out and MonHun World will probably be left until I feel like uninstalling it. If Capcom makes another MonHun in the next 2 to 3 years, hopefully it'll have more activities to do in the game besides just grinding and the story is more like an actual story with characters we will care about.
afroman5918 (3 months ago)
So refreshing to see another insect glaive/ dual blade user. We sacrifice damage for speed in this brutally, tantalizing, unforgiving game.
Blob Blab (3 months ago)
cash shop??
Blob Blab (3 months ago)
ohhhh phew... *swiping sweat off my forehead* I thought for the worst haha .That was close xD thanks for letting me know <3 ! cuz I hate cash shops so much xD
AllenC1 (3 months ago)
Blob Blab only has emotes and non p2w items
Aaron Sigue (3 months ago)
For clarification, is this game like the 3 MonsterHunter, that ill pick the quest i want to get done or is it like a storyline things to do??
Fanitose (3 months ago)
In order to progress the story, or get access to new monsters, you'll have to complete the assigned quests
Vlad The Rad (3 months ago)
lol that Elvis character :D
Jakob Barreda (3 months ago)
Looks a lot more fun then dauntless thats for sure lol
2Scribble (3 months ago)
5:16 - WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!? -stares at- I just... -mouth drops- how do... I now need this game... more than I realized...
StrayaBlasters (3 months ago)
Is the grind similar to the escape from tarkov grind?
Daniel LaRusso (3 months ago)
Is this online only as I like to play my own way or can I do a solo campaign
David Fininzio (3 months ago)
The single most important aspect of a person that enjoys this series is you need to find enjoyment out of setting personal goals not given to you by the game, such as obtaining armor and weapons that you want or getting more skilled with your weapon of choice. Without that drive, this game will be worthless to you.
No.2 Pencil Eraser (1 month ago)
Thanks for that, just bought the game and I plan on becoming a master with the canon thing
Fanitose (3 months ago)
Well said, my friend
Bogdannn 021 (3 months ago)
is it worth playing this game alone? no friend of mine wanna try this game
Fanitose (3 months ago)
I was in the same situation, and it's amazing solo. The community is also very welcoming, so you can find fellow hunters

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