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GTA 5 Online Hilarious Moments Episode 1 with the Asdfs

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GTA5 Online, a place where memories are made and friends are brutally killed. Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BedBananas Other Asdfs, BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Dokudoku: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dokudokus Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWrZUGIDAZgU7wW23ZFYbA Song at the end: Trash80 - Missing You
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Text Comments (587)
I remember the old viking village video you guys made on minecraft
j mac (2 months ago)
I miss these guys
ModRacer_23 (2 months ago)
"Dude, you're black..." "... yeah?" "...THATS FUCKIN AWESOME DUDE!"
Modded Moon (9 months ago)
Back in the day this was the best
OptimizticPizza (11 months ago)
I love the outro
Pi (1 year ago)
You're a terrible pilot, dislike.
James Sarge (1 year ago)
Dennis R. Stewart (1 year ago)
8:30 it looks like a behind if a bentley
Jonathan Fox (1 year ago)
I have good memories of this video One of my all time favorites.
99sebass (1 year ago)
This is exactly why I subscribed! I was trying so hard not to laugh, so I wouldn't choke on my pizza!
MopishFoil (1 year ago)
this version of GTA is not normal after playing next gen
Isaac Pizarro (1 year ago)
down the cliff ..that shit was funny af
clicking on rocks (1 year ago)
7:30 "We just fucking did THAT!!" GtaV in a nutshell
clicking on rocks (1 year ago)
7:30 "We just fucking did THAT!!" GtaV in a nutshell
luis alberto (2 years ago)
this will be forever know as the day on wich the asdfs tried to become the vanoss crew oh wait this is funny
Dove Evalyn (2 years ago)
his car is now a compact
Bardock (2 years ago)
6:15 that's when he realized he was the Avatar and only Bed Banana can save the world * Avatar last airbender theme plays*
Psychotic Meatbycicle (2 years ago)
I have gets 5 now but my of can't run it ;(
StonnedFoxx (2 years ago)
At the end of the video, after that silly train incident.   I don't think I have ever seen a car more utterly trashed than that one.  AND to top it off, it is still drivable, for the most part, isn't on fire, and hasn't been blown up to get as demolished as I already is.   That, good sir, is an amazing achievement I tell ya.
MauriTheBlack (2 years ago)
2:48 "keep singing in" BOOOM
TheWolverinecool23 what a fool believes by the doobie brothers, I know I'm late but might just throw that out there
TheWolverinecool23 (2 years ago)
What song was that?
Bob lexus (2 years ago)
"We r going on bombing run k?" "Did any1 bring bambs?" "...." "Noh."
poppie (2 years ago)
Good 'ol days... :( Miss it...
Noble Poptart (2 years ago)
They were too busy fingering each other to see the train.
M3m3dream (3 years ago)
Breadstick's laugh remeinds me of Phant0ml0rd's laugh
Rosie Hernandez (3 years ago)
Is Hayden still your Friend?????
Indrick Boreale (3 years ago)
"My only regret is that I have but one like to give for BedBananas."
Genievive Israel (3 years ago)
I Don't Like You BedBanana You say bad words
Zeanister the Soviet (2 years ago)
Doesn't matter that is what makes these videos funnier
ACRR Chase (3 years ago)
+Genievive Israel Uh-oh, somebody is being a party pooper. Who's a good little party pooper? Who's a good little pooper?? Yes you are! Yes, you are! :)
EditorialColt45 (3 years ago)
No one likes you either
Sali Bean (3 years ago)
I want to play this but my install goes up to 300 and then stops :( Tips would be appreciated.
K MT (2 years ago)
Don't litter.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky (2 years ago)
don't sweat the petty stuff don't pet the sweaty stuff
jesse james (3 years ago)
+lockyhocky2 be nice to others
Fluffy Tailed Kitsune (3 years ago)
Don't pet things with white fuzz around their mouths.
Megan White (3 years ago)
Don't eat yellow snow
NonExistingName (3 years ago)
"Oh no I lived!"
Victor Nitos (3 years ago)
6:05 "I must go, my people need me."
The Black Knight (3 years ago)
GTA V needs more people like the ASDFs and not a bunch of fucking idiots
Fear (3 years ago)
+henry19981000 On MrCatButts channel they play GTA V PC
Hunter Lauder (3 years ago)
+henry19981000 They do mostly everything on the PC though.
The Black Knight (3 years ago)
i just realised this is the XBOX community and not the PS3 community it explains alot
Max (4 years ago)
Nsatiro (4 years ago)
what is the sound trank in the end?
