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The Last of Us - Joel and Ellie Get Honest

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Text Comments (679)
InsurgentWolf Gaming (16 days ago)
*Goddamn onions!*
Logan Sanford (24 days ago)
Games like this makes me want to buy a ps4
Dokomei 12 (24 days ago)
what's Ellie angry about with JoeI? I don't get it
holamoco17 (17 days ago)
Dokomei 12 No problem. If you are wondering about other things from the story don't hesitate to ask. I love this game too much. The main story isn't that hard to understand, but the emotions involved is a roller coast.
Dokomei 12 (17 days ago)
did tho, the story is too complex. Haha thanks for the clearer explanation
holamoco17 (17 days ago)
Dokomei 12 You should play the game. It's amazing.
holamoco17 (17 days ago)
Dokomei 12 Joel wanted to leave Ellie to his brother Tommy, so that Tommy would bring her to the Fireflies. Basically Joel didn't want to continue on his mission delivering Ellie to the Fireflies because he was afraid of failing it, with other words getting her killed or he getting killed and leave her alone in that awful envoirnment. He got attached to her, as well as she got attached to him. Anxiety got to him, he became afraid and didn't want to feel that pain again of losing a "daughter". He wanted to break that attachment, kill those feelings of careness by splitting up. And that's why he said those cold words of him not being her father and she not being his daughter, that way with Tommy Ellie would be safe. She argued the opposite to stay together, because of losing people she cared about in the past, she didn't want to lose Joel too, that would only make her feel unsafe, alone and scared again.
Heinry J (1 month ago)
Ellie: So don’t tell me that i would be safer with someone else, because the truth is i would just be more scared Joel: Aww c’mere baby gurl..... 😢
Peesashit284 (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does Joel seem to have a Texan accent?
holamoco17 (17 days ago)
Peesashit284 He is from there. I guess you haven't played the game?
Michael Brunner (1 month ago)
The acting, writing, pacing, direction. Other games should be ashamed.
mignonthon (1 month ago)
I am doing this right now for the first time on Ps4. I never have a ps3. That scene was splendid.
MLS 2020 (1 month ago)
Some people say that the reason why Joel is acting this way towards Ellie because he supposedly doesn't have a heart. The real reason why he's being so cold is because he DOES have a heart. A heart that break like glass should he let his guard down.
cowgirl boots (1 month ago)
I love you Scammel2
King Shep (1 month ago)
I don’t think I’ve cried harder
Ippenator (1 month ago)
Yeah sure break my heart
I'm Negan (1 month ago)
((you right . I'm not your daughter. and I'm sure as hell ain't your dad and we are going to separate ways. ))
Mike 2400 (2 months ago)
The greatest game I've ever played. It was like playing a game and watching an intense emotional movie at the same time. What a great pairing they made with these 2 characters, Joel the one man army who is an expert tactician, and the resourcefulness and spirit of Ellie, and the formation of a father daughter attachment to each other in a crazy post apocalyptic world.
edgelord 52 (2 months ago)
Scammel2 is now online
BlueKnight /B.K (3 months ago)
I trust him more than I trust myself Thats depressing
tiger bend (3 months ago)
The character depth and relationship depth in the last of us is insane!
CombatCaleb (3 months ago)
dude scammel2 is online
Raven PlayzGamez (5 months ago)
Seeing this after 2 years made me cry
Alamatronix (5 months ago)
4 years ago and I still watch this
Trespassing with Peep (5 months ago)
Playing the remastered version today 🔥🔥
jason H. Zeger (5 months ago)
Ellie and joel both really really need hugs
jason H. Zeger (5 months ago)
this scene along with the scene from Witcher 3 where Geralt finds Ciri with 7 dwarfs,these 2 are most powerful scenes from entire videogame industry ever
holamoco17 (3 months ago)
jason H. Zeger And the last scene with Clem and Lee. Also when Aerith dies in FF7
Lupita Batana (6 months ago)
I love Ellie and Joel’s daughter and father relationship. One reason why I love the last of us! ❤️
CONNER LEE CLR KING (6 months ago)
Best game ever
StormChaser (6 months ago)
It's very touching how Ellie became so attached to Joel as if he were her father. Even when they made it to Tommy's, Joel tells her "Go with Maria, she'll put some food in you," she didn't want to leave his side. And Maria says to Ellie "Lets give the boys some space".
