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10 Gamers Banned For DUMB Reasons

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Most bans in gaming are warranted, but some are completely unintentional or...really stupid. Here are our favorite examples. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv http://segmentnext.com/2015/07/15/hacked-items-in-dark-souls-2-pc-version-can-still-get-your-account-banned/ https://gamerant.com/battlefield-1-players-banned-too-good/ https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/5vd6yi/i_got_banned_even_though_i_dont_even_own_for_honor/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvK6xE-Bgh8 http://gtaforums.com/topic/793632-next-level-hacking-in-online-screens/ https://www.polygon.com/2017/2/22/14698354/club-penguin-ban-speedruns http://kotaku.com/bioware-is-sorry-they-accidentally-banned-all-those-swt-509627331 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXrIdCyzZwI
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Text Comments (17755)
gameranx (1 year ago)
Have any of you ever been banned for a dumb reason? .....AAAAND I just called Widowmaker "Black Widow" FFFFS I need coffee
1/2 bit Gaming (10 days ago)
gameranx I got banned from cs 1.6 for racking up big kills
ThatOneGuy63 (1 month ago)
gameranx My brother got banned from black ops 2 because he was firing a semi-auto gun too fast and apparently they thought he was cheating.
Logical Juan (2 months ago)
Same thing, really.
rebeljake 16 (2 months ago)
gameranx I got banned from Star Wars battlefront 2 for getting 100+ kills a match 6 times in a row
Dank Memes (3 months ago)
gameranx why u do this I’m a widow main that’s meen u dank memer pls stop bully me
Lcsteelers (1 hour ago)
I got banned the day after a hacker gave me all the achievements in a game
maximus prime (3 hours ago)
I got banned from paladins (team based fps) because too many salty noobs reported me for using an aim bot even tho i only had an avrage of 34% accuracy
ias93 (4 hours ago)
i got a ban on roblox for saying "quack" on the forums lol
Viomomo (4 hours ago)
Got falsely permabanned from runescape for macrocheating... but I haven't been on in years lol. Interestingly, if you're permabanned you're not allowed to dispute the ban or contact them. Wtf lol
Physics Professor (5 hours ago)
Physics Professor (5 hours ago)
Give me up .money :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D =-O =-O :-D
Matthew Taylor (6 hours ago)
I’ve been banned from fortnite after epic games screwed up and banned both my account and a scammer account, I called them but they said they couldn’t get it back
My friend met a hacker on BO2 who kicked a kid from the game and permanently banned him. So later he said the word “penis” in a message. The kid reported him and ended up getting him chat banned on Xbox Live “maybe” permanently
PlayingLikeSir (7 hours ago)
I got Banned in cs go cuz some kids who kicked me cuz i was killing the other Team._.
PuffballYoshi [Samuel] (7 hours ago)
I got a ban for some pong images on Roblox.
Farlax -Gaming (8 hours ago)
I got banned in club penguin for 24 hours in less than two seconds for saying the word sex XD
Gamer Tag (8 hours ago)
I got baned for reviving 5 guys at the same time in bf hardline
NOT YOUR BUSINESS (9 hours ago)
I got banned in CSGO for "votekicking" too much
Rick Sanchez (11 hours ago)
That's exactly why streaming is dumb. Games favorite those people. If your playing a shooter and you die oh well that's the game.
Alan J (12 hours ago)
Got banned from overwatch by being friendly in quick play. Only 5 days and I was on holiday so it was pretty pointless 😂
Chris Verrill (13 hours ago)
My brother got banned for hoarding gold in runescape but the fact is he had nothing to do but play runescape
Roblox Big Brother (13 hours ago)
A YouTuber : Flamingo is ban for saving yes
Levitikiss Bostick (15 hours ago)
O got banned for being too good on ssb4 for Wii u players can report you after they lose of there just salty
Edit Name (15 hours ago)
My friend got banned from a Christian minecraft server for saying frick
nekotheduper (15 hours ago)
Number 4 happen to me on ps4
AmazingB World (16 hours ago)
on bo2 there are still hackers to this day and one time i joined a Gun Game lobby only to be put into a hacked xp lobby, the hacker didnt want me to report him so he hacked my account and not only getting banned for 48 hours but also resetted my account
RAGE QUIT (16 hours ago)
Got banned for cheating in mw2 and rust i think thats pretty fucking dumb if you ask me im glad i grew the fuck up because yes i was that 12 year old on call of duty who was shooting you through walls and giving everyone tac nukes
abodi gaming roblox (17 hours ago)
i almost got banned from roblox for posting a pictrure of ketchup
Evaline's Corner (20 hours ago)
I got banned from Gaia Online because my email address was apparently similar to someone who was breaking the rules on there. Did not get my account back. Still salty about it. Lol.
