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The Griefer (Minecraft Animation)

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Reports have suggested that a player has been griefing on the server, time for the Moderator to see if he was the one who griefed. (Based off the Movie "The Dark Knight") --- Texture Pack: Sphax PureBDcraft http://BDcraft.net/ --- Subscribe? https://www.youtube.com/BlueMonkeyAnimations --- Royalty Free Music provided by PremiumBeat.com. License this music: http://bit.ly/1BJdSnT -------------------------------- What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a Lego style adventure game which has massively increased in popularity since it was released two years ago. It now has more than 33 million users worldwide. The video game puts players in a randomly-generated world where they can create their own structures and contraptions out of textured cubes. How do you play? Minecraft is what’s called a sandbox game, where the player creates the game themselves by manipulating the world within it (like kids playing in the sand). There are no specific steps or goals, so everyone playing the game is having a different experience. Each time a new game is started it creates a new Minecraft world. You can have many of these worlds if you want, so that each time you play you can choose a different one to roam around in. The worlds are vast and filled with different types of terrain (biomes) and creatures (mobs), as well as things to explore like caves and ravines. Players can also customise the way they experience each world using a bunch of different options. They can play by themselves (single player) or with others (multiplayer). There are two game modes to choose from - creative (where players have an unlimited number of blocks and items to build with and can't die) or survival (players must find and build all of the things they need to avoid death by hunger, injury or attack from hostile creatures). There are also different levels of difficulty, each with its own unique features and challenges.
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Text Comments (1928)
An số nhọ (9 months ago)
Yeh I (11 months ago)
This is stupid.
Arif Aditya (11 months ago)
Arif Aditya (11 months ago)
Yin Yang (1 year ago)
This is how Batman works in MC
Slovo Mrtvo (1 year ago)
Joker is the griefer.
Dipa Dipa (1 year ago)
Nananananananananana Batman!
Magister Lex (1 year ago)
Can I be a Voice actor at your videos?
ShaneoYTplays L (1 year ago)
I love ❤️ this
Sean Jarred Dayrit (1 year ago)
Sean Jarred Dayrit (1 year ago)
CreativeArtStudios (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who thought of (in bane's voice) "you think the rules are your ally?"
Richard Raymundo (1 year ago)
Look batsman And joker and bane
Lord of empire (1 year ago)
This is literally how i feel about pixelmon un-linked how i got banned for false report I'm trying to appeal but i have to wait
Remy 131 (1 year ago)
you should make movie
xXAskJeremyThatXx (1 year ago)
Sounds like the Joker....
TheJoshMan (1 year ago)
As a modestrator of a server this is the most accurate thing ever, i even interogated a guy like this once😂
Ultra Nerd (1 year ago)
This was so cool! Love the Dark Knight!
Food taste like food (1 year ago)
Ultra Nerd to bad they have a really shitty batman in 2016 and 2017
bloblo (1 year ago)
Where are they! Smack
*The Minecraft* *DARK ADIMIN* Comming to theaters soon
Read my desc (1 year ago)
Jalen Tipton (1 year ago)
Joseph Smith (1 year ago)
that just shows you how brutal batman really is XD XD XD
DeciNarx N/A (1 year ago)
This was so funny XD
Holly Sanders (2 years ago)
Pouleto Master (2 years ago)
I love this !!
CJ BlueFoot (2 years ago)
Savith -brine (2 years ago)
thundering_ supernova (2 years ago)
OMG the joker is like me in minecraft
Alun Thomas (2 years ago)
I mean 01:09
Alun Thomas (2 years ago)
did anyone else hear the joker make a villager noise at 01:10
Isabel Jacobs (2 years ago)
I love Batman🙌
EpicPlayer132 (2 years ago)
xD I love him too, I know everything about him!
EpicPlayer132 (2 years ago)
I am Batman!
Maximilian Combecher (2 years ago)
Erica Cruz (2 years ago)
Wow instant ban
kianmehr souri (2 years ago)
wow!!! the sound was from the Slender man Shadow game
Zackio 2004 (2 years ago)
I don't like jokers voice
Robot Dog (2 years ago)
blame James XD.......im sorry james i just opened up a can of worms o_o
Undead Gamer (2 years ago)
Batman vs joker and vs bane
GAMING BOY (2 years ago)
Do more animations plzz
WilliamZone (2 years ago)
Mather (2 years ago)
I got a Minecraft Pocket Edition ad :P
simply, ari (2 years ago)
Gel Hatter (2 years ago)
OMG.... that was like an MC how it should've ended!!
Majesty Pineapple (2 years ago)
OMFG that was messed up
melinda garpida (2 years ago)
That's Batman!
ItoVlog (2 years ago)
AHAHAH omg lol
Clockwork Arceus (2 years ago)
Interesting, when I was watching this, the splash was 'Afraid of the big black bat!'
-a i x a- (2 years ago)
This is what batman actually does and you guys didn't realize it yet?wow.
