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The Tourist | OFFICIAL Trailer #1 US (2010) Johnny Depp Angelina Jolie

2448 ratings | 1639060 views
first trailer Trailer Genre: thriller / drama Regie / directed by: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck ( Das leben der Anderen / The Life of Others ) Darsteller / cast: Johnny Depp , Angelina Jolie , Paul Bettany , Rufus Sewell , Timothy Dalton , music by Gabriel Yared Kinostart Deutschland: 23. September 2010 Kinostart USA: December 10th, 2010 offizielle Filmsite: http:// Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Kinowelt / used with authorization
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Text Comments (464)
watch 23 (17 days ago)
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watch 23 (17 days ago)
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MONICA FALDI (17 days ago)
Volkan Tas (27 days ago)
myby it whas the beateful Venice make me love this movie not bad at all
Hue Lu (30 days ago)
subu thakur (1 month ago)
love you both ...
MysticInfusion (1 month ago)
What kind of colossal morons are commenting on this film? It was a joke this movie.
SuperPussyFinger (1 month ago)
Riveting acting.
Magda Haisan (2 months ago)
Great movie
Zainab (3 months ago)
I love Jolie and Depp, but I have to be honest, this film was awful. Sorry!
vanee (5 days ago)
you dont trust me its mean
Aajae Pelletier (3 months ago)
Angelina publicly involved in a child raping ring! http://www.friynds.com/m/news/view/-n-Angelina-Jolie-charity-king-arrested-on-suspicion-of-child-rape-British-peace-campaigner-47-is-questioned-by-detectives-n
Lydia Asma (3 months ago)
Vision ❤️
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster (3 months ago)
This movie has like 20% on rotten tomatoes. Is it really that bad?
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster (3 months ago)
This movie has like 20% on rotten tomatoes. Is it really that bad?
Aajae Pelletier (4 months ago)
Another film she committed adultery.
Thotty DaGod (4 months ago)
This was such an underrated movie
Samet Altun (5 months ago)
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Anjali Sritharan (8 months ago)
Loooove uuuuu my jhonny i love all movies her😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
David Illingsworth (9 months ago)
Ricky Gervais was spot on....what an absolute load of tosh this apology for a movie is.
Giuseppe Sacco (10 months ago)
nel film senza tagli si vede Depp che fuma sul treno perché pensano dell Italia male anzi malissimo questo superiori americani
jedi1967 (11 months ago)
who watched this piece of shit movie????, smells worse than my bowels and my shit reeks...
sarah magdy (1 year ago)
what's name this song plzzzzz
János Zsigus (1 year ago)
Love this movie. They are my fav actress and actor.
Trish Morley (1 year ago)
Great actor is John
Iva Susic (1 year ago)
I just finished the movie and I can't believe I did not now about this movie earlier it is amazing and omg 😲 I loveewed it👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
hongry life (1 year ago)
She is a MALE. Look at the broad square shoulders and narrow hips and stick-legs. All supposed women in Hollywood are transgendered MALES. Bunch of sicko con artists and illusionists to deceive humanity.
hongry life (1 year ago)
Pity that Angelina Jolie plays in it. Such an ugly tranny, hybrid, whatever with a too big wig.
Teodora Matei (1 year ago)
johnny depp este un actor mult mai bun decât Brad Pitt
Ariadne (1 year ago)
I really liked this movie, especially the ending was awesome!
smb96 (2 years ago)
It's been years, but I just had to come back here to thank this trailer for really sparking my interest in Muse. Before seeing this trailer (really, I'm not going to talk about the movie at all), I just thought that was cool music. Now when I rewatch it, all I can think is "Muse, Muse Muse". Now they're one of my favorite bands! ♥
Md. Hasanuzzaman Hasan (2 years ago)
Why do men often argue with me on EpicSingles dating app that the big bang theory is false?
Maxx Weber (2 years ago)
They are drunk.
Ryan Whiteman (2 years ago)
Because they are unintelligent men.
robsab20 (2 years ago)
This seems like a cheap Anglo-American knock-off of _Anthony Zimmer_ with unnecessary and unfunny puns and uncharismatic actors...
robsab20 (2 years ago)
This woman is simply no Sophie Marceau
90r930u5 90dd355 (2 years ago)
Don't waste your life watching this movie - it's SO SO BAD
Imane Mourady (2 years ago)
the trailer said everything
SpecialKid2000 (2 years ago)
anyone know the track that starts at 0:41?
