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Assassin's creed Odyssey but I am a complete coward

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Assassin's creed Odyssey, my odyssey is going to be wild My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/callmekevin Merch: https://kevin.fanfiber.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/callmekevin1811 PO BOX: Kevin P.O BOX 40 Midleton DSU Co.Cork Ireland Edited by @TropicalFreeze21 and Kevin Patreon Producers ♥ A Friend A Thirsty Ghost Aaron Sygiel Adam Harmston Adam Midderigh Adamska Marazzi Alanna White Alec McGillivray Alex Grant Alex Ohlsen Alice Painter Amy Sowada Anders Andrey Chicgagov Anthony Keller Ashlyn Mashburn Atomic F. Magician August Janklow Augustus McCullough Austin Kohagen AwesomeOK1 Barbara Csef Becca Plenderleith Becky Loxterkamp Ben is a narwhal Ben Mckimm Billy McGuire Birdnation Blair Krolak Book Braich Braden Hinkle Brett Bri Gilly CadeRaid15 Calhoun Cattell Calvin Mysko Cameron Schultz Cara Barugh Cara Hudson Casey Brelsford Cassandra Huynh Catelyn Berglund caydenj Chance Chandee Carson Charli Walker Charlie Turner ChaseIsSexy Chloe Curtin Clayton Garrett ConFect Corrie Sachs Courtney Owens D. wetherilli Damian Grudzien Damian2211 Daniella Cioffi Dave Matthews Deacon Cronin Denny lawlor Diamond Riley DJ 6i DocBrown097 Dominik Bender Dylan Ectoplasmictoast Eden Kaufman Eleanor Rist Elektra Krusell Elisa Shafer Elizabeth Pereyra Elliott Braganza Elspeth Shell-Moyer Emylee Wolfe Espen Sande Larsen Espen Sande Larsen Esteban Prince Ethan Cutrone Excinic Faylene Keep (SL name EPDreary) Finlay Goodman Finn H Drude Forestbreeze Garrett Mozingo Gil Giovanni Cremers Guen Hollinghurst Heather Heather M Henpard Youtube HummaKavula Ian Farrington Idril Ilia Abashin Infinite WingWah Itaki Vlar'mon Jack Gregory Jack Lane Jacqui Sebo Jade Goodman Jagez Jaiden Jake Meals James Highmore James Otter Jamie Hurley Jana Suchomelová Jaxsen jaz lye JD Money Trinemaus Jessica Corazza Jessica. Mrs Vain. Jessie Medina Jill Wind Jonah Marx Jonny Wheater Jordan Hogue Jordin MacDonald Joseph James Josh Endersby joshua mavoa João Dezordi Julia Miller Julianne Trammell JumboGibbon Kara Bond Kathleen Bruce Kathleen Phillips Katie L Wheeler Kelsey Kern KelvinORamos Kenneth Findley Kristy Watkins Kurobasaka Lady Charon Lauren Miedel Lenny Salter Letty Mason Lewis libby h Lindsey lionxv Logan Carter Louise Ivy Lucy Buglass Luke Westwood Luki Fredén Lulu Rose Maeve MagnificentMaja Mairead McCorey Malachi Hargreaves Mario Rathmacher Mary Davey Mathias Svedberg Maxicide Smith mayli Michael Michael Collins Michaela Tharby Mikaela K Misery MissPengywin misterbob Mitchell Bond Mitchell Stevenson Mr.lemonjunkie Necia Navine Nicholas Dux Nicholas Vann Nickolas Cucumber Nicky Price Nicolas Schmuck Paige phillips Papir Paul San Nicolas Pedrothegeneral Peter O'Flynn Phil Nottage Poseidon Pylades Drunk Randall Ratermann Remo Taudien Rikz Dehli Robin Lindström Robyn Gray-McMath Rowan Aldridge Seabass Sean Behan Serena Rubendall Sgt Chubb Shane Amanda shane mclernon Shane Mitchell Shane Murphy Sheri Gruver Shiba Martyn Signal42 Sir Jimothy of the Pickens Skylar Horstman Sorrelfox stefanjm Stephanie Robinson Summerlycoris Sydney Stamford Taylorwailer Theo Baier Thomas Cave Thomas Whalen Tmac Trophonix Tunapaw Tyler Cains Tímea Farkas Victor Whitley YakSmash
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Text Comments (877)
Alex Liossis (8 days ago)
teppolundgren (12 days ago)
Assassin's Creep.
