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This hit me out of nowhere... - Finding Paradise - #5 ENDING, FINAL

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Text Comments (8793)
DefagoLion (1 day ago)
I keep rewatch To The Moon and Finding Paradise from Pewds. It's never get old!
TidySalt (5 days ago)
I'm like more than half a year late but man I'm glad that its 3am and that everyone's asleep. I've been blowing my nose because this cold a lot. Hey, we have thin walls, okay?
Cynical Soup (9 days ago)
I'm so mad I never knew "To The Moon" had a sequel until now. Man what an emotional rollar coaster.
Yuelin Xie (10 days ago)
Pewds should play A bird story and the mini episodes to catch up tbh!
Beyond Lee (12 days ago)
by the end i was sobbing so fucking bad ;w;
Hoovy Hoovy (16 days ago)
Beautiful game
Adit Juandi (18 days ago)
What happened to my eyes :')
Mary Covelli (22 days ago)
"Sometimes stepping out of this little world we've made is the only way to notice and appreciate all the beautiful things around you." One of the most poetic lines I've ever seen. Absolutely beautiful
Gokul Rajput (22 days ago)
subscribed plees my chinal
Amya Finch (26 days ago)
Love Kan Gao, can quote the "To the moon" game by heart and planning to get a tattoo in the future. Another deep game though, is Broken Age 👍🏽🙌🏽
Bashervsyou Games (26 days ago)
I cried so much
Christopher Klavon (26 days ago)
Cried so much I love it
K J (30 days ago)
I loved this LP! What a great game. And good job. I really hope you do more of these, since you’ve kind of stopped uploading as many! I know they probably take more time but this is definitely the kind of content I’d pay for. Side note, the word “sedative” is pronounced like “SEDuhtiv”. English is weird.
Walter Gilman (30 days ago)
beautiful game. Finding Paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walter Gilman (30 days ago)
beautiful game. To the Moon !!!!!!!!!!!
Cat Ember (1 month ago)
In the end the childhood friend never wins
Matt Timpson (1 month ago)
This is the second youtuber I've seen finish the game swearing at kan.
funny cunt (1 month ago)
Fucking loved this series
Super Nova (1 month ago)
Hello, my name is Faye; I'm the imagination sent by your childhood
BandBoy Steven (1 month ago)
Loved how pewds cried, really made the video meet my expectations
William Luong (1 month ago)
From watching all of this..... Faye was the bird that died he tried to save long time ago with the broken wing if I am not wrong about that.
LeLe pepe (1 month ago)
That is damn hard... wtf like a rock in your throat... Holy damn!
louis karundeng (1 month ago)
i've finished the game before watch pewds gameplay.. but.. idk why.. i got more feels when i watched pewds playing :'v soo clever.., what a beautiful story, really like it, totally hit me :'v
franco (1 month ago)
1:20:50 got a cold or something XD
Mr.brokendreams (1 month ago)
My heart got pierced again
Roan Rodenmar (1 month ago)
Anyone else had to punch a wall to feel manly again? On a side note, this hits me on a personal level seeing that i wasted my time and always wished i can turn back time before i hate my life..
Gamer Unslaad (1 month ago)
i'm not crying ... your crying.
Elijah Houtz (1 month ago)
The story reminded me of my life in a way. It makes me cry every time.
You Cry - You Lose.
DocOmiely (1 month ago)
Everyone, we have to get him to play Rakuen. We have to see Pewds at max Feels!
Kate Cunio (1 month ago)
What a powerful series... so well done.
costantin75 (1 month ago)
Sorry, but... This is the most boring, annoying game ever. I find it very weird that so many people like it. I'm not trying to be rude or insult anyone... It just surprises me. I finished "To the Moon" (kinda cute), but don't know if I can finish this one.
Olga Siaska (1 month ago)
Oh boy, I just finished watching, sit in my room with my face covered in snot, tears and mascara. Best experience on this channel. Very intimate. Very nice, 10/10.
DornInYourSide (1 month ago)
*Que Markiplier Crying meme*
Meadow Rain (1 month ago)
Remember at the beginning of this when her "parents" came out onto the balcony and she ran straight inside.. That makes sense now. What an amazing story. P. S I loved the voices pewds.