Leopold Slikk (3 years ago)
Trash80 - Missing You
Michael Arthurton (4 years ago)
so funny
shadowfire96 (4 years ago)
2:43 did he just park a heli on a side of a mountain!?!?!?!?!?
Connerspy (1 year ago)
Land and ?
Sofyan25 (4 years ago)
poor car at the end lol
kira64 (4 years ago)
You didn't believe hard enough bro.
Eli Pineda (4 years ago)
8:01 its funny how the white guy was in a black car and the black guy was in white car
SnowEdwin (3 years ago)
+XxHeAdShOtEx Joke Andromeda Galaxy Observable Universe Your head
EditorialColt45 (3 years ago)
+BecauseICan That's not remotely racist. Learn the term before you throw it around everywhere.
Eli Pineda (3 years ago)
SnowEdwin (3 years ago)
That's racist.
Cringe Maestro (4 years ago)
Too bad i cant like twice :(
Guan (4 years ago)
Omg the end hahaha i fucking needed to pause the video to be able to stop laughing!
LolItsLipa M (4 years ago)
Hey bed banana I was gunna ask if I can play with you guys it would be funny if yes add me on xbox ShapedCarpet85 pls add me
Leo Cooper (3 years ago)
rojamb (3 years ago)
+Sgt Rex Power Colt My point is proven.
rojamb (3 years ago)
+Sgt Rex Power Colt And people shouldnt say that they are the best channel for lolz when they are not funny.
rojamb (3 years ago)
You say you are the number one channel for lolz. You are not funny in any of your videos. Plus all your videos are minecraft.
Sgt Seals (4 years ago)
He only plays with his friends.... idiot
Kevin Bodoh (4 years ago)
more battlefield
Powell Temple (4 years ago)
this is gta 5 not battlefield
GThoughTz1 (4 years ago)
LOL platform fail. you guys are the best.
Alysha (4 years ago)
Teehee that was sooo... funny!! LOL!!!!! Love it
Spencer Lowe (4 years ago)
simmzs259 (4 years ago)
I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard when he was floating. "I am...the alpha male!" LMFAO
Zach Staley (4 years ago)
love your song at the end
Jordan Cortale (4 years ago)
Blow up the engin for the train with sticky bombs and the train will stop but only on online
SwiftJoey 794423 (2 years ago)
I've done it in story mode you noob...
God these guys are the funniest...
I am a Bear (4 years ago)
dat ending
Ronald Amber (4 years ago)
Do tf2
patrick killingsworth (4 years ago)
i always enjoys u guys' videos
jakemda (4 years ago)
lol these guys know how to have fun
Joe Yaskal (4 years ago)
6:06 I must go! My people need me!
Udalix (4 years ago)
So what happened at 6:00 ? lol
Universoul (4 years ago)
xD LMFAO!!! Dat train tho.
fucktizz (4 years ago)
Make moar skrub
Bryan Andrews (4 years ago)
6:10 who needs a bike?
Jon Taylor III (4 years ago)
Holy shit he's being raptured this is funny :)
Dafydd Harvey (4 years ago)
Oh my god I lost it at 0:59
Kai Alvin (4 years ago)
☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him /▌ all over Youtube / \ so he can take over and take down Google+
Kriptoboy 31 (4 years ago)
3:33 there is a a XD face made out of blood lol
RikiNaifas (4 years ago)
Alex Smith (4 years ago)
i wish GTA 5 had JNR radio.
Sonic Bralaunik (5 months ago)
Jalaxy News Radio! I'm your host, Three-Dog! Bow wow!
ResigningRogue (4 years ago)
nothing like grabbing some hot chocolate on a cold winter night and sit down and watch a whole bunch of dudes be idiots on GTA 5
julian soto (4 years ago)
Wats the song in the beginning
Cursed Banana (4 years ago)
I'm highly impressed with the amount of shit these cars can take and still be drivable 
chase hutchins (4 years ago)
hey what are you guys using to get these videos off your xbox with the other guys voices and everything? me and my friends have been wanting to put up videos if you could help that would be great lol
o dog nation (4 years ago)
6:00 reminds me of chronicles
Flynn Probett (4 years ago)
Only the ASDFs can start with a Super Car, and end up with a Mini Cooper XD
Nikaansill (4 years ago)
Simply awesome. Keep up the good job. :DDDDD
Mehis Hindrima (4 years ago)
i love trash80 missing you
Diesel Mann (4 years ago)
Song at 2:12 please?
Ray Harpster (4 years ago)
what a fool believes
ShockWay Crape (4 years ago)
Song at end Trash08- missing you Read the fucking desc.
