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Pull Tabs | What Are Tab Games?

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Pull Tabs - What Are Tab Games? http://pagames.com/pull-tabs Pull tabs, also known as break opens, are very similar to lottery tickets but better. The reason we say they are better is because they have a definite payout and they provide you with the number of tickets in each deal, meaning you know your odds of winning. When you play state owned lottery tickets, you have no idea what your odds are because you don’t know the amount of tickets printed for each game. There may be 50 winners at $500 in a lottery ticket, but you are never told how many tickets are in each game so you cannot figure out your odds. The odds of winning high payout money playing lottery tickets is not that good anyways, but people still do enjoy the excitement that they could hit a big winner and pay off their house in an instant. If you like better odds when you gamble, then you will do a lot better playing pull tabs. With pull tab tickets you know exactly what your odds are before you even begin playing. Gambling is all about odds and if you like winning then you better know your odds before you hand over your money. Break opens are made with a simple process including two strips of paper that are glued together. The top sheet of paper has perforated windows that the player opens up to reveal the symbols printed on the rear piece of paper. Each ticket is then marked with the amount of money you win so it is very simple to see whether you have the winning symbols or not. Check out the video below that demonstrates exactly how the tickets work. Which Pull Tab Is Right For You? Since there are so many pull tabs, it really comes down to a number of factors. How many people will you be servicing? How many days will you be running your event/are you open? How many tickets are in the games you are interested in? …and many more! Give us a call at PA Games today (717-238-1701) so we can help you pick out the perfect games for you. We will ask you questions and learn more about your goals so we can help you pick out the best games for you. http://pagames.com Arrow International American Games Douglas Press Bingo Tickets PA Games Paramount Games Muncie Novelty
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My dad works for arrow international
PA Games (1 year ago)
Awesome! What does he do there?
VIVIAN NGUYEN (2 years ago)
where can we get the pull tabs in pa?
The Fit 4 Life Club (5 months ago)
I tried to call...no answer or voice message. When is a good time to call? Do you still do the skill games?
PA Games (1 year ago)
Give us a call at (717) 238-1701 and we can help you out.
Nicky Yess (2 years ago)
Awesome video cuz!
PA Games (1 year ago)
Jamie Mazzocco (2 years ago)
Hey Jason, thanks for the helpful video. I had no idea how to use pull tabs for our organization and now I have a grasp on how we can use them to raise money at our events. Looking forward to getting help from your company.

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