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Rainbow Six Siege Rap LIVE by JT Music - "Knock Knock"

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Subscribe for More Music ▶ http://jtmch.co/SubJT Get Your JT Merch Here ▶ http://jtmerch.com You've been asking for this for years and we've finally came around to making a Rainbow Six Siege Rap. Enjoy! Download Links iTunes ▶ http://jtmch.co/2luzfFp GooglePlay ▶ http://jtmch.co/2C2e1F6 Spotify ▶ http://jtmch.co/2Cozn32 Amazon ▶ http://jtmch.co/2Ch1C4j Powered by Xidax. Check out custom PCs here! http://www.xidax.com/jtmusic *********************************************** Follow us on Twitter! ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMTwitter Join our Discord! ▶ https://jtmch.co/JTMDiscord Follow our Instagram ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMInsta Sign up for RT First ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMFirst Use Referral Code "JTM" Want to use our music? Read this first: http://jtmch.co/MusicUsage Rainbow Six Siege Rap LIVE by JT Music - "Knock Knock"
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Text Comments (468)
SPtC x jO3l x (2 days ago)
That game is good I have it you should get it if you don’t
Это весьма круто, вот прям весьма :D Пы.Сы: Пасаны, кто из России?
Matthew Sparks (15 days ago)
He didn’t sound very enthusiastic
Dandify124 (18 days ago)
Who played the original and beat it
goku Kakarot (22 days ago)
Codblackops4 rap
Shane V Loon (23 days ago)
very good
Red Crow (1 month ago)
*knock knock* ''anyone there?'' alibai and holograms ''you came to the wrong house fool'' *Pulse runs for his life *
dimdi bg (1 month ago)
Whats the name of the music?
iron tuber (1 month ago)
Do cod mw2
ECLIPSExGAMING (1 month ago)
Najma zenryona (1 month ago)
Watch out I *Finka* missed her, adrenal surge, they charge in, you're done for Now you may think that I'm lyin' but just don't move or you'll be the hunt of the *Lion* Be careful of the one that you shoot, I've got a pretty good *Alibi* against ya Oh and that *Maestro* over there, he's got a pretty evil eye, mess with him and you wont keep yours, aye.
Ivan Montes (1 month ago)
Do a we dont bite live
Adoselsent Wolf (1 month ago)
I am a pro a rainbow six siege bro I'm level 72
georgemashi (1 month ago)
Wait? There did this? But not the lyrics? In a separate video. Like seriously please do this jt, it makes trying to replicate the rap a lot more easier. Not that I want to use other then wanting to know the song
Drone Wars (1 month ago)
Knock Knock whos there? A bearded guy with a hammer Knock knoch who? A deaht with a hammer open this door The deaht aint with you til this day
Claire Barber (1 month ago)
Baldis rap
시바아!!!!!!!견 (1 month ago)
justin davis (1 month ago)
this is cringy
F.D.R (1 month ago)
knock Knock!!
Dark eye Wraith (1 month ago)
Lol I like it
JT Wei (1 month ago)
A different approach?
Salih Tuna GÜL (1 month ago)
Please make a beyond two souls rap pleeesaeeee
IRON-ACE SHOWCASE (1 month ago)
do a rap on state of decay 2
Gamming with Mangle (1 month ago)
This rap is awesome
Cindy Puente (1 month ago)
Can you plz do that undertale rap live cause i love that one (down to the bone)
Space Magic (1 month ago)
Could you do your D2 rap live PLZ!!!!!!!
dream.transition (1 month ago)
Pls make a Battlefield V rap🔥
That1 Guy (1 month ago)
It's my birthday
Lorenzo Forcella (1 month ago)
Yo! Can you do a Dead by Daylight song?
Vypazcute (1 month ago)
if you ask me, Skull you're looking bored, or like u didn't wanted to make this
Vypazcute (1 month ago)
or focused XD well done m8 XD
Michael Talley (1 month ago)
Vypazcute Focused
Konstantin Inshakov (1 month ago)
We absolutely need a Detroit:Become Human rap.
Jamie Martin (1 month ago)
Whats wrong with recruit? Hes soo good for attack if u use the german shotgun
Finn Playz (1 month ago)
I just started playing siege
Jose G (1 month ago)
angel Ventura Villar (1 month ago)
About 4 years ago, FuturisticHub made a video about you stealing his money.
loup noir (1 month ago)
nice vidéo you are very good i like your song, please can you do a rap of Hitman? i like this game ^^ thank
Ashton Duke (1 month ago)
Make a rap of the little nightmares DLC
Nicki (1 month ago)
hey jt can you make slendytubbys rap music video
Lesley Curtis (1 month ago)
KillerCrider (1 month ago)
Hey guys! I really enjoy watching and listening to your musics Can you do a Dragonball FighterZ song please? <3
Gordzik Maj (1 month ago)
Good sing diudifule
raj dey (1 month ago)
Where is nfs payback rap??
Kukakemashi Alloy (1 month ago)
Why not a late Doki Doki literature rap?