IHaventCare Perkins (23 hours ago)
I once typed an offensive name in a game chat and got banned. It was my friends account name, his account to this day hasn't been banned yet.
Mark lebby (23 hours ago)
I got baned on playstaton because i accidentally bought something and my dad reported it. I figured it out and my dad and i got my account unbanned but later that day it was banned again of suspicious activity on the account. I never got that accout unbanned after that. This was all over 4 years ago.
Gieger Bennett (1 day ago)
Me and my friend have bth got a warning of being banned from pubg The reason i got one was he kept on downing me with frag gernade in the game in i got revenge this went on 3 days until we both got the warning we got lucky it was just a warning cus we both love PUBG?.
Aelita Stones (1 day ago)
For pokemon... yea, its not just pokemon co., its a huge portion that is 100% by the book or gtfo. Not 99%, 100%. I play it to have fun, later wet blankets
I got banned on prom hub
atomicbomb6801 (1 day ago)
I have been banned from roblox cause I um did my buildersclub membership
Equation Jared (1 day ago)
I got banned on Overwatch because my internet disconnected
Krzna 123 (1 day ago)
I have been banned on a game called Growtopia so when you open the game you go to different worlds and there are some suggested worlds at the main menu and I accidentally joined a world where people were scamming (telling people to drop their stuff to win prizes but when someone would drop something they would kick that person out of the world)and someone reported the world and when I joined ,mods(people who made the game)banned everyone who was in that world and I got banned to but it was just a 8 day ban.........
Cakenja (1 day ago)
I once got kicked from a TF2 MvM server that had an unlimited ammo addon. All I did was use the beggars bazooka and some moron thought it was “cheating.” Ironic part is that he is playing on a fucking modded server, what do you expect?
Ian Ayala (1 day ago)
J Pie (1 day ago)
lol roblox is so much worse talk about the mods with a little criticism and boom account deleted
Salvatore Rapuano (1 day ago)
Banned on siege for going 23 and 0 and destroying a team on ranked WITHOUT hacks
Bunenne (1 day ago)
I once got voted out of a tf2 game for being too good. Btw(and this has nothing to do with the video) when writing this comment my IPad autocorrected once to INCEST. Like wtf Apple.
Kidcraft 09 (1 day ago)
A Minecraft server named Snapcraft. I was playing and got baned for a week because they though I was hacking.
Ghiman the guy (1 day ago)
God banned from my psn account the first time I made a purchase. My mom gave me her credit card to buy fallout 3 dlc, but instead of putting it into a cart, I bought it all individually. I was banned for two years.
Forest 12345 (1 day ago)
Just for showing up in a chat
Keram (1 day ago)
A kid reported me on xbox cuz i didnt wanted to give him money
SLASHER GG (1 day ago)
I got bannad because i was helping someone
Armor Warrior (1 day ago)
I got banned by Getting a rare skin but I got it by doing missions and because of being good at the game -?
Missing Pride (1 day ago)
I was banned from halo 5 for falling off the map 3 times in a gravity hammer only match. For those who don't know, the gravity hammer pushes players away from the user, which means if someone uses a gravity hammer near a player who happens to be close to a pit fall it counts as a suicide instead of a kill.