Amirah Panda Diyana (1 month ago)
ive been paying attention to this while playing huniepop and idk how i managed to cry still
꾼모 (2 months ago)
50:20 1:21:30 Kan named this theme ‘Time is a place’. We waste so many precious moments for imagining a better moments, better life. Believing, and Finding Paradise. Forgetting one simple thing of the life itself. ‘Time’ is a ‘Place’ ‘Now’ is the ‘Paradise’
Jess Calo (2 months ago)
It really was good like the first one I fucking love it and thank you so much for playing it Pewdiepie. I watched to the moon back when I was a first year and now here I am watching u play this beautiful game again in my final year. Thank you Felix. 💙
FIKTION (2 months ago)
This rocked my soul. I haven't had tears like this in years.
Data Collaborate (2 months ago)
What an F..... Emotional Game. <3 TOO UNDERRATED!!!
Antonio Luis Sombra (2 months ago)
Great game, but turning Faye into a non existing and "evil" person was a terrible exit the creator found. It ruined all those beautiful memories! The ending was a bit disappointing because of it, even with all the imaginary friend stuff. To the Moon still wins. (But I still loved this and want an episode 3!)
Mark Santillan (2 months ago)
Thank you
Ad Astra (2 months ago)
Street Syndicate (2 months ago)
thank you for bringing us this Pewds - love your content <3
Thy Harvesting (2 months ago)
The feels still hit me a second time, first got me when I watched Cry play it, now with Pewds legit crying it got me again... Damnit Kan indeed, that dude is a talented and aspirational creator! And thanks again for a memorable playthrough Felix, loved your previous To The Moon and now I can't wait for the sequel of this ='D
Danielle Ruth Hipolito (2 months ago)
I may be late but this game is just so wonderful... and i love how pewdiepie showed himself like the old times. Welcome aboard the feel trains
StevenPi (2 months ago)
Why am I crying haha
bari ivan (2 months ago)
Everyone: "Damn, i miss the Old PewDiePie where he used to have a gameplay or something" Pewds: *makes a gameplay video* Everyone: *none bats an eye*
Jisselly Diaz (2 months ago)
Whose fucking cutting these onions man 😭😭😭
Shokudaikiri Aoitora (2 months ago)
Truly an amazing game. There's no words that can do it justice. Also, it always gets me right in the chest whenever Felix gets emotional. Reminds me why I have been a bro for so long, Felix was actually Faye for me back in high school. Maybe if I stuck to watching him during college things wouldn't have been as rough as they were. Can't really say, all I know if that I may have only ever seen him behind a screen, but Pewdiepie's my friend and I hope people learn to treasure him too. Thanks, Felix ^^ It was a wonderful lets play actually. Just as a side note, Dr. Watts had it right from the start, huh? "Maybe the wife should sign up at Sigmund Corp. for a life without Sigmund Corp." Except that was what Colin wanted, and for Faye to make friends :)
Mohaimin Anam Anupam (2 months ago)
Its actually really refreshing watching you cry. I just finished and will be uploading the end on friday but man, you made it much further than I did without crying. That hit me like a brick.
Erin Strombeck (2 months ago)
Vincent Devonares (2 months ago)
the colin is ready rip
So hard..
Cce11 (2 months ago)
why did i cry seeing pewds cry ;;; plus the soundtrack is tooo beautiful
Arra Shield (2 months ago)
I can't believe it was so long ago when he played to the moon...it's been one heck of a ride.
1 W4N7 2 D13 (2 months ago)
This hit right in the feels
Kristof Pherson (2 months ago)
theres gonna be a part 3 for sure
kiki scrool (2 months ago)
shitt the song make me feel sad
Fairuz Wahidah (2 months ago)
I want to thanks my mom, Slogoman and the rest who's watching." Yeah thanks to josh 😂
pinoy287 (2 months ago)
I think I’m one of the few that liked Finding Paradise better than To the Moon.
Jenny Chen (3 months ago)
How could anyone dislike this???
alex halford (3 months ago)
Same,Pewds, same
hamzterhero (3 months ago)
Here are the moments I burst into tear: SPOILER AHEAD!!!: 1. When Faye says goodbye to young Colin on the hill 2. When the memory from the notebook is played (with the perfect cue of beautiful music by Laura Shigihara) 3. When Faye comes back to see Colin for one last time and Colin finally bids farewell to his sleeping wife. Damn... such beautiful game and beautiful music.
Romilios (3 months ago)
The feels....