Reeper Monster (1 month ago)
If you can do it can you do a prototype 1 rap
Asuka O'dowher (1 month ago)
Asuka O'dowher (1 month ago)
GamerTag Trash (1 month ago)
Sniper vs Widow vs Glaz
fade the fox X3 (1 month ago)
Oof must be out of breath
THE KING (1 month ago)
Make Solider(tf2) vs Pharah(overwatch) please
DIDDUMS ! (1 month ago)
Do an adventure pals rap please
Gogo's N Dada Anaya (1 month ago)
Demoman vs Junkrat Heavy vs Roadhog Sniper vs Widomaker Soldier vs Soldier 76 Engineer vs Torbjörn Please
TheLastCheezCurd (1 month ago)
GSG 9 recruit + shotgun
J. A. (1 month ago)
Is it possible to you to do a rap about Layers of Fear..?
david the pro (1 month ago)
Do a granny rap
The Quad (1 month ago)
Zarya vs heavy in a overwatch vs tf rap battle
Stephen Madrigal (1 month ago)
can you do doki doki literature club?
Zachary LaMar (1 month ago)
No afense I'm a big fan but did u drop out of high school
Frinzi95 (1 month ago)
"take a sledge to your camera - smash" JT music predicted maestro's evil eye before their release D:
The Unholy Saint (1 month ago)
Knock Knock Daddy’s home...
Baldi's basics of education and learning rap next
LMNatIon Plays (1 month ago)
Doki doki pls!!
Lysan Gil Jumaya (1 month ago)
Can u pls do a GIGANTIC rap in memory of it
Qualified Sniper (1 month ago)
Recruit rush bitch
Alexis Serna (1 month ago)
Dear JT music, please do total annihilation and planetary annihilation vs warcraft music video. P.S please continue in making the your song better than ever
Swin Dela (1 month ago)
Can you do an Evil Within 2 rap?
ToxicStrike821 - (1 month ago)
just yes
Zelda Princess (1 month ago)
cool song and you are a good singer
Dirty Mind Gene (1 month ago)
who needs to breathe anyway lol I'd have choked after two lines
Ahmad Karaja (1 month ago)
wow he is really good
Metalcommand (1 month ago)
Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice song please!
BPoet! (1 month ago)
Hey everyone, I’m a 16 year old artist and If you have Spotify I ask that you take a minute to check out my new album! Thank you, looking for feedback <3 https://open.spotify.com/album/0EYx7oFs9MC28ZPQrSt2kb?si=cwDH-qKhRtiwScjg-yb_Yw
Dinkle Berrys (1 month ago)
Waiting for the animation...
dhafin Effendi (1 month ago)
Meke a destiny 2 live
Myles Barry (1 month ago)
*sees that it was made 21 hours ago* FIR....Damn it!
F2p Gamer (1 month ago)
Knock Knock Who's there ? It's me Who's me ? Me is your father
IBID jr (1 month ago)
I love this song i listen this Everyday
plus de chaine (1 month ago)
Gooood 👈👈👈👈👍👍👍
NickTheFatPanda (1 month ago)
Lol, I was just listening to the regular version yesterday and you came out with the live version 😂
It seems to me you did this just to have a video to upload 😢
JT Music (1 month ago)
Yeah, we're pretty transparent about that. Sometimes we gotta take a mental break.
Frosted Flakes (1 month ago)
Yes finally
Serpentgrad (1 month ago)
I hope to hear a rap for Rage 2.
DarkIluminati (1 month ago)
can you do a rap for the game [PROTOTYPE] likes for support 👍
Rafael Romo (1 month ago)
Karaoke, (sea of thives) please.
Lane Flanagan (1 month ago)
“Who’s attacking who” may just be the best part of the song ( spawn peeks/run outs )
Skoop Ambrosia (1 month ago)
Could you make the next Live action rap a Monster Hunter World rap?
chuck norris (1 month ago)
I love your live raps
Linkey The wolf (1 month ago)
yes he does the actual knocking YES!
PixelK!tty - (1 month ago)
Knock knock who’s there C h a n k a
boythunder1103 (1 month ago)
Daniel F (1 month ago)
Love this game, and this song
boythunder1103 (1 month ago)
Do you just kinda sing along to the rap for the live version? that's what i do
LMNatIon Plays (1 month ago)
Doki doki pls
Firegod 34 (1 month ago)
Can you please do a live one of infamous second son aka the second son can you please do live rap of that I LOVE IT SOO MUCH I LOVE IT PLEASE
Power Core Gamer (1 month ago)
Today's my birthday, big 1-8 now.
Jacob Johnson (1 month ago)
Do a super mario 64 ds
Black Nightmare (1 month ago)
Do the call of duty WW2!!!!!!!!!!!! NEXT MONTH!! Edit: I mean the live video btw 😊
dimdi bg (1 month ago)
ACamping Panda the last words are "I mean the live btw"
Black Nightmare (1 month ago)
ACamping Panda uh, I'm sorry, that's my fault, I'm a edit that l.
ACamping Panda (1 month ago)
Oh, you didnt say live in the first comment
Black Nightmare (1 month ago)
ACamping Panda no, they did not they did not do a live rap on the Call of Duty World War 2. I've seen the Call of Duty rap at least 10 times a day
ACamping Panda (1 month ago)
they already did
Allie Echo (1 month ago)
Could u do a yandere simulator rap
Jacob Norton (1 month ago)
Why don't you do a horizon zero dawn rap/song?
Jacob Norton (1 month ago)
JT Music (1 month ago)
haven't played the game yet and don't really intend to
goodsirrandom (1 month ago)
has anyone noticed that vigil is not in this?
plakofgold (1 month ago)
can you do a counter strike rap?
Alex (1 month ago)
Hey JT. Nice work with the recent AH Let’s Play even with the broken audio.

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