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Counter-Strike - DE dust2 HD

823346 ratings | 95805618 views
Based on the game, Counter-Strike: Source, this fifth episode in the series brings our stick characters to the map, de_dust2. Facebook! http://fb.com/flashdeck Twitter! http://twitter.com/flashdeckanim Credits: Done by Wei Xing Yong http://flash-deck.com This flash was first released in October 2008. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (82286)
ОЛЕГ ЗАЙЦЕВ (1 hour ago)
я это видио от одноклассников во 2м классе лицезрел на кнопочном телефоне в 2011 году
Dark Side291 (1 hour ago)
Wth you made itp using wat i need to made it too
Dieadle Took (2 hours ago)
Я это смотрел чрез луна потом того будто я начал резаться в Source,больше итого мемуаров у меня там.Ностальгия.
orestisg (4 hours ago)
mvp dumbass
ChildOfVarg (4 hours ago)
fat nostalgia
Bar Nawi (4 hours ago)
hamsari alon (7 hours ago)
whats with dumbass did he just got the bomb
straightupballin3 (7 hours ago)
The memories these bring. CS 1.5 + 1.6 were the shit.
Chris (9 hours ago)
I didn’t expect to come back to this video after 5 or 6 years
Carl Johnson (10 hours ago)
Gede Satya Dananjaya (12 hours ago)
njir lawas wlwk
Kowiy :3 (13 hours ago)
9 лет вспять...
KaAwaken (14 hours ago)
speak english russian
9 лет вспять привет з 2018
Luka Gogsadze (18 hours ago)
Very nice! I love STICKMANS
Misho Pruidze (18 hours ago)
I remember this video being my favorite thing to watch every evening
Pumpkin Arlo 13 (19 hours ago)
1:43 song
Anthony Bucicov (20 hours ago)
Thanks YouTube Recomendations, very cool!
YungHentaiGawd (20 hours ago)
Fucking memories.
Novak Stojanovic (22 hours ago)
shit is gold
Ponnitima Misa (22 hours ago)
Canodiablo (1 day ago)
When will next One come out
I like FD god super pro
Чтоооооооо домбаз
Sarp Yılmaz (1 day ago)
old but LEGEND
Ranjay Pandi (1 day ago)
i love striker cuz he has m16
ELAIZA TORD (1 day ago)
hey ive been waching this when i was a little kid now im collage.
ELAIZA TORD (24 minutes ago)
im not a nerd
Exodus Padron (31 minutes ago)
ELAIZA TORD haha nerd
ELAIZA TORD (3 hours ago)
my love oh gosh
THE BIG BLACK GUN (7 hours ago)
my heart ohh god
ELAIZA TORD (10 hours ago)
Trxsh Mason (1 day ago)
Bruhh these are memories
Sadman1279 (1 day ago)
WHO IS 2018 HERE !!!!!!!!! COMMENT IF YOU ARE 2018 !!!!!! WHO IS NOVEMBER 2018 !!!
jose_ Carlos (1 day ago)
Vai a puta que pariu com essa bosta
K12345K (1 day ago)
Julian Escudero (1 day ago)
Pro_100 FlexTM (1 day ago)
прикольная игрушка
serban lilioara (1 day ago)
good video
nonbankfaun (1 day ago)
Lets get the 100 millions views
neeki (1 day ago)
intro song: Deftones- My own summer
DarkK (1 day ago)
I miss 2009 so much, and i will you will back to making those animations
Sávio Souza (1 day ago)
Music of the beginning?
Lennox GamingYT (2 days ago)
The viewers of this video is more than pewdiepie subscriber
kedar Joshi (2 days ago)
who is watching in november 2018
fini rismarini (2 days ago)
Counter strike
Jorge Valverde (2 days ago)
No veo comentarios latinos >:v/ Bueno si alguien sabe la canción del inicio que me diga el nombre porfavor :v/
dragons family (2 days ago)
I love the dumbass
terminal22 (2 days ago)
2:46 probably the worst song i've ever heard it already exists but they just put ''camper'' in it and a terrible voice
Ye boi Mr. Nyetus (1 day ago)
+terminal22 meh, that's your own opinion.
terminal22 (1 day ago)
+Ye boi Mr. Nyetus i like most of the 80s but that one is really bad
Ye boi Mr. Nyetus (1 day ago)
what do you think of old songs?
