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The Power behind the Throne (The position of power occupied by the Royal Family in today’s UK)

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Investigating into today’s power structure in the UK and the role played by the British monarchy, this eye-opening documentary reveals the grossly disproportionate and undemocratic wealth and power of Britain’s Royal Family. The programmer educates the viewers about the sheer wealth of Britain’s unelected monarchy and trails through the various assets and sources of income to which a random family, born into a historic mesh of multiracial kings and queens, unfairly believe they are entitled. The UK with its dark and scattered history of political struggles has become the playground of monarchic power and influence. The documentary exposes all the main instruments of wealth of the British monarchy and provides clear commentary as to why Britain may be the most contradictory democracy in the world. Follow PressTV Documentaries on: Website @ http://presstvdoc.com/ Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/PressTVdocumentaries Twitter @ https://twitter.com/presstvdocs Vimeo @ https://vimeo.com/user10253502 Soundcloud @ https://soundcloud.com/presstv-doc
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Text Comments (2504)
MUDASSAR BASHIR (3 hours ago)
Money power and queens and kings bullshit
David Pekrol (21 hours ago)
What Everyone seems to forget is that the royal family originally owned all of the assets of the crown estate. The revenues from the crown of state were surrendered to the country, the treasury, under George sir, because he was such a spendthrift and he needed money so in exchange for the crown estate He arrange to get a payment every year under a newly formed part of government called The Civil List. The crown a state revert back to the Monarch at the beginning of each reight But is expected of the current motor to write it back off to the government In exchange for the continuance of the civil list. Give them back the Crown Estate and They will go quietly. This has been quoted from prince Charles. Legally they own the cross estate. The pittance that they received in exchange for surrendering these lands is exactly that, a pittance Compared to the revenues the crown estate brings in.
David Pekrol (21 hours ago)
God I hate auto correct. I hope everyone can decipher what I just wrote or actually spoken to the iPad.
timothy lines (3 days ago)
that living jesus,some kind of inbred evil mother fucker.
timothy lines (3 days ago)
they invented jesus.
Double Oh 7 (3 days ago)
I spit on the queen of England! Any handlers watching...? Go and report it bitches, fuck the queen, fuck her family! Thieves, liars, drug dealers, kiddy fiddlers and murdering bastards!!!!!!!
Double Oh 7 (3 days ago)
I bow to NO HUMAN BEING! I will be NOT be ruled! I will NOT be governed! I AM SOVEREIGN ✊💚 Down with monarchy!
I don't think they understand how important the British monarchy is and how difficult being royalty is..
A. J. R. Wilde (4 days ago)
wow I already knew they were bad but this arms dealing has shocked me
John Smith (6 days ago)
Monarch can fire the head of government. For example, Australian Governor General fired Australian PM in 1975. They could do that in place like United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and some other places too.
Tracey Rahman (6 days ago)
They will have to answer for this on the day of judgement
soham bardhan (7 days ago)
Dude tell the police about the money u take from royal properties
soham bardhan (7 days ago)
Just shut up. Being a India I can see what democracy is doing .
“Despotism is unjust to everybody, including the despot, who was probably made for better things . … All authority is quite degrading. It degrades those who exercise it, and degrades those over whom it is exercised. ” Oscar Wilde
Mary Ellen Cook (9 days ago)
Money talks and B.S. walks...
John Keller (10 days ago)
They need to go.
WARW0LF (13 days ago)
rich get richer and the poor get poorer, this is the way the world works, nobody can change that, its just an earthly fact we have to deal with.
Prepperjon (13 days ago)
And did anyone else see that this video is paid for by the Iranian government? Pathetic wankers!!
Prepperjon (13 days ago)
This entire video is filled with nothing but pathetic wankers who are nothing but jealous of the members of the royal family. Casting dark foreboding lies and conspiracy ramblings at the royal family. If the Queen and her family had the crazy amount of power they are accused of having this video itself would not have come to light. I find it sickeningly humourless what is being said about the monarchy. The Queen through her rightfully owned properties pays more money to the government than the government pays her. It’s been that way since the time of Queen Victoria. Yes the royal family has perks that the rest of us do not, so what get over it. Jeff Bezos has perks that we don’t so what. I for one am glad that we have the monarchy. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!!!!! I would call the people in this video whores but that would be a disservice to whores around the world.
Do you believe in wizards and dragons as well?
Edward Norton (13 days ago)
What right does the Guardian newspaper have to tell the government what it should and should not do?
glx490 (14 days ago)
If only the brits could see how pathetic their institutionalised a-se-licking is during all those "royal" events; it even seems heartfelt. Patriotism is one thing, but feudal tongue service is quite something else. But why a piece like this, now? Has lord de Rothschild lost his patience with his royal puppets? Perhaps it's because the monarchy stepped up for Brexit and supported Trump? Let's see the rumble in the.. country estates.
