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Pharrell Williams - Happy (Makoto 170 Edit) [Free]

313 ratings | 23533 views
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Text Comments (17)
P A K U L A (8 months ago)
Joanne Campbell (1 year ago)
Yeeeeeeaaasssssssh! Can't get enough of this! ❤💃⭐🎶👌🙂🙃🙃❤🎶💃🤗
Richard Dent (1 year ago)
quality d and b still the forefront of great British dance music love peace unity Olds Kool new skool still going strong
good tune, big ups!
Igor Herculoid (1 year ago)
Atemporal! B.H., Brasil, presente!
Kkierara (1 year ago)
This version is super blessed. Love Makoto!
Ross Albutt (1 year ago)
Simply awesome :-) ...
mrtrick002 (2 years ago)
So many shitty mixes of this track on here. This one best expresses the meaning of the song.
jack tequila (2 years ago)
yes yes fucking yes omg
[d]N[b] (2 years ago)
Way waay better than the original^^
Jendi (3 years ago)
This deserves A LOT more views than it actually has!! It's so good!
jack tequila (2 years ago)
yes yes and yes
fonkyman (4 years ago)
a version that actually does make me happy
Vít Pelc (4 years ago)
Killed it !! Excellent job
Ruben Chafino (4 years ago)
KAAA SPYY (4 years ago)
Better than original. :)
Martin Hanuš (3 years ago)
+Johnny Kasper everything sounds better as dnb

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