BlackVeilHarle (6 months ago)
I love this part because it's so good but hate it because Joel was such an asshole here.
emillyycollins (6 months ago)
Yolonde Burry (6 months ago)
I cried when Ellie said everyone expect you. UGH Joel keep her ALIVE
"What tears? You have tears!!!"
Alexx Gonzo626 (6 months ago)
Ellie sounds like Terra from teen Titans.
Papa tyler (5 months ago)
It's because she is, she's voiced by Ashley Johnson, you may also know her as Gwen Tennyson from the Ben 10 alien force and Ultimate alien
NACHO STOPPER (6 months ago)
I bet scammel2 got alot of friends lmao
Matthew Hardwick (6 months ago)
Best scene in the whole game, heart to heart 😢
Knodd_FX (6 months ago)
Man, this scene gets me every time. When Joel says "You have no idea what loss is", I get the feeling Troy Baker was drawing on some very real emotions there, it sounded so genuine.
Samuel Freakin' Adams (7 months ago)
The sexual tension between these two is insanely thick.
Taeyong's legs (3 months ago)
Samuel Freakin' Adams troll
Torgo1969 (7 months ago)
Booker, catch!
ledoutemabite3 (7 months ago)
White song is It PLS.?
Isaac Gilmour (7 months ago)
does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 1:03? I can't find it anywhere
twd.westeros (7 months ago)
masterpiece. This whole game is a masterpiece
theBigD1ckBandit (7 months ago)
one of the greatest scenes of all time
Dat419 boi (7 months ago)
I’ll fucking start a riot if the 2nd one’s not as good
Jotaro Kujo (8 months ago)
The acting is too good, I started weeping somehow when Joe and Ellie were talking about their losses
Spider-Plant Man (8 months ago)
Don't make me cry again and again !! 😠
Lucas T. dos Santos (8 months ago)
What the soundtrack there scene????
Guy Named Max (8 months ago)
Here’s all the characters in this game (some were only seen or mentioned one time) 1. Joel 2. Ellie 3. Tommy 4. Bill 5. Tess 6. Buckley (Tommy’s dog) 7. Callas (Tommy’s horse) 8. Earl (One of Tommy’s town workers) 9. David 10. Ethan (first firefly that Joel kills at the hospital) 11. Frank (Bill’s partner) 12. Jimmy cooper (first runner that we see) 13. James (David’s friend) 14. Kari (one of the doctors at the hospital) 15. Malick (Possibly Tess’s former boyfriend) 16. Terrence (One of Tess’s workers) 17. Maria (Tommy’s wife) 18. Sarah 19. Henry 20. Sam 21. Riley abel (Ellie’s best friend) 22. Robert (Joel and Tess’s former enemy) 23. Winston (Solider at the Boston QZ) 24. Anna (Ellie’s mom) 25. Ish (unknown person) 26. John (One of the hunters)
HeartPaw (9 months ago)
"You have no idea..What loss is." "Everyone I cared for has either died, Or left me..Everyone fucking except for you! Don't tell me I'll be safer with someone else because the truth is I'll just be more scared." The way they showed How Depressed Joel was about Sarah's death hurt me inside, Same with how Ellie's life has been, She lost her best friend to infected..And she was about to lose Joel, The one person who actually survived and stayed with her. I teared up so badly at this scene..
Michal Bukvai (9 months ago)
This game proves that games are the real ART!
