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Pyro Vs. Hydra & Lazer Jets - GTA 5 Online

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GTA 5 Online Pyro Vs Hydras & Lazers in the Sky Pyro Jet Vs. Hydra Vs. Lazer Track: Hreez - The Way Out Link: https://youtu.be/m3mwKLBwTdY Track: Dominick Soth - Chasing (feat. Max Landry) [Skylike Remix] Link: https://youtu.be/4qxAEdUX5AI
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Text Comments (37)
GloryOrBust (1 month ago)
Use your rockets when they slow down or try to stall.
Vass Montenegro (1 month ago)
The lazer is the best, the hydra and pyro are trash
salih hoş (3 months ago)
even though they still use lazer and hydra, none of them EWOd or maybe video is taken beofre ewo was added, idk i dont play gta online
salih hoş (3 months ago)
yeah and thats just too anooying as can be seen from ghiliemaster's videos
LopMuSiC1 (3 months ago)
some do that, but they didnt thought their hydra and lazers are gonna explode that fast by the "weak" mg on the pyro. ewo was in the game from the beginning.
Pyro is trash dogfight me ps4
DesertFox (3 months ago)
Poor p996 lazer from an underrated jet that is for people that know how to steal it and since u can own it now it became an overrated jet and tryhards are using it these days I remember back in the days it take skills to steal a lazer and take a lot of skills to do the stall manuver in the lazer
xXPredator419Xx - GTA 5 (3 months ago)
Wassup dude, nice work on taking those lazers out of the sky, consider checking my channel out as I upload dogfight videos too, thank you. 😁
Browncurse (4 months ago)
Use missiles, it forces the hydra to stay at max speed and if it vtols it will be very sad.
FNC Dan (4 months ago)
Today happend to me to figth hydra and lazer at the same time in my pyro and holy shit I beat them I was driving this plane for 1 hour it's a beast
DesertFox (3 months ago)
FNC Dan the pyro is a beast but if u met a skilled p996 lazer pilot then ur doomed since the p996lazer can do the stall manuver easily
buck1569 (5 months ago)
Their not fighting , that's all staged .. The jets ain't even fighting back ..
Cameron Watson (4 months ago)
buck1569 that’s because they know they gonna lose
LopMuSiC1 (5 months ago)
yes and the earth is flat
SC56784 (6 months ago)
I subbed
LopMuSiC1 (6 months ago)
thanks !
Scarten (8 months ago)
Why would those people in jet use missile when they got cannon
Cameron Watson (4 months ago)
Scarten it forces them to loop at top speed good pilots will do this then switch back to cannons
BlueG7 (8 months ago)
Should I sell my deluxo to get the pyro???
DesertFox (5 months ago)
Scarten are u dumb ?u can sell it anywhere in lsc,avenger and moc
VortexElectric Plays (6 months ago)
Scarten You're dumb....
bluedayz (7 months ago)
sure you can, just go in the avenger, moc or ls customs und select the sell button
Scarten (8 months ago)
BlueG7 no you cant
BlueG7 (8 months ago)
Yes you can sell the deluxo
Numoyunne (9 months ago)
The hydra can't fly fast enough to escape rockets when it's engine is on fire, as long as you're close enough when you fire them.
APEXx (10 months ago)
U need speed control
stew8fpv (10 months ago)
Beautiful work mate
LopMuSiC1 (10 months ago)
thanks :)
XxEpicPilot4UxX (10 months ago)
I want a pyro so bad ;n; it may look like the designer had a brainfart mid-design, but it's got some power behind it
Im Jesus U big gay (2 months ago)
If you use the pyro in the farthest third person view it actually looks really nice
COLE Last Name (9 months ago)
XxEpicPilot4UxX I sold my vigilante today to get the pyro on discount
muchiosgracias4 (10 months ago)
Nice bro can you do some starling dogfights if you own it. Got it couple weeks ago and still getting to grips with it.
LopMuSiC1 (10 months ago)
thanks. hm i once flew the starling, didnt liked it never flew it again..
the slump god (10 months ago)
Nice flying
LopMuSiC1 (10 months ago)
thanks !

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