Oana Dicu (2 years ago)
very good this movie !
Kevin LM (2 years ago)
Ricky was right...
Estephanie Reyes Vega (2 years ago)
Muse ❤️
asmahan civil (2 years ago)
the trailer is soo bad but the movie it cant be more lovely nicely romantic I lovt ilove it so much♡ every bady have to watch it right now♡
asmahan civil (2 years ago)
the beast movie I ever seen♡
Ryan Whiteman (2 years ago)
Mia Whittaker (2 years ago)
The Tourist
estella ashleyy (2 years ago)
I also love Johnny Depp! He is my favourite actor and Angelina Jolie is one of my favourite actress!
estella ashleyy (2 years ago)
I have seen the movie and it is one of my favs!💝💝💝
Romina Malagueño (2 years ago)
hola soy romina me gusta la película a los artistas me gusta mucho sigo todos las pelucas que hacen los 2
G. Ford (2 years ago)
opinion about the movie http://tutux.ru/opinion.php?id=16241
Clark Bautista (2 years ago)
Crazy Chicken (2 years ago)
Where is Timothy Dalton here?
Map of the problemaquie
Holidayin germany (2 years ago)
+Clark Bautista The orignal french film ' Antony Zimmer ' has a rediculous plot twist in the end making the whole film totally unbelievable. The American remake totally fucks up the whole story even more, by adding totally superfluous plot twists and putting even more rediculous elements in the story. Absolute waste of money. And yes, the acting is shit.
asmahan civil (2 years ago)
+Clark Bautista ther are music very lovely if you want it is the move music jast write ((the tourist music))it the first section
Clark Bautista (2 years ago)
this movie was BAD didnt enjoy it not even a bit........
RUDI UK (2 years ago)
The only decent tune Muse ever recorded
Mita Ortiz (2 years ago)
they'll be a cute couple💋💋💋🍫💏💏💏
ShoushaJr (1 year ago)
you ugly smelly cunt
Mita Ortiz (2 years ago)
+noer el lol oh ok💚
noer el (2 years ago)
i have a friend soma who johnny visits when he is in amsterdam and he told me he hates her ass, a lot of famous people know soma but we never show interest for anyone because we are to high to take notice lol    
Mita Ortiz (2 years ago)
+noer el how do u know?
Kakarot (2 years ago)
Pretty good movie.
Stephen Sison (3 years ago)
I don't care what everyone says!this movie is Amazing :)
erudite (3 years ago)
I personally like this movie, and I don't care if some people don't share the same opinion.  Everybody has his/her own taste. it's pointless to argue over this. :)
Ksenija Mirkovic (3 years ago)
Lelija45 (3 years ago)
muse + johnny depp...ah yes my life's complete now
Clark Bautista (2 years ago)
Muse <3
Oz-Film-Geek (3 years ago)
I am here for Muse!! Best part of the movie haha is hearing them in the trailer
Agnes Norgren (3 years ago)
He's so dreamy
Lydia Asma (3 months ago)
Agnes Norgren are you talking about vision
Oberbaumbruecke (3 years ago)
Dump and ridiculous movie, was unintendedly nominated as "comedy" serveral times. I can not believe the same director did "Lives of Others".
ausfi (3 years ago)
It is funny that in IMDb there are 360 reviews on 37 pages on this, The Ghost with Patrick Swayze had only 243 (25 pages). Both films were both loved and hated, though the Ghost is supposed to be better. This is a film where one should go on the flow, accept the crazy things, I enjoyed it and did not go to sleep though it was late at night.
Jag dis rathod Jagdis (3 years ago)
Angel ina jolie
Denise Noles (3 years ago)
This movie was horrible! The plot was dumb as hell and they had zero chemistry.
mmisguidedghostt (3 years ago)
I only came here because of Muse. Okay, a little bit because of Johnny Depp too..
Clark Bautista (2 years ago)
Feliciano Frontado (3 years ago)
+mmisguidedghostt And now I'm here because of you ;)
TheFlyingHorse1 (3 years ago)
One of the best movies I have ever seen in my whole life!!! ❤  ❤Angelina Jolie ❤ Johnny Depp❤
MysticInfusion (1 month ago)
What? Its garbage!!
kite race (3 years ago)
+TheFlyingHorse1 true.. one of my fav movie..both looks good together..
