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Far Cry 5: Post Launch | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Far Cry 5 Is Available Now. Sign up for the season pass and get access to 3 upcoming DLCs: Dead Living Zombies, Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars, plus Far Cry 3 Classic Edition! Learn more at farcry.com. Far Cry 5 Is Available Now. #FarCry5 #FarCry Please SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/UbisoftYouTubeChannel Visit our official channels for the latest information on all things Far Cry: https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/ https://www.facebook.com/farcry.usa https://www.instagram.com/farcrygame_us/ https://twitter.com/FarCrygame http://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA ABOUT FAR CRY 5: Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise. Welcome to Hope County, Montana. When your arrival incites the cult to violently seize control of the region, you must rise up and spark the fires of resistance to liberate a besieged community. Freely explore Hope County’s rivers, lands, and skies with the largest customizable weapon and vehicle roster ever in a Far Cry game. You are the hero of the story in a thrilling world that hits back with every punch, and where the places you discover and the locals you ally with will shape your story in ways you’ll never see coming. Key Features: SPARK THE FIRES OF RESISTANCE AGAINST A FANATIC CULT: Stranded in hostile territory, find strength in the community around you to lead a resistance against a cult taking over Hope County, Montana. CARVE YOUR OWN PATH: The freedom to go in any direction – you decide the when, the where, and the how. From the moment you enter Hope County you have the freedom to tackle the world in any order you choose. A WORLD THAT EVOLVES Play your way against Joseph Seed and his fanatical followers in a dynamic open world that adapts and reacts to the choices you make. DYNAMIC TOYS Tear up the countryside in iconic American vehicles you can make your own; from muscle cars to big rigs, from ATVs to tractors. Far Cry 5: Season Pass | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA] http://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA
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Text Comments (1867)
Officer Downy Dan (1 month ago)
They made these dlcs look better in the trailer than what they actually are.
matzer1110 (2 months ago)
So much content it so amazing fc5 best game in a long time
su c c (2 months ago)
I got the season pass when is dead living zombies coming out
bongoboyj (2 months ago)
Wow that looks awesome. Too bad you guys spat on America and our religion with that main story. I won't play it.
EXTREME pt (2 months ago)
The father edition have the 3 dlcs?
King Wasabi (2 months ago)
Veitnam - Terrible Lost in Mars - Great Dead living Zombies - N/A
Tony's Revenge (3 months ago)
That moment farycry is way better than cod
Emanuel Dubei (3 months ago)
Watching this trailer made me pregnant! And i'm a man...
good memes (3 months ago)
Vietnam zombies space now thats a season pass i would like to buy
Carl 'The Bomb' Johnson (3 months ago)
I’m gonna be like Arnie with an M60 and just hold the gun and let it rip while standing behind a bush
Lily Ferrari (3 months ago)
https://goodmorninggamers.blogspot.com/2018/06/review-far-cry-5-hours-of-darkness.html Not nearly as bad as what some people claim it to be, the perfectly decent "Hours of Darkness" DLC's #1 flaw is the ridiculous gameplay time: 2-4 hours, at best. It would have deserved to be its own game, and with some gameplay refinements, could have even become quite good. What a waste!
K9 Shay9 (3 months ago)
Bought the season pass and I did not get any of them
Elmer Arroyo (4 months ago)
All farcrys are good except primal
Elmer Arroyo (4 months ago)
Honestly farcry 3 was the best it was something new. The graphics the story executions. The tattoos
StepsOfficialPage (4 months ago)
There really stepping their game up!!! Love it!!😎
Samir Avdovic (4 months ago)
Looked great but it was a total disappointment. Glad that the original game is amazing.
jacob dog (4 months ago)
Not gay
jdguy23 (4 months ago)
So far cry is trying to copy cod a bit eh? Meh ok then
Misty Waters (4 months ago)
Is the new DLC co-op?
Dejuan G (4 months ago)
Misty Waters Yes.
Wait so you need the season pass to play these?