Wind Soul (1 day ago)
@Got my Steam account hacked @Hacker got it perma banned @A few days later got it back @There's nothing I can do to remove the ban @WELL SHIT
PIotr Teter (1 day ago)
i was banned once for leaving server lol
Desu spacito (1 day ago)
I have been banned from Adventure Quest cuz i killed a small boss with my 3 classmates too fastly
Gabriel Player (1 day ago)
I got banned from a server for getting a 500m headshot (easy) on hannan resort ( even more easy)
Winn Or Lose (1 day ago)
You bro you called widow maker black widow
Bryson Allen (1 day ago)
If you ever get banned restart your router and it will change your IP address
It'sNotAirmac (1 day ago)
Come on man, that's just a vulgar display of power. Get it because the thumbnai- ok I'm leaving.
Atta Alfawiradin (1 day ago)
My experience was, back in the day, bought GTA V, played SP till the end then tried online, 2 days later, I'm banned for 20 years without knowing wtf just happened. @,@ Turned out it's because I picked money dropped from some random cheater guy in the street... My account was recovered though some time after. Still gave me quite shock that day...
Mr. Gamey (1 day ago)
When you see a player who is good at it it's not cheat or luck it's skill and training
박이도 (1 day ago)
I got banned in Gta 5 for cheating, without actually doing so. If this isn't dumb then I don't know what is.
Ren Cardeno (1 day ago)
Not me but my friends account on elsword was banned cause of stupid reason he one shot a boss that they claim can't be ohko even with perfect weapon and I was like do they have proof and have said they don't yet they banned even thou there's no clear trace of him doing so he got so powerful by playing the game thru these years and was wasted cause of how stupid the gm that banned him cause they can't give a clear reason for banning aside from thier claim which upon thier inspection clear he was clear of all charges but they cannot undo a perma ban and I'm like and this is why people shouldn't ban a person (innocent until proven guilty) and the gm that banned him was a new gm just got the fucking job as a gm yet he already banned an innocent ...... If the mob can't be one shotted what's the point of getting op and crit that's not how RPG works the moment you get to god status mode legitly they should update to see if there's a bug cause him being banned was stupid
Black Toy (1 day ago)
I was banned from Return to Castle Wolfenstein for killing an entire german team 4 times in one game
MissSnowcat16 (1 day ago)
in overwatch i would get the 'rage quit penalty' thingy because i would leave the game because i was bored, or i got disconnected. that system is stupid and it sucks for other players. also, 2 mincraft stories: someone reported me because i wanted to build something by myself and i didnt want help. and, someone reported me because i didnt feel in the mood to play on their server. i was so angry at these people.
Cybersniper 347 (1 day ago)
I got banned from sending messages on Xbox one because someone reported me because we Lost a game of index on Warframe
kio_ ck (2 days ago)
I was playing rainbow six siege and was removed from ranked match due to poor connection which is actually thier bad servers then they gave me a permenant band for hacking?????? Like wtf ubi?
Death_skull10 (2 days ago)
Banned from a Minecraft Server for not saying hello to a staff whilst afk :/
Darth Vader (2 days ago)
I got banned from battlefront 2 for building an actual death star and killing everyone instantly. Screw you, EA.
TheTranquilizer2978 (2 days ago)
(TRUE) I was banned from battle field 4 for getting a long shot with a shotgun
Buckethe buck (2 days ago)
Ive been banned for swearing on roblox
JJ Awsomeness08 (2 days ago)
I got banned in roblox for 2 days FOR NOTHING
Blake Walker (2 days ago)
Listen to this on the slowest playback he so drunk bro reported lol
Hello (2 days ago)
“Don’t take candy from strangers” I was just collecting candy on my game rn
Artur Koshelenko (2 days ago)
Got banned for killing a female streamer in SOS
DarkfallGamess (2 days ago)
Playing WoW had my account hacked and apparently "sold my gear for rl money" I contacted blizzard and told them that my account had run out of time and I hadn't been on for several months when they banned me.
Random Riley (2 days ago)
I was banned for saying "wow you're toxic"
Jannik Müller (2 days ago)
I have been 30 day banned from a game for writing CAPS in the Chat
Kevin Benoit (2 days ago)
I didn’t understand the Club Penguin one. It looked like he logged in and was instantly banned? What?
