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The Power behind the Throne (The position of power occupied by the Royal Family in today’s UK)

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Investigating into today’s power structure in the UK and the role played by the British monarchy, this eye-opening documentary reveals the grossly disproportionate and undemocratic wealth and power of Britain’s Royal Family. The programmer educates the viewers about the sheer wealth of Britain’s unelected monarchy and trails through the various assets and sources of income to which a random family, born into a historic mesh of multiracial kings and queens, unfairly believe they are entitled. The UK with its dark and scattered history of political struggles has become the playground of monarchic power and influence. The documentary exposes all the main instruments of wealth of the British monarchy and provides clear commentary as to why Britain may be the most contradictory democracy in the world. Follow PressTV Documentaries on: Website @ http://presstvdoc.com/ Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/PressTVdocumentaries Twitter @ https://twitter.com/presstvdocs Vimeo @ https://vimeo.com/user10253502 Soundcloud @ https://soundcloud.com/presstv-doc
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Karin Koen (1 day ago)
Yes Blackwindzero I agree with you. Problem is that the English people choose to keep them. We all watch them, this docy wouldn't be possible without them. There would be no best seller books, films and all this other money making things now would there. English can vote to keep them or to loose them.
Declan Tam (2 days ago)
Troy Stephens (2 days ago)
You can't mention Elizabeth and fam without pointing to the Pontiff.
Dennis Clark (2 days ago)
No king but King Jesus!
nat1717 (3 days ago)
I'm pro monarchy but the amount of wealth they have is absurd
listen2meokidoki (4 days ago)
Of course, things need to change.
listen2meokidoki (4 days ago)
I (in Australia) did not hear about the PofW LOBBYING the government. Or I didn't pay any attention to the kegal battles to gain access to the sinister Letters that got high level and prompt attention. Yet after all the build uo by this video they FAILED to mention any substantially egregious naughty thing the PofW said or did via the letters. But they were rambling. How unjournalistic, which is, or should be a criminal offence. Just as inheriting your parent's genes should also be?
listen2meokidoki (4 days ago)
If the PofW had private and not government lawyers, (9:47 minutes) he would be taking advice not from the government of the day.SO how could he then pay the Government for advice? Clearly this video is being financed and directed by a foreign Power. Or people who intentionally or accidentally are satisfying every foreign enemy, or potential enemy.
listen2meokidoki (4 days ago)
PofW being exempt from planning laws makes sense because it doesn't pit him against the people. As for him avoiding planning law fines of (UP TO) 50K pounds )I only have the dollar symbol $) well, the reason is because he's not subject to said laws. DOH! So, when has he grievously broken said planning laws??????) - Isn't this just biased SPIN by a language monger?
listen2meokidoki (4 days ago)
There is nothing sinister about the importance of Ownership of land in medieval period, because it was an agricultural economy. I'm only 2:30 minutes into this video and already my intelligence is being pissed off with the verbal stupidity and over-dramatic rolling drums. Let's continue without prejudice. For now.
listen2meokidoki (1 day ago)
Written words are always difficult to interpret. I forgive you. The gist of what I was saying is to insult the dramatic sound effects used in this biased video. And to say that labeling or implying a thing as "sinister" is going too far without enough explanation. We can sum up a documentary by how much it skims over the details, fails to provide opposing arguments. The World is a very complicated place and the average person is ignorant of many subjects and concepts. Mainly because they either trust the system or don't care (or haven't the brain) to explore and come to understand the System they live under. And in the UK, benefit by. Take for example the c2011 referendum for preferential voting. I argue it would make a more democratic voting system. But the people voted no. I argue they actually voted with ignorance. Yet it was a simple concept. Here in Australia it was introduced c1924 and everyone understands what a 2 Party preferred result means. Except the ignorants amongst us.
No Body (1 day ago)
listen2meokidoki ...anyone can live through diversity but give someone power & see who they truly are...your intelligence is biased from your ignorance...
Han Solo (4 days ago)
America says, "Nigel Farage" to rule. Do not make us kick your ass three times in a row...
yeshuah harmasheyah (5 days ago)
yeshuah harmasheyah (5 days ago)
Eugenius Williams (5 days ago)
Would it not be interesting (or scandalous) to know the true relationship between the Windsor family and the Rothschild family? The Rothschild mansions in England seem every bit as "royal" as any of the Queen's palaces. They would be much richer than the Windsors, but if history is to be consulted,the real question would be how much in debt to each other they are. History teaches that the Jewish Elite Bankers have always used their wealth to bring countries under their control, even to destroy them. But the truth of these two families relations would no doubt be buried so deep, that to plumb that depth would be beyond the power of normal mortals. Not to mention dangerous, what with the secret services and all being devoted to the protection of the British financial "industry". But it would be of vital interest none the less.
