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"Water Flowers Blossoming in Houdini Tutorial" by Mike Stoliarov | CGI 3D Tutorial HD

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CGI 3D Tutorials - Water flowers blossoming in Houdini Tutorial by Mike Stoliarov. Featured on http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/water-flowers-blossoming-in-houdini-tutorial/ After the publication of my scene with water flowers, people asked me to either share the scene or create a tutorial on it. So here is the tutorial and you can find my project in the description box. Software i used: Houdini 16, Fusion, After Effects. All project files by link Download File https://dropbox.com/s/6bxcowqfw9ihx3o/PROJECT.rar?dl=0 If you have any questions write me an email or contact me by skype. Don’t hesitate. E-mail: mikestoliarov@gmail.com Skype: mike_ice1 SUBSCRIBE to CGMeetup for more inspiring content! http://bit.ly/Sub2CGMeetup Watch More 3Ds Max Tutorials from Professionals: http://bit.ly/2IQuAYF FOLLOW US: Website: http://www.cgmeetup.net and http://www.cgmeetup.com YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/CGMeetUp Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CGMeetup Twitter https://twitter.com/cgmeetup Google+ https://plus.google.com/+Cgmeetup Dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/user/CGMeetup Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/cgmeetup/ Instagram https://instagram.com/cgmeetup/ WANT TO GET FEATURED? All CGI artists, studios or schools who would like their work featured or published on CGMeetup please apply below. We’re looking for short films, commercial spots, breakdowns, showreels etc. Submit here → http://www.cgmeetup.net/forums/ or http://www.cgmeetup.com Contact us here → info@cgmeetup.net Please Note: All videos are uploaded after written copyright permission from respected artists, studios or schools or part of the Creative Commons license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode For more details or to dispute please contact us at info@cgmeetup.net. ABOUT CGMeetup: CGMeetup is the #1 inspiration resource for all CGI, VFX, 3D and Digital artists. We feature a wide variety of CGI content including behind-the-scenes, vfx breakdowns, short films & showreels. CGMeetup also serves as networking resource for CGI Professionals. Professionals use CGMeetup to exchange ideas, knowledge & job opportunities. "Water Flowers Blossoming in Houdini Tutorial" by Mike Stoliarov | CGI 3D Tutorial HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mPHh-WzGZ4 CGMeetup https://www.youtube.com/CGMeetup
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Text Comments (29)
Dunia 2019 (1 month ago)
Bruno Möri (1 month ago)
Awesome result, thumbs up!
VFX shi (7 months ago)
Excuse me, in addition to houdini and AE, what software is also used?
Lauren Flores (7 months ago)
This is really satisfying
Blade Alien (7 months ago)
А чего не по русски?
Will Voss (9 months ago)
Thank you very much. Can't wait to try this. A lot of questions answered. Also in case people don't know: you can slow down the playback speed in YouTube.
Dang Tran (10 months ago)
Across The Universe (10 months ago)
amazing work! may i have original video of it please? little bit slower :d
MUC Surabaya (10 months ago)
NEKRIO JHYLIN (10 months ago)
White Dolly (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video. I am quite new on this site of programming & graphics and this material showed me, how does it really work. I love the CGI short films and I want to do something like that, when I'm older. But now I'm only 12 and I have no good program to do animations. I only have the graphic tablet which is maby not advanced, but still good. I'm learning math, informatics and arts, to do [in future] an short film like that one. Thanks once again :) [I'm really sorry 4 my bad english, but that's not my mother tongue and I'm still learning it]
Serena Lara Gonzalez (10 months ago)
Great video Like
caleb gatten (10 months ago)
What program is he using?
Across The Universe (10 months ago)
houdini Fx
J Curran (10 months ago)
That is unreal but àmazing
M Adil (10 months ago)
Amazing, Fantastic, awesome
Spoofle (10 months ago)
It's really nice. It's like flowers with water i'm not sure but it's beautiful.
Silver Stream (10 months ago)
nice accent! Is this in real time? it looks like it would take forever
Silver Stream (10 months ago)
I thought it would be but wanted to make sure Do you know how long it took to make?
parkourbeastsvlogs98 (10 months ago)
Silver Stream no nice thought tho it’s lapsed this is painstaking work do not confuse yourself
Aakash Kalaria (10 months ago)
What a fantastic technique. Thank you!
hello my name is (10 months ago)
Im sorry its amazing but the thumbnail when u look at it quickly looks like a demogorgon
Takumi Tsukikawa (10 months ago)
Amy Villalobos (10 months ago)
Todoroki - Chan (10 months ago)
Is that maya?
RpM-med A8 (10 months ago)
TooP CGMeetup 👌💻🌍
Ruben Jeciel Jr. (10 months ago)
Ruben Jeciel Jr. (10 months ago)

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