Cristi C (4 years ago)
The original, 2005 version, is better. 
Co0kieDealerr (4 years ago)
muse - Map of the Problematique. In case someone wondered
Kam Jo (4 years ago)
Just watched it. the movie was ...meh..definite eye candy. The ending, though, was brilliant. Worth watching just for that. Really. Give it a go.
UnrealityDesigns (4 years ago)
Vanessa Duong (4 years ago)
Lol I only when and say this movie then after watching it bought the movie when it came out JUST so I could watch Johnny over and over... :D
antónio Fortunato (4 years ago)
Charles Valencia (4 years ago)
Angelina is so fuckin hot
PLProductions (4 years ago)
I loved the ending of the movie!
bijetA pradhan (4 years ago)
johnny depp is great
ThePrehistoricMaster (4 years ago)
It is so weird to see him without his pirate costume...
ThePrehistoricMaster hahaha yea
Natasha j (3 months ago)
ThePrehistoricMaster lol
Princess ara Star (6 months ago)
Too funny
Isabel Neves (7 months ago)
ThePrehistoricMaster He is my little brother. Don't make any difference for me. No matter what happen.
SeraphimRoad (7 months ago)
Its so weird to see him sober
NIGELP520 (4 years ago)
Movie sucks ass
Bas van lenten (4 years ago)
<3_____<3 Angelina Jolie.........
Awsomeness (4 years ago)
Johnny Depp is HOT anyway anyday!
Selena569 (4 years ago)
Johnny Depp looks changed..
Joo Honey (4 years ago)
First time I see Captain Jack Sparrow without his golden teeth.
Andres Porras (4 years ago)
I think one of the problems was that this movie came out rather shortly after "Salt".....
Indo Deze (1 year ago)
actually salt 2 came after salt 1 cause they filmed it back to back and then probably the tourist came so Salt 2 is still in between Salt and the tourist
Marina Križanec (5 years ago)
im watching this only bc of muse
Lady Gal (5 years ago)
One of my favorite movies! Love them both!
Darko Mitrovic (5 years ago)
LikableDesi (5 years ago)
I liked this movie...and i have not been paid to say this..really i swear.
Tavga Hawrame (5 years ago)
Dep and Angelina are very attractive in film, they performed many beautiful intimate moments, beauty of venice and luxuries in this film are incredible , i love this film
Fernando Guevara (5 years ago)
Map of the Problematique - Muse
RTSacredProductions (5 years ago)
A lot of people panned this film, but I thought it was good.
Free`Water (5 years ago)
everybody be talking about the song. whats it called?!?!
Lavinia S (5 years ago)
I love this movie!
sportsguy113 (5 years ago)
seeing the movie only because of map of the problematique haha. this song could make a cat napping look epic
Nicolas Chripko (5 years ago)
Awesome movie
Fabio Andres (5 years ago)
It's a great movie, with great actors.
Soldier Ghost (5 years ago)
i like him when he was a pirate :D
SuperCecileC (5 years ago)
Awful movie indeed... Boring and predictable, Depp is so bad in it, and Angelina is sooo ugly, what a shame... Never overuse botox and surgery to improve your look, or you may end like her too p
Rufi Oo (5 years ago)
It sucks so bad. And I promise you I'm not even trolling. I hated it.
Rufi Oo (5 years ago)
Fuckin ASSMONKEY!!!! are***
Rufi Oo (5 years ago)
Rufi Oo (5 years ago)
No don't you even try to act like people that doesn't like this movie is "on drugs". This movie sucked ass and I want to warn people so they don't waste their time on a retarded ass movie. The critics were right on this one. Neither main actors of the film were good in this movie.(Note how I did not say that I didn't like these actors at all, so don't be insinuating sheeeit). Yeah. this movie sucks. And don't EVEN tell me "If you don't like this then don't click on it!!! </33333"
Indo Deze (1 year ago)
it is not a super amazing movie. but I guess people who say it sucked so bad only goes to show that they did not understand the movie. That is not that bad though some people catch things faster then others. The one understands it perfectly and they other just can't seem to follow the ideas of the movie
Rufi Oo (5 years ago)
This is the worst movie I've ever seen. Even the worst movies I have seen don't compare with this one on sucking, because even those movies are charmingly cheesy. They're so bad that they are good. This one is just stupid.

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