Mikey Hernandez (9 months ago)
Papa tyler (5 months ago)
"Children Of Men"
Matth4Devil (9 months ago)
Game of the century
Michal Bukvai (9 months ago)
This game... OMG THIS GAME!
aeon lincoln (9 months ago)
1:11 "Ellie....!" Gave me goosebumps! O_O
Scott Summers (11 months ago)
I wish Ellie had a boyfriend hopefully in part 2
Visionta Visionta (1 year ago)
Rebecca Guzman (1 year ago)
This part is so sad :'( It's so weird too cause I saw the game being played in spanish and Joel's voice is way deeper xD
Yami Givo (1 year ago)
Joel is voiced by Troy baker who plays Pain and Yamato in Naruto Ellie is voiced by Ashley Johnson who plays Terra in teen titans, Jinmay in SRMTHFG and Gwen Tennyson (teenage) from Ben 10
BrooksApocalypse (1 year ago)
This was like being yelled at by a parent...
Bobby Rainsbury (1 year ago)
One of the best games ever made epic honest scene you can never get bored of this masterpiece
Gui Porto (1 year ago)
Troy Baker said that the cast and the director worked on this scene for HOURS to get the perfect tone.
MegaKhangkhung (1 year ago)
this is my favorite scene
Christos Tsioridis (1 year ago)
I thought it would be a short, boring cutscene, but no! It was if not the best, one of the greatest scenes ever!
Illrefreshment37 (1 year ago)
Deacon from the show Nashville looks and sounds like Joel if they make a movie he should play him
White Pnter (1 year ago)
everything about this game is awesome
TPG (1 year ago)
1:06 Scammel2 is now online Fuck you scammel2
Dark Bro (1 year ago)
So Ellie cares for Joel? Can't say I'm surprised.
Arthas_117 (1 year ago)
Just got back from the Kill Sandwitch part. And I'm watching this...Wow!
Solaf Mohammed (1 year ago)
I wish know what the story but it look nice
Glarcier (1 year ago)
1:54 if you look closely, you can see her heart break a little.
Darkcore1988 (1 year ago)
ok My friend Can you remember My name?!?
Nazri Buang (1 year ago)
"At times I do not know what to think of Ellie. I see Sarah in her but my heart is filled with anger. Anger that she had to share tragic fates at young age. Anger that she had to share this life with me" - Joel
ACFAN92 (1 year ago)
This is probably my favorite scene in the game
TBGAMINGYT YT (1 year ago)
u know it seems to me that if you wanna make a damm good movie all u need is naughty dog to write the script. have troy baker and the guy who plays drake to star in it . and presto you have your masterpiece.
Darki Plier (1 year ago)
Finding A Ukulele (1 year ago)
Could someone please tell me what the guitar bit is called?
gio parker (1 year ago)
deez nutz
Distrum (1 year ago)
This scene had me tearing up
Evie Squeezy (1 year ago)
This is so deep. "Everyone I have cared for has either died, or left me. Everyone except for you! So don't tell me I would be safer with someone else because the truth is I would just be more scared"
Brandon Jackson (1 year ago)
This Game needs an Oscar hands down. This whole Game took me by the heart.
SirWolfTheII (1 year ago)
I feel like when Joel says "You're right.. You're not my daughter" is him realising and just coming to terms with that sad truth because he looked at her as his own.
Kelvinator X (1 year ago)
my favorite ninja-cutting-onions scene.
Josh Sells Guns (1 year ago)
So many fucking onions in my room right now.
Elisheba Crossin (1 year ago)
Holy shit that hurt in Ellies eyes...
Patrick Little (1 year ago)
The scene didn't make me sad, it was Ellie's face at the end when they're leaning up against the door. I wanna give her a hug. ;=;
Dylan Worme (1 year ago)
" You have no idea what loss is." The way he says that gives me chills, that's the voice of a man who's been through everything and lost everything.
Gnork B'yoink (1 year ago)
Just come back here to see Joel face again after The Last of Us part 2 trailer reveal yesterday. He's only shown his beard in that trailer so,... yeah. I miss him too.
chiara (1 year ago)
Gnork B'yoink Will he die ?
Darki Plier (1 year ago)
Gnork B'yoink THE FEELS😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭
DozyProductions (1 year ago)
crying right now
Peter Parker (1 year ago)
There's no need to make a movie. It's fine the way it is.