Misty Waters (4 months ago)
Yes you do
Napalmlover64 (4 months ago)
Will there be new vehicles? Because in Vietnam I'll be damned if there's no Huey.
flappy dog (4 months ago)
I bought the season pass but how do you play them
SuperMlg Mario (3 months ago)
Wow how come far cry 4 season pass did not have far cry classic game
SuperMlg Mario (3 months ago)
I was joking I wanted to see some people reaction XDDDD I know it’s going to be free
XBOY (4 months ago)
SuperMlg Mario if you buy the season pass it will if you don't then will get out that money
Samurai Red (4 months ago)
I got high on chems and bought the season pass..... No regrets
Aaron Laplace (4 months ago)
Thank god they skipped 4 and primal and just gave us 3 for the pass
UarchT (4 months ago)
Here is the check list from 2015: https://www.pcgamer.com/ubisoft-poll-hints-at-future-far-cry-settings/
UarchT (4 months ago)
So instead of Primal style, they make these three themes as dlc, maybe because Primal getting so many negative review. But I would rather play as a separate game, or can these dlc able to download alone??
Hyper Frame (4 months ago)
Got the Season Pass on May 25th, my Birthday, looks promising
Kjell Beilman (4 months ago)
So is the only co-op in the zombie DLC? You wold igure if the base game and arcade modes allow co-op then so should these DLC, I mean why take that out of something that is adding to the base game, right? But then again this is the game industry in 2018, soooo.....
Dejuan G (4 months ago)
Gkxjxjc Cbucxj (4 months ago)
Cuando te arrepientes de tener xbox 360
JunTheCreator (4 months ago)
I didnt not know farcry was alien isolation
E Johnston (4 months ago)
0:52 just love how that head splits in half
LAXBROx52x (4 months ago)
Can we... you know... actually have Vietnam era guns in Vietnam, like full auto m14s, actual m16s, Vietnam m60s, sks, ppshs etc... not some cancerous tacticool 1911s and ars like in the base game
Bryce Jewell (4 months ago)
Come out
Bryce Jewell (4 months ago)
Whens it cone out
KsW InSaNiTy (4 months ago)
Far Cry 3 Classic Edition is coming out son for season pass owners right?
REX (5 months ago)
I want lost on mars
solarneddy (5 months ago)
Do we have a date for the dlc?
Dylan Neškovski (5 months ago)
Can’t wait for all of this, especially Far Cry 3!
Regina Baker (5 months ago)
now if only they remake far cry 5 in a good way becouse I didn't like it the person never talks the so called boss fights we're trash becouse you could literly just walk up to them and punch them one time and they fall over dead and you can't choose to save faith and keep her as your girlfriend. I rest my case.
Devine Interventions (4 months ago)
IdoN_Tlikethis (5 months ago)
when tho
Darth Vader (5 months ago)
Joshuah Leos (5 months ago)
Hell yeah
I want this expansion so bad but I have a American email and I bought a Europe far cry 5 disc help!!
sophia (5 months ago)
i have a lady boner rn
ヤザワニコ (5 months ago)
Vietnam war? Hell yeah
lemondextergaming (5 months ago)
This is a badass trailer fair play
Vaedergaming And more (5 months ago)
I thought I saw something about they're adding a F4 Phantom 2 to the game which is an iconic Vietnam fighter jet hopefully they do cuz that would be awesome
Obi Wan Kenobi (5 months ago)
Call of duty zombies + Battlefield Bad company 2 vietnam + destiny = Far Cry 5 DLC
kevin wheeler (5 months ago)
Anyone know when its out iv payed for it and cant find out anything
Mitchell Neuhoff (5 months ago)
The zombie 🧟‍♂️ pack better have Nick Jess, Hurk Adelaide sharky grace boomer peach’s and cheeseburger cause that would make the dlc 100 times better
mvd 007 (5 months ago)
does somebody know the release date anybody
Jet ! (5 months ago)
mvd 007 fc3 classic edition comes out on may 29th
KsW InSaNiTy (5 months ago)
When do these come out?
Jerry Norman (5 months ago)
So....I bought this only like 3 weeks ago and I still dont have it or either I'm dumb and cant find it
Jet ! (5 months ago)
Marky Oosterveen (5 months ago)
They have yet to announce a release date for these dlcs. just be patient.
Mitchell Neuhoff (5 months ago)
We better still get guns and fangs for hire
AlienFirefox (5 months ago)
only thing i'll buy is a post apocalyptic far cry with a new character
Takoda9 - FN and Gaming (5 months ago)
How do I access the Season Pack Maps? I own it and can’t find how
xX DEMONIAC (5 months ago)
DAMN! Ubisoft ist that you ?!
Zero Value Productions (5 months ago)
Why isn’t the zombie version in the actual world of far cry 5? That would have been awesome to play with your guns for hire and kill zombies...
