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Far Cry 3 - Dr. Earnhardt (All cutscenes)

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This is all the cutscenes of Dr. Alec Earnhardt, a supporting character in Far Cry 3. The text under the screen is in swedish. Alec Earnhardt was born in Oxford, England. After a tragedy in the family, Earnhardt left England for Rook Island where he made a living by selling drugs on the black market. He helps Daisy Lee after being badly injured and poisoned, and is said to play a bigger role, (being a full-time doctor) for Jason. However, he may reveal himself to be a danger to Jason, as he is both a producer and taker of hard drugs and hallucinogenics. He had a two-year-old daughter named Agnes who tragically died after she fell out of the window of his tenth floor apartment in London. He sends Brody off on quests to find ingredients for remedies or drugs if he wants treatment. In the mission 'Mushrooms in the Deep', Jason has to go fetch a specific type of mushroom located somewhere in the cave construct of the archipelago. During the mission, the player experiences extreme hallucinogenic moments, such as Jason's hands leaving clouds and trails behind it, and objects such as houses appearing out of nothing, then shrinking ten feet away once the player approaches. He is later seen when Liza Snow is brought to Dr. Earnhardt's cave, apparently high stating the greenhouse is on fire (It isn't). He is mortally wounded by the Rakyat during the game's epilogue, who had come to kidnap Jason's friends. He dies telling Jason that he failed to protect them.
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Text Comments (80)
Cesar (2 months ago)
Never realized how little we got to see him, he was such a significant character.
Mystery Man (3 months ago)
I realized that he is a broken man, as you can see at the part when he asks “Can I bring the others here”, He replies, “Absolutely not”, but when she asked, He says “AGNES, How could I refuse you?” That means he had a daughter that probably died and he thinks of daisy as his own daughter. There, I have made a theory! No one has done that yet!
Nouredeen baba (5 months ago)
Awsome Game❤️
the only one Mr Z (7 months ago)
The Psychotic meth cook
bigearedmouse17 (7 months ago)
Great character...
Intel (1 year ago)
I just wanted to see earnhardt high as a kite and I'm getting spoiled.Fuck.
Dr Earnhardt (1 year ago)
ohh a video about me.
LUCKYRiCK! (1 year ago)
Oh i am as high as a kite and the green house is on fire xD
Jayliebird Piatt (3 years ago)
I went to a doctor today that was basically Dr Earnheardt made flesh. Absolutely uncanny. I love him!
trololo127 (3 years ago)
Aw, doctor... You were one of my favorites. His death was so heartbreaking. Seeing him talk to Agnes about how he deserved what he got...Rest in peace Martin Kevan because you brought an amazing character to us.
ImScared (3 years ago)
Im high as a kite and the greenhouse is on fire.
Atomic Panda (1 year ago)
Mr.Shakedown Funniest Line Ever
Dr Earnhardt (1 year ago)
hey! that's my line!
Maximilian Veers (3 years ago)
Doctor Earnhardt and Samuel the Boatman from Dishonored are the only video game character deaths that have made me cry. Do you agree?
mysterious films (7 months ago)
just get the good ending in dishonored and Samuel won't die from a wave
Mothzilla (8 months ago)
well, and The Boss from MGS3
Gilmar CT (4 years ago)
name of the song that starts at the bottom, please ?  03:23
Gilmar CT (3 years ago)
+danip9344 Thenks friend.
danip9344 (3 years ago)
brian tyler - falling into a dream (far cry 3 soundtrack)
ImperialPenguin (4 years ago)
I always liked the Rakyat... Until they killed Dr. Earnhardt. Afterwards I hated them all, the lot of them. Including Citra and Dennis. 
Cesar (2 months ago)
You have to feel bad for Dennis though.
ShinyMcshine (4 years ago)
I wanted to kill Citra myself because of his death. Pls give 3rd ending
Katherine Fontaine (3 years ago)
I know right?
Cowgoesmoo2 (4 years ago)
:-l He was pretty nice.
Televisão Assasina (1 year ago)
I don't know, my immediate thought after he said that I needed to keep her alive ''for the both of us'' and he locked the door was that he was a rapist.
Cowgoesmoo2 (4 years ago)
+TheExplodingcheez Huh really? I never thought that
Kimel Johnson (4 years ago)
Falling into a dream
Kimel Johnson (4 years ago)
It's I'm sorry or check the full album of the game
Desiderium (4 years ago)
Song name 3:05?
ihateplatypus (4 years ago)
Does anyone knows what's the name of the song playing in 3:06?
-TriP- (5 years ago)
awrh, he's such a great character. i was totally bummed when he died as well. i just wanna hug him and feed him cheese. and psychadelic drugs.