Shyam Sundar Mishra (18 days ago)
UK still has a King...so funny. We thought they had a democracy.
Swift Allan (20 days ago)
Just a tourist attraction these days
Happie Our (20 days ago)
Chest floor: Illuminati.
Happie Our (20 days ago)
Chest floor: Illuminati.
Happie Our (20 days ago)
Chest floor: Illuminati.
Happie Our (20 days ago)
Chest floor: Illuminati.
Nick Fiscina (20 days ago)
Like World War II doesn't anybody notice or think it's weird that all the poor section got bombed to nothing but meanwhile across town all the high dollar Mansions were left alone in peace people were still shopping
Nick Fiscina (20 days ago)
I know this much like the rest of us across the world you Brits better stay in line or the queen might go back to beheading people which I wouldn't necessarily complain about cuz the first people to go will be the ultra broke
Louis Pacent (21 days ago)
Too much.....Scoundrels ....
Eternal Redhead (23 days ago)
They should bem given the "Romanov Treatment".
Pinky Dink (23 days ago)
the sooner Scotland becomes a republic the better, never knew I was breaking the law when I discussed this with my mates lol
Timothy Sole (23 days ago)
Marxist Levellers will never destroy the greatest asset we have, the Queen. These Republicans survive only on their hatred and envy of the Monarchy, and private property in general
Djelari Ghana (25 days ago)
They're all aliens and demon shapeshifters that feed on child adrenochrome. They terrorize them and then drink their blood at the peak of fear after killing them. Then they eat their flesh. Of course they sodomize them and beat them before they get down to their true business of trying to remain young looking. Who will stop them?
Gordon Wardell (26 days ago)
They are no different to most in power in the UK. Look after themselves first. Just the same as in many countries. Compared to how much the government wastes it's small change. The Monarch may be needed at some time in the future. Let them get on with it, you can't change it so stop fretting over it.
Lucas Todd (27 days ago)
See how all the anti-monarchist comments crop up? Well if you all really stand for Democracy, then you would respect that the vast majority of British and Commonwealth subjects wish to remain firmly under Her Majesty's reign.
Cindy Blulady (28 days ago)
Not enough Americans remember that our nation was founded upon ridding ourselves of these monsters. However we went to sleep at the wheel and let the rats into the tent. Or haven't you noticed how the USA economic model as well as our political model is identical to UK?
Sarah Schreiber (29 days ago)
Everything this channel does is hateful and dark
Eliminator (30 days ago)
The poor brainwashed Brits.
Covert Geopolitics (1 month ago)
What makes them powerful are the stupid military personnel and political clowns. Without these automatons, royalty is just another clownery onto itself.
Belladonna Salminen (1 month ago)
slew charles (1 month ago)
Down with the queen
Simon Webb (1 month ago)
Off with their heads!!!
eugenekaufmann1 (1 month ago)
Of course monarchies are incompatible with democracy. If monarchs are popular, let them stand for election. That, of course, would destroy their elevated status and make them dependent on the will of the people - something of a ghastly nightmare to the mind of the average monarchist. The British are a deferential lot - servility to them is an art form and long ingrained in their genes. Why they aren't angry and totally furious at this unearned status, income from the taxpayer, power and inherited wealth is an absolute mystery. A hereditary monarchy has achieved the distinction of navigating the birth canal. Nothing more. They are, in short, the world's biggest benefit claimants.
L (1 month ago)
Fucking devils
Bilal (1 month ago)
If the queen is so popular then why is she jealous of the Sex Pistols?
Gregory Wells (1 month ago)
These people need to get jobs!!!!
scortesi (1 month ago)
We are programmed to grow up as we are, being taught when young, it is rare you can leave these programs , so we should not be so harsh towards Monarchs ect ect, . Learning first not to judge ourselves so harshly could be the answer for troubles in our life and theirs, yes i am wafflying....but someone on utube understands what i mean
Kevin Jones (1 month ago)
I have done my research on them I don't want them. So let's take a vote country wide. If you want them pay more tax for them. Then those who don't want them pay NO TAX for there lavish upkeep. They have never done anything for me or my family or my community. Sick of paying for something I don't need.
DAWSLAMMER NZ (1 month ago)
how on earth are the secular left in the Commonwealth going to handle king David when the Eternal puts him back on his thrown, should be interesting to see
geoff edwards (1 month ago)
Doing alright aren't they.Im not bothered,in usually very fair in how I see peaples privaldges,but when it comes to the Royals I can't help myself,I want them to have these privaldges.