[BS] SHOOTMIX (2 days ago)
Очень классна я бы даже скозал найс
Tadziksz Fun (2 days ago)
Ban powinien być za kampienie na respie
MOJER _ GAME (2 days ago)
Дамбаз топчик иди н*х
MAX (2 days ago)
InD1Go RA (2 days ago)
Mr Buba (2 days ago)
November 2018!?!?!?! Like if u still play this game !
ThekaYs ghostemane (2 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCzI4YZ4GVE&t=13s поглядите начинающий ютубер
Xylinin (3 days ago)
My childhood.
Cookie (3 days ago)
Ребята, у кого видос еще в наставлениях)?
У меня
ЕБЛАНИЩЕ [GD] (3 days ago)
SebShy (3 days ago)
95M and still growing xD
1:13 when I know what I'm doing but I have to act like this
STICK WAR LEGACY fan (3 days ago)
O camer tava cantando kkkk
Kbabib Radeon (3 days ago)
Hello thanks so much for the vid!  I am interested in this.  The last good one I used was AimBoss a few months ago, but their slots were full the last time I looked. Liked and Subscribed :)
dylan florini (3 days ago)
Alexander Harrison (3 days ago)
added this to Classics Collection
Oo lagger got de skillz
232 DjordjeA (3 days ago)
RIP Flash deck : (
Na_KoJleHu_OJlenu (3 days ago)
4:58, наилучший момент
zula oyuncusu herswm (3 days ago)
amk türk yokmu ya 🇹🇷?
fige mini (3 days ago)
The song plsssssss 2:19
by zone (1 day ago)
Slam pendulum
Hands down best animation EVER!
кто из 2018?)
Barbadun (3 days ago)
Первый нах
kshent letch (3 days ago)
Огонь (3 days ago)
Хех, прикольный видос.
Vendetta RAZOR (3 days ago)
I remember watch this I m 13 years old
Чисто Норм (3 days ago)
Член хуй
pug gamer yt (3 days ago)
2018 nu dudes
pug gamer yt (3 days ago)
crazy mind (4 days ago)
Декабрь 2013 я до сих пор сиотрю
READY SET PUBG (4 days ago)
Holy crap...2018 nyone?
GOOD EMPEROR (4 days ago)
Juancarlos Jimenez (4 days ago)
I’m FD god
Supreme Buffalo (4 days ago)
Back when a stick figure with a goofy face was classed as comedy
SpinzoTM (4 days ago)
make one about fortnite
Deivid LVL (4 days ago)
༼(∩ ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡ ͡°)༽⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚ copy them you Can xD xd
Spiele Gamer (4 days ago)
song at 1:15 pls!!!
Blackstuffx (4 days ago)
oldschool out gold
XXMishanya TryhardXX (4 days ago)
2018 ДРАТУТЕ !
Spooky (4 days ago)
just as normal csgo alot of russians in chat
Hello childhood
çşs 16 üğrânbviînd
Tobet Volkodav (5 days ago)
2018 from KZ🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿
Anonim (5 days ago)
Jack (5 days ago)
A golden age can only happen once and can NOT be replicated and was wasted on this animation rip Stan Lee Kkona 7
najmeeh piang (5 days ago)
I watched this video in 2011 when I was 8 years old,And now I'm 15 years old in 2018 but Im still watching this video sometimes,TIME IS SO FAST!
Nico Thertus (5 days ago)
I saw this when I was younger. Very nostalgic and relatable! I love the intro song, big deftones fan!
Ratna Amien (5 days ago)
95 MILION VIEWS AND 800 LIKES !! And im in 2018
Jacob Broom (2 days ago)
Remember when stick fights were the shit, fuck i'm 18 and i feel like im 78
Ratna Amien (4 days ago)
Blackstuffx (4 days ago)
800.000 like
Delores Navarro (5 days ago)
i cant belive sorry bad spelling that it has bean over 8 years sens i wached this wow back then was a good time
immortal nerd (5 days ago)
ahh, nostalgia
The_Stupid videos (5 days ago)
Who 2018?
Quadib 33 (5 days ago)
Oh god who else miss these days when csgo was such a good game and everybody played it, no like now....everybody play fortnite
Xaniac (5 days ago)
Black Ram* * (5 days ago)
И где этот чувак куда он пропал?? А если он запамятовал пароль от аккаунта ема ему грустно будет

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