MRK3LV (6 days ago)
The Royals have done nothing for you. We owe them nothing. Unfortunately, the system is rigged and I can't see it changing. Also, the public are easily convinced by the media and it makes me sick to see. Royal weddings? Royal load of bollocks!!
C L Van Horne (7 days ago)
that angry seth rogers needs to understand that royal and normal people aint the same, look its harsh i know but someone needs to rule and that family probs know what they are doing, and that idea that everyone should know everything about royal members would only bring unestability and chaos.
Stuart Lee (9 days ago)
wollis Simpson was the cover story. .The real reason was the he was a die hard nazi!
Stuart Lee (9 days ago)
minister without portfolio!!! The Queens spy!!!
Stuart Lee (9 days ago)
The barrel of a gun could soon change who owns what!!!
Judy Gange (12 days ago)
br549 Lyfld (12 days ago)
bored to sleep on this video it sucked..
Tessa Harris (12 days ago)
Then move out of the UK! Geez LEAVE lol
Claudia Wilson (13 days ago)
In theory you can saidtat, but The Royalty control the whole world
BSCCIE Ini (13 days ago)
MsJinkerson (14 days ago)
I hope that Buckingham palace gets flooded in the next storm
Paul Freeman (16 days ago)
Wake up the money we use is debt we are the slaves research meet your strawman an see we are live stock an slaves and have been since the fire of London an birth certificates were backed with usary notes by the Jews..
Stephen Murphy (20 days ago)
They Royal family costs British citizens millions of pounds and are a decoration of England get rid of them that money could be used for better things.
MDrydin 215 (24 days ago)
Why does everyone believe that these ppl are any different then the rest of us? They only are who they are because the ppl continue to allow and permit it. They are thieves and are a drain on the world. God created everyone equal and not one person is above the next. The ordinary ppl are the ones that have bankrolled them for century’s. They have more money and assets then anyone. They could fix the issues in the world and still be billionaires yet they care not for anyone but themselves. It’s ridiculous. Yet ppl still tune in to the stupid bullshit fairy tale weddings and gobble up all their bullshit pageantry. They do nothing to benefit their “subjects” yet will gladly exploit, steal, interfere, and look down on each and everyone of you! Fuck them and their riches. I’ll shit in her hat. They are evil, entitle, useless ppl. If ever the world we know comes crashing down they would be the first to die because they can’t do a damn thing that is useful to contribute to their existence. Down with the royal family and off with their heads!
Keith Bawden (24 days ago)
The U.K. has become a Nazi State (by stealth, but no swastika)! The Laws enabled by the Queen, have similarities with the early Laws of the Third Reich! It is illegal to read aloud in a public place, some of the writings of Winston Churchill, who opposed Hitler! It is illegal to quote certain passages of the Bible, in a public place, especially those passages that condemn homosexuality! Where speaking is illegal, a person may be arrested and upon conviction, sentenced to two years imprisonment! This is to be increased to six years imprisonment! The U.K. has become nazified without a doubt! No right to Freedom of Speech, nor Freedom of Peaceful Assembly! THE QUEEN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENABLING OPPRESSION, JUST AS CHARLES I AND JAMES II WERE! JUST AS GEORGE III WAS TOWARDS THE AMERICAN COLONISTS! THE QUEEN DOES HAVE REAL POWER!!!!
Keith Bawden (24 days ago)
The U.K. has become a Nazi State (by stealth, but no swastika)! The Laws enabled by the Queen, have similarities with the early Laws of the Third Reich! It is illegal to read aloud in a public place, some of the writings of Winston Churchill, who opposed Hitler! It is illegal to quote certain passages of the Bible, in a public place, especially those passages that condemn homosexuality! Where speaking is illegal, a person may be arrested and upon conviction, sentenced to two years imprisonment! This is to be increased to six years imprisonment! The U.K. has become nazified without a doubt! No right to Freedom of Speech, nor Freedom of Peaceful Assembly! THE QUEEN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENABLING OPPRESSION, JUST AS CHARLES I AND JAMES II WERE! JUST AS GEORGE III WAS TOWARDS THE AMERICAN COLONISTS! THE QUEEN DOES HAVE REAL POWER!!!!