Joseph Joestar (5 months ago)
I need a release date
JackVsGaming (5 months ago)
Back in nam
MrProphet1993 (5 months ago)
Make it the clown dlc pls Mr
Mike Venturino (5 months ago)
I’m hyped
SmokingNose (5 months ago)
When does it launch?
X XMiltXX (5 months ago)
ITzRecklesss (5 months ago)
I like turtles
Mr. 13 (5 months ago)
When is this comming out?
Flashpoh (5 months ago)
when release Hours of Darkness?
johannes grandahl (5 months ago)
I hope it can be like bo1😆
Joel Hoffman (5 months ago)
How do you play it on the video game at the very start
Joseph Joestar (5 months ago)
Did i ever tell you what the definition of insanity?
I.am.michael.serrano (5 months ago)
When is it coming out
I.am.michael.serrano (5 months ago)
I just got a Vietnam flashback
J (5 months ago)
Yeah I’ll wait til the full edition of the game comes out and is half off👌
Adeptus Astartes (5 months ago)
*sigh* you guys could of made a good and fun story out of the zombie thing, because of the bliss drug and such and have it post endings. I.e when you're doing one of the prepper stash things in faiths region you go into a mine and vent the bliss gas and when you make your way back out you clearly see some of the crazy lot "reanimating" almost. you could of used that. Damn it UBI. DLCs look good regardless but urgh :(
PaPBra Gaming (5 months ago)
from the brand that you brought you Blood Dragon. Not a fun Game at all, hope those DLC won't be ruin
Rene Sennert (5 months ago)
I wished that the human enemies were replaced with zombies and the most buildings were destroyed. Like a zombie survival game without survival.
twistedneon x (5 months ago)
Soo, can you play co-op on all of the dlc ? , ALSO UBISOFT MAKE A BLOOD DRAGON GAME !!!!
1.25 x Speed (5 months ago)
Like a saint row ADS But make THIRD PERSON SHOOTER. b
Fawn (5 months ago)
So if you buy a season pass do you pay less for the dlc’s or get them for free when they come out
John Doe (5 months ago)
Steaming pile of $#!T.
Buzz Lightyear (5 months ago)
If there's no FUCKING M16 in hours of darkness I will kill everyone
Gijs Hagenaars (5 months ago)
Wait far cry 3 full game??
Aggronym (5 months ago)
Arcade has one of the most dedicated in-game content creation kits I have ever seen aside from actual developer tools and Bethesda's G.E.C.K.. However, there is a few problems with the interface when it comes to selecting maps and playing your own creations. Nothing that can't be fixed in a patch or two, though, so I'm not worried. Playing random maps in Hero Mode is fucking crazy.
SnS Shana (5 months ago)
Psst hey Ubisoft, I'd like to see Night Vision Goggles added into the game. I can think of a ton of single player arcade missions I'd love to make using those. Please make it happen?
Sir Shizzle (5 months ago)
Guy Marvel > Christopher Nolan
Johnny Miller (5 months ago)
Patiently Waiting...
Jared Coolguy (5 months ago)
When can we play the dlc’s
That2-Bit Thief YT (5 months ago)
So mutch content in *ONE* season pass
Gappster (5 months ago)
when's the pass coming out?
Md Fairus (6 months ago)
The game needs more mission
XxGR3YW01FxX (6 months ago)
I would enjoy the Mars DLC much better if we just used the regular guns.
Nimlord (6 months ago)
Is this voiced by Alex Jones from Info Wars? LMAO
PAINTRAIN145 (6 months ago)
When does this come out because i bought the gold edition and I put in all of my codes but I don't have any of these expansions does any one else have this problem?
Cheesecake (6 months ago)
PAINTRAIN145 okay I have the Gold Edition too but they're DLCs they come out later on they're not there now but they're going to be there soon don't worry and on May 29th I think Far Cry 3 is coming out remastered.
Ugandan knucklez (6 months ago)
False advertising
Ugandan knucklez (6 months ago)
Still ain't out yet pointless to sell the fucking dlc if it's not even available
Cheesecake (6 months ago)
Ugandan knucklez okay listen you fucking dead meme give them a break they've had enough problems on their shoulders and their DLCs they don't come out at launch date they come out soon.
WillTardis (6 months ago)
Where’s Blood Dragon 4, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Blood Dragon
Ricky Norum (6 months ago)
when will it be realesed !??!?

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