Simple_ Enigma (4 years ago)
Add me on xbox Bedbannas my name is ForgetfulDot
robobobo57 (4 years ago)
8:09 white guy in a black car and black guy in a white car lol
Jimmy G (4 years ago)
stevendayt97 (4 years ago)
The end song isn't dubstep.. and look in the damn description
Jerkosan1 (4 years ago)
I just cant stop laughing.........
Vintage Nova (4 years ago)
What's the name of the dubstep at the end of the video?
Darkmass (4 years ago)
idk what dubstep you've been listening to but the song at the end is  Trash80 - Missing You
Vintage Nova (4 years ago)
The dubstep at the end is freaking awesome!
Alex Haws (4 years ago)
You guys are so awesome, love watching these! Most underrated youtubers by far :)
jrad1977 (4 years ago)
Jake Szydlowski (4 years ago)
6:06-6:25 Superman glitch!
AirBorn_ Deus (4 years ago)
wat was that song in the start at 0:27
fornesfire101 (4 years ago)
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄          Connor is building an army. ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂           ☻/   This tank & Connor are against Google+ Il███████████████████].      /▌    Copy and Paste this all over   ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..      / \     Youtube if you are with us!
Heffio (4 years ago)
i think bed banana has the same character as me :O
wtt10123 (4 years ago)
I don't think there has been an episode where I didn't laugh
Travis the ExiledNinja (4 years ago)
You'd think 'em duke boys would learn
Cursed Banana (4 years ago)
Is this game available on Pc? I didn't see it on steam, but I've never known the ASDFs to play anything but Pc.
Stetson Graham (3 years ago)
+thedmansion Anything new that they have on next-gen will almost surely be included in an update on previous gen. If not, have fun playing advanced tennis on next- Gen.
thedmansion (3 years ago)
+Stetson Graham "GTAV will have a higher resolution than the previous chapter as well as an increased draw distance, denser traffic, a new foliage system, advanced weather and damage effects, new activities, new vehicles, new weapons and more. Over 100 additional new songs will be on the radio, as will new DJ mixes." So yeah, not only graphics, more activities, more vehicles, weapons and music on the radio. And that's without the stuff that I said before like modding.
thedmansion (3 years ago)
It won't be much different since its the same game, but it still would be better
Stetson Graham (3 years ago)
+thedmansion If you buy any game ever and buy it on a different platform then you'll have to buy it again, at full price. I also love how 80% of what you said about it being vastly superior is graphical updates (which it will have on the PS4 and XBone) which doesn't really mean much, and it's pretty sad if you buy a game just for graphics and mods. But whatever, I don't really feel like explaining anything else and I know that you won't see past reason and admit that the PC/next-gen versions won't be much different aside from graphics, and then it's not as if it'll be astoundingly different.
thedmansion (3 years ago)
+Stetson Graham So, you think that they won't release the newest, most updated version of the game? It is not like they are going to release the first ever version of the game like it released on consoles, they will release the same or at least a very similar version game to the PC and update it much faster than the consoles. Another thing, the PC and next gen will be FAR more superior than the current gen, those are decade old machines. There will be longer load distance, better textures, better meshes, more objects on your screen at once (cars, pedestrians, props and etc), less glitches because of faster bug fixes. But that is of course only graphics. Now outside of graphics, the PC version will have modding, which as I already stated multiple times is a BIG thing in GTA and on the PC as a whole, this will be unlimited content which would be free. New maps, new characters, new missions, different silly things like becoming a superhero and the like. This is not possible on console. Also, PC unlike Xbox does not need payment to gain access to online activities. And last thing, a PC version will probably still be compatible for years and years to come. If you bought the game for Xbox360 and want to play it on the Xbone, you will have to buy it again! full price!
parkinsonsjihad (4 years ago)
lol...this is what gaming is about.
Mr.FunGames (4 years ago)
Holy f thats funny
ColdSpark824 (4 years ago)
Holy shit, at the end I was like...Is this trash80?! NO ONE ELSE LISTENS TO TRASH80. I LOVE YOU.
Edward Garcia (4 years ago)
I spilled milk all over me I am the fucking Alfa male dude am just fuckin crying !!!
mrzzoner1 (4 years ago)
he went to heaven
Keegan Ackerman (4 years ago)
Jack Schweighardt (4 years ago)
Jack (4 years ago)
the blob (4 years ago)
even when my day sucks you guys always make it better thank you so much
• Aix • (4 years ago)
6:04 he's an air bender
Pigly_Jainda Squad (2 years ago)
This is Avatar Aang! :D

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