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Minecraft: Feed the Beast Unleashed | Ep.39, Dumb and Dumber

966 ratings | 46822 views
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Text Comments (186)
Joe Pastula (1 year ago)
engines for days, just don't punch them
Raquel Bauman (3 years ago)
Sometimes its no wonder they dont respond in the comments its just random questions they could easily answer themselves with google.
Rocio Cardenas Lopez (4 years ago)
Need coal
Kathie Brooks (4 years ago)
They dont blow up dumb
stephanie oprandi (4 years ago)
That intro do
Jwon Tan (4 years ago)
I though u need coal to work it
Richard Labaire (4 years ago)
red stone engines will not turn on if theye're are not strong enough to power what they are attached too.
Richard Labaire (4 years ago)
why you no use electric engines?
ben o (4 years ago)
eeeeeeeeerrrrr eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr
mandy brown (4 years ago)
Play the Stanley parable from steam meaty.(it's funny)
Lilly Keizer (5 years ago)
Can you please start switching camera views agian
Joshua Wong (5 years ago)
This episode is boring
Aidan Wheele (5 years ago)
Valerie Kim (5 years ago)
Supreme_Shot-HD (5 years ago)
Cod ghost campaign sucks you get shot by a mugunm then the sea rushes in you will die and if not you wouldn't be able to walk SPOLIERS
elscarface (5 years ago)
battlefield 4!
-j (5 years ago)
Guys use an electric engine and then you can go all solar!
Brian Garcia (5 years ago)
You need lava
Stijn Arkema (5 years ago)
I think you better can read the manual meatius
ssysstemerror (5 years ago)
would like to see more of dartcraft used its the force ingot stuff lots of cool stuff was watching direwolf mod spotlight and he was showing how to upgrade weapons and armor and putting mobs in a jar!!
Dora Gomes (5 years ago)
Good Job guys!
Michael The Man (5 years ago)
You need energy
Fabio Rico (5 years ago)
Meatheads say 22 and eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr
kaylynn smith (5 years ago)
no they aren't the beginning is a little same from the one episode but after a few minutes its all new
Masre Super (5 years ago)
What it is free? A free virus woow I got to have it
Kaitlyn Walker (5 years ago)
plz fix it am all mess up
NerdTwigs (5 years ago)
i have a freind named sterling.
Vivian Young (5 years ago)
You should put all your chests and crafting tables in the floor
REDBUTTMASTER22 (5 years ago)
u guys should make hobbyist steam engines, it only requires coal and water
Harambe (5 years ago)
Whaaat this is an old episode!!
fisnik bajraktari (5 years ago)
its a lie
Poop Butt (5 years ago)
That awkward moment when it's say 3 views and 0 likes and 0 dislikes
Hydra (5 years ago)
Rose Thorn (5 years ago)
you cant get the new one you have to get the first one because theirs a whole story behind the game just like halo
Jared labar (5 years ago)
redstone engines do not make MJs anymore. but the the are still used for wooden pipes
James Sagers (5 years ago)
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Gotta Love Boobs (5 years ago)
ninjaman666ify (5 years ago)
Use the conductive pipes ifthey are in there
Phil Fleury (5 years ago)
Red stone torch
I am a guy name Lia (5 years ago)
why you dont go youtube look how to use build mod
Danny Drew (5 years ago)
You noobz need oil come on
Braylon Ballard (5 years ago)
Gunns and meaty sigh yoteslaya died his truck got hit by a train
Microwavable Dinner (5 years ago)
I never have played battlefield but I think I want to get the new 1
antoin tunstall (5 years ago)
you didnt change to dumber
SociallyAwkwardLife1 (5 years ago)
my dog got sprayed by a skunk trying to breath through my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hidra Clorolic (5 years ago)
redstone engine one push=one MJ.Use stirling engine or electric engine.Electric engine wont blow up and gives 2mj per tick,but consume EU power.Please like this comment to let them see this comment.