MELA (25 days ago)
King George was so in love in his wife Elizabeth / Queen Mather /
Igor Bojceski (27 days ago)
omnis negatio determinatio est." Spinoza
Peter Mc gahon (27 days ago)
Why dont somebody plant tidy wee bomb
Jim Bell (27 days ago)
Pathetic! Why do you U.K., people's, keep allowing them, to keep feasting off of you?
ANTIJPUG (29 days ago)
in light of this video Prince Charles should definitely NOT be the next monarch of the UK.
michael ndebele (1 month ago)
Ok so why are the British people so dumb?! They think they have democracy but they don't!!
SpyderRae (1 month ago)
They'll never be a separation from the German Royals
iktomi5 (1 month ago)
Useful & interesting viewing
Ardian (1 month ago)
Hey Lefty, Shouldn't Royal Family be Multi-Cultural ?
Reid Norris (1 month ago)
u brits are braindead if yall want to keep the monarch. just surround the place and throw em in jail
Jimmy Jimo (1 month ago)
Haha, we can't because they own us, legally just as you are owned by your birth certificate wherever you are. When the queen say's things like My servicemen, my government etc that's NOT a joke
Michael Speakman (1 month ago)
All the English families are is incest. Marrying each other's brothers and sisters really. Doesn't that make them weirdos. That's even Beyond perverted. And what age was he having sex together. Keep it all in the family they said they wasn't kidding. Just have sex with each other whenever you like when they was sleeping together they wasn't kidding
Roxanne Smith (1 month ago)
These people are something else a special place is set out for all of them disgusting behavior and to think I wanted to live over there. British people can u not do something about this it does not sound good at all.
Snow (1 month ago)
You mutherfukers keep forgetting to use the word "Stole" instead of "Own" fuk you guys will never forget that your "White"!
thomas florentino (1 month ago)
I love stability. I am American. The crown brings more money to the uk than anyone. If you get rid of the crown. You will be broke. I am pro stability and traditions. You communist and anarchist are fucking idiots
Mirko Djordjev (1 month ago)
This is stupid
James Curtis (1 month ago)
Wake up people and rid yourselves of these parasites!
Benjamin Ben-Shimon (1 month ago)
I don’t understand why the UK still has a Royal family. It’s seems to be a waste of money. But they say that the Royal family brings in more money for the UK than they take.
Jimmy Jimo (1 month ago)
Most of us Brits don't understand it either because they cost us a fortune and never pay for anything, we do all the paying. They say they bring in money through tourism yet the French bumped off their royals and bring in three times the amount of tourists. They're not even British but German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha who trace their family back to Abraham via king David. Thought you might know that..
Greg Rhodes (1 month ago)
Just Abolish the monarchy dog and pony show… And give the money to the people…
Kjeld Schouten (1 month ago)
"Imperialist wars" Thats an opinion, one that is not based on fact, which devalues about everything this person says. "Head of state" Both Charles and Philip are not "head of state", if you do not know how things work, just dont talk complete bullocks in a documentary.
Mrs. Tiana Odusanwo (1 month ago)
If the Royal Family were to pull their personal wealth and property and investment portfolio and make it private the British and world economy would crumble. It's very noble to leave an inheritance and be an example of what is good in the world
Mum Mum (1 month ago)
Evil bastards!!!
Donald Sp (1 month ago)
Free Tommy Robinson. Goddammn the queen and her entire kingdom of islamaphile. Revolt old England and do what America did ... Overthrow your system of tyranny. Free Tommy Robinson , or be cowards in your own country. Fuck the old bag queen and her Transylvanian family.
Steve Wallschlaeger (1 month ago)
and another thing if the queen have no power then she does not open patliament either. people have stayed silent too long. it is Not necessary to kill. just take their power and dont give them money. Cut them completely off. they are actually only few against those who are more number of humans. must unite against. they literally have nothing else to do. Cut Them off from their comforts. storm in their and find out what they own. find out what they owe. feudal laws from former kings mean zero. that ended with parliament creation. if Charles has a business he has an loc. and he can pay for what he owes. Monarchy has no power after all. so make it that way downing street prime minister is the leader. elected from England. not the queen. if they can't then they must be deposed permanently. money must be paid back to the world. including natural resources from third world countries that have been stolen and made poverty. before the queen and her Prince die THEY need to be punished for atrocities they have been found. guilty of.
Steve Wallschlaeger (1 month ago)
when doing battle against a dragon is it appropriate to send a single meek goat? Surely, you cannot expect to actually call this matter to account by asking the people who are alleged to commiting these attrocites for their permission. whatever they wrote and did is evidence storm in there and find out. Make them accountable. Parliament is political Monarchy is only for show. Parliament must take its own power. they need De Throning. they have illegally and fraudulently profited so take it away from them. it's really that simple. but you must take away the secrets and Do it!!!!!