Moon Treat (1 month ago)
Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, not a dictatorship. One wonders who does the dirty work for the Guardian? The Royal Family are always there and that creates stability for the country.
Moon Treat (1 month ago)
Jealousy. Royalty can influence as much as anyone else. So?
Susan Vernon (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but this is our history your all talking about, our queen is the longest ruling royal ever and long may she live, no way do I want to be like the USA with Presidents like they have now, are you all nuts or what! The Royal family bring prestige to our little Isle, I love them
azul74 (1 month ago)
This is very bias , Prince Charles makes 19 million a year , not enough if I was him I would ask for a pay rise , sports persons are making anything from 3 to 30 million on advertising a year I don’t see them bringing millions of people a year in tourist spending billions of pounds for the economy , yes I would just double my income immt.
splinterbyrd (1 month ago)
"Never speak disrespectfuly of Society Algernon, only people who can't get into it do that." - Lady Bracknell. _The Importance of Being Earnest_
splinterbyrd (1 month ago)
So what if Charles writes to government ministers? It's his job. God save the Queen!
I'll tell you who really controls Great Britain without needing to watch this fake news video . "The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply" Nathan Rothschild
Just a mustard seed (1 month ago)
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Antonio Ferrer (1 month ago)
Hang 'em all. Who needs these parasites?
Christopher Brooks (1 month ago)
Oh, my goodness - what a wingefest. I had high hopes for this document at the start - was very factual and balanced. And then the Royal Brexiteers took over the facts! Utter lies - from the “artwork” being classed as the Queen’s private income to the naivety that business would be more pleasant without the Royals involved. Just a bunch of people unable to see the benefits and purely focus on the negatives - exactly the type of people who voted for Brexit! Would definitely recommend ”avoid”on this mocumentary.
Jorge Valente (1 month ago)
Is time do end monarquia
Bob Tshimanga (1 month ago)
Britisht people must work for Royal family
joda2004 (1 month ago)
Royal Parasites.
stan hankins (1 month ago)
Prince Charles will be 90 and still be waiting to be King!
Strefanasha (1 month ago)
what are you complaining about? if England were an autocracy the Emperor or Empress would own EVERYTHING!!!
Lookingland (1 month ago)
The UK without the monarchy,is like UK without the K. William will make things right,leading a toned down monarchy
This is a very subversive documentary! 👎👎👎👎👎
bestrealtor intheworld (2 months ago)
i agree with the comment below this was soooooooo boring I have to turn it off. I'm glad injustice and rich vs poor don't keep me up at night. the rich own everything I day it would be great to see them shot, hanged and hanging from street lights but there all so many of them we might need some more street lights. lol
Zebra M (2 months ago)
repubics breed dictators
be frank (2 months ago)
the royal family should be executed and the wealth returned to the state...glorified gangsters with an empire buit on rape, murder, pillage, theft and slavery
matthew grant (2 months ago)
I can't believe how anyone supports the monarchy, they live off the taxpayer to the highest degree, they are a family of paedophiles who belong to the ninth circle andprotected Jimmy Savile from prosecution, we should do what the Russians did to their monarchy in 1917
Austin Pomper (2 months ago)
Also considering that this is a documentary produced by the Iranian Government I see this even more so as being a load of rubbish. I can't even begin to put into words how ridiculous this whole documentary is 😂
glenntree1 (2 months ago)
The Royal family are a way of life for the country that have done over centuries kept the population safe from hunger & strife and world war`s after 1945, this is a beautiful country built on a Royal family`s don`t let it ever change.
drop the dead donkey (2 months ago)
so a very biased documentary by a cart load of british traitors...and i bet they were all lefty wankcloths with muslim wives
Parker Williams (2 months ago)
nicktesla45 (2 months ago)
Austin Pomper (2 months ago)
None of this actually bothers me and I love it 😂 People really believe in the myth that just because I can vote I count for something in the eyes of my masters, what bull shit. Every society has the rulers and the ruled, that's the way it is always has been and always will be. Sorry but your better off with a monarch and if you look at history the worst dictators and tyrannies have been ushered in democratically, the monarchy acts as a buffer against that happening and anything bad that happens if the British gets rid of the royals they did to themselves and deserve everything they get 😂
Karin Koen (2 months ago)
Yes Blackwindzero I agree with you. Problem is that the English people choose to keep them. We all watch them, this docy wouldn't be possible without them. There would be no best seller books, films and all this other money making things now would there. English can vote to keep them or to loose them.