GoldenYuri (3 months ago)
cosmicdeercake Y’all have seen LOGAN right? That movie was a damn masterpiece and you can take Hugh and Dafne (x-23) and put into TLOU and it would work
GreenApples (6 months ago)
No and Yes, I want this game to have a tv series but not a MOVIE. I can trust Netflix on this because they make series better than the Hollywood.
bob surman (1 year ago)
Great words, Hollywood would just make an inferior product of what we have now. They want the success without the hard work that comes with it.
cosmicdeercake (1 year ago)
Peter Parker thank you! Hollywood has no original ideas anymore and I don't want them ruining a game that had such a huge impact on my life.
Jin Baka (1 year ago)
Don't tell me i save someone else because thruth more skin.
Iqbal Taufiqurrahman (1 year ago)
damn it's been 3 years and It's still intense for me ! sry for bad english
Dan K (1 year ago)
"Because the truth is I would be more scared." How the hell can you say no to that face?
Corvo@AZ (8 months ago)
@Dan K It's because of this scene that made the Baby Girl line more powerful later on.
Dion (1 year ago)
I wondered why everyone was so harsh to Ellie, she did nothing wrong.
Peter Parker (1 year ago)
+D23 yeah.... i really gotta replay this
D23 (1 year ago)
Peter Parker plus seeing the picture of Sarah that Tommy had saved for Joel brought back all the emotions that he felt he'd let his daughter down, he didn't want to get so attached to Ellie just in case it happened again.
Peter Parker (1 year ago)
If your scared that you'll fuck up and that face will be covered in blood. Joel wants to split because he cares too much.
Aidan Reigler (1 year ago)
"You have no idea.. of what loss is." Goddamn his pain is so audible it makes me want to cry.
holamoco17 (17 days ago)
Gamma Ray That's the way he had lived his life for 20 years, except for two people he trusted and cared for (Tommy and Tess), he would never be the same again guy again, the pain was still inside of him. And everything changed when he met Ellie. At first he didn't really care for her except being a bodyguard and finishing the mission to get their stuff back. But his feelings for her grew as he got to know her better and she clearly got close to him. Those feelings made him anxious and afraid.
Michal Bukvai (1 month ago)
Actually I did cry while playing this game. And when they took Ellie from me, I was raging. I realy cared for her.
Gamma Ray (8 months ago)
Zenith he has his reason so as to Ellie but I agree he can be selfish at times
Zenith (8 months ago)
I was pissed at joel for a while, always treating ellie like shit
Leopold Briggs (1 year ago)
The thing is its true, Ellie was born into that hell of a world, she knew the in and outs of day to day, end of the world life. Joel was a young man when he saw the world he lived in crumble and become a shell of its self. Sarah was the one thing that connects him to his old life and its seems that ellie makes him feel like a father again. When he heard ellie say he's not her daughter you can see the hurt amd pain he felt. Aww man the feels bro.
FlyKidDeedy (1 year ago)
Leopold Briggs totally agree with u dawg ;-)
sksksksk (1 year ago)
I know Ellie is Ashley Johnson but Who else thinks Ellie sounds like Shailene Woodley?
sksksksk (1 year ago)
+Edwin diaz Aha I think it's just me😂😂😂
Edwin diaz (1 year ago)
Musicholic. 5108 they sound nothing alike
Atllep (1 year ago)
Someone must have hidden onions in my room, a lot of them. Probably a whole drawer full, damn
Ayem Naredo (1 year ago)
well riley left you
Ayem Naredo (1 year ago)
ellie calm down way you talking bout boys movies and shirts and skirts what the heck someone had a crush on you but not me im 7 i know your just 14 that day
The Shnall (1 year ago)
Atllep Oh so that's where I left them!
D T (1 year ago)
It really doesn't need a sequel. It's like Pulp Fiction, why would you do that? it was so special and out of the blue there is literally no need for another one.
jason H. Zeger (5 months ago)
Money bro...money
CoffeePoweredAuthor (7 months ago)
It's Naughty Dog. The sequel will be just as amazing, if not more. Which means, yup, another one is definitely needed.