CustomGadget (1 month ago)
There's a lot of royal suck ups on this page. Wake up guys.
Martina Dejaquiz (1 month ago)
monarchy is, "CORRUPTION".... plain & simple. no place in democracies for any kind of Monarchy no matter how filtered down. it's CORRUPTION.............. BULLSHIT.
Susan Harrison (1 month ago)
Have seen It's a sentence from 2 years ago by some militia group, so have no idea why it got tagged onto my comments.
Susan Harrison (1 month ago)
I have no time for Charle's who spouts forth about our carbon footprint & thinks nothing of getting into his private jet or petrol guzzling car. To think that brave men & women fought in WWII for such an apology of a man, makes my blood boil. By what right do these Royal men wear a chest full of medals, what campaigns have they fought ? NONE. Prince Philip & his son Prince Andrew are the only ones who know real battles & real war. He & Camilla have NO right to rule, especially as Charle's lied openly in Westminster Abbey when he married Diana. I thought he was supposed to be a spiritual man !!! He'll lie through his teeth when he's crowned too & we're supposed to look up to this man. I for one don't & I'm British through & through & hate to see this lot, they're not interested in us so why should we give a damn about them.
Susan Harrison (1 month ago)
That part about spitting in their faces is NOT part of what I've said, but some kind of predictive text. It's not a term I would use & nothing I would do to anyone .
Susan Harrison (1 month ago)
They've born like us, die like us, piss & shit just like us, there the similarity ends. They're allowed to get away with murder, block what should be public inquiries & yet still this snobbish country put up with them. No bloody wonder they live so long, they don't know hard, honest graft. Prince Charles now has his mummy Camilla with sex thrown in. How do this large duplicitous get away with it. Was I Harry or William I wouldn't be speaking to my father or his tart who so hurt their mother & finally got rid of her.
mona hur (1 month ago)
England has enough tourist attractions already, and needing the monarchy for tourist attraction is such a ludicrous excuse.
Mary Smith (1 month ago)
The Royal Family brings in HUGE revenue to Britain every year. You honestly don't think tourists are coming to Britain just for the scenery do you.
Rachel Park (1 month ago)
Why British pay for royal family? They don’t work .. and make money for free .. it’s 21c , how come UK still Have queen .... ? I don’t understand at all as a foreigner lol
deanna b (1 month ago)
These crypto Jewish Royal pigs are heavily involved in the International drug trade and International arms deals and are paedophilic suppremist parasites that feed off the rest of humanity.
Juri2711 (1 month ago)
Scum of the world.
Rahulisrahul (1 month ago)
Buckingham palace is equal to worlds biggest stolen goods crime scene
Rahulisrahul (1 month ago)
The family responsible for colonizing looting stealing discriminating etc etc i am waiting to see the bitch die n the monarchy crumple after her
Nick Greenway (1 month ago)
Sounds like they are subtly throwing shade at her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles
Malabika Mukherjee (1 month ago)
what a shitty documentary
David Wratten (1 month ago)
Her Royal Highness the green is without doubt the most knowledgeable person on the politics of our society as it is today. We are in a unique position of being a constitutional monarchy which has stood the test of time very well.
David of Yorkshire (1 month ago)
A constitutional monarchy is ceremonial, the government holds the power. 1649 King Charles I lost his head for trying to dissolve parliament, the UK was a republic until 1660, when the monarchy was recreated as a constitutional ceremonial figure head. Respect used to mean something. I remember when I started work you referred to your boss as sir or Mr ??? and failing to do so was very disrespectful. Titles are symbolic and ceremonial but also carry with it recognition of accomplishment, which these days has been lost. Anyone who believes that money doesn't have its part to play in power is naïve. However influence of position is more valuable than influence of money. The monarchy may not have direct power, but they do have soft power, influence and a perception of authority, especially internationally. 7:24 there is a constitution, it is not a formal document, it is a combination of historical legal precedent and current political policy. There are limits and restrictions on power and authority and there has been since Magna Carta. Laws are enacted in the crown's name, no laws apply to the monarchy. This is a hold over from their absolute power days, no one's got around to changing not. Your painting Charles as a tyrant, I bet it's a business that he's hardly aware of.
Zebra M (1 month ago)
if migrants want a republic because they say everyone can fit in. I say to them that if it was convenient for them to come here then it's convenient for them to accept our traditions. our traditions are centuries old like theirs. they never give up theirs. we are the ones expected to accept multiculturism and their traditions in our own lands. they want it all their way
david white (1 month ago)
Better yet, throw them out—send immediately grants packing.
