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Text Comments (31954)
SSSniperWolf (3 months ago)
hiiiiii ily
NupperG (27 days ago)
it was 499 but now 500
SSSniperWolf ok...NOW it’s the end of the replies :)
Andrew Sillman (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf pppppk
Jacobina Lotino (1 month ago)
Last one comment..
Shannon McKay (1 hour ago)
Oooo that’s dumb to say
Georgie Duarte (3 hours ago)
all night fortnite
THEORY DUDE (3 hours ago)
Wow nice dress
gillian king (3 hours ago)
Play fortnite and tell my mum and screen shot the picture ;)
King Batman 88 (4 hours ago)
I let you babysit me beautiful😍💓
Madi Cook (4 hours ago)
JadaPlayz :3 (4 hours ago)
*getting burned*
music groups (5 hours ago)
Well neither of those im a humper im not a humper autocorrect for f saik. or am i
Elizabeth Burton (5 hours ago)
Hey girl
Elizabeth Burton (5 hours ago)
Max Horton (6 hours ago)
I would lay that baby sitter
Vipers 42 (6 hours ago)
Take the pic play not fortnite cod and do some other stuff 😏 especially when she look like that
fluffy BunnehGamer (7 hours ago)
Wait wait wait the time is 12am when they texed😕😕😕😕😕😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Cam Gill (7 hours ago)
Elisarahi Rodriguez (7 hours ago)
i have baby sat and he drew in the walls i was so worried and there parents were coming in 10 min no like really i was so dead but thank GOD they said oh its washable =( OMG TYSM LORD I STILL HAVE THIS JOB FOR COLLAGE AND SOME CANDY NEVER ARGUE WITH CANDY
ninja boy (7 hours ago)
Kahleel Patterson (8 hours ago)
Play fortnite all.night
Poosie Finnie (8 hours ago)
Fortnight all night
Messiah Brown (8 hours ago)
i'll take that shit
Pug cupcake2008 (8 hours ago)
What does molest mean.........
DARK BULLET (9 hours ago)
Jovany Nunez (9 hours ago)
Joe 113 (9 hours ago)
Keep the picture and not tell
Jessica Real (9 hours ago)
Javier Hinojosa (9 hours ago)
Play fortnite all night 😎
kiara mena (10 hours ago)
Keep pic and fornite
Sam Lasswell (10 hours ago)
Fort nite!!!
Brandy A (10 hours ago)
Alex Johnston (10 hours ago)
How about paid and laid😏😉
Sophia Fahrni (10 hours ago)
hoi im SOPHIA!!!!
Trinity Richardson (10 hours ago)
Play the game
webhead 809 (10 hours ago)
Take it and play Fortnite and also try to smash
TigerishGold 83 (10 hours ago)
Daisy Asmr (10 hours ago)
Yes you put the butt cream in the butt
High Pixelated (10 hours ago)
I would lai her so hard
Tara Bolling (11 hours ago)
Tell my mom
Jaimee Marin (11 hours ago)
I did play fortnite 8 00 pm to5amp
Isaiah Rodriguez (11 hours ago)
I'll play 4 night all night
Luis Ibarra (11 hours ago)
My name is lily
Wyatt Strunk (11 hours ago)
I would ask her for more picks
justin5804 (11 hours ago)
I have never babysit before and never plan on it.
The Lopezz Family Vlogs (11 hours ago)
Kyra Morrison (11 hours ago)
I would play fortninte all night
Skullcrusher Shreiner (11 hours ago)
I have a mic
Emmanuel Perez (11 hours ago)
Play fortnite all night
What The??!?!?!!! (11 hours ago)
Skullcrusher Shreiner (11 hours ago)
I wold do both play fortnite and then tell
Myami lycan (11 hours ago)
I would let u babysit me u amazing
Blue Alpha 26 (12 hours ago)
I have babysat it was my friends siblings so it wasn’t that bad but the girl did go through my phone but luckily she doesn’t know I’m dating someone I was laughing so hard when she founded out I had a crush it was Hilarious 😆
Katry (12 hours ago)
hi SSSniperWolf
Ayden Liabastre (12 hours ago)
Play fortnite and tell mum
sheila boyd (12 hours ago)
i would tell my mom or dad not fortnite i dont like fortnite i would rather play Roblox
sheila boyd (12 hours ago)
i playyyyyyyy Robloxxxxxxxxx
2h0rns AJ (12 hours ago)
My teachers name is Mrs. Allen...
JJ Cool (12 hours ago)
Fortnite All Night Sniper
Rebecca Brown (12 hours ago)
Hmmmmm I would play games until mom got home when she got home ohhhh moooooom!!😀
Sams Gaming 2 (13 hours ago)
I would play fortnite all night.
Elijah McGowan (13 hours ago)
Take it and play fortnite
Preston Wilson (13 hours ago)
D De Dev Devi Devil Devil t Devil ti Devil tim Devil time Devil tim Devil ti Devil t Devil Devi Dev De D
Preston Wilson (13 hours ago)
🦖this is godzilla/small zilla and 1like=1 foot long for godzilla
Preston Wilson (13 hours ago)
Y Yo You Yout Youtu Youtub Youtube Youtub Youtu Yout You Yo Y
ZayZay 025 (13 hours ago)
10:30 Heel wife (14 hours ago)
I’ll take it and play Fortnite
Devil Rebel (14 hours ago)
JAHEIM GRANT (14 hours ago)
Holy crap what the
Cian Odoherty (14 hours ago)
Woulda saved the pic, bargained for another pic and then play fortnite
Brian Arey (14 hours ago)
Mi mom babysit
Emily’s gaming Channel (14 hours ago)
Aubrey Williams (15 hours ago)
Play fornight
Play fortnite
Dab KING Fortnite (15 hours ago)
Fortnite bruh
Just do it (15 hours ago)
Hi I'm Bradley
Tyrell Johnson (15 hours ago)
Jamarion Kobe (15 hours ago)
Felisha Johns (15 hours ago)
Anthony Reece (15 hours ago)
I'm only 9 so no baby sitting here
Anthony Reece (15 hours ago)
Erich Adams (16 hours ago)
Fortnite all night
Fortnite sucks
ashtonrose14 (17 hours ago)
laid lmao
Sam Warren (17 hours ago)
I don't have Fortnite so I would tell my mom
Glen Gascoigne-Spittle (17 hours ago)
Please reply
make fortnite vids plz
Meet The Brenners (18 hours ago)
Get the cream right in there?sounded so wrong your funny 😂 I know what you meant just sounded wrong ha
Katherine Paz (18 hours ago)
Fortnite 🔫🏹🗡🔫🛢🔫🔫🔫
john adebogun (18 hours ago)
I’d rather play for invite because she cute
Angelica Rosa (19 hours ago)
Samantha Cano (19 hours ago)
Ill tell my mom
Lucy Moon (20 hours ago)
Darius Williams (20 hours ago)
lol i'd always take the option to play fortnite lol u could never say no to that lol
Youngsavages (22 hours ago)
Fortnite gang
Kianny Garcia (22 hours ago)
Laid pay
Reece Harris (22 hours ago)
2018 and glasses w/out lenses - *insert rawr x D*
Philip Saaiman (23 hours ago)
I would ask if i could wach your videos all nite
JJ wavy (1 day ago)
Take it an play fortnite
James Dillon (1 day ago)
josh coppens (1 day ago)
i would not tell my mum
Panda Mayhem (1 day ago)
Okay buy me ice-cream and let me play fortunate all night and deal
Ngaroma Takerei (1 day ago)

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