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FarCry Instincts Predator "STS" Mayhem!

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Farcry Steal The Sample Mayhem!
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Gamez Attack (4 years ago)
Yeah, the game was pretty well ruined by trolls now. I kept my collection of maps though and have them backed up for safe keeping.
seanskits7 (5 years ago)
I love this game but I hate how everyone just plays sts. Predator is the best
TheSneakySlaps (5 years ago)
Ahh. I remember that. Such a shame. But if you want another person to play let me know ^.^ My gamertag is SneakySlaps lol
TheSneakySlaps (5 years ago)
Didnt know people still played this... Great memories on this game XD Was this video recorded recently?

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