James Sagers (5 years ago)
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Matthew Ferguson (5 years ago)
It needs a redstone sorse
zits56able (5 years ago)
Do more factions
Cory in my House (5 years ago)
3888 veiwer
Harrison Huntsinger (5 years ago)
yaw can u guys do something like islands of junara
dylan white (5 years ago)
Jesse make fun of my middle name
James Ladd (5 years ago)
hey doods ya i like yall i whant to be like you guys i am going to be a you tuber just like yall me like minecarft hey meaty and guns
Phased DenZe (5 years ago)
No this episode is new....
Nicholas Rivera (5 years ago)
James Sagers (5 years ago)
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TJ Booker (5 years ago)
Manny Torres (5 years ago)
Oh snap gunns do u have a ps3 or a xbox because I have a ps3 and I would love to play with u ghost my gt is Dark_Knight_715
Josh Langwell (5 years ago)
meaty try not messing with the stuff on the bottom left corner that might be why it no worky
SilentAssassin8200 (5 years ago)
Ive seen this episode before...
Asfawossen Geffa (5 years ago)
Like 340 (me) I don't like often
Zach McDonald (5 years ago)
Yea meat hust smash the crap out of the lever, maybe it will start working LOL
rwg1961 (5 years ago)
Nostalgia kicked in when he said NGT.
CJ Procknow (5 years ago)
You need coal for stirling engines, the redstone engines didn't work because they were not enough to power that particular machine.
James Sagers (5 years ago)
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Angie Johnston (5 years ago)
Sterling Reed (5 years ago)
Lol my name is Sterling and apparently I blow up
Asfawossen Geffa (5 years ago)
Asfawossen Geffa (5 years ago)
You are being a total idiot
Callum Scott (5 years ago)
Use a red stone torch on the pistons
Asfawossen Geffa (5 years ago)
You need coal for the redstoneengine
Joseph Stanton (5 years ago)
coal for days
Georgia Overton (5 years ago)
you two should do the gallery minecraft mod
GamersUnionMCandmore (5 years ago)
IC2 consumer, BC producer. Also, YAW has been mostly about Minecraft, the guys just play COD when the feel like it. Meat, join the steam group, you commented you wanted to talk to the fans in some of your meatycraft RAW episodes. We'd be glad to. ~Minersman111111
Jordy Nuland (5 years ago)
or u guys made such a room in another server or game or i had a dejavu 2 weeks ago i knew you guys would expand that room lol
phobia trapped (5 years ago)
Put lava on the side slot or water
phobia trapped (5 years ago)
You'd a Redstone torch, that's why its called redstoneengine
Michael Anderson (5 years ago)
You need coal meaty you do it for every engine you make
Nathan Pared (5 years ago)
there is a trick to get more diamonds
Xavier Haran Doyle (5 years ago)
We have 1.7.2 its epic
SnowyGlory (5 years ago)
get a lap-pack from industrialcraft2
lukexmaster1 (5 years ago)
no you dont
Lilgunnerj (5 years ago)
you need to use redstone energy conduit to power it or use a engine with a buildcraft conduit pipe running into it
Red Shadow (5 years ago)
Big dig or big ****
TheJoeloner (5 years ago)
Lol I was the 300 like exactly
T Bron (5 years ago)
you need coal for redstone engines
T Bron (5 years ago)
kill guns in a funny way
Eclipse BEARs (5 years ago)
do a playthrough on ghost cod pls when it comes out
Northern Ranger (5 years ago)
were is devine RPG, i miss it
Austin (5 years ago)
if u don't like minecraft then don't watch there minecraft eps. they make minecraft more funn
Austin (5 years ago)
is there universal cabel in FTB if there is then u guys could use those for power
mary b (5 years ago)
make a hat room upstairs please that would be super cool
Ben Lunaris (5 years ago)
Do you have to right click on the redstone engine and put redstone in it?
m2nesli (5 years ago)
you must be new here .. YAW is based on minecraft gameplay .. so there will always be minecraft video.
Corey Patterson (5 years ago)
i have seen this one
m2nesli (5 years ago)
or nuclear reactor.
amak206 (5 years ago)
why not use electric engines?
Jacob Q (5 years ago)
Yes yes yes yes yes more cod and lots more battlefield that's why I subscribed to u guys and then u stopped no more minecraft it's a dumb game
Curtis Mccullough (5 years ago)
Troll yoshi trye
Nik bažato (5 years ago)

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