The Death Trap (8 months ago)
that shit turned dark quick
madjack821 (5 years ago)
Oh I'm as high as a kite and the greenhouse is on fire hahaha!!
Jeffrey Dean (5 years ago)
It's called I'm sorry. Part of the FarCry soundtrack.
Jeffrey Dean (5 years ago)
I just can't stand the cutscene at 3:04. I tear up everytime. It's so emotional. :'c
SwordedGun (5 years ago)
I cried he was soo cool :(
dandy dasyt (5 years ago)
high as a kite hahaha
yeyehey jaje (5 years ago)
Whats the named called that starts on 3:05 ?
rockerdude43017 (5 years ago)
How do I get the music for when he dies?
eeyk1993 (5 years ago)
RIP :(
eagledude4 (5 years ago)
RIP Martin Kevan
Neyu (5 years ago)
the part at 2:20 is epic :p he looks so high
Alex Mew (9 months ago)
Neyu he doesn't just look high
Jakub Hergesell (5 years ago)
Horcza (5 years ago)
Reguiescat in Pace.
Drachen (5 years ago)
Rest in peace man, both to the voice actor and character. It's unfair :(
TheOneM121 (5 years ago)
Vlad Pl (5 years ago)
R.I.P Martin Kevans ;(
Vomits (5 years ago)
I was so sad to see this character go in the game, but i'm honestly so upset right now about Martin Kevans passing. RIP You were a great actor.
Dary T (5 years ago)
his death is so realistic, really well done by the animation and the voice acting
doubleAAbatteries689 (5 years ago)
Wow, I love how you are wasting all your time on me. You could be helping your community right now, you know?
Fischstix95 (5 years ago)
Yes Hypocrisy idiot, look it up.
doubleAAbatteries689 (5 years ago)
hypocrisy? lol
Fischstix95 (5 years ago)
I don't need to deal with something I don't care about. The only motivation for me typing that comment and this one was to point out your hypocrisy.
doubleAAbatteries689 (5 years ago)
Well, I can't change the comment now. There is no "edit comment" button. You just have to deal with it now. :)
Netraft _ (5 months ago)
doubleAAbatteries689 there is one now
Fischstix95 (5 years ago)
Well I am talking about you. It's ironic that you're asking someone how you're being rude, and then following it up with calling them a fucking retard.
doubleAAbatteries689 (5 years ago)
We are not talking about me.
Fischstix95 (5 years ago)
You're being rude
doubleAAbatteries689 (5 years ago)
Rude? Rude how? Are you fucking retarded?
Mr2010forgeben (5 years ago)
Its a good thing that he stayed alive for an extra minuet, otherwise you would have no idea where they are
Tfirmin001 (5 years ago)
I was really sad when this guy died. He was an awesome character and one of my favourite's. In my opinion, his death was one of the two saddest deaths in the game. Vaas' was the other one, although he deserved it, the doctor didn't. :(
Pastelle09 (5 years ago)
Make all cutscenes of citra please!
otto Tulviste (5 years ago)
i call him Dr.awesome
VStratto Music (5 years ago)
After I saw the doctor die because of the Rakyat, I said I was going to have no mercy with these motherfuckers no matter how kind they are.
Danielhask (5 years ago)
haha they flagged his death on gameplay but not this lol
A Communist Squirrel (5 years ago)
Poor eranhardt
Dominique de Beer (5 years ago)
I thought ubisoft flagged his death
karpik (5 years ago)
I think it said in his Bio that his daughter died when she fell off some floor in a building. Daisy probably looks like her.
Ben Latham (5 years ago)
i loved that bit where he said im as high as a kite annnd the green house is on fire
Wolfboy2012 (5 years ago)
i feel bad for the dr he cares for daisy as if she was his own daughter
Rave. ‖ UK Drill (5 years ago)
Rave. ‖ UK Drill (5 years ago)
after i completed the game and he died i came back and there was a trail of blood from where he died all the way to the door and the blood trail ends there. What do you think happened to him??
Gashlycrumb (1 year ago)
There was some talk of him being in the next game in the series. I don't know anything specific, Martin just mentioned it once.
Jonathan Roedel (5 years ago)
i was bummed this guy died
Volt704 (5 years ago)
He was making a suggestion,no one wants subtitles on an ENGLISH video that isnt ENGLISH.Stop with your ignorance and mind your own fucking business,cockbite.
Tally.mp3 (5 years ago)
Svenska FTW :P
Muffinman121 (5 years ago)
well he was the troll
Lochlan Atwood (5 years ago)
go home
Volt704 (5 years ago)
If you want likes,dont be an ass.

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