Alexei Sepe (1 month ago)
"Press TV is funded in whole or in part by the Iranian government..." Let that sink in before you watch this.
carlos alvarez (1 month ago)
You republicans disgust me. You're essentially anti British (the one idiot that wishes the UK to be separated). You should be dispensed as the traitors you are!
A Clem (1 month ago)
They have no real power and are good for the British brand. The benefit to the brand should be measured properly so that the British public understand the benefit after subtracting the cost. At worse the Royals can be put on a budget.
evverrette1 (1 month ago)
longest 47 minutes of my life
Like Lord Rothschild said, the person who controls Britain's money supply controls Britain. An I control Britain's money supply period.
TheGooners11 (1 month ago)
The masonic new world order in full effect. This new wedding is a psyop too .
Phil Box (2 months ago)
This is nothing but a Marxist hatchet job. They hate that they are not in power. That is the strength of the monarchy, it keeps these totalitarians out of power. We also need to review how much the attraction of the monarchy is to the tourist dollar. Who would go to pommy land but for the history and much of that tied up in the monarchy. Those palaces are living history. Without a monarch they are merely shells.
Dana Salares (2 months ago)
This documentary did not mention where and how exactly did the windsor family get their massive wealth. They amassed this vast wealth through slavery, colonializing foreign lands and drug trade. The opium war is just one of the most popular war that the royals waged against china.
sharon anderson (2 months ago)
Holy shit. Our whole gov gets all of those perks. Interference in gov affairs by a private individual for personal profit? Yep.
sharon anderson (2 months ago)
I see you have earned your stripes. Congratulations.
Jw Smart (2 months ago)
Britain is better than shit hole Iran
COREY GRAFF (2 months ago)
Everyone know princess Dianne was murdered. They killed her because they were afraid of what she would expose.
Patricia Thornton (2 months ago)
Royal Thieves! their days are numbered....
Jessica Read (2 months ago)
this will change but they shouldn't lose their heads like with Lenin and French et al.
Wild Heart (2 months ago)
I used to be a Royalist. Now, I'm not. I bear them no ill will. I don't buy into many of the conspiracy theories surrounding them, I simply think that it's about time we grew up as a "Democracy" and having any sort of Royal Family is incompatible with that.
TheLatiosnlatias02 (2 months ago)
I wish Ulfric and the Stormcloaks were there and help rid this place of the Monarch which is deemed as Imperials.
Christine Bishop (2 months ago)
the super rich....are so...because they rob the common people blind. They are disgusting beyond belief.
dwbsovran (2 months ago)
BAE Sytems is part of the Royals holdings you twits. In Canada the CON-stitution says "All power and authority is vested in Her Majesty." What do people NOT understand about that? She is the largest landowner in the world! "Used by the British Establishment!" I assure you they ARE NOT USED! This is a "secondary school" report.
kerranky (2 months ago)
I like having a monarchy, what would happen if we didn't have this royal family they own so much, the'd take their money and run and we will be a pitiful little island
Linda Bostoen (2 months ago)
Democracy is just a nonexistent sweetie for the sheeple. With regards from the mainland.
Juan Hernandez (2 months ago)
Hey I'm glad I live in America we try to change every 4 years no max than 8 years .... yea yes yes some people would love bill Clinton to stay power hey I would to but that's not how we do it in the land of the free .... yes we pay taxes but it's "divided" in social security for retired ppl... war veterans , food stamps , education, military, ( witch we need to live our little civilian life ) foster care, justice system the list goes on and on point being I will wait in line for 3 hours to cast my presidential vote no problems
Chris Reuben (2 months ago)
As if the Queen has already prepared a speech for WW3
Lizzy D (2 months ago)
Manny Decker (2 months ago)
More Rubbish from Iranian TV
nickengineroom (2 months ago)
I hate the Royals but ur a Fuckn bigot with out power bar your u tube
nadine singh (3 months ago)
off with there heads
getting there beautiful (3 months ago)
I do not wish to be so rich, yet selfish and self centered Jesus the most influential person in history was always about others even dying for all of us so we can have life forgiveness of all our sins and a future. With love.
Lesley Dale (3 months ago)
This document conveniently forgot to mention all the good this family does not only for their country but for those beyond their borders too. It ignore the massive amount of good they do for this world is ignorant and biased as fuck. They may not have chosen to be in the royal family but they have shown that they are going to use their status to help others. Y’all need t calm the fuck down

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