Declan Tam (2 months ago)
Troy Stephens (2 months ago)
You can't mention Elizabeth and fam without pointing to the Pontiff.
Dennis Clark (2 months ago)
No king but King Jesus!
nat1717 (2 months ago)
I'm pro monarchy but the amount of wealth they have is absurd
listen2meokidoki (2 months ago)
Of course, things need to change.
listen2meokidoki (2 months ago)
I (in Australia) did not hear about the PofW LOBBYING the government. Or I didn't pay any attention to the kegal battles to gain access to the sinister Letters that got high level and prompt attention. Yet after all the build uo by this video they FAILED to mention any substantially egregious naughty thing the PofW said or did via the letters. But they were rambling. How unjournalistic, which is, or should be a criminal offence. Just as inheriting your parent's genes should also be?
listen2meokidoki (2 months ago)
If the PofW had private and not government lawyers, (9:47 minutes) he would be taking advice not from the government of the day.SO how could he then pay the Government for advice? Clearly this video is being financed and directed by a foreign Power. Or people who intentionally or accidentally are satisfying every foreign enemy, or potential enemy.
listen2meokidoki (2 months ago)
PofW being exempt from planning laws makes sense because it doesn't pit him against the people. As for him avoiding planning law fines of (UP TO) 50K pounds )I only have the dollar symbol $) well, the reason is because he's not subject to said laws. DOH! So, when has he grievously broken said planning laws??????) - Isn't this just biased SPIN by a language monger?
listen2meokidoki (2 months ago)
There is nothing sinister about the importance of Ownership of land in medieval period, because it was an agricultural economy. I'm only 2:30 minutes into this video and already my intelligence is being pissed off with the verbal stupidity and over-dramatic rolling drums. Let's continue without prejudice. For now.
listen2meokidoki (2 months ago)
Written words are always difficult to interpret. I forgive you. The gist of what I was saying is to insult the dramatic sound effects used in this biased video. And to say that labeling or implying a thing as "sinister" is going too far without enough explanation. We can sum up a documentary by how much it skims over the details, fails to provide opposing arguments. The World is a very complicated place and the average person is ignorant of many subjects and concepts. Mainly because they either trust the system or don't care (or haven't the brain) to explore and come to understand the System they live under. And in the UK, benefit by. Take for example the c2011 referendum for preferential voting. I argue it would make a more democratic voting system. But the people voted no. I argue they actually voted with ignorance. Yet it was a simple concept. Here in Australia it was introduced c1924 and everyone understands what a 2 Party preferred result means. Except the ignorants amongst us.
No Body (2 months ago)
listen2meokidoki ...anyone can live through diversity but give someone power & see who they truly are...your intelligence is biased from your ignorance...
Han Solo (2 months ago)
America says, "Nigel Farage" to rule. Do not make us kick your ass three times in a row...
yeshuah harmasheyah (2 months ago)
yeshuah harmasheyah (2 months ago)
Eugenius Williams (2 months ago)
Would it not be interesting (or scandalous) to know the true relationship between the Windsor family and the Rothschild family? The Rothschild mansions in England seem every bit as "royal" as any of the Queen's palaces. They would be much richer than the Windsors, but if history is to be consulted,the real question would be how much in debt to each other they are. History teaches that the Jewish Elite Bankers have always used their wealth to bring countries under their control, even to destroy them. But the truth of these two families relations would no doubt be buried so deep, that to plumb that depth would be beyond the power of normal mortals. Not to mention dangerous, what with the secret services and all being devoted to the protection of the British financial "industry". But it would be of vital interest none the less.
MRK3LV (2 months ago)
The Royals have done nothing for you. We owe them nothing. Unfortunately, the system is rigged and I can't see it changing. Also, the public are easily convinced by the media and it makes me sick to see. Royal weddings? Royal load of bollocks!!
C L Van Horne (2 months ago)
santiago conde morales (2 months ago)
that angry seth rogers needs to understand that royal and normal people aint the same, look its harsh i know but someone needs to rule and that family probs know what they are doing, and that idea that everyone should know everything about royal members would only bring unestability and chaos.
Stuart Lee (2 months ago)
wollis Simpson was the cover story. .The real reason was the he was a die hard nazi!
Stuart Lee (2 months ago)
minister without portfolio!!! The Queens spy!!!
Stuart Lee (2 months ago)
The barrel of a gun could soon change who owns what!!!
Judy Gange (2 months ago)
br549 Lyfld (2 months ago)
bored to sleep on this video it sucked..
Tessa Harris (2 months ago)
Then move out of the UK! Geez LEAVE lol

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