Happy Gabumon (15 days ago)
Kevin always finds a way to feck things over.
Abigail Rose Cottman (18 days ago)
2:37-2:45 must have been the wind
Soumojit Bhattacharjee (20 days ago)
*The horse is the single bravest creature in the game i see.*
Meme daddy (21 days ago)
Can you plz play more Assassins creed
Meme daddy (21 days ago)
Why can’t i have as much attention as dank matter 🙁🙁🙁
O. Belokon (22 days ago)
Assassin's creed Odyssey but I am the annoying npc that runs away from you
cfroi08 (23 days ago)
Fun fact, Malakas is for men and even then it's not in the Vocative case.
King Cactopi (24 days ago)
Fucking ads about politics, total bullshit
EMA (24 days ago)
Tell me why Elpenor looks like fecking Sylvester Stallone...
Surgus OfTheBlack (25 days ago)
2:26 Skyrim flashbacks . Except the horse would be dead
armando1is1great (27 days ago)
Goddamn the assassins creed games are such bad jokes. Buggy boring messes
karolina wypart (28 days ago)
M O R E 2 K 1 9
molly o'neill (29 days ago)
Murder of crows made me smile
MrDigolokoBr (30 days ago)
wow. what a shitty game.
Loner Link (30 days ago)
This game looks awful..
Altair Ibn La Ahad (30 days ago)
Nothing is true, everything is permitted
BLCBob (1 month ago)
SaraDerps (1 month ago)
disturbedpeach _ (1 month ago)
Please play more of this I was laughing my ass off
FadeZ (1 month ago)
Im actually really intimidated bc of how good this game looks lmao
Gensolink (1 month ago)
I think the eagle might do a live vlog and she watches its stream that's how she can see through the eagle
Slinkerdeer (1 month ago)
The constant running away has my sides hurting *xD*
Kial Townsend (1 month ago)
Run assassin run
Zaefnyr (1 month ago)
Assassin's creed Odyssey but I am a complete coward? more like bore: ragnarok
Voptal (1 month ago)
-TidalMaster - (1 month ago)
Is this captured on ps4 or ps4 pro?
Wenmei Bai (1 month ago)
Kyle Rayburn (1 month ago)
kill steal
Coco (1 month ago)
play black desert
Lol Lol (1 month ago)
Yeeeet late af commit
spammer alper (1 month ago)
Hate to break it to you but your brother was killed (ad plays)
cocaine dance party (1 month ago)
have you ever played sunset overdrive?
Félix Bergeron (1 month ago)
Hey Kevin, spend your ability points :p it might help
John Doe (1 month ago)
5:54: I'll demonstrate my slashing skills before running away to deter any followers.
2rad4rio (1 month ago)
Hate to break it to you but your brother was killed *dissapointed face* AD That was the best ad placement ever
IkeTheMan (1 month ago)
Please get the spartan kick so you can hide on roofs and kick off enemies
Erif The fox (1 month ago)
I’m huge fan of the series is this game worth getting
ForemostCrab7 (1 month ago)
"i'm not prepared to put that much effort in, they'll never catch me i am way to good at fleeing" That fkn killed me xDDD
We Are (1 month ago)
Sigh.. even Assassin's creed got hit with the feminazi bs? I wish they'd stop making female characters the lead all the time, it's only like 20% of women who play games.
Guttube (1 month ago)
nIck w (1 month ago)
this is best and funniest
nIck w (1 month ago)
mira veta (1 month ago)
Kevin you're the only YouTuber I watch and enjoy good great job Kev play some Dishonored if you could and maybe some borderlands 2 or pre sequal?
PANDEX (1 month ago)
Assassin comes from an Arabian word, Assassin's ; which means people that are outcastes from others. They don't necessarily have to kill
Liam De Luca (1 month ago)
Thanks for making me laugh, Kevin. My hamster died today and this cheered me up.☺️
Karate scout (1 month ago)
Play fallout 4 pls
Reject X (1 month ago)
K e v i n s y n d r o m e
Jake from state farm (1 month ago)
I think this is the only game Kevin isn’t willing to kill people in
sidgeaberration (1 month ago)
3.56 tho
sidgeaberration (1 month ago)
Kevin plays assasin games and doesn't kill anyone. Plays the Sims and kills everybody. I love how casual she is about the death of his brother.
