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LEGO Batman 4K Walkthrough Part 8 - Under The City (BOSS FIGHT) - Power Crazed Penguin

2066 ratings | 1299531 views
LEGO gameplay today features Part 8 of Batman in a "LEGO Batman" Walkthrough. This LEGO Batman gameplay series will include a full run throughout all story chapters cutscenes, all boss fights as well as super heroes & villains character showcases in freeroam freeplay. LEGO Batman is played on a 4K PC but is also available on Nintendo DS, Xbox and PlayStation. LEGO Batman The Videogame is the first LEGO Batman game as well as part of the trilogy which includes LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes & LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.
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Text Comments (82)
Adam Wingert (29 days ago)
1 million views there should moe
artesia holmes (1 month ago)
I've had this game befor on my Xbox 360
muttleo (2 months ago)
The Social Justice League: The Flaming STD, Rainbow Skittles, The Black Death, Captain Kabbalah, The Incredible Schmuck, NAMBLA Manboy, The Amazing Analman, Lemon-AIDS, The Hasidic Faygala and Obama the Wonder Chimp
Freaky (3 months ago)
good old times
Barricade 2oo4 (3 months ago)
I loved this game when I was younger and still do.
Kate Warren (3 months ago)
Babula Psotová (3 months ago)
You're stupid You mama so stupid
Cagney Carnation (4 months ago)
This game was the best wen I was younger I’m 11 I play this wen I was about 7
HMRS Yubikiri (5 months ago)
Gabriel Ferreira (6 months ago)
Noelia Alonso Garrido (6 months ago)
Andreia Pinheiro (6 months ago)
Andreia Pinheiro (6 months ago)
Eu também gosto muito
Giovani Mendizabal (6 months ago)
I have killer crock
anaïs setbon (7 months ago)
Ta de la chance
Xxpro İş Başında (7 months ago)
Lego Batman 3 game ok😀
Ana Dasilva (6 months ago)
xxpro işbaşında aggsgsgxhxhxb
Xxpro İş Başında (6 months ago)
Ok mean
WTNL_TROLLA (7 months ago)
xxpro işbaşında this game on Wii is still my favorite
Alex Rolc (7 months ago)
Michael Andersen (8 months ago)
Mohammad Slamet (9 months ago)
shaked rahamim (10 months ago)
Rachy Gymnastics (10 months ago)
Pure a me piacciono Batman e robin
Andrew Farrow (1 year ago)
The gamer (1 year ago)
This was my favorite game on ps2 took me four months to beat when I was 6 with my cousin it was so good and to see it in 4 k it looks great
Mark De Leon (1 month ago)
put it on the tv
AC APEZ (1 year ago)
Marcus André Goeth (1 year ago)
Bauyjoa Tienda (1 year ago)
son cool batman y robín
Bauyjoa Tienda (1 year ago)
yo y mi hermano nos justa el juego a jajajajaja y que remos que aparezca mas joker
Cosimo Cavallo (1 year ago)
Caca Ifan (1 year ago)
Mas Alucard (10 months ago)
Caca Ifan indo kan??
Wellington Santos (1 year ago)
Gladys Leis (1 year ago)
Wellington Santos Vvvvv
ceah martin (1 year ago)
Oolala and a little boy
brandy macon (1 year ago)
I love bat man 😎😏👻🤘🏻
Xxpro İş Başında (7 months ago)
brandy macon pro yes mean
Xxpro İş Başında (7 months ago)
Yes man
Cosimo Zanfino (8 months ago)
Sabrina Arsyad Ll Ppppp come 3 333 ita web come disegnare il controller del xbox come disegnare il controller del xbox come disegnare il controller del xbox come mettere
Sabrina Arsyad (9 months ago)
brandy macon m
BattleBoy Bomb (9 months ago)
brandy macon me too
Luciano Helldén d
Hur kommer man ditt
layla Hood (1 year ago)
it's Batman 1
that boi (1 year ago)
that game looks like fun
Wendy Laus (1 month ago)
that boi opp
Ferhat Antakyali (2 months ago)
that boi jg
Jacob nguyen (3 months ago)
Luanna Tani (3 months ago)
Fan Of Overwacth vb
Luanna Tani (3 months ago)
that bo
Ed Holmes (1 year ago)
Dominic Henry (1 year ago)
Ed Holmes ,6 op
Joe Yacovacci (1 year ago)
Why don't you talk
PEdroFz 87_9 (1 year ago)
Brett Clark (9 months ago)
Did jump on the alrgadr 😣
Mohammad Slamet (9 months ago)
PEdroFz 87_9 253535353533453
何少余 (11 months ago)
aghnina hikmat (1 year ago)
Joyce Weyer (1 year ago)
LEGO MEKHANIKUS h j kg buckthorn

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