Mete Han (2 years ago)
bluemonkey crazy ilove bluemonkey
Noresicon Mortorom (3 years ago)
level 3 gay (3 years ago)
Mitch Is Potato (3 years ago)
i think +elamantanimaton and +Blue Monkey  should work together
rowbert (3 years ago)
Life on a faction server
VecckART™ (3 years ago)
+robiscool54321 lol
MarieBeth Apodaca (3 years ago)
Oh my glob
Michael Parks (3 years ago)
Batman was really random...
DankChapleau (8 months ago)
Michael Parks fuuuuuuuu!
TheLegoDirector (2 years ago)
Woah! Fancy seeing you here, Micheal!
Bryan Szewczyk (3 years ago)
+Michael Parks It was from the film it wasnt random that is what happened in the movie
Pigs (3 years ago)
JJTutorials (3 years ago)
i like it
Kayla Le (3 years ago)
Charity Hand (3 years ago)
ღZanyGachaღ (3 years ago)
The Creator (3 years ago)
at first I was scared
The Nerd (3 years ago)
batman=every moderator 
Rafael Puno (3 years ago)
TheFearRaiser sounded like SethBling
Rafael Puno (3 years ago)
shug (3 years ago)
I agree!
KevinGamingOY (3 years ago)
Blue and black or white and gold?
KingofPros21 (3 years ago)
Blue waffle
. (3 years ago)
I see the dress as gold and blue
Diana Volinsky (3 years ago)
fail batman lol
TheGamingAddict (3 years ago)
Yay Batman
Spider Playz (3 years ago)
Lol it was minecraftman
Elliott (3 years ago)
and then all the buildings blew up because the griefer never told batman or the chief where they were.
solilo (3 years ago)
Loved the animation and especially the voice acting.
ASP! (3 years ago)
Play For Real (3 years ago)
Giieko (3 years ago)
Anyone else notice that the griefer's sounds like Peter Griffin from Family Guy?
BEARAGEDDON (3 years ago)
i work ALONE im am BATMAN!!!!!!!!!11
INSIDE (3 years ago)
JJayJoker pozdro dla kumatych z polski :-;
Issy Vs Gaming (3 years ago)
Ops have creative,cant they just get new wheat XD
Nocturnal Golem (3 years ago)
If only this was how the dark knight rising ended XD
Preston Garvey (3 years ago)
Minecraft is evil (3 years ago)
I was once a griefer because I rob peoples diamonds, emeralds, gold, iron and coal, changing signs and stole the mansion
Keiji B (3 years ago)
I was a hacker
Chubby (3 years ago)
This needs to be longer, and there needs to be a Minecraft movie. MINECRAFT MOVIE FTW!!!
Uku Sibul (1 year ago)
Bryan Szewczyk 2019
TheliagoCreations (2 years ago)
+Bryan Szewczyk is there a confirmed release date?
Chubby (3 years ago)
+Bryan Szewczyk Really? Nice!
Bryan Szewczyk (3 years ago)
+MetroCubeGaming There is one coming out in 2016 xD
SilverShivers (3 years ago)
It takes a lot of effort and time to make something like this so making a movie would be quite a challenge
Black knight X (3 years ago)
I hate your videos
Tara Pruitt (3 years ago)
i hate you
Bingo The Flamingo (3 years ago)
omg i was like whyyyyy when batman came 
Kabylee (3 years ago)
my favorite movie:D
MrBlockHead99 (3 years ago)
Nice Video!! Maybe you should do a video about Spiderman animation STYLE!! 
iTzMajor (3 years ago)
mark lawless (3 years ago)
You think your safe... I will find you... Then I will chloroform you whilst you are sleeping... I will then use a corkscrew to pull your eyes out their sockets... Then I'll leave your body in a ditch...
AnimeAngel - Minecraft (3 years ago)
Griefers suck! Awesome animation. :D
ivy long (3 years ago)
Matt the Fierce (3 years ago)
as a guy who got the hell griefed outta him on a server... I LOVED THIS!!!
Jacob S (4 years ago)
Jacob S (4 years ago)
Coffeechipmunk (4 years ago)
The Moderator should've been Kuledud3.
Shahyish Devraj (3 years ago)
+Joseph Moore No it was typed
Joseph Moore (3 years ago)
Did somebody say moderator!?
Angela Cravens (4 years ago)
Minecraft laws yay!
Maurice Eggers (4 years ago)
Phillip Salazar (4 years ago)
The guy who plays batman in the movie killed himself
Sedna WolfDemon (4 years ago)
Oh and bain too
Sedna WolfDemon (4 years ago)
Lol huskymudkip did the voice of Batman I can tell (>^ω^<)
Animal Life 2909 (4 years ago)
Ronix Yorukage (4 years ago)
lol how did I not noticed BATMAN is spoken by Quinten?!
Brandon Evans (4 years ago)
raspberries (4 years ago)
Greg Gauci (4 years ago)
Ah,batman,his favourite thing to do in minecraft fuck women in their pussys

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