Fernando’sLife (1 month ago)
Assassins creed odyssey but I flee from all my problems
Job Horbach (1 month ago)
Please play Red Dead Redemption 2 when it comes out
Culjamo10 ! (1 month ago)
Kevin if you go into the skill tree in the menu, where you customize your character's clothing, you can get the 'Sparta Kick' Skill, which allows you to literally kick enemies into oblivion.
ÅK 420 (1 month ago)
My man
ÅK 420 (1 month ago)
Sophia Insanity (1 month ago)
I am Greek and cringed when the woman said "you malakas" no no no no, it's "I won't be cheated again, malaka"
Oivatank (1 month ago)
AC: Odyssey horse vs Skyrim horse. Who will win?
Ashe (1 month ago)
oh my god this series is making me laugh so hard i would love to see you keep playing !!
Sidney Harris (1 month ago)
Games where Kevin isn’t supposed to kill people he’s great at murder when he’s a literal assassin he sucks at murder how???
Josh (1 month ago)
Jk lolz (1 month ago)
My girlfriend cheated on me... Good video though keep it up 👍
bigmax porter (1 month ago)
Kevin you are a gift.
Jessica Stewart (1 month ago)
Its a skyrim horse!
LEG1T ParadoX (1 month ago)
4:45 is that a jojo's reference?
iceiceninja (1 month ago)
Adam Is Just Amazing (1 month ago)
Assassins creed is a good franchise.
Shitty game
Horse Joint (1 month ago)
I love these graphics. And the frame rate is amazing.(He said sarcastically)
Waddles The Pig (1 month ago)
Yes im so glad you made a second video
some guy, i dunno (1 month ago)
Has skyrim horses finally got beaten?
NairBevol (1 month ago)
Anyone else irish and love kevin?
Rick Moonen (1 month ago)
You know you can use the ability points you get for leveling up to get new abilitys, right? RIGHT??? awesome vid btw :)
Jacob Davis (1 month ago)
Yung Cheez-it (1 month ago)
Kevin you make my day! Thank you for another video!
Skeets McGrew (1 month ago)
What an embarrassingly bad game. Just stop guys. That'll do pig, that'll do
Kyra King (1 month ago)
I call the horse 'Bread-Toast' because he looks like toasted bread, colorwise.
Ben G (1 month ago)
hell yeaha kevin! can we get more of this?
Ben βen (1 month ago)
Kevin you press Q to block when enemies are about to attack and when they glow red that's an unblockable attack and you have to dodge and also you can spend your skill points on useful abilities haha
Haste (1 month ago)
4:44 Was that a JoJo reference?
Eric Klinsman (1 month ago)
I have a request, why don't you play half life 1(1998)(50+ game awards)or half life 2(2004)(90+game awards)? I would like to see how someone like you would play those game hits.
rob torres (1 month ago)
videos are getting too short 20 mins plus plz
pleasefeedtheanimal (1 month ago)
The combat in this game looks horrible. AC is dead.
Mandy Stark (1 month ago)
Please make a ”The mind of Jim Pickens” video. Maybe more of Jims childhood ?
Oh Sim (1 month ago)
Damn back in that time eyebrows were always on fleek
Lew Ashby (1 month ago)
I just love the random zoom ins
Apostolos Dalianis (1 month ago)
Play more assassins creed !!!! Its really fun
PaulosK (1 month ago)
oh no you dont have time μαλάκας(douchebag). I cried so hard.
MJ12 UNATCO AGENT (1 month ago)
Keep it up kev
Darkness 闇 (1 month ago)
Wow, it's Skyrim
Anomalous (1 month ago)
Is this character walking on soap?
Edward Dzierwa (1 month ago)
Play assassins creed black flag fecking please
Brian’s Chew toy (1 month ago)
Kevin Can u do red dead redemption 2 when it comes out?!
DasterTheStalker (1 month ago)
did you buy the exp booster for an OFFLINE SINGLEPLAYER game yet?
Erwin Smith (1 month ago)
5:44 dat booty slap
Erwin Smith (1 month ago)
Alexios this is too sad play Kassandra
edrew 99 (1 month ago)
Please do more Assassin’s Creed videos. It’s one of my favorite series.

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