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Hunt Showdown Montage #1 @Lollian REMAKE

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DONT FORGET TO PUT IT ON 1080P Feel free to add me on steam @Lollian :) Remade the montage since the quality was so horrible. finally figured out how to make the nights be visible on the video, so hope you can see those clips more clear now! I dont put monitization on my videoes, so please leave a like and subscribe for more new content! Any criticism is positive feedback, same goes with honesty! if you didnt like the video, please write in the comment what i have to improve on. I need the feedback i can get! Songs: 1. Vanic x K.Flay - Make Me Fade 2. Main Theme - OST Battlerite (if you add me, and you have anything with trading involved in your profile, i will not accept the friend request.)
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Text Comments (7)
Ziii (2 months ago)
2 people who gave thumbs down were killed in this video. Great video :D
lollian1 (2 months ago)
id assume the same... haha :D thanks
lollian1 (3 months ago)
Any feedback is good feedback! critisism is welcome to help me improve! thanks for watching! :)
Matalsace (2 months ago)
Np :)
lollian1 (2 months ago)
thanks man! makes me happy that atleast someone out there enjoy my content :D appreaciate you ma dude!
Matalsace (2 months ago)
I watching your video every day i love how you own all and your laugh is epic lol
Matalsace (2 months ago)
Really good

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