David White (1 year ago)
Welp... That shit just flew out the window.
Husky Lover (1 year ago)
What do u mean she can't get infected? Every one else are infected too
Magnus Wendin (1 year ago)
Sabrina Perez The difference was that the others before Ellie wasn't immune. The recording say that they never experienced something like what Ellie had before. I still think Joel was right though. The only thing i don't agree with was his lying.
Sabrina Perez (1 year ago)
Joel technically wasn't lying. If you rummage around the hospital before you save Ellie, you find a tape from a doctor that states there were many before Ellie, and they all died in vain. Despite the numerous attempts to find a cure, they failed every single time. I'm not justifying Joel's actions, but if that isn't telling of what could have been Ellie's fate, I don't know what is.
Edwin diaz (1 year ago)
Zackprogamer Gt well Marlene needed to kill Ellie to find out how she didn't get infected,Joel lied to her saying their were more and that they stopped looking for a cure
Husky Lover (1 year ago)
+cordoba tate yeah I know she has been infected for three weeks and everyone else becomes one of the infected only after for one day but this, she didn't eat any medicine or find the cure!
cordoba tate (1 year ago)
you didnt play the game , dont you?
Bonifacius Yogatama (1 year ago)
This game made me want to have a daughter.
GoldenYuri (3 months ago)
Jimmy Charlis Oh well that’s gonna get her some free rations in survival situation I guess
Batuhan Yiğit (5 months ago)
The best comment. Me too dude, me too.
Jimmy Charlis (1 year ago)
Bonifacius Yogatama until she signs up for bang bus
Brandon Jackson (1 year ago)
Bonifacius Yogatama If I have a daughter Im teaching them survival and hunting skills. No questions asked.
jamie fletcher (1 year ago)
Best scene in the greatest game ever. Put that in the last of us film Naughty Dog
Ozy (3 months ago)
100th like
NO NAME (2 years ago)
why joel why
The Cowboy (2 years ago)
This is probably one of the most emotionally moving scenes in the entire game. Naughty Dog really hit a home run when they made this! Even though we see the game through Joel's eyes, here we get to really see the events in the game from Ellie's point of view. If you are a decent human being, you can't help but be moved when Ellie says to Joel: "Everyone I've ever cared for has either died or left me. Everyone fucking except for you! So don't tell me I'd be safer with someone else, cause the truth is I'd just be more scared." And be as equally repulsed when Joel callously replies: "You're right - you're not my daughter. And I ain't your dad. Now we are going our separate ways." But in the end, we get to see the humanity from Joel, as he desperately races with Ellie in his arms through the hospital, trying to save her.
Fmod P (2 years ago)
so many feels ; ;
Kevin Muller (2 years ago)
"Is this all they had to worry about?"..... one of my favorite parts of the game because Ellie only knows this world as a chaotic and dreadful place. She would give anything to have a life where her most troubled worry would be if a guy liked her back or what she would wear to the prom instead of constantly worry about death every day. It makes all our problems seem so trivial.
Kevin Muller well she's gay so yeah
Lenariet (2 years ago)
But I don't see her yearning for prom or the likes. Not every girl's dream is to be the princess riding with her white shining knight into the sunset looking like a living barbie doll. That is not to say she wouldn't like to have a boy like her (she would probably prefer a girl liking her but that's irrelevant in this case).
Lenariet (2 years ago)
Ashley Johnson said something about Ellie not having had any "golden age" like "normal" teens are supposed/thought to have, in an interview along with Neil Druckmann, it's somewhere around here.
Anoshka (2 years ago)
Ellie sounds like Chloe Moretz and Joel looks like Gerad Butler.
THANK YOU (1 year ago)
Lol Girl fuck off
Sassy Raindrops (1 year ago)
+HEYO You don't have to be rude.
HEYO (1 year ago)
+SellLove Cocaine shut up retard. I was talking about her voice not her appearance. God you're dumb.
Dwayne (1 year ago)
+HEYO no idiot she look like ellen page
HEYO (2 years ago)
+Raghad kelly she kinda does actually

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