Lucas Roberts (3 months ago)
The ending song is so beautiful. I loved this game💜💜
Simon Choi (3 months ago)
Sending love from Korea Pewd.
Courtney Mcdonald (3 months ago)
I feel sorry for those who didn’t watch this play through. What an incredible story.
JakeTehSnake (3 months ago)
This is so sad can we hit 50 likes
Bobby Hidayat (3 months ago)
Sad game, even sadder since I fully sympathise with Collin's life.
Dvvna (3 months ago)
I'll be honest, this isnt as sad as the first one.
Walter Gilman (30 days ago)
54:02 Т_Т
Aime King (3 months ago)
super amazing game of all timee !!!!
Zulikha Waheed (3 months ago)
The Brads must've had one hec of a tim editing this!
Aiyana Niccole (3 months ago)
Wow just realized this was uploaded on my birthday last year. Thank you for playing this. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a video of yours because I felt that you’d changed, but after seeing this it’s just reminded me how awesome you are. I know you probably wont read this, but on the off chance you do, I just want to say that your videos and humor and personality helped me through some tough times. A couple years ago all I had were people like you and Jack and Mark, even if it was only through videos on YouTube. So yeah, thank you for what you do. Congrats on the engagement by the way ❤️
Isabelle Jacobsen (3 months ago)
Amazing game
Theratslayer_ (3 months ago)
I felt that to
Chrispollis Visuals (3 months ago)
I didn't get the ending can someone explain? Like why was it so emotional I don't get it?
Faux (3 months ago)
Chrispollis Visuals The ending shows Collin's life through the book, and shows that his memories he originally wanted to fix he kept the same in the end, because trading them would be to wish his life away.
Snekky (3 months ago)
I probably thought about my previous and current pets,especially my eyeless poor cat.I sort of regret something about him passing way,even though I couldn't have done anything anyway because I was too late.He's probabky the closest thing I have had to a true friend,even though it never speaked to me,nor was spoken to by me.It was what made me think better.It was what made me feel better. Igor...
Mærsk Daß (3 months ago)
The devs, man... always brings tears to the eyes...
CL0WN FAC3 (3 months ago)
This is the last game video he’s done.
Professional User (3 months ago)
I told myself I wouldn't do it, but I fuckin cried ... dagnabbit ...
BizarreCheetah2 (3 months ago)
Dangnabbit stonewall almost cried
gale2384 (3 months ago)
He did this... just so he could say good-bye to his imaginary friend, that he couldn't imagine anymore? **cue water-works**
Pixel Kitten (3 months ago)
The feels train all hit us hard
Rosie Guibert (4 months ago)
I remember when he cried like this at the walking dead season 1. That was so sad. Love series like them though. This was so good
Rx7Tool (4 months ago)
Just watched all 5 from beginning to end and man was this just a well written game that really had me in some deep emotions. PewDiePie's cold made it way more intense because I would be tearing up and I'd look over at PewDiePie and see him with all them Feeeels! #PewDiePieMarathon Day 4
lonely_blegh (4 months ago)
The voice Pewds made for Faye annoys the shit outta me tbh .-.
Lovely Jasmin dela Cruz (4 months ago)
Just finished watching the whole series for more than 5 hours and its 5 am in the morning now. Mygahd. Well I’m just happy how pewds played this. I GOT EMOTIONAL TOO! Amazing gaame!
Anvila Hizaya (4 months ago)
this is such a amazing game and gameplay ... my eyes hurts so bad ...
greg lyne (4 months ago)
OMG I forgot what beautiful and deep games some People are capable of , Thanks Pewd for reading it out , you made it truly memorable . Loved it and your voices hehe .
HOANG LE (4 months ago)
I had tears at the end. This game was really made good. I'm going to watch the other game now.
Lawrence Cabizares (4 months ago)
One word is enough to describe something special and its "Masterpiece"
Sugarcat (4 months ago)
The 2nd game hit you harder like myself because it was a story of someone who never quite "fit in" with society, but found the strength to come out the other side regardless.
Compilations (4 months ago)
I was bawling my eyes out but seeing Felix cry just makes me cry even more lol :(
HeyThere karina (4 months ago)
we all cried because we all know we are all colin in some ways, alone in this world.
dyh123 (4 months ago)
best game and bestest play-through ever
kanna yoshi (4 months ago)
I GET IT. Bet colin wanted to fix his little regrets here and there so he could tell his story to faye like, proudly???????

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