DiscreetGaming YT (2 days ago)
This Is so true even if your exploring like in fortnite they would go on the swings and you would go around all crazy and they would ban you for something thats their fault
J P (2 days ago)
I I goyt banned before for in gta I was admin and getting rid of a moddwr who was causeing problems
Gabriel Phillips (2 days ago)
I was banned on a server for pressing the space bar. The server thought I was hacking.
ganobox Dp (2 days ago)
I have been banned for playing the game and i have a friend that was banned for being afk (both permanently)
yo tom my boy eoosh (2 days ago)
What game was number 2
Ko ThePowCardFan11 (2 days ago)
Like Tflue
XxJcash456 xX (2 days ago)
My friend got banned from a Roblox for saying that a cop was a camper in jailbreak
ROYAL (2 days ago)
I banned in csgo for bunny hopping with scroll wheel :D
ProblemsMan9191 (2 days ago)
I got banned because someone decided to be toxic in a DOTA 2 match and I responded with "sure kid."
BXT media (2 days ago)
best dumb reason i have seen is when gigx got banned for threatening to cut the judge's hands off
Nikusha123 (2 days ago)
In rainbow six siege on pc if you type in the chat n word you will get kicked from game due to toxic
Michael Delibero (2 days ago)
I often get banned in halo 5: guardians. I’ve gotten ban for being too good at elimination. And I had someone in warzone ban me because they kept running me over so I blew up their vehicle. I’ve been also ban for talking into the microphone like I was talking to my fireteam and apparently I wasn’t talking to them. I was talking to everyone else 😂. But for the most part I enjoy the game so it doesn’t matter I’m having fun people need to relax. I’ve reported one player because he was camping at the vehicle spawn and killing teammates and destroying their stuff. I got tired of it because in this map there was only one vehicle spawn point.
Elder Man (2 days ago)
Erm... I Don’t Think I’ve Unlocked Black Widow For Overwatch Yet....
Brandon Clowers (2 days ago)
My dumb reason was a guy rdmed me in gmod and I got a perma ban from a senior admin what a jerk.
gillu's creed (3 days ago)
I am banned from gta v for stealing others car
Benedict Anims (3 days ago)
Was Banned For A Dumb Reason. I Was Playing On A High Ping And Headshotting People Still But Got Banned For Wallhack Lmao
Shane Roberts (3 days ago)
I’ve been banned for saying hi on roblox
mc666killer (3 days ago)
I called someone a fagget on xbox message and got a 24 hour ban today
LikableBeast8 (3 days ago)
One time I beat my friend in gun game on COD BO2 and he told Treyarch on Twitter that I was hacking. I got banned from Xbox Live for a week.
Querez (3 days ago)
One time I was in this Minecraft server, minding my own business, when someone posted in the chat wanting some server reccommendations. I read it and thought "hmm, okay, I know one", so I put it in the chat. And because it seemed the person didn' see the IP, I posted it again... and again, and again, and again. Maybe 4-6 times. After a short while I was banned for spam-advetising, when I really wasn't. I've tried doing a ban appeal multiple times explaining the situation, and all the appeals got declined, and I eventually wound up getting temporarily banned from the forums where you appeal too xd
Patrick Nagle (3 days ago)
How about people getting banned from battlefront 2 for playing as boba Fett
Sarky (3 days ago)
i got banned for calling my team niggers in overwatch dont see a real reason
WildGamers (3 days ago)
Cough cough have you heard about FORTNITE
TheKidgamer Playz (3 days ago)
6:49 “many many heroes who play as black widow or Hanzo” *my life is a lie*
GameZoid (3 days ago)
pubg rules
Rocky Mummert (3 days ago)
Got banned from WoW years ago because i got hacked twice in a week. When i saw a ban that was it. Haven't played since. 100s of hours dedication and grinding down the drain
TannerFox_Fan (3 days ago)
First i was banned in fortnite for lag or something then i closed it and opened it and worked fine again untile i wake up closed fortnite and epicgames launcher and i am banned like wtf just happened???
Martin Landström (3 days ago)
banned a week on xbox for